Do you ever shut up?

Desc: Richie Tozier is notorious for having the worlds biggest crush on Y/N, Bill’s older sister. The only problem was the fact that Y/N was in an exclusive relationship with Henry Bowers. Push comes to shove rapidly and soon Y/N is kidnapped by the one and only Pennywise, will they get to her in time?

Pairing: Reader/Richie Tozier

Warning: Harsh language, mentions of sex.

Do you ever shut up?

It was no secret that Richie liked Y/N, everyone knew and no one really cared. In all honestly they simply expected it to be puppy love, something he would outgrow once he saw another hot girl wandering around innocently. But, what they didn’t know was that it wasn’t just puppy love to him. It was more like infatuation, a craving, actual love. Unfortunately, Y/N was off limits, as Bill had said numerous times. That, and she didn’t really think Richie’s jokes were very funny either. She actually found them to be rather rude, ignorant even, but she let it slide. He wasn’t hurting anyone, she didn’t think.

She knew well that Henry Bowers, her exclusive boyfriend, wasn’t the best person in the world. He wasn’t a saint, but who was? Y/N knew that everyone deserved a chance to change, a chance to be happy. But, Henry never seemed to change his ways, he was still the school bully who had children cowering when he walked by, and Y/N was known throughout the school as ‘Henry Bowers Girlfriend.’ She was certain they never called her by name.

It was either that, or ‘Stuttering Bill’s sister’ or even perhaps, 'Georgie Denbrough’s sister, the kid who died.’ Really this had grown to make Y/N very uncomfortable. She was her own person, not just Bill and Georgie’s sister, not just Henry Bowers girlfriend.


At this current moment in time, Y/N was saying her goodbyes to the losers’, having to go home and help her mother with dinner and cleaning for a bit (she was certain it was Bill’s turn, but he argued against it.)

“I’ll buh-be home in a fuh-few hours.” Bill said, as Y/N waved them off and left to go home, fixing her hair as she walked.

”She really looks good from the back, and the front.“ Richie stated, adjusting his large glasses on his nose. This remark didn’t go unnoticed, a series of groans and eyerolls took over for the moment before Beverly stepped in to break the silence.

“Beep beep, Richie.” She said rather sternly, leaning back in her seat, she was rather annoyed at the inappropriate comment but definitely not as annoyed as Bill.

“T-that’s my sister, idiot. Duh-don’t talk about her l-like that.“ Bill stated blandly, clearly uncomfortable with the comment himself, and certain that Y/N would ultimately destroy Richie for a comment like that.

”It’s not my fault she’s hot…“ He paused for a moment, as if thinking it over before starting to speak again. ”And kind, and funny, and sweet, and—“ he was cut off by Stan talking over him.

”Dude, do you actually like her?“ Stan spoke, his voice slightly deeper than the other losers’, which they just expected it was because he was a little older than them.

Richie hadn’t noticed the opened-mouthed gazes that were trained to his face and the wide eyes searching for a hint of a lie. But Richie wasn’t lying. He really did think all those things about Y/N, but he knew the Henry would literally kill him for saying any of it.

“Do you ah-actually like my s-sister, Trashmouth?” Bill asked in utter astonishment, causing Richie to sink into his seat in embarrassment and shrug a little.


It had been three or four days since the losers’ realised that Richie wasn’t just chasing Y/N for her looks and since then it had been tense in the group everytime the two were together. Y/N didn’t really understand why everyone was so quiet whilst they were out, walking along the river bank in the mid afternoon sun. Beverly and Y/N had been talking, but it was low, almost like a whisper as they spoke as if the others would be mortified at their conversation.

It didn’t take long before they had ran into Henry and his group, minus Patrick who had been missing for several days. This utterly let to a panic within the losers’ but they seemed to remain calm, all of which were rather frightened besides Y/N.

“Hey Losers’, if you’re trying to get into her pants–” he stopped speaking to point a finger in Beverly’s direction, Y/N falling unnoticed, “All you have to do is ask nicely like I did.” He spoke with a wicked grin on his face, like something straight out of a thriller movie.

It was clear that the remark hit Beverly hard, but it hit Y/N equally as hard when she realised what he had said. In a fit of rage, Y/N picked up the biggest rock she could find and flung it as hard as she could. Her throw coming out rather well, hitting Henry on the forehead with enough force to draw blood.

“What the fuck!?” Henrys voice sounded from across the new-found battlefield as he chucked another rock back at her but failed to hit her or do any serious damage to anyone else.

”Rock War!“ sounded out from the losers’ side of the river as sudden airborne rocks were flying back and forth.

Even in this instance, Y/N felt like she was having the time of her life. She didn’t really care that after this her and Henry would be over for good, in fact she was incredibly happy about that. A smile spread over her face, even when a rock hit her painfully in the side. She had no idea how her and Bill would explain the deep purple bruises to their parents later, but she didn’t care anymore. This felt like a new beginning to her, she felt more welcome with the losers’ than she ever had with Henrys obnoxious clique.

She felt alive!

Once the final rocks were thrown, Henrys gang started to back up a bit, having suffered the most.

“Yeah! That’s right! Fuck off and go back to blowing your dad!“ Richie shouted from their spot a few meters away. There was a silence for a moment.

