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Goodnight, Stanley - Chapter 1 - kitsunesocks - Gravity Falls [Archive of Our Own]
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Fandom: Gravity Falls
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Characters: Stan Pines, The Author | Original Stanford Pines, Bill Cipher
Additional Tags: Post-Finale, Post-Canon, Bill’s a bitch, free Stan Pines 2k16, major angst, stangst if you will, Folklore, Iceland, Paranoia, Psychological Torture, But more in a Bill-being-a-little-shit kinda way, Possession, Mabel being a cutie, Dipper being an awkward cutie, Long ass fic, Mindscape funtimes, Nightmares, Post-Weirdmaggedon, I even threw in a cipher for you nerds


Stanley Pines is having a hard time falling asleep, when a frightening presence makes itself known. Takes place after the events of the finale. 

What is ProjekTFealty? What is Horizon?

ProjekTFealty is the direct result of our goal to represent an underrepresented/ misrepresented/ ignored group of people.

We humbly swear our loyalty and the use of our talents and voices to provide hope, inspiration, and a safe haven to our community.

Our first project, ‘HORiZON’, is an exercise in a retroactive approach to remedying the demonizing of POC, LGBTQ+, and the disabled within a popular narrative.

This free –not for profit– work will attempt to heal a fandom and restore the representation that united and inspired a vast group of multinational fans.  

In Horizon, our goal is to stay true to the world we all loved while giving the fans not only what they deserved, but what they were owed; accurate characterization, equal representation, and the follow through on a promise made and affirmed for over 2 years.

This is our humble attempt to fix the mistakes of a callous show runner and an indifferent network.  

How are you going to do this?

We’ve already done it!!! We’re in the final stages of completing this epic multimedia experience.

Our writers are currently finishing a 13 episode season rewriting the entirety of season three.

Our artists are turning written scenes into amazing illustrations.

Our musicians have already composed original themes and scores for our episodes.

How can I get involved?

If you’re interested in getting involved, in whatever capacity, send us an email/ask/message with your interests and talents.

This isn’t a huge project and we want people who are willing to volunteer their time to be aware that this current project is already in progress and thus we have specific needs and assignments for you.

Right now, we are looking for a few talented artists to help alleviate the burden on our artists, who are AMAZING, but overworked at the moment.

Will this project focus exclusively on rewriting the Clexa scenes?

No. We are rewriting season 3 in its entirety and focusing on not only LGBT representation but also POC and other underrepresented groups.

Without giving too much away, this project isn’t just a rewrite. All of your beloved characters will get the storylines that they deserved.

What platform will this rewrite be available in?

Audiences will be able to access content on our website which is currently under construction.

If you find yourself in a pickle, you need to take stock of the situation and try to find the best way to back out of it. Don’t burst headfirst into the whole pickle barrel with your little winky in your hand.

Recently, human diarrhea cramp War Machine was in the news because he was found guilty on 29 of 34 counts of insane violence for his attack on former girlfriend Christy Mack. The man menaced her for two hours, broke her orbital bone, knocked teeth out, threatened her with a knife, and sexually assaulted her. The only thing in question was whether what he did qualified as attempted murder, but they were pretty confident on all the assaults. Here’s what a couple of douche wranglers on Twitter thought of the situation:

The two-hour beating was a crime of passion, the DA is a feminist which is why he’s being punished, and look, if this fuckstump’s woman cheated on him, he’d beat her for two hours too! Good job, boys.

You’re going to want to not go all in on bombastic dumbfuckery like this. If some completely epic bullshit went down, don’t lend your support to it by upping the ante to a new echelon of asinine behavior.

8 Simple Rules For Becoming A Successful Online Personality


What are you all still doing here??

Just over three years ago, I started this account with not much more than a wish, a dream and a prayer. Sure, I at least had some experience writing the muse— I’d been playing him for about a year over at a panfandom RP forum— but I wasn’t a part of the Tumblr RP scene. I was apprehensive. For nothing, as it turned out. Overwhelmingly people I’ve met here have been kind, generous, extremely talented. If I’ve made any progress in my writing or my understanding of my character (and I certainly hope so) it’s as much thanks to you all as to any efforts of mine. I’ve had to take a few breaks, small and large, but every time it’s the people that have brought me back. So even if you’re not mentioned explicitly here, consider this a shoutout to every single one of you for making this the glowing experience it has been. Here’s to another great year!

