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April 27 isn’t just Kirby’s birthday, but also Stanley day. Cause Stanley is number 427, and today is the day 427. Gosh this spring sure does have many important days.


I’m Veiny For You - Vampire Vein Tattoos

So my dear friend @rachirdsims asked me if it would be possible to make the vampire veins useable for aliens and asked me for help on the project. So here are all of the vampire veins that came with the Vampire Pack as tattoos. All of the face veins are the original textures that came with the pack. The arms/legs are textures I made myself using the other veins. Since I did use the original color that the original veins were made with, they might look reddish on the lighter skintones that are more yellow/peach based.

  • Teen - Elder
  • Male/Female
  • Human/Alien/Vampire Friendly!
  • Random Allowed
  • Tattoo Category
  • Custom Thumbnails
  • Base Game Compatable
  • Works well with custom skins/skintones/overlays

So since I wanted full and complete customization with these, each tattoo is mapped on it’s own tattoo slot. Which means, you can use the mouth, eye, arm, cheek and leg tattoos individually or together, including left and right sides. (Left cheek with right arm and left leg - I hope I explained that right.)

These are the corresponding slots for each tattoo.

  • Left Cheek - Upper Arm (Left)
  • Right Cheek - Upper Arm (Right)
  • Eye - Upper Chest
  • Left Leg - Leg (Left)
  • Right Leg - Leg (Right)
  • Mouth - Lower Chest
  • Left Arm - Lower Arm (Left)
  • Right Arm - Lower Arm (Right)

Feel free to recolor these how you like, but please don’t claim as yours, reupload or include my textures in your download. 

As a sidenote, @rachirdsims has already recolored these and I’ll link them once they’re up. =D


Following @urbanspellcraft‘s post on conjurer questions, I decided to go ahead and answer these with confidence. I want our potential customers and inquirers to know where Pandora and I stand, and feel that this information should be open to all of our followers.