“And stay away from my girl!” He finished with, and Y/N didn’t care a single bit.


The bruises took several days to heal, turning from purple to a bluish shade, to a deep red and vanishing entirely. Y/N and Bill had been interrogated by their parents once they got home, but they simply smiled at each other and answered with blatant lies. Once their parents had bought it, the siblings it would be best to stay inside till the bruises healed once and for all.

Y/N sat by the window, the rain pattering against the glass in an almost rhythmic pattern. Her fingers followed the small drops as they raced down the glass, and she rested her head against the cool window. Looking out into the street she was almost certain she had seen a flash of yellow and red running by, and when she looked again she found herself staring at a small newspaper boat, with ’S.S Georgie’ scrawled messily along the side. Tied to it floated a red balloon which carried it with ease down the street as a little boy ran after it in a yellow slicker and red galoshes.

Y/N couldn’t believe her eyes, a sense of delight washing over her as she pulled on her fushia coloured rain coat and ran outside, slamming the door behind herself and chased the small boy down the street, calling out 'Georgie? Georgie!’ every time she got the chance. Deep down, a small part of her understood that Georgie wasn’t actually coming home, that he was almost definitely killed. But, she couldn’t help with hope and pray to God that this was Georgie by some convenience.

She ran after the child with every inch of energy in her body but he always seemed just out of reach, that was until she rounded the corner and came face to face with something she dreaded the most. A clown. A clown with a twisted grin on his makeup clad face. She suppressed a scream, her hand to her mouth and her teeth digging into the side of her pale skin. She noticed the one-armed boy standing behind the clown with his boat in his hands and recognised him as her brother. And then everything went black.


She awoke soon after, still face to face with the God-awful clown that she hated ever so much, yet this time there was no Georgie and this didn’t seem like the upper ground of Derry anymore. In fact, it seemed more like the sewers, and her suspicion didn’t go astray. She was shaking, her hands and knees trembling and her bottom lip quivering as if holding back tears, but she slapped on a confident expression.

“Why are you doing this?” She cried out at last, only to be met with a bizarre smile and a finger pressed to the clowns lips. She stopped speaking just long enough to hear the thudding of someone walking along the sewer pipes, then it came to sound like a group of people.

Y/N wanted to cry, she wanted to scream and tell them to go back and leave her here. To save themselves from their independent doom, but she couldn’t. She simply found herself in an utter trance, staring into the clowns eyes, that was until the losers’ burst into the sewer baring what seemed to be weapons of some sort or another.

“Fucking clowns..” Richie spoke through gritted teeth before they each took their fair share of clown beating till the monster clawed its way away from them, leaving Y/N dazed and confused before spotting the rather bloody, bruised, and ridiculous looking group of teenagers.

Y/N had never been so pleased, she ran forward and incased Bill in the worlds tightest hug, muttering apologies and thank you’s for what seemed like forever.

“Hey! I was the one who figured out where you were and what had happened.” Richie fummed unhappily, rather jealous that he didn’t receive the same attention as her brother did.

“Well then thank you too, Trashmouth.” Y/N laughed as she pulled him into an equally tight hug, an endless smile on her face.

“Really it was nothing, could have…would have done it anyday for you Y/N, It wasn’t that big a deal I mean anyone could have done it–” Richie proceeded to boast, gaining a playful eyeroll from Y/N.

“Beep beep Richie.” She stated simply, gaining a strange look from Richie before she pressed her lips to his, and for a moment Richie could have sworn his heart completely stopped.

Once she had pulled away, both were red faced and flustered, though Richie was so close to passing out it was almost unreal. He simply couldn’t say another word besides 'Awesome!’, and honestly Y/N was sure everyone else in the room groaned in annoyance at the sudden display of affection.

Y/N couldn’t have been happier.

{For the lovely Anon who sent me four different asks with so much detail, I absolutely loved writing this!

I hope this is good enough for you! Please keep in mind I haven’t proof read it so there may be some grammar or spelling mistakes throughout, I’m so very sorry. Also, I’m not sure how long it is, so I apologise if it’s too short!}

MADical Items! The Strongest Items you'll never want to touch.

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Beautybane Blade (by ArchRain)

Legendary Item +3 Longsword. Requires Attunement by a Druid, Ranger, Oath of the Ancients Paladin or Cleric of the Nature Domain. If ever attuned a Character can never gain further levels in the aforementioned class. The character gains the ability to cast the Cantrip Druidcraft, learning another cantrip from the Druid Spell list if they already possess it and gain the ability to cast the spell Shillelagh targeting only this weapon. When the blade is drawn the DM calculates and announces a +1 for every Acre of Grass or Flowers, 100 trees and population of animals equaling either 100 Creatures or two CR within immediate unaided view of the Character with a maximum of +5 from these features to attack rolls. Whenever an attack is made with this weapon one of the aforementioned features instantly dies and the bonus is reduced by one. When this weapon critically strikes the opponent can expend two uses of the Legendary Save feature or instantly die. After killing an enemy with this weapon all party members lose inspiration or go to -1 inspiration if they had none available and the user cannot cast spells from their attuned class’s spell list for the next week. Furthermore the DM randomly determines which prominent flower across the world instantly wilts and rots away.

