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Could you give me a basic rundown of how radio callsigns work in practice?

Sure. I’m remarkably surprised by how little information is accessible on this on Google.

The tl;dr of call signs is that they’re numerically designated to specific personnel and often titled based on the unit.

Units will have a specially designated call sign. It’s usually based on the name of the unit, but not the letter, meaning Charlie company wouldn’t use Charlie or C. But if Charlie Company’s like…title mascot thing is Warriors, then the call sign might be Warrior, or something thematically related to warriors like Sword. 

The highest ranking officer, in most cases a company commander, will be call sign number 6. So to call your officer it’d be Warrior 6. The senior NCO, typically a first sergeant, would be Warrior 7. 1-4 will usually refer to the various platoon leaders, so Warrior 1 might be first platoon. There might be an additional designation for the platoon sergeant, such as Warrior 1A, or the platoon sergeant might be Warrior 1. Depends on the unit. 5 would usually be the XO. 

So a call sign list might look something like:

Warrior 1 - 1st Platoon
Warrior 2 - 2nd Platoon
Warrior 3 - 3rd Platoon
Warrior 4 - 4th Platoon
Warrior 5 - Company XO
Warrior 6 - Company Commander
Warrior 7 - Company First Sergeant

Not every soldier has a unique call sign and surnames are not used as call signs. You might have a unique codeword to refer to your specific section, but that’s about it. For units with less than four platoons, Warrior 4 might be delegated to someone else, maybe logistics or maintenance or something.
Supposedly saying “Actual” is supposed to indicate that the person speaking is the actual person speaking rather than a commo guy doing it in their stead, but I’ve got no personal experience with this. 

Finally, a note to remember that all soldiers are trained to use a radio. There’s not always going to be a commo guy (probably a 25C) with complete control over the radio. Everyone should know how to use radio etiquette as well, which is another mythical TBA original post I’d like to make at some point.

I hope this is enough to get you started!


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Riarkle ohmgggg "Are you flirting with me?”

I’m back! Finals are over and I am ready to get back in the writing groove so if you have anything you’d like to request please send it to me. Also, if you’ve made a request before and haven’t seen it yet you should expect it pretty soon now that my writing hiatus is over. Tomorrow I will be at the hospital with my uncle all day and I’ll be writing the whole time so expect a few stories to be coming out. I hope you like this one especially if you’re the person that requested it.

7:56 am Abigail Adams High School Parking Lot

“I’ve never missed school a day in my life!” Farkle protested as Lucas and Zay dragged him from the school parking lot and into Lucas’ truck.

“I don’t think you have a choice,” Zay said as Farkle continued to squirm in their hands.

Lucas just laughed as he looked up and saw their female counterparts anxiously waiting in the truck bed which sparked an idea, “Farkle, turn around. You look at those girls’ faces and tell me that you’re willing to tell them that you’re willing to back out on the Senior Skip Day that they’ve been planning for months. If you can tell me that you’re able to look at that and still choose school then I will let you go.”

Farkle stared at the girls for a moment and then turned to look back at the entrance to the school, “It’s only one day. What are they going to teach today that I don’t already know?”

Lucas patted him on the back and the three boys took off running toward their friends


8:05 am Cory Matthews Senior World History Class

“Yogi, where is everyone,” Cory started as he sat his briefcase down. 

Yogi glanced around the room and then back up towards Cory, “It appears that today is Senior Skip Day. sir.”

“Why didn’t you skip today?”

“I didn’t know I was supposed to,” Yogi admitted.

“Well since you’re the only one here, what do you want to learn about?” Cory asked his sole student.

Yogi thought about it for a minute and then smiled his little Yogi smile, “Belgium 1831.”


8:43 am En Route

Maya had called shotgun and since Lucas was driving, that meant that Zay, Farkle, and Riley were all crammed into the back seat but that didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s mood. Maya was completely in control of the radio at this point and was blaring an old mixed CD Riley had made for long car rides when Lucas decided he was going to drive to and from Texas to “break the truck in.” Zay was right behind the driver’s seat texting Vanessa and trying not to get car sick leaving Riley and Farkle to talk amongst themselves.

“Farkle, can’t you just accept that you’re wrong about this?” Riley asked him. She sounded annoyed but her large grin gave her away.

Farkle just stared at her confused, “Do you have any idea how many inaccuracies are in those comics? Sure there are plenty of them in the movies too, but the comics are worse by a long-”

Riley cut him off by placing her hand over his mouth surprising both of them, “Yes, Farkle, I know that there aren’t actually giant blue mutants running around calling themselves “The Beast” but I also think that characters are more well developed, the story is more interesting, and I enjoy seeing Storm given stronger powers and a stronger persona. There’s about to be a tenth movie and they haven’t even addressed the fact that Storm is the queen of Africa! Oh and it must have just slipped their mind that Magneto is Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s dad! And they’ll never be able to address it because apparently Disney has rights to every Marvel series except X-Men but somehow got to keep Scarlet Witch so they will never be able to dive into her storyline. There is no way that the movies which completely obliterates two of the most incredible women in the series can be better than the comics!” Riley finished her statement and then realized that she had worked herself up quite a bit and took a breath to soothe herself.

“And this round of debate of the dorks goes to, drumroll please,” Maya began and both Lucas and Zay started a drumroll on whatever was in front of them. “Ms. Riley Matthews.”



Maya smiled back at them both, “I say it with love.”