  • How long have you been conjuring? Pandora and I have been conjuring for over ten years. More accurately, from the time we were teens. I was about 16, and Pandora was 17. That’s actually just about exactly ten years and two months.
  • How & where did you learn to conjure? Pandora and I winged it when we first started out, because we didn’t know what we were doing. I was a dumb teen and decided to be voluntarily possessed by the demons we were meeting through our ouija board and through unshielded channeling sessions. It was ridiculous and extremely damaging, so I really don’t recommend doing something stupid like that to anybody first starting out. But it did pave the road toward me learning about Paganism and witchcraft, and how to safely conjure. We took from a few sources in books, but mainly stuck to our own methods. I first learned how to petition gods and goddesses, and using the elements I learned from those petitions, I started to follow through with more official conjures. Pandora did the same.
  • How long has your shop been open? Our shop has only been open since September 2015, but that’s because we didn’t feel comfortable opening it until we were well-immersed in the spirit keeping community. Prior to that, nobody even knew who we were.
  • Do you conjure on a regular basis? Yes. I conjure and host daily as long as my mundane work doesn’t get in the way.
  • How do you vet your spirits? The beings that come through our conjures go through a rigorous screening process. If we are unsure of who or what they are, we don’t even complete the conjure and binding, and we send them home. We usually give it about a week for the being to preside under our house rules and be watched, but sometimes it can take up to two weeks. I once was so excited for conjuring a particular race, and I told Pandora all about them. She told me she got a weird, uncomfortable feeling. Despite my guides telling me they were safe, Pandora asked me to send them away, and I did. If we are even remotely unsure, we never complete conjures.
  • How much time was/will be taken to get to know the spirit before placing the listing or completing the custom conjure? Generally “new” races take at least two months or longer. That gives us enough time to understand their details and familiarize ourselves with their type, as well as try and contact one of their leading figures to establish a contract and a strong, personal connection. Individual beings from races we are familiar with will have listings after two to three weeks, depending on their nature.
  • How do you verify their identity/they are what they say they are? After the initial conjure, the being is with us for a while as we identify them. Pandora has a different method, but I can speak for myself. Every day I spend about an hour contacting the spirit and getting to know more details about them. I will perform channeling sessions with them, or automatic writing, pendulum work, protected ouija, and runes and tarot readings or dream work.
  • How long have you been working with X type of entity/spirit? (If you have a specific spirit in mind or a specific type of spirit in mind) Well, since I’ve been working with dozens of types, I’ll list a couple of my favorites. The Jakosians I have been working with as a full race for a year and a half. It doesn’t seem like a long time, but I astral travel to their realm frequently. Individually, I’ve known a Jakos Demon since I started conjuring ten years ago. With the Immortal Crei, I’ve been working with them even longer than I have been conjuring. IkioElle came to me when I was about twelve years old, and after him, several more of the deities came to me, and I learned about their home. Most of the more popular races from our shop are entities that Pandora and I have been working with for multiple years, excluding the Jakosians. Some examples are the Shuunites, Revenants, Kryptans, Omegaven races, Kipans, and Black Snakes.
  • What is done to ensure the safety of the buyer? Every binding has a number of wards and protective spells placed over it. If any safety is compromised, the binding is broken, and the being is sent back to us to be worked with. We traditionally ask our patron deities to oversee the completions of our bindings to ensure that there are no issues.
  • What is done to ensure the safety of the spirit/entity? The above also applies here. Our wards cover all bases.
  • Under what circumstances is the binding allowed to be broken? Misconduct via the keeper or spirit/entity, or if there is a problem with the binding–as in the keeper is having trouble connecting or working with said being. We always do our best to help amplify the communications first, but if a keeper requests the binding be broken, we will do so.
  • Are you able to see & communicate with those that you conjure? If we couldn’t, we wouldn’t be offering companions.
  • When a problem arises with either the buyer or the conjure, how do you handle it? We listen to whatever the buyer is concerned with. If there is a method we can help with, or a spell we can provide, or any sort of service, we generally offer it for free. If there’s a problem with the conjure itself, the same applies. If we haven’t presented the conjure to the buyer yet, we will notify the buyer that the conjure is taking a bit longer due to complications. We are always honest.
  • Do you allow the spirits/entities you conjure to be resold or transferred? We don’t mind if our beings are rehomed if things don’t work out, and transfers are perfectly acceptable so long as the spirit/entity is okay with it as well. The only thing we do not allow is for other shops to sell our exclusive contracted races without first contacting us to make us aware. There’s a lot of controversy on that subject though, so that’s for another time.
  • How to you ensure the spirit and the buyer are a good match? Over the week or two after the initial conjure, the spirit/entity is allowed to go peek in on their future keeper a few times with an escort. We also take all the personal information that the buyer gives us and present it to the Universe during the conjuring ritual to ensure that the being that buyer needs most at the time will come forward.

Generation 2 is headed our way!!

“More than 80 Pokémon that were originally discovered in the Johto region in the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games, as well as Pokémon with gender-specific variations, will start rolling out soon in Pokémon GO.

New Evolutions: There are now more opportunities to evolve your Pokémon in Pokémon GO than ever before. Some Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region will soon be able to evolve—into Pokémon that inhabit the Johto region! Be on the lookout for new Evolution items at PokéStops, which you’ll need to evolve some Pokémon.

New Encounter Gameplay: When you encounter Pokémon in the wild, don’t be surprised if they react in new ways as you’re trying to catch them. You’ll also notice the addition of new item carousels that allow you to select Berries and Poké Balls directly from the encounter screen. Hone your skills and catch those elusive Pokémon!

New Berries: Pokémon enjoy eating Berries, and you’ll have the opportunity to get two new Berries by spinning the Photo Disc at PokéStops—Nanab Berries and Pinap Berries! Giving a Pokémon a Nanab Berry will slow its movements, making it easier to catch. The Pinap Berry doubles the amount of Candy you’ll receive if your next catch attempt succeeds.

New Avatars and an Expanded Wardrobe: Now you’ll be able to give your avatar a complete upgrade! Customize your look with a whole new selection of hats, shirts, pants, and other items.”

I’ll be expecting this to drop this weekend, so be on the lookout trainers!

SALTWATER SCHOOL:  Casting a Circle for Beginners

Originally posted by thewitchystuff

Witchlings and Baby Witches, gather ‘round to learn how to cast a simple Circle.  You may be wondering, “Why do we cast Circles?” and that can be easily answered!  Most of the time, we cast Circles to create a sacred space where our spellwork and rituals can be conducted.  There are other various reasons, but you can discover that with time, research, and practice.  For this lesson, we are going to focus on creating that sacred space for you.