Why it’s fucking horrible: It visibly blights the land around you, permanently destroys a beautiful lifeform and leaves anything that survives in a horrible depressed state. There are no cheers and applause when you strike down an enemy with this blade. Only the quiet sobbing of the Universe. Why it’s worth using: It’s overpowered, edgy and cinematic.

Umbral Stone (by ignoringImpossibru)

Wondrous item, very rare. Any creature that makes contact with the crystal surface is instantly transported to Shadowfell, as if affected by the plane shift spell. Any time this effect is triggered, roll 1d20. On a 1, this location becomes a permanent gate to the plane of Shadowfell, open only under a new moon at midnight.

If the Umbral Stone is fashioned into any sort of melee weapon, treat it as a +1 weapon of that type, and trigger it’s effect on hit.

Twilight’s Cut (by Bluesamurai33)

This +3 weapon visibly distorts the air around it with waves of magical energy, similar to heat rising off a hot surface. An intricate handle made of Black Wood inlaid with Obsidian and Cold Iron meets with an axe head formed from the metal of a fallen star and granted power from a long forgotten Archmage.

In order to attune, a memory of a person, place or thing must be voluntarily surrendered to the blade each day at sunset in order for the attunement to happen. The wielder cannot offer up memories formed while attuned to this weapon. These memories can never be restored by any form of magic. While attuned, the user is shielded from any magic or effect that would effect their mind. Anyone who witnesses this blade being used must roll a WIS Save DC 18 or forget the event entirely.

The blade deals an additional 2d12 Psychic damage on a hit, and the target must make an INT saving throw equal to the psychic damage dealt or be paralyzed until the end of their next turn. Any creature killed by this blade is erased from the knowledge of the planes. No magic, not even a Wish spell can cause anyone to ever remember the creature. Paintings of the creature are unmade, any writing about it is made unreadable by any means and any memories involving them alter to not include them. Even the wielder is left staring at an unknown corpse, with only the knowledge that it was killed by his/her hand, but the who, what, and why of it are lost for all time.

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If You insist// Brett Talbot

Relationship: Brett x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, LOTS OF SMUT, Daddy Kink, Oral (Male), Teasing, Swearing, Orgasm Denial, Biting, Spanking, and a Bunch More.

Prompts: “You’re so cute when you’re mad.” “Bite me!” “If you insist.”

Originally posted by bonniebird

Brett hasnt spoken to y/n in hours because h feels as if its his fault that you were attaked tonight. It was her first night seeing him completly wolf out and it was intoxicating, she wasn’t abdouly terrified because she knew what she has signed up for when getting involved with him and the oher suprnatural beings in Beacon Hills.

“Brett just fucking speak to me, im safe im fine. its been 3 fucking hours. you cant keep fucking ignoring me anmore i’ve fucking had it up to your long ass neck, now be a man and fucking speak to me.” Y/n yells out steam almost literally shooting out of her ears.

“You’re so fucking cute when you’re mad” Brett chuckles walking into your home simply unfazed by anything you had spoken to him.

They enter the house and Brett pulls his shirt off heading toward the couch and Y/n immediatly feeling the need to be touched and to touch Brett. He sits and places his hands by his thighs while sighing in releif that everyone is safe and so one is horribly injured.

She stood by the door, watching Brett take hi place on the couch practically not moving a muscle and the heat between her legs start to grow. She could still sense the darkness from him still linguring, which is why she probably make eyecontact, speak, or even touch her. She wasnt scared of the wolf inside of him, eah it was intimidating but not scary. There was no reason to be the slightst bit of scared, he disnt even grow fucking sideburns when he turned. He had taken endless care of her, saved her over and over again, and given her chance after chance even when she was afraid and didnt trust him. so why be scaared now?

Y/n knew if she hadn’t yelled at him for being overprotective and stormed out that today would have gone very differently.

She walked until he was standing next to a set of stairs, standing there she dared not to look away from him. he still didnt move. She journeyed into the living room standing dead ceter in his view of the TV than went to her knees so she was facing him eye to eye. He still didnt dare to move, instead he stared into her eyes as if she was looking through her like she wasn’t even there.

Biting down on her lip, she makes a dangerous move by reaching out and attempted to touch his torso.

Brett snatches her hand, holding it very tightly. “You definatly dont want to do that right now.” He warns almost inaudible.

She moves her other hand to try and grab ahold of his jeans but only to fail miserably.

“I am trying to be fucking nice to you right now, What the fuck is your problem?“He growls out placing her arms by her side ” Go. To. Bed.“

Looking up at him she noticed that his eyes where still glowing similar to what she had saw when the pack was fighting. But this glow felt more dangerous, more frightful which so happen to tun her on even more

You don’t scare me anymore.

Her eyes trailed down his bare chest. he had never let her touch him, expore his body, better yet even fuck him back! She knew it was because he couldn’t take it, too afraid that the darkness would come out and he’d rip her to pieces. She had just stopped trying to touch him all together knowing it would be pointless and being afraid herself to meet the darkness.

She shifted herself closer to him careful not to touch him.

“Please, Brett. Let me touch you.”

Brett gave her one last stern warning, “Touch me and there will be no running until i am completly done with you.”

Y/n licked her lip in anticipation, her hands reached out again, She had done it. She had touched him and there is no turning back.

