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I read this awhile back and when I went back to read it I could no longer find it. I'm not sure if anyone knows where I can find it (a link or pdf or something) but it's called An Ideal Grace (The Sonnet Series). It has Erik as a visiting professor at Cambridge and basically Charles sits in on his classes because pretty much all of his students have transferred to Erik's despite not being Lit majors. If ANYONE knows where I can find it I would be beyond grateful. It's a great fic. Thank you.

Hey, Nonnie! You can find the whole series here!

Erik Lehnsherr is a visiting professor at Columbia University, as well as an acclaimed and award winning poet. Charles Xavier is a lead researcher with the Genetics Department who is well on his way to tenure. But what happens when Charles has to cancel a class because half his students abandon him in favour of a mysterious new English Lit professor? Naturally he ends up sitting in in the class, where Professor Lehnsherr mistakes him for a student. It’s really too bad Erik has such a strict policy against dating students. It’s also too bad Erik doesn’t seem to know how to use Google.