**Circles can be cast alone or with others.  If you are participating with other witches, you may want to print them off a “script” of what will be said and done that way everyone can participate.  Change “I” in the script to “we”, “me” to “us”, and so on and so forth.

**Circles can be cast indoors and outdoors.  However, I do caution you not to cast Circles without getting the permission of the person who owns said space, home, property, etc.  

**You can decorate and dress up for your Circle casting.  Using the appropriate colors, plants, stones, and meaningful objects can aid in powering your Circle.  This, however, is not necessary.

**Decide in advance what will be done in the Circle.  Make a plan of what you want to do inside your circle, whether it worship, prayer, spellwork, or meditation.  Don’t feel rushed and take your time.  

**Music may be used to accompany the Circle casting and rituals.  I typically choose songs that don’t have words.  (I get distracted easily by music.)

**Feel free to customize these words and tailor them to fit your own practices.  You can substitute “walls and floors” with “foliage, stones, and ground” if you are casting outside.  Names for Gods and Goddesses may be used in place of “Lord and Lady.”

**There is no right way to cast a Circle.  There are many traditions that different witches use.  Find what you like, experiment and customize your circle casting ritual.

**NOTE**  This is just one example of how to cast a Circle (one I used when I was just starting out.)


Candles, incense, matches (or a lighter), representations of the four corners, decorations, an athame (ceremonial knife) or wand. 


1.  Ground and center, and then lay out where your Circle will be cast.  This doesn’t have to be physically marked, but I have seen people use cord, chalk, and candles.  (Note: using lit candles can be dangerous.  Please take precautions when doing this.  We don’t want anyone or anything getting hurt.)  I used to create a small altar at the direction North with representations of the four elements.

2.  Light incense and candles, and make your announcement:  The Circle is about to be cast and I freely stand within to greet my Lady and my Lord.

3.  Take one candle in hand and begin walking the Circle.  Here, we are acknowledging the Four Quarters (North, South, East, and West.)  We will stop at each direction and call out the corresponding greeting found below.  For this, we will walk deosil around our Circle.  To move deosil is to move in a clockwise (or sunwise) direction.  Once you have finished acknowledging the directions, return to North.

–North:  I call upon Light and Earth at the North to illuminate and strengthen the Circle.
–East:  I call upon Light and Air at the East to illuminate and enliven the Circle.
–South:  I call upon Light and Fire at the South to illuminate and warm the Circle.
–West:  I call upon Light and Water at the South to illuminate and cleanse the Circle.

4.  Return the candle to its rightful place and raise the athame or wand into your hand facing North.  Call out:  I draw this Circle in the Presence of the Lady and the Lord that They may aid and bless me in my work.

5.  Lower the athame or wand and walk deosil once more around the Circle, envisioning a blue light shoot out from the Circle’s boundary.  Call out:  This is the boundary of the Circle, around me, through walls and floors, above me and below me as a sphere is the Circle cast and consecrated to the Lady and the Lord that They may work with and through Their child, (your name/Craft Name).  This Circle is charged by the power of the Ancient Ones!  Only love shall enter and leave.

Begin your ritual, spellcasting, meditation, or any other word you wish inside the Circle.  Within it, you will be protected.  However, a word of caution: if you are a witchling, make sure you do not over exert yourself inside the Circle.  Casting any magic can make anyone grow weary or tired, so be aware of how much energy you are expending.  Like any magic, it takes time and practice.  When you have finished your work, you will open your Circle.


6.  Take the athame or wand in hand both hands facing North.  Call out:  Lord and Lady, I have been blessed by Your sharing this time with me; watching and guarding me; guiding me here and in all things.  I came in love and I depart in love.

7.  Raise the athame or wand high in the air in salute.  Call out:  Love is the Law and Love is the Bond.  Merry did I meet, merry do I part, and merry will I meet again.  The Circle is cleansed.

