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James Potter is a lucky SOB. He wins the Quidditch match and he gets the girl.

I based him off of @asktheboywholived take on him and then I realized he has all this crazy curly hair which he 100% would put it in a bun during games. He can’t be messing with it during the match; that would be totally and completely unprofessional.

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Does that mean Widow had to give her time traveling lover some extra lovin' when she manages to come back to this plane of existence?

You guys know I’m totally, completely, utterly, over 9000, devoted the widowtracer otp one true pair 4Lyfe/5ever - is more than 4ever!! but….but I…

I headcanon at this point in time (in my AU) they aren’t together yet. ^^;; They are enemies….

…and Tracer is dating someone else. </3

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Dorian/Elden reunion after Trespasser? :D Maybe a year or so they've been apart. Fluff! I love me some Dorian fluff

Yes! I am all about the fluff! Thank you so much for the prompt! Unfortunately I’ve already written about their first reunion directly after Trespasser. It’s the last chapter of my fic What Happens After if you want to skip to it and read it without going through the rest of the fic. It should still make sense without having  to read the rest of it. I did attempt their second reunion after Trespasser though! I hope you enjoy!



Elden was in the kitchen when he heard a key in the lock followed by the front door opening.

“Varric, is that you?” he called, tossing the rest of the ingredients into the pot. “Dinner’s almost ready if you’d like to stay.”

But then Elden heard two sets of footsteps and he knew something was different. It was interesting how distinctive something as simple as footfalls could be. This particular one accompanying Varric’s were light, somehow able to sound casual across the floorboards. It was a pattern he hadn’t heard in some time but he could never forget. He was frozen in place, feeling like his heart was in his throat, terrified to let himself believe it could be true.

“No thanks, I won’t be staying,” Varric called as he and the other visitor reached the doorway behind him. “But you may want to keep that second bowl out.”

Elden turned slowly, as if afraid that any sudden movements would change what he was about to see. Standing in the doorway was Dorian, smiling and travel-stained, hair mussed and just so handsome and the sight took Elden’s breath away. He sagged against the counter as if he didn’t trust his legs to hold him up, at a loss for words. He was dimly aware of Varric, smiling as he turned to leave, but he only had eyes for Dorian as he slowly approached, hands behind his back and looking so smug.

“I thought you were still two days out,” Elden said as he found his voice at last. “Is this really happening?”

“Of course it is. A few sleepless nights were well worth the look on your face. Besides, I owed you for dropping by unexpectedly in Tevinter.” Dorian spoke smoothly, as if his haste was only for those reasons, as if he wasn’t twisting his gloves restlessly. 

“You talk too much,” Elden said, finally risking his shaking legs as he crossed the last few steps between them, pulling him into a crushing embrace that Dorian responded to with equal vigor.

They kissed like they were making up for the months they had spent apart, for all the time they had lost, and they held each other like they never planned to stop if they had any say. When they finally drew apart at last for air it was only to gasp a few words.

“I missed you,” Elden began, feeling tears in his eyes, his hand caressing Dorian’s cheek as he tried to memorize every last detail.

“So much,” Dorian finished, the affection in his eyes and in his voice making Elden feel like his legs really might give out. Dorian kissed him again and nothing else in the world existed.


Jake/Ryan + touch (revised) as requested by anon.


every westallen scene ever (35/?)

The cure for hiccups

Imagine your OTP.

Person A has the hiccups before bed and is miserably complaining about how none of the tricks to get rid of them is working, including a spoonful of peanut butter, which always works, damn it!

Person B thinks the way Person A sounds when hiccuping is adorable, but hey, they need to sleep so…

“You know I have a surefire cure for you.”


When Person B starts to get frisky, Person A is initially annoyed and not interested - I am in need here, damn it! - but it isn’t hard to convince them to allow Person B to get them off. When they’re finished, the hiccups are indeed gone.

“Wow, I can’t believe that worked!”

Person B can’t either, but they aren’t going to complain.

Until just before both are about to fall asleep, Person B…hiccups.


i doubt i’d ever forget meeting you

60/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

One of my new deepest wishes for AoS season 2:
For Skye to have the “lobster” talk with Fitz.

  • malec shippers: there's an episode named after our otp and they'll kiss and they held hands and they're pretty much completely in love
  • clace shippers: our otp kissed and is totally heart eyes for each other
  • saphael shippers: so... last week they were in the same room and this week someone mentioned raphael's name close to simon... so yeah...
  • me: but i'm like all of them