He’s so fucking perfect it hurts.

Leaning down, her lpis lightly kissed over his skin. She gazed up at him through her long thick lashes, once he left a hickey on his chest she noticed tat he didnt move or even give the slight hint that of desire she decided to move lower. She kissed and lickd on his abs, moving her hand down t the botton of his jeans and slow began to unbutton them.

Brett kept his hands to his thighs, not moving his eyes off her as she slowly unipped his pants. once his hard cock sprung free she could finally see what he was feeling.

Lightly grabbing his dick, she almost expected him to move. When he didn’t a wave of wating to pleasure him shot through her like fire.

She began to stroke him up and down, her tongue licking the tip before she swirled it around the head of his dick. Taking it slowly in her mouth, she begn to soflty suck. That was when she could hear his low growl in response. She started to take more and moreof him, wanting to please him. The sounds he howled out only made her want to do more.

He still hadn’t moved. It took for her to pull complely out, blow cold air on his tip and shove himm completly back in for him to move.

Finally, Brett took his hands to her hair, causing her to smile, she began to bob her head up and down faster. As she began he pulled her hair tighter, tarting to fuck her mouth.

Y/n was stunned at first yet found it erotic as he moved in and out of her mouth. She relaxed her throat, letting him slip deeper, which only made him fuck her faster. As he let up for air, lightning hot through her body. Staring at him she began to lose control. That was the only start, And she burnedd in anticipation.

She eagerly took him back into her moth as he started to fuck it again. She felt his cock throbbing for release, and didn’t expect it when he pulled out of her mouth.

“Take off your clothes then get down on the floor on your hand and knees.” he told her harshly, yaking her hair before letting go.

Her reath was heavy as her chest fell up and down whilw he removed her cothes as quickly as she could. The heat and need between her legs was almost painful by the time she made it to the ground. Y/n faced away from him, doing as he asked by going to her hands and knees. Please, Hurry. She felt as if she was going to explode aiting for him to finally touch her.

She could feel him move behind her and when he went to his knees, it made it all the more torturouus.

Brett grabs her ass “ I have waited so fucking long to fuck you like this.” His hand ran up her back and pushed her head to the ground.

“Bite me.” She calls back with her ass sticking straight up.

“If you insist, DO no hold back your screams or moans anymore. i want to fucking hear you scream for me” he pressed his thick cock against her opening “ Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Y/n screamed out, without feeling any physical stiulation she felt as if she could orgasm right then and there.

“Good girl.” He cooed as his hand roughly slapped downn her ass.

“Fuck me. please!” She moaned, the words slip hou as he wiggles her hips hoping his dick would slip in.

His telling her ‘good girl’ drove her inane! He hadnt called her that in what feel like forever.

He gripped her hips, stilling her. “ If you ever run from me, risk your life, or do anything remotley stupid again, this strong feelng you have of me wantin to fuck you will be your punishment.”

Y/n screams out in pleasure as he slides his dick into her fast and har. “Do it again, and next time my dick will not slide into that tight, little pussy of yours. Do you understand?” Brett kept still and ddn’t move the slightst bit inside her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I-I-I understand.” She practically crys out.

“Good girl.”

His message was loud and clear, and exteremly tortorus as it is. That he stops and leaves.

“What the fucking shit Brett.” She calls out

“You have been through alot today, goodnight.” He calls Shutting the lights off

Fucking hell he just likes to leave a girl high and dry.

catyuy  asked:

Hey, would you mind sharing your theory on Ross's original plan in CA:CW?

Oh yea! Sorry I completely forgot. Since I forgot I’ll break my hiatus but after that I’m still out


*rolls over to her wall of newspaper clippings and red string*

*takes a deep breath*


That’s a whole lot of lead in to say that specifically, Ross waited until Tony stark was in his most emotionally compromised state to release the information about the Sokovia Accords to Tony. 

If you followed my blog at all you know that I’m not a TS fan like, at all. That said, his motives are pretty clear and predictable, to a point where anyone who has the wherewithal to try can pretty easily direct his actions. You know like Ross.

OK Crow we fucking get it. Tell us how it happened though?

Evidence Figure A: The Teleprompter

Any project/event manager worth their salt checks, double checks, triple checks, and quadruple checks the attendee list, especially when someone as high profile as Tony Stark & Pepper Potts, CEO of mother-fucking STARK INDUSTRIES is showing up to the shindig. 

There’s also this little thing called a contingency plan? If a homegrown convention with a big name actor showing up has a contingency in place should something happen, then one would assume that a fucking top-of-the-line school would have protocols for this, especially since Tony is definitely not the only or the biggest name-brand-celeb to show up at MIT. I just googled, Matt Damon was just there for commencement IRL. So like, this isn’t their first goddamn rodeo!

Lasty, it’s 2016. Teleprompters have had the ability to switch feeds midstream for YEARS. Literally every ‘this just in!’ update your local news personality does when live covering something is precisely what’s happening. The teleprompter is the information and the earpiece is the producer giving them any alternate queues. So, when Tony’s 45 minutes through his speech and immersing into his demo and it’s pretty fucking clear that the Big Pot has not entered the kitchem, maybe it’s time for some midstream reprompting?! 