8.  Kiss the flat of the blade or the tip of the wand.  Here, we will bid farewell to the Quarters and move widdershins.  Widdershins, which can be spelled withershins, widershins, widderschynnes, appears to come from German and Lowland Scottish. In German, widersinning means “against the senses”, that is “not the usual”, or “against the grain.”  For our purposes, it means to move counter-clockwise.  So, we will go from North to West, South, and East.  As you move, this would be the time to blow out candles if they are how you laid out your Circle.  Once you have finished saying goodbye to the Quarters, return North.

–Depart in peace, Elemental Earth.  My blessings take with you!
–Depart in peace, Elemental Water.  My blessings take with you!
–Depart in peace, Elemental Fire.  My blessings take with you!
–Depart in peace, Elemental Air.  My blessings take with you!

9.  Raise your arms into the air with athame or wand in hand.  Call out:  Beings and powers of the visible and invisible, depart in peace!  You aid in my work, whisper in my mind, and bless me from the Otherworld.  Let there ever be harmony between us.  My blessings take with you.  The Circle is cleared!

10.  Take the athame or wand in hand, and move widdershins once more around the Circle, calling out:  The Circle is open yet the Circle remains as its magical power is drawn back into me.  The Circle has been cleared.  My ritual has ended.

11.  Place athame or wand aside, and take a seat on the floor (you may also lie on your back.)  Close your eyes and focus on grounding excess energy by touching your palms to the floor.  Let the magic in the room (or outdoors) disperse and settle.  Take a few deep breaths, open your eyes, and begin cleaning up your space.

I hope all of you find this helpful.  Again, Circle casting can be completely tailored and customized for your needs, and you don’t have to cast one this way.  It is meant to be a resource for those just starting out.  If you have any questions, you can reach me via ASK or by messaging me.

Blessings, little ones!

Other lessons in the Saltwater School series:  Making Your Own Tarot Workbook

Adventures at Starbucks
  • Me: (Is friendly with a female customer)
  • Coworker: (Side-eyes me as she puts sugar in her coffee)
  • Me: Don't you look at me like that.
  • Coworker: Just saying.
  • Me: You're the one who hits on every woman who comes in here, not me.
  • Coworker: Yeah, I mean, I get you. Not every woman wants another one hitting on them. It's weird.
  • Me: (middle finger) You got something to say about queer women?
  • Coworker: Just saying.
  • Customer: (storms over) Excuse me?
  • Me: Er
  • Customer: I would like to complain about my service. I was not in fact hit on. I was waiting, and I got no flirting. Like, you know a girl likes to feel special sometimes, especially when it's a cute barista. I demand my pick-up line.
  • Coworker: The fuck?
  • Me: (Dying laughing)
There are no rules

My boyfriend DM’s a group of our friends and created a homemade Cyberpunk game, complete with custom classes. I’m a hacker, there’s a theif, a sergeant, and a doctor. For some background, we wake up from cryogenic sleep into a zombie apocalypse and are forced to play a survival game by this black orb. The DM made the mistake of giving me an overpowered arm modification, called doomfist, that let me punch through walls.

Me: Can I talk to Lamar?
DM: Do a constitution saying throw
Me: *Fails*
DM: He picks you up and throws you into the wall, you take 22 damage.
Sergeant: oh he’s dead, no one hurts my team
After the battle
Sergeant: I’m gonna cut his head off and take it with me, last thing we need is it crawling back together.
DM: but.. I.. uh.. Okay

Sometime later

DM: All the doors lock and a poisonous gas begins to fill the room
Me (hacker): I’ve still got charges on my Doomfist, so I’ll punch through the wall
DM: But, I *begins to laugh as all his plans fly out the window* okay

Later we are interrogating the man in charge
Me: Well, I give up. He won’t give us any information, so let’s just put him in the room with Lamar. He’s not in his machine that controls the place anymore.
DM: You know what!? I’m done, you guys messed everything up, just have your tanks too!

And the rest of the session was utter nonsense as I ran around in a spider tank, the sergeant had a regular tank, the doctor had a monster baby eating people, and the their crawled though the vents at will.

Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, and many more Pokémon are nearly here! Starting later this week, you’ll have the opportunity to catch more than 80 Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region in the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games. We’ve also implemented some new features to enhance your Pokémon GO experience.

Additional Pokémon: More than 80 Pokémon that were originally discovered in the Johto region in the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games, as well as Pokémon with gender-specific variations, will start rolling out in Pokémon GO.