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I’ve found the entire soundtrack of BOTW all in one video and in a playlist if preferred (and not just 24 songs like I got on a CD from the special addition) that goes in relative order of the game itself (I know you can go wherever you want in the game, but…I like it in some sort of order…) and it’s really nice and relaxing and great for studying I’ve found :’)

Just thought I might share! (er, spoilers in track names of course)

I’m gonna talk a bit about the things I want to see from the upcoming arc, and the things I’m expecting to see. (You can tell there’s new MK content coming out because suddenly I’m actively posting stuff instead of reblogging cat videos and Voltron………………………………………….)

This is also gonna touch on a few things that I, personally, don’t particularly want, but would likely enjoy anyway if they happen.

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There’s a difference between showing and telling that a ship is epic and amazing. I want to be shown, not told. That’s the difference between Stelena and Delena and that is the reason why Stelena is superior to Delena, regardless of Delena being endgame. Throughout the entire series, I was actually shown that Stelena was an epic love. It was proven over and over again through action. On the other hand, I was constantly told (by the writers) that Delena is some amazing and epic romance. But they didn’t show that. Instead, what they told me is that Delena is epic yet showed something that was the complete opposite of epic. A ship that was abusive, forced, had no chemistry, rushed, and illogical. I’m sorry but I will forever believe that making Delena a couple on the show was the ultimate downfall and the biggest mistake of TVD. Delena never should have become a couple. It was the end for The Vampire Diaries as soon as that happened. 

anonymous asked:

When and how would you have gotten Bonnie and Damon together?

In season 6, I would’ve not had Elena erase her memories. Instead, I’d frame her realization that her dependence on Damon is that unhealthy differently, having it result in a different kind of push to move on, to find her old self again without taking the easy way out (ie. memory-wipe). Then when Damon comes back let them reunite or at least let there be awkwardness between them re: Liam and how they might still fit together now, but she feels like something is different, eventually has to admit that they’ve both changed. She knows what happened to her, but can’t figure out what happened with Damon. Just knows that he seems really distracted and… sad. (No one knew he was grieving Bonnie until a couple episodes later, and I would keep that… like he wanted his memories of their time together to be his own, to not let anyone else’s judgment touch it, especially given the grief and guilt he’s experiencing for making it back without her.)

Then when he finds Ms. Cuddles and realizes she’s still alive, he reveals that Bonnie was with him the whole time, and goes on his save-Bonnie mission… and Elena realizes what’s happened on his end. She (and others) remark on his strange behavior. I don’t know how Elena would react, but I do know that she would have to accept it, have to wonder if they’re better for each other than she and Damon were.

At first he’s just angry that the gang are seemingly spending more time questioning his motives for his mission to save Bonnie than they are helping to save Bonnie, but then he starts to realize that they have a point, too. He only survived that prison world because of Bonnie, and the way he feels about her is completely different from any “epic love” he felt before… yet it’s even more powerful somehow.

Meanwhile, Bonnie realizes that she only survived all those months because of him too, that she misses him and his smirk and his stupid jokes and his DAMN VAMPIRE PANCAKES… and finally she’s found a way to get back to him. Maybe she would assume he’s still in love with Elena and feel resigned to being just his best friend to at least keep him in her life? But that’s sad, so idk. Either way, it’s an illusion that will be shattered as soon as they reunite and she sees how he feels (Maybe could also use 6x09 to lay down some hints there, where things he say and the way she hears him interacting with Elena on the phone seem different to her?) 

I wouldn’t change much about 6x13 and 6x15… I would just have her leave a more detailed recording for Damon when she’s in that garage, thanking him for their time together, and hoping that he’s happy… wishing she could be happy there with him, but that it’s just too hard to keep fighting anymore… then have him be the one who she sees opening that garage door after she’s realized she can stay strong (that would also echo on in future moments when he’s urging her to stay strong, using Grams’ words). I’d have his actions in helping her find the map be more intentional and obvious, to her as well as to the audience. If he’s going to be the one to open the garage door, maybe he could also be watching her as she drinks water, and knock the map onto the floor for her to find then. That way it would feel less like she brought herself home without much help. 

Then really no change required to Hug 2.0, just add some kissing to it as well. It was already 98% romantic, idgaf what JP says. LOL

Weddings am I right? (Tweethearts story) Lin x reader

{a/n oh hey ya’ll so I was listening to Yorktown and dancing thus this story was born, its set up like the tweethearts story, and it turned into a Lin the Spanish/salsa teacher story *shrugs* I mean I wanna see that man Salsa, don’t you? Enjoy*

Summary: twitter is amazing to see Lin and your relationship,

Warnings: fluff, so much fluff.