So we have Tony Stark who’s in his patented Mental Self Flagellation Machine 4000 ™ and is already feeling down. While he’s trying to climb the endorphin high he gets from throwing money at people, the teleprompter shuts that right down.

Now we know Tony is feeling bad. He just wants to go curl up on his private jet and have FRIDAY play Adele while he stares at pictures of Pepper on his phone. And that would be nice-

Evidence Figure B: “I work for the State Department”  

So now Tony has been kicked twice in the nuts by his emotional anguish. He’s down and if we know anything about this dude is that he’s emotionally driven. You grab those heartstrings and you can pull him any which way. The grand orchestrator here (Ross) now has a good hold, but he’s going to lock it in. 

Enter your average ‘State Department’ admin. There’s no real answer as to which branch of the state department she’s in, or what she does or who she really works for. She could be in accounting, weapons acquisition, any number of deep-confidential branches (Spies have paperwork too), or Ross’ goddamn secretary. It doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s very strange that her lead in was a delineation of where she worked, as if it mattered. Taken out of context it’s as innocuous as saying ‘I work in real-estate’ or ‘I work in healthcare’. The story would have panned out either way. 

But no, she works for the state department. She probably has a work email that ends in She’s probably searchable in the inter-office directory, and potentially she’s got access to grief counseling and other psychiatric services provided through her workplace. 

Now we know that shit’s supposed to be confidential but I don’t think a man who’s going to make an extrajudicial underwater superhuman prison is a man with scruples about patient confidentiality. 

How easy would it be for Ross or one of his lackeys to approach this and other grieving workers until they find the one with a perfect hook to drag Tony by the nose?

How did your average State Department admin manage to find her way into an isolated walk path obviously made for personnel only, in a private building on a private campus with no one trying to stop her? 

Now, we know that college campuses unfortunately don’t have the best security in non-event situations. But Tony Stark well known trouble magnet and billionaire was showing up. Sure a police detail and private security can’t really do shit about another alien invasion but they can stop people from waiting around in isolated hallways for celebrities. (Why was he alone anyway? This is 100% against celebrity escort protocol. Beyonce doesn’t even go to the bathroom without a security detail, and for good fucking reason!)

How did she get down there? 

At just the right place and at just the right time to deliver a printed picture of her handsome, selfless, philanthropic, and dead-too-soon son to Tony Stark. 

Not to mention the very pointed speech.

Evidence Figure C: “I blame YOU Mr. Stark”

Well. Fuck.

Rule Number 1 of maintaining world peace, do NOT make Tony Stark feel guilty. 

What happened the last time Tony felt guilt?

Oh There ain’t no strings on me~

Whenever Tony feels even the slightest hint of guilt he essentially breaks out his screwdriver and tries to fix it all by himself in the world’s most expensive display of bad coping mechanisms ever witnessed.

Historically Pepper (AKA his lovely red headed chill button) was there and he was able to channel his angst into like, 87 new suits or something else constructive.

or like 8000 idfk

But Pepper’s gone, Nicky Fury (AKA the backup chill button) is MIA, and MCU Tony doesn’t actually listen to Rhodey.

Had there been no Sokovia Accords they probably would have to have fought a sentient protection robot that’s only goal was to lock all of humanity in a bubble where they couldn’t ever get hurt ever again or something. 

But… suspiciously… There was  a way for Tony to lift some of that guilt off his arc reactor. 

Evidence Figure D: “You have three days” 

Mother. fucker. I have a longer grace period on my goddamn rent than this. Did you see how thick that neat piece of legislation was? It would take a fast and legally genius reader at least a week or two to drag through that piece of work. 

This was extortion in it’s greatest effect, and they knew Tony would take the bait really easily once it was set up for him to see this as absolution for his guilt. 

Where were the Avengers’ lawyers? How the fuck did Tony run a business where no one read over his major contracts to assure that he wasn’t getting fucked over by a line in convoluted legalese? 

Steve at least cracks the thing open and gives it a glance, but three days isn’t long enough to review a ten page divorce agreement, let alone a 300 page document signing super-powered individuals under the jurisdiction of a singular but not unanimously agreed upon “ruling” body. (the UN doesn’t actually rule and is mainly a facilitator of multi lateral agreements and I could go on for days about the loopholes in that but I digress)

So general Ross chooses the day of (day after?, day before?) to present this document to Tony, giving him a very final due date with which to sign or be thrown in superhero prison. 

This document that is going to be ratified by the UN.

This document that somehow no one who is actually in close contact with superheroes has apparently heard of. 


Fucking FOREVER.

American children , remember this?:

It’s a long long way into the capitol city indeed

I just googled and the Average time for a bill to move through the legislative body in America last year was about 263 days. Now, that’s just America. This is the UN. 

That means that the same accords have to be written, revised, translated, documented, discussed, researched and presented to the 193 constituent countries of the UN with their myriad interests and legislative processes before coming to that one document. 

And Tony thinks they can just clean it up later? Of course he does.

Oh my god does he try. 

So far I’ve only been putting down the facts but not the motivations. 

What the actual fuCK Ross?

Well that’s simple really. Ross wants to run the world. He may not be HYDRA, he may not be a part of any organization (or maybe he’s the head of one). This man desires nothing more than power. After all, he’s a general in the goddamn US military. There’s not really anywhere else on earth you can get that level of a power high. The man knows where the nuclear codes are, for shit’s sake. 