New Evolutions: There are now more opportunities to evolve your Pokémon in Pokémon GO than ever before. Some Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region will soon be able to evolve—into Pokémon that inhabit the Johto region! Be on the lookout for new Evolution items at PokéStops, which you’ll need to evolve some Pokémon.

New Encounter Gameplay: When you encounter Pokémon in the wild, don’t be surprised if they react in new ways as you’re trying to catch them. You’ll also notice the addition of new item carousels that allow you to select Berries and Poké Balls directly from the encounter screen. Hone your skills and catch those elusive Pokémon!

New Berries: Pokémon enjoy eating Berries, and you’ll have the opportunity to get two new Berries by spinning the Photo Disc at PokéStops—Nanab Berries and Pinap Berries! Giving a Pokémon a Nanab Berry will slow its movements, making it easier to catch. The Pinap Berry doubles the amount of Candy you’ll receive if your next catch attempt succeeds.

New Avatars and an Expanded Wardrobe: Now you’ll be able to give your avatar a complete upgrade! Customize your look with a whole new selection of hats, shirts, pants, and other items.

Be sure to use the hashtag #PokemonGO on Twitter to share your experiences as you explore your local neighborhoods with family and friends. We can’t wait to see the Pokémon you catch!

- Niantic & the Pokémon Company

I think what annoys me the most about the tipping system is the general idea that servers should make less money because they’re having an off day. I mean, it makes sense at first glance, but it’s actually not how any other job works.

I work as a customer service rep. If I put someone’s order in wrong, they call me up and complain, and I apologize and fix it. And I don’t lose any money in the process because I’m a human being and I make mistakes.

If a server does this exact same thing, the customer can just decide not to tip. Whether the server gets paid for the job they just did is completely up to the customer. And lots of people think they’re justified in not tipping–the server inconvenienced you, so why should you pay them for it?

I’d like to ask these people if they get their paychecks docked every time they make a mistake at work. Does your boss frequently call you into their office and say, “you forgot to sign off on these forms, so we’re docking your pay by $20 today”? Probably not. Because you’re a human, and if your income was threatened every time you made a mistake, you wouldn’t tolerate it.

There’s any number of reasons why a server may have messed up your order. Maybe the place is understaffed and they’re overwhelmed. Maybe their dad died that morning and they had to put on a brave face and come to work anyway so they could pay their bills. Or maybe they actually just are a lousy server–in which case, they will eventually lose their job. But until then, they deserve to earn a steady wage, just like anyone else who’s bad at their job. So stop being such a critical asshole and leave 20%.

So for anyone who didn’t know this, the new game+ option for mea lets you completely customize your character again. Change your appearance, name, training, everything.

Just putting it out there because I thought it was like the original trilogy where you were locked into the exact same character you played previously and it’s not, which is great!

anonymous asked:

My store has those surveys that print out with your receipt and you can win prizes for completing them. Customers rank their experiences on scales of 1-5, and anything lower than 5 counts as a 0 (gotta love that logic!) We need to keep a certain percentage of the surveys at 5's or it's an issue. I got a survey that mentioned me. They ranked me a 4. The comments? "She deserves a 5." 🙃

Reminder to fill out surveys with glowing reviews because of bull shit like this happening to our retail brothers and sisters.  It helps them out and it doesn’t take you long to do. -Abby

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Can you tell me why?

Sure. I’m not saying Mon-El isn’t seriously flawed, because he is. But the context of a story is an important part of the bigger picture. Mon-El isn’t just another fuckboy who doesn’t respect women and treats people like crap. He is written to be an alien from another planet, a planet whose beliefs and customs are completely and utterly different than earths. 

Does that make those customs right? Of course not. But he landed on earth, and decided that earth’s ways were better ways. He decided that the life and the world that Kara wanted to show him was worth exploring. Now has he had a few bumps along the way? Absolutely. He’s had times where he hasn’t listened to her, he’s been incredibly selfish, he’s even been possessive, he’s acted superior, or in other moments, apathetic. 