January 25th
@y/n in shorts, dancing to Yorktown, she caught me when I laughed at her kick when Hercules gets introduced *video of you dancing around yours and Lin’s kitchen, his laugh stopping you mid kick*

Hammy_slam: @lin_manuel did she kill you for posting this

@hammy_slam: this is Lin’s ghost tweeting you :p

February 14rh
Happy Valentine’s Day to the best dancer I know
*video of you dancing to ,whenever, wherever complete with epic lip sync*

@lin_manuel I beg to differ our salsa lessons made you the best dancer you know, he has to teach me for a wedding.

Cray_rea: @y/n videos please for the fans scientific research.

@cray_rea video,coming soon…for science ;)

February 23rd
For your scientific research, enjoy kids ;) enjoy the man’s hips that don’t lie
*youtube link of a video, you and Lin salsa dancing,*

Jessiecress: @y/n is a blessing to twitter!

March 10th
@lin_manuel is that one dance instructor that is fun and makes class awesome, but by the fifth missed move is passive aggressively showing off in frustration

@y/n it’s not showing off when you miss the easiest step five times in a row,

@lin_manuel come say that to my face punk!

@y/n fine!

@lin_manuel did you really just dance your way over to me? BOY! If you don’t

March 15th
Spanish lessons make me remember why I don’t miss being a teacher
*photo of you face down on the table middle finger up at lin*

@lin_manuel well expecting me to translate the paragraph you just said faster then my brain processed is a bit unfair

@y/n my nephew could do that when he was 4, what’s your excuse?

@lin_manuel The teacher is hot and my brain has violently inappropriate thoughts when he speaks in Spanish

@y/n *five blush emojis in a row*

March 21st
Everyone’s asking why i’m learning all this, Lin’s cousin is getting married, like have you ever been to a full Puerto Rican families weddings? Spanish isn’t the half of it.

She’s not wrong, salsa and Spanish are the easiest, when she meets the aunties, may she get out alive @y/n

@lin_manuel I get the ‘when is Lin going to marry you’ chat from your family once a week already, I think i’m ready for the aunties.

@y/n true.

April 21st
I have the prettiest wedding date,
*photo of you and Lin sitting at the wedding*

@lin_manuel I think your dad has the prettiest date tbh
*photo of Lin’s parents*

@y/n got dragged by my dad, she’s holding up pretty well, damn the leg kick though!
*video of you and Lin’s dad dancing complete with leg kick*

@lin_manuel got pulled away by every auntie and abuela in the wedding I fear for my life if I try to save him
*photo of Lin surrounded by many older woman all talking at once*

And boyfriend saved, traumatized but safe
*photo of Lin smiling thumbs up*

And finally I get to dance with my lovely girlfriend, video courtesy of my sister
*video of you and Lin attempting to dance, messing up and laughing*

All the practice in the world and the minute I dance with @lin_manuel I can’t keep it together of course.

@y/n by our wedding you’ll be a dancing master :-*

@lin_manuel let’s hope my teacher isn’t so distracting this time around ;-*

May 22nd
She said yes!
*photo of your hand complete with ring*

@lin_manuel I fear your family would murder me if I said no,

@y/n love you too.

@lin_manuel ;) te amo *see I remembered something’s from that Spanish lesson*

@y/n I mean the other stuff you remembered is not the most appropriate for the public interwebs

*five blushing emojis*

{tagging my fav who I destroy on my main by submitting Lin based things idk why I just feel they’d enjoy this story, cause imagine Lin’s hands, forearms and face when he dances salsa with you….imagine it @secretschuylersister }

How would it be like to meet EXO (Part 2)

Remember this is just speculation, doesn’t mean it’s real just what I think it would be like. Xo, Ara~

7.Kris: This would be epic, a complete mess. He’s a sexy gigant dork and he knows it but tries to be cool and he is but no and would probably mess the first two sentences and after an awkward moment of silence you both would start laughing. Even tho his the definition of perfection he’s also a boi and you would see that and calm down a lot as he awkwardly tries to talk with you and make that moment one of the best ones of your life. Maybe you’ll even become friends because he’s amazing like that, he’s a good person. He’s our Kris <3

8.Luhan: Lu… Lu… He’s a shy boy too, very shy. Like he does look kind of exovert but I do think that around new people it’s hard for him to open up. Maybe he’ll say something silly at the beginning because he is nervous, and if you praise him or give him a compliment he’ll probably just drop his phone and blush like hell. But he is sweet and kind so he would also smile to you a lot and maybe give you a warm hug, I think he’s a lovely person and he would show it from the first encounter. 