That is, unless you’ve been clued in to powers that are stronger than nuclear stockpiles and trips to the moon. You’re clued in to men who can turn green and raze cities, that can bench press 2000 lbs and puppy eye the enemy to death, Sabrina the teenage witch,  an AI with a dubious color scheme who can shoot laser beams outta his noggin and like, some normal folks who can take a 3″ knife and a fucking Ford Fusion to a fight with terrorists and win

The real superhero of this operation

Fuck nuclear warheads. How easy would it be to control everything if you could just threaten to unleash the Hulk?

Ross has the money and the power to do it. But he’s just got to wait on the right conditions.

Or, like any self respecting hard working old fashioned American warmonger, he can make them his damn self. 

Tony Stark, the  billionaire playboy philanthropist and strictly technology based genius bank rolls the Avengers, providing them with food, housing, paychecks, and the ability to continue doing what they do under the private sector, after SHIELD/HYDRA was dissolved. Without Tony and the whole free-market ruling that makes the US government weak to corporations.

Boy oh boy is it a good thing that Tony Stark has an Atlas-complex big enough to heft a galaxy and is easily lead to bad decisions by his emotions. 

For Ross there was no way for it to go wrong. If they all signed then he’d have the full control of the Avengers through the UN. If any or some of them did not sign, then they go on a fucking all expenses paid Guantanamo-style torture Cruise already outfitted with anti superhero and anti magic technology… despite not having signed the accords and not having violated any other international laws.

Now remember this, Zemo-Bucky is not a main storyline on this. It’s a happy coincidence. The strife with the Accords would have probably occurred in a conference room instead of a goddamn Tesco-parking lot brawl. However, the consequences were exactly the same, even though by abstaining from signing, they would not have been violating any laws. 

You know how if you get a speeding ticket, you aren’t compelled by law to agree that you were speeding and sign it? You can contest it in court? Now this is not a particularly safe practice in our current climate, but that’s what the little print under the ticket says.  

But here Ross is stating that not signing is essentially a one-way ticket to Poseidon’s special hellhole.

What page of the Accords was that listed on?

Steve probably highlighted it. 

Sticky notes and highlighters weren’t invented till the ‘60′s ya know. Steve is probably as impressed with washi tape as I am. 

In summary

  1. Ross crafted the perfect conditions to take the entire fucking UN on an emotionally compromised piggy back ride in the wake of the fall of Sokovia in order to craft a legislative document and a zero-sum totalitarian punishment game.
  2. He then waited on Tony to be emotionally compromised and then took the seed of guilt that’s already planted in Tony and just twisted it in a little harder until the kingpin of the current Avengers operation was putty in his hands.
  3. And after all that happened, even a particularly competent terrorist’s personal vendetta only helped his goals and didn’t hinder them in the slightest. 

In this movie, Ross won. It wouldn’t have worked otherwise. Pepper would have called lawyers and Nick -it’s a stupid ass decision- Fury would have called bullshit before this ball could have even started rolling. 

Now as far as we know, Tony and assorted are under the jurisdiction of the accords, while Steve and his team are ostensibly international outlaws dependent on the benevolence of Wakanda and anyone else who can keep them from being sent back to fucking sea-jail (or space jail, seeing as they broke out of sea jail)

SO uh…




I am Spiderman -Tom Holland

A/N: I kind of got carried away, this is totally what my father did when I was little and asked him a question! FLUUUUUUFF and stuff


You were sitting on the couch, Toms arm wrapped around you and you were watching a movie. He placed a kiss on your temple every now and then and you went up and down his thigh with your fingertips.

“If you keep doing that we’ll have to take this into the bedroom, darling.”, he said into your ear his voice muffled because of your hair. You looked up woth a smirk to say something when you got interrupted.

“Mom? Dad!”

“Livingroom honey!”, you yelled back and a couple seconds later your ten yesr old daughter was standing infront of you. “I’ve got this homework. Could you help me out?”, she asked sitting down on the carpet and placing her exercise book on the coffeetable. “Of course. What is it?”, Tom asked and looked over her shoulder.

“So there are questions I have to answer and some of them are about my parents. So how did you guys meet?”, she asked and took her pen ready to write her sentence.

“Well.”, Tom started and you closed your mouth leaving him to tell her. “It was around the time where I started shooting spiderman…”

*** Flashback***

Friday - 6:55

Every morning started the same. Exact same time. You took your keys, shoulderd your bag and closed the door behind you, leaving your parents house. A black car drove down the street while you took off to the bus stop where you hopped on the bus 207. Your ride lasting 12 minutes, you were down town at 7:07. It took you about 15 minutes to walk to the café where you were working. So you walked into the Hots'n Buns at 7:22, making the bell above the door ring painfully loud. Right about then Mrs.Walker walked by you like every morning. She had grey puffy hair, was about 4"11 and had round glasses on her nose. “Morning me lady.”, you greeted her and tapped your imaginery hat and she smile back at you. “Right about time.”, she joked and you chuckled. “7:22. As always Mrs.Walker.”, you said walking past her into the kitchen. You entered the kitchen at 7:25 and took your cooking apron off the hook and put it on. “Hiya.”, Maddy greeted you while hanging her own apron back. “What’s up? Something new?”, you asked and she shrugged. “No newbies. Suit-Man two coffees. Perl-lady 5 buns. Mrs. Walker two Baguettes…”, she said and took a deep breath.