But the important thing about a  character isn’t who they start out as, it’s who they grow into and that’s what you have to base your bottom line on when giving a character description. Is this character static? Do they stay selfish, manipulative, villainous, etc? Or are they dynamic, do they change over time, grow, evolve? Mon-El has done that. Not just for Kara, but for himself. Over the past two episodes we saw him go from someone who is jealous and superior to someone who is caring, considerate and supportive. He had that talk with Winn about how to be a good boyfriend to Kara, and lately that is all he has been. He is trying, he is evolving, he is learning and he is really doing it. 

He’s lied about his status on Daxum and again, that’s a flaw. But if anything, that fear of not being good enough for Kara because of who he was, and recognizing that he was a member of royalty on a planet that so obviously had misyogynistic and awful values towards women and people in general? That’s growth. That’s him understanding that Daxum’s ways aren’t the right ways and wanting to put that behind him and not be looked down upon for it. Is lying to Kara right? No. But it’s also ironically human

Mon-El is flawed. But that doesn’t make him a cloaked villain of some kind. He is evolving, and he is a dynamic individual, you just have to give him time. And you have to understand the context of the situation. If you aren’t seeing that, than you are not looking at the bigger picture, you are watching through shipper eyes. And if thats how you want to watch a show, that’s fine, but calling out things like “abusive”  is walking a dangerous line. 

To me, Mon-El is one of the most crystal clear dynamic characters on TV right now. I mean his growth and development as a character are textbook . If I had a literature class where I had to choose a character from media and describe the term “dynamic”? I would use Mon-El as my example. 

Oh, and none of it has to do with him being pretty (but damn, he sure is pretty). If I bought into that I would be the leader of Team Damon on TVD and I can’t stand that guy. 

Posted this on IG already but for all my friends on Tumblr-

I’m slowly working my way towards putting out my own original customs/repaints for sale instead of personalized commissions and my first work is almost ready for release! I will be hunting down a good wig for my ‘Precious Jewel’ Pullip and then selling her as a full set once she’s complete.


BK-17-1 Blast Knuckle Gundam WIP shots

This gunpla had a lot of modifications to put into it, more than I’ve ever done before. It was really fun, and I ended up learning a lot. 

Kits used:
MS Vernier 01
MS Vernier 03
HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam
HGBF MSZ-006LGT Lightning Zeta Gundam
HGAG AGE-1T Gundam AGE-1 Titus
HGAG RGE-G2100 Clanche
HGUC MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam
HGUC  RX-121-2A Gundam TR-1 (Advanced Hazel)
HGUC AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra
HGUC XM-X1 Crossbome Gundam X-1
HG G-Reco  VGMM-Git01 Kabakali
MG  XXXG-01W Wing Gundam Ver. Ka

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It was super busy yesterday and I was put on the first register that has a chip so I was kinda stressed. A man comes to my line and I greet him. He then tells me that someone should clean the baskets that we have. I agree with him and say yes because I'm not looking to argue but I really don't care. He just keeps talking about it like he's fishing for more conversation but I don't say anything further and finish ringing him up. I feel bad but also not because I was really tired :/

Everyone gets those days. I think there are moments where we agree with customers completely but we just don’t have the energy to do anything about it. It’s human. We’re not super human beings that can do everything all the time. Cleaner baskets is a realistic request, but he would have been better off mentioning it to management instead of you. -Abby

Valentines: Jumin

A/N: Heyhihello you guys I hope all of you are having a great day I finally got some sleep after being up for 4 days straight so I’m doing fantastic i love you all ~Admin 404

He was perplexed over the whole Valentine’s Day idea in the first place.

The media makes a huge deal out of it all. Large bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates, teddy bears with hearts sewn onto them. More grand gestures would include jewelry, expensive dinner dates, things of that sort.

What in the world was he supposed to do for you then? He gives you almost all of these things on a daily basis! How was he supposed to surprise you?

Any grand gesture he could make is expected by you. He has to think out of the box this time. But how? All he can think of is to buy you a list of luxuries? But you don’t want that. You’ve told him time and time again that you don’t want that. What in the world could you want? Maybe he should ask you directly.

He spent a great deal of time sipping wine in his office, thinking over what he could do for you. So long in fact, that he didn’t realize Jaehee had walked in and tried getting his attention for a few minutes.

“Hm? Oh, Assistant Kang. I didn’t realize you came in,” he said before taking another sip of his glass, “What is it?”