“Look there it is!” Riley shouted and pointed through the windshield.

 And there it was. You couldn’t miss the giant sign signaling their arrival to Adventureland and all of the monumentally high rides just behind it. Suddenly, all of their faces were brighter, smiles were bigger, and anticipation could no longer be contained. The small, rusty, pickup was overflowing with excited screams.


12:43 pm Adventureland

They had successfully ridden 7 rides when they decided to stop and get something to eat. Zay and Farkle had started to get sick and Riley cried a little on the last ride so the three of them were all more than happy to have a break. Zay, Maya, and Lucas decided they wanted to go to a burger place at the front of the park, but Riley and Farkle decided to try Wild Greens instead. The group broke apart and agreed to meet back up at the entrance of the Turbulence Coaster at around 2:00.

Riley wouldn’t admit it out loud, but she was excited to have some alone time with Farkle. She had realized that her feelings were changing after their junior prom but wasn’t ready for things to change between them so she hadn’t told anyone. But now they were 2 months away from graduation and Riley was afraid that if she didn’t tell him now she would never get that chance again.

“So,” Riley started as she popped a sweet-potato fry into her mouth. “Have you decided which school you want to go to?”

Farkle laughed at her as he too dug into the shared plate of fries, “I thought we were supposed to be taking the day off from school.”

Riley smiled, “Is that a ‘no’?”

“It’s a ‘no’.”

Riley took a sip of her drink and then looked up at Farkle who had ketchup on his face. Without thinking she reached over and wiped it off gently with her thumb. As soon as their skin made contact chills went up her spine. She knew it was crazy but she couldn’t help but suddenly be nervous. She pulled her hand back as if it was on fire and in true Riley fashion dumped her soda into a puddle on her lap. She jumped at how cold it was and shot up in her seat. Farkle, on the other hand, started laughing at the whole scene in front of him.

Riley’s head snapped up when she heard him trying to hide his laughter and upon seeing him hiding his red face behind his hand broke into laughter herself. Then an evil scheme popped into her innocent little head and she picked up a ketchup covered fry and threw it at her friend, “What the –“

He was cut off by another fry. Before they knew what was happening, the two of them were engaged in a very heated food fight that had them hiding behind booths and stealing food off of other people’s plates. When the manager came out and started yelling at them Riley grabbed Farkle’s hand and started running. They ran around for a while trying to find somewhere to hide and when Riley saw a small alleyway behind one of the buildings she quickly pulled both of them into it.

They were both breathing so hard and laughing so uncontrollably that they didn’t notice just how close they were. Riley was still holding onto his hand, and in order to squeeze into the space they had to be pressed against each other at multiple points and every time they breathed their chests brushed against one another. Riley’s cheeks grew hot again and she peeked around the corner to see if there was anyone there looking for them, “I think we’re safe.”

She looked back towards him and smiled before pulling them both out of the space. They walked as quickly as possible to meet their friends because their food fight and the little detour caused them not only to be late but to be a little lost, “What got into you back there?”

Riley kept looking around trying to find their friends, “It’s called fun.”

“It’s called reckless,” Farkle corrected her.

Riley stopped dead in her tracks and turned around in front of him, “You’re telling me that you didn’t have any fun back there? You’re telling me that it wasn’t exhilarating and you were faking that laughter?” Riley took a step closer to him so that there was hardly any space between them and placed her hand on his chest, “You’re telling me that your heart isn’t racing right now?”

“Are you – are you flirting with me?” Farkle said shakily.

Riley smiled at him and tried not to chicken out. She was about to answer when a familiar voice ran up behind her, “There you are! Oh, am I interrupting something?”

Riley looked at Zay and then realized the position she was in. She dropped her hand down to her side and took a step back. She could see Maya in the distance and took off towards her without a word.

As soon as she got to Maya the blonde started asking her why she was such a mess and Riley realized that both her and Farkle were probably quite the site considering they were covered in God knows what and stained from head to toe. She didn’t offer an explanation, just charged into the line ready to take on the rest of the day and putting the Farkle escapade behind her for now.


10:27 pm Abigail Adams High School Parking Lot

The group had to double back to drop Farkle off at his car and they were all shouting their goodbye’s when Riley shouted, “Farkle, wait!”

She unbuckled herself and ran over to him throwing caution to the wind. She was still a little fidgety and her whole body was shaking but she knew she had to do this – she needed to know, “The way I see it we have two options here: you can get in your car, drive away, and pretend that we never had this conversation or… I can tell you that I was flirting with you earlier because I’m falling in love with you and I really don’t want you to get in your car without kissing me goodnight.”

She heard her friends behind her squealing or inhaling sharply but her attention was fixed on nothing but the man standing in front of her. She wanted to say that she regretted what she just did, but she didn’t. Even if he didn’t feel the same way, she knew she would regret it more if she hadn’t said it. The silence was killing her and she felt like if he didn’t say something soon she was going to scream.

Riley closed her eyes as she felt a tear welling up and the next thing she knew, she could feel his warm lips against hers. It was gentle at first but they both pushed a little deeper after just a few moments and it was everything that they had ever wanted from this moment. Farkle pulled away and looked deep in her eyes, “The way I see it, there’s only ever been one option for me. There’s only ever been you.”


My appearance on the new TV-style version of “Complete Control Radio”, hosted by Joe Sib. Taped on March 6, 2012 in Los Angeles in front of a live audience.