“And hoodie-boy two croissants and one large black coffee.”, you both said simultanously and grinned at each other.

“Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow.”, she said and I nodded.

“7:25 you know it!”, I yelled because she was already going out the door.

At exactly 7:30 you were standing at the counter ready to take in the orders. You were known by the staff and the customers for your punctuality. It was just a thing that you tried to keep up. For no exact reason but it was fun. Exactly 8 hours later you hung your apron back and took your stuff to get out of the Café.


You didn’t know if you got jinxed or something because the next morning you woke up late. Only 10 minutes but very important 10 minutes. Meaning: You’d be late. You didn’t get to have breakfast, you missed your bus and had to take 305 to get to town. It was already 7:17 when you got down town and it was 7:32 when the bell above the door rang. Was it more annoying this morning or was it just your nerves? You did not get to meet Mrs.Walker with her two baguettes and her genuine smile. Which was bad enough. So it was 7:35 when you entered the kitchen where Maddy was waiting with her hands on her hips. You shot her a glare and she threw her hands in the air.

“Don’t say nothin’”, you said obviously pissed off and she shook her head.

“You held it up for three years. That’s somthing.”, she said and you shot her another glare.

“I’m not sayin’ nothin’.”, she defended herself and added,“It’s only 10 minutes. Everybody comes 10 minutes late.”

“Not me.”, you growled and pushed the door open to the counter. You wrote Jessica that she could come 10 minutes later because you would stay in ten minutes longer. No one expected that from you but it was your punishment for yourself. Not that you needed it.

Because everything went wrong that day. Only because of 10 damn minutes. Three people complained about their coffee which you couldn’t understand. And then while making coffee for them again the coffee machine went off on you. It just did nothing. So no coffee for already annoyed customers. One woman didn’t pay enough. You saw it, she ran away, you had to pay the rest because you wanted to keep the job. Otherwise your manager would flip his shit. And last but not least: A tiny human being, also called child, decided to drop his cup right before you walked by their table and you slipped on his drink, landing directly in the puddle of ice-tea.

It was after 15:30. Normally you would be gone just now but not today. The lunch rush was over and it was quiet in the Café so you took your chance to repair the coffee machine. You didn’t know how long you worked on it but as soon as you made it work the bell rang. Your back was faced to the room so you didn’t know who came in. “Yes!”, you said triumphantly to yourself and threw your fist into the air. “Hello there. Same as always, please.”, you heared someone say to you with an english accent and you turned around to look at him. “Huh.”, you said and put your hands on your hips. There he was. A young man, probably as old as you, in a black hoodie. He had the kindest brown eyes you’ve had ever seen and it made you smile. “I-I’m sorry, what?”, you asked after he raised a brow and smiled back.

“Oh sorry. I thought you were Jessica!”, he said and shook his head apologetically. Why on earth did he know Jessica? No offense. “What?”, you asked again and facepalmed yourself in your mind for sounding so dumb. “Sorry, you must be new here. I’ve never seen you here before. I’ll have a Latté and a Brownie please.”, he ordered again and smiled but you didn’t think of moving and raised a brow at him.

“No I’m quite old. You probably come in here for the first time.”, you suggested and put the Brownie into a paperbag. “Actually I’ve been coming here for the last year everyday.”, he said with a grin.

“Name?”, you asked with a small grin on your lips as you took a cup and a pen to write his name.


“Well Tom. I’ve been working here for three years and I’ve never seen you around.”, you said while writing his name.

“What a shame.”, he teased you and you looked up immediatly to see him smirk.

“Which means you always came in too late. After I ended my shift.”, you said and put the cup into the coffee machine.

“Naaah. I’ve been coming in everyday exactly at 15:36. Punctuality thing of mine.”, he said and you looked at him over your shoulder. It hit you right then that you always missed this cutie for a year because you always left at exactly 15:30. Everyday.

“Well it’s your lucky day then. Cause I came in late today and thus I had to work longer.”, you explained and took the coffee off the machine. “You’re welcome.”, I smiled at him putting the coffee down on the counter. “Thank you.”, he chuckled and took the coffee into his other hand. He looked at you for a longer time and then shook his head lightly still smiling.

“Alright. I gotta go.”, he said and you nodded. “Off you go.”, you said and smiled back. “See ya.”, he said and turned his back on you and walked towards the door. “If you come in earlier, maybe.”, you called after him and you were sure that you heared him laugh. You checked the time when he went out the door. 15:40. That was your call. You went into the kitchen and changed shifts with Jessica who came in earlier. “Did you see Tom? What a babe am I right? I’ve been trying to get his number for a year now. Do you think he noticed?”, she asked you while you were hanging your apron back on the hook. “We’ve had a chat. But not about you, sorry.”, you said and shrugged. While you walked out of the kitchen with your normal clothes on, Jessica walked to the counter. Right about then you bumped into a chest because you were checking your phone.

“Sorry.”, you both apologized at the same time. Realising the voice your head shot up and you looked into those beutiful brown eyes. “Hey.”, he smiled.


“What are you doing here? Problem with the coffee? People been complaining all day. Thought I fixed the darn thing.”, you said and looked at his cup of coffee.

“No! No. I just…forgot the sugar. And, you know…”, he said and I shook my head.

“I actually don’t know. Are we out of sugar? Are you gonna complain about that? Look man,my shift is over. You can give your compl…”, you started but he cut you off.

“No! No complaint. Jesus. What happened today?”, he laughed and you huffed in relieve. “A lot.”, you chuckled.

“So I actually came back cause…I felt dumb. For not asking for your name.”, he said insecurely and you laughed out loud. He looked taken aback for a sec and you gathered yourself together immediatly.

“You came back for that?”

“Yeah?”, he said now unsure.

“Why don’t you call the number I wrote on the cup, Sugar.”, you said and pointed at his cup. “Wha-…ohmygod.”, he blurted out and sighed. His cheeks blushed and I chuckled. You looked down and saw just then his weird looking red boots. “Hey! What’s up with those?”, you asked and pointed at his feet. His head shot up immediatly and he looked horrofied. “I gotta go! Sorry, I’ll call to ask for your name!”, he called while running out of the café.

“Y/N!”, you yelled after him, not reslly sure if he heared it or not.


“So…you guys met in a café?”, your daughter said after Tom finished his detailled story and his mouth dropped which made you laugh. “Yes sweetie.”, you answered for him and watched how she wrote down ‘They met in s café’.

“Isn’t that a little minimalist of you to…”, Tom started with an offended look on his face but you cut him off.

“You’re doing great Rose. Anything else?”, you chuckled but she shook her head, so her brown locks bounced up and down. “Go finish your homework then. We’ll go out for dinner later.”, you told her and she got excited.

“Can we get McDonalds?!”, she exclaimed and raised her hands. “It’s Daddys turn to decide.”, you said and looked over to Tom who was still shocked. “And…he will tell you after you finish your homework.”, you added after seeing that he wouldn’t answer. She took off with her book and you shook your head still laughing.

“We met in café…We met in a CAFÉ?”, he sighed after she was gone and you let yourself fall onto your back and held your belly laughing. “That’s what she got? I’m gonna have to have a talk with her.”, he said and you playfully hit his shoulder. “Shut up!”, you said and he looked at you. “What are you laughing at?”, he said with raised brows.

“She asked you how we met. Not our whole dating life.”, you teased him and sat back up. “I didn’t tell her about what we did at our second date.”, he teased you back and you raised a brow. “I can’t quite recall that?”

“I’ll show you, Sugar.”, he said and leaned in to kiss you. You placed your hands on his neck and pulled him closer. He put his hands on your waist and let his fingers gently slide under your shirt.

“I’m done! Ew gross!” The voice of your daughter made you jump apart. You looked at eachother in disbelief and Tom broke the silence. “Daddy wanted to show you what Mommy and…”, he started but you muffled his voice by pressing your hand on his mouth. “Tom!”, you said in disbelief and looked up at your daughter. “Go get your coat Rose. We’ll be there in a sec.”, you told her and she took off again.

“You’re unbelievable.”, you said and took your hand off his mouth.

“I am Spiderman.”, he smirked.

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Measuring Tape (M)

Request- Hello! I am one of those silent followers hehe.. I would be really happy if you could write about you being BTS’s fashion designer and Tae being the Gucci king he is, would be fascinated by your job and get closer to you… 

This scenario contains sexual and mature themes, you have been warned! 

Sorry this took me so long sweetie, I’m such a little shit. Thank you so much for requesting. 


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When people asked you about your job, you always said you loved it. Which was the truth. You were head designer for BTS for the last four years, you really did love your job, and you loved the people you work with. Over the years you become close to all the boys, but one of them in particular. 

“Taehyung.” You called from the fitting room. You were measuring all the boys for the comeback outfits. You were writing down Namjoon’s measurements, the last one you took, you didn’t even notice Taehyung come in. Coming up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You jump in his hold. “Jesus, Taehyung don’t do that!” 

“Sorry. You smell so good, Y/N.” Taehyung always knew how to make you blush. He nuzzled his nose into your neck. You had to admit you loved when Taehyung was touchy with you. 

“Stop distracting me! I need to get you measured and try some of my ideas out on you.” You huff out, breaking his hold on you. You take out the measuring tape. 

“I like that I distract you.” Taehyung mumbled under his breath, taking off his jacket, but you still caught it. You chose to ignore it, walking over to him. He start to measure his arms, his waist, then his shoulders. 

You couldn’t not notice how buff Taehyung was getting. His shoulders broadened out to twice the size they were, since their debut. You finished up measuring him, you had caught feelings for Taehyung. He was always interested in your work. He was always supportive of your ideas and designs telling you not to shy away, to be bigger and bolder. He definitely upped your confidence over the years. 

“Okay, so we’re doe here. But I have an outfit I’ve been working on. It’s not for the comeback or anything, I was just wondering if you could try it out for me. I think it will fir you well.” You were a little scared he’d find it weird and not want to wear it. You nervously played with your fingers. 

“Y/N, I’d be honoured to wear anything you created.” Taehyung smiled brightly down at you. You let out a little sigh of relief. You walked over