“Um, Mr. Han… Is everything alright?,” she questioned, analyzing the fact that he continued to stare into space.

“What does one do for Valentine’s Day, Assistant Kang? What does one do when their spouse has everything they could possibly want?,” he continued asking questions but it became too mumbled behind his glass for Jaehee to understand.

“Well… if you’re indirectly asking what you should do for MC, maybe you should think about what they really want? I mean something that isn’t….materialized. Something personal, and from the heart? Maybe make something by hand for them,” she listed off the ideas, as he continued to stare off into space. His face relaxed a little when he thought of what you enjoyed doing most. By this point, he’s tuned Jaehee out and is reliving moments the two of you have shared together, ones where he can really picture your warm smile.

But he wanted to make you smile like that again. Actually, he wanted to make it ten times bigger, this time. How? How was he going to do that, though?

“Mr. Han, have you heard anything I’ve suggested?,” Jaehee asked, snapping him out of his thoughts- though she already knew he disregarded anything she might have said.

“Hm? Oh, you were still talking? What time is it? I’ll be leaving early,” he stated, pushing his chair away from his desk and grabbing his coat before heading downstairs.  He could hear Jaehee calling behind him, questioning why he has to leave so suddenly, and what was she supposed to do with the rest of his schedule, but he didn’t stop. She would figure it out, he was sure of it.

He sighed as he got into the back of the car. Driver Kim asked where he’d like to go but he couldn’t give him an answer. He had no idea where he wanted to go. Well, he had one idea. He wanted to go home, to you and Elizabeth, but he knew that he couldn’t- not yet. He still needed to decide what to do for you. Why was this such a hard task? He’s spent most of this time thinking, but with no ideas- that bothered him. He’s always so sure of himself and his decisions, but when it came to you, he could never think straight. The only thing he knew was that he wanted to do whatever he could to make you happy.

“Sir? Is something on your mind?” Driver Kim asked slowly, not wanting to intrude too much on his bosses thoughts.

“Driver Kim, what do you do to for your wife for Valentine’s Day? Doesn’t she know what to expect from you year after year? Or do you find a way to surprise her each time?” the speed at which Jumin threw the questions at his driver seemed almost desperate.  "You’ve been able to talk to MC alone while driving her from time to time, correct? What do you think will make her the happiest? What would they consider a ‘grand gesture’? What can I do to make them smile? Driver Kim, what should I-“ he was cut off by the older man’s laughter. His wide-eyed confusion was enough to cut the laughter short, however.

"Well, sir. Being with you in general seems to make them the happiest. They’re always talking about your guys happy family- meaning the two of you and Elizabeth the Third. If you want to surprise them and really make them happy, you might want to play towards that aspect somehow,” he explained before rubbing the back of his neck, “I mean, that’s only just an idea. You can do whatever you wish to do, Mr. Han.”

Jumin looked at his hands that laid in his lap. Being with him and Elizabeth is what made you the happiest? What in the world could he do to surprise you like that? How could he-

An idea hit him like a sack of bricks. He knew what he had to do for you, and he’d work out the kinks in the plan later on. He told Driver Kim exactly where he needed to go, and the two of them were off.

You came home late the next day. Jumin sent you on a trip a few days ago, with no real explanation? “Just go and relax,” he said. You had a sneaking suspicion that he just wanted you out of the house, but you went along with it anyway. You couldn’t wait to sit and relax on the couch with Jumin, Elizabeth sitting in your lap, the three of you just enjoying the silence and each other’s company. When you got home though, the lights were off. The light switch, however, wasn’t working? You thought this was pretty odd, considering Jumin’s the type to have everything working and in order.

“Jumin? I’m home!,” you called into the darkness, to yourself you mumbled, “where in the world is he?”

All of a sudden, the lights flickered on, but just as quickly dimmed down. In the middle of the living room sat a dinner table, covered in a white table cloth, with different coloured rose petals scattered about the top. Walking closer to it, you can see expensive champagne bottles on ice next to the table. 'Champagne?’ you thought to yourself, 'We usually drink wine with dinner. I wonder what he has planned.’

You tried calling out to him again, but instead you heard the pitter patter of Elizabeth’s paws running towards you, followed by a soft meow.