9.Minseok: That would an awkward one too, he’s a cutie pie (Just like @seoksinning btw xD) and there would be definitely a lot of blushing and polite “sorrys”. Probably in his mind he’s trying to come up with something to say or do or scream for help because he doesn’t want to do anything that could upset you or anything. He’s an angel and doesn’t say much but being with him would probably be very refreshing and nice. He would ask your name and probably memorize your face so if you two meet again, he can walk up to you and say hi as if you were old friends.

10.Sehun: Probably would be the funniest time of you life. He wouldn’t even say hi, he would just come up with something to make you laugh, surprising you with how friendly and nice he can be. I think he would be very respectful tho, he has great manners, but I also think he’s not afraid of meeting new people and that helps him a lot in the making friends matter. He’s just like that, he’s so full of life that it’s contagious and refreshing and having meeting him will probably make you smile the whole month.

11.Tao: This will go in the weird category too. Like I’m never sure what he’ll do or say, he might be a smol ball of fur or very funny or awkward. I think that meeting Tao would be a whole new experience and adventure. But they say he’s nice with fans, maybe he’ll take a lot of pictures with you because he loves pictures, but probably would take you like an hour because he has to look flawless xD But he’ll be nice, he’ll be like a friend and maybe he’ll try to keep in touch or something. And if he sees something nice that you are wearing he’s gonna compliment it (and maybe go buy it afterwards because he loves pretty things xD)

12.Yixing: Ohhh Lay…. my baby. I think being with him is like being in heaven. Like everything around you just vanishes and he’s the only thing that matters and he just smiles at you and you completely melt and somehow you see those wings he has on his back and ahhh… So yes, meeting Lay would be amazing. He’s so polite, so caring, so sweet, so nice, so everything. He would tell you how thankful he is, hug you, smile again, blush quite a lot. He would listen to whatever you have to say, pay so much attention making you feel like you are the only thing that matters in the universe… I don’t know, I do think we don’t deserve him, he’s too good for us. Protect our Unicorn! :3 

Top 5 Teamwork Moments #4 - Heroes and Villains AU

Captain Swan Positivity

When Isaac the Author turned everyone’s world upside down in the Season 4 finale we found our favorite characters in an AU version of the Enchanted Forest where Emma had her memories - but no magic - and Killian was a cowardly deckhand.

Luckily, that couldn’t stop them from tackling any obstacle. So we were treated to some pretty epic teamwork complete with the Jolly Roger, a dragon, and firing a cannon!

Henry and Hook manage to get Emma out of the tower but a temperamental dragon named Lily isn’t ready to let her prisoner go that easily. As they sail away, she closes in on them quickly.

Hold your fire till I tell you!

Emma literally stands in front of a loaded cannon and trusts Deckhand Killian with her life.

And, of course, it works! They take down Lily and get away! Look how happy they are!

But Killian knows what a risk this was and wonders how this beautiful stranger could put her life in his hands…

You trusted me with your life just now. Why?

Emma never had a doubt. Hook may not be the same as he was in Storybrooke but his bravery just can’t be written away. She knew he would come through and he proves her right even further when they encounter more obstacles in this bizarre AU.

The gifs above are from @killians-jello and @true-loves-tackle  You should definitely be following links above to reblog these moments!


5. Episode 6x09 - Tricking Gold

4. Episode 4x22 - Heroes and Villains AU

I have a faint memory –
A snake’s grip promised, via hand and
Crystal contingency,
“Wiser,” once bestowed, the mystic;
An epic complete, atop 17 years of thunder,
Steel stained crimson,
Street stained whimper
And forever remaining,
—  L.C. (excerpt from “The Coyote tricked the Crickets, but Coltrane trumps the Coyote“)

They were Aurors, you know, and very well respected within the Wizarding community. Highly gifted, the pair of them […] The Longbottoms were very popular. The attacks on them came after Voldemort’s fall from power, just when everyone thought they were safe. Those attacks caused a wave of fury such as I have never known.


If anyone ever wondered what I did when I was 16 here is your answer.