“Hello Elizabeth! There you are! I’ve missed you so much sweetheart, come here!” you crouched down to bring her up into your arms, petting her softly. The two of you exchanged 'meows’ until your petting reached up to her neck, where you felt something around it. “Did Jumin put a collar on you while I was gone? Why would he do-” you were cut off by the feel of something hanging off of the makeshift ribbon collar. It was round like a name tag, except…hollow? And had something on the top of it? Your brain couldn’t register what you were touching until you untied the collar and held it up.

“Oh.. my god, this is…” You held up the ribbon to find what looked like an elegant (and not surprisingly expensive) engagement ring swinging in front of your face. It’s so intricate and detailed that you can tell it’s completely customized. It was taking a while to sink in what was happening at the moment. You were snapped out of your trance when you caught a glimpse of Jumin walking in from the corner of your eye. “Jumin…. what is this?” you shook the ring slightly, causing Elizabeth to watch it swing with the intent to play with it.

“Well, MC. I suppose it’s my way of surprising you. So? MC? What do you say?” he analyzed every tiny detail of your face, watching for any hint of an answer. His words started to waiver before finishing strong and confident when he asked, “Would you like to make our little family paper-official?” The moment he saw the tears start to form in your eyes, he rushed over to you, fearing the worst. When you sniffled out a quiet “yes” followed by multiple more, accompanied by furious head nodding, cute little giggles, and that heart-melting smile of yours, he felt his whole body fill with relief.

He’s never felt so warm, light, happy, and loved all at once, ever in his life. He gently brushed the fallen tears away from your cheeks, kissing your forehead before catching your lips in a passionate, loving kiss he could give you. Putting his forehead against your own, he looks into your eyes while he takes the ring away from you, slipping it onto your finger. Elizabeth meowed softly at the two of you, so he scratched lightly behind her ear, while still looking at you.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, MC. I hope you enjoy this holiday for the rest of your life, with me and Elizabeth; We both love you very much.”

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My deaf ass, talking (really poorly probably) because apparently signing is rude: hello, may i help y- // Some annoying ass customer: *completely fucking ignores me and turns to her friend* I didn't know they let retards work here // Me: ........(((((:

Dealt with someone like that too during my time at the sub shop some guy named Mike from Jersey. Little old lady too short to speak over the sneeze guard and not talking loud enough to be heard. I had to keep asking her to repeat herself because I’m partially deaf in one ear. She got so mad that she started screaming at me and saying the r slur and telling me I was too stupid to be working there. Management let me go to the bathroom to cry afterwards, even let me go home. But I couldn’t come back after that. Plus I was working two jobs at the time so I was overwhelmed. But this is the reason I HATE working fast food because I always faced more abuse there. People are fucking awful when it comes to their food. They can be awful anywhere, but for me personally most of the worst horror stories I have being screamed at was fast food. -Abby

TalesFromRetail: The time I "didn't know what I was talking about"

Setting the stage:

I work in a garden center. I am Certified in my field, with many years of experience.

The weather has been hot and windy lately.

A customer brings in some Japanese Maple leaves that are dry and crispy around the edges and starting to curl.

Customer: “Can you tell me what is wrong with my tree?”

Me: (Examining leaves) “It looks like windburn, see how the edges are…”

Customer: “It’s NOT windburn!”

Me: “Sir, Japanese Maples are very prone to windburn in this kind of weather…”

Customer: “No way is this windburn! I water it correctly, so it has to be something else!”

Me: “It doesn’t matter how much water it’s been given, Japanese Maple leaves will scorch in hot dry windy weather…”

Customer: (Interrupting) “Can you get me someone who knows what they are talking about??”

Me: (Offended, but externally keeping my cool) “OK sure… one moment…” (I page back-up customer service to the desk)

While we are waiting I remain at the desk, completing some paperwork. The customer asks me another question about different gardening problem….

Me: (Not looking up. I’m done with this jerk.) “Well, since I ‘don’t know what I’m talking about’ maybe you better wait until my coworker gets here.” (I continue with my paperwork)

My coworker comes up and they walk off into the nursery. She later told me that she had also told him it was windburn. He asked a few more questions, and she was not able to answer one. She said he should ask me since I knew all about the subject.

Customer: “Umm…. I can’t ….. I think I pissed her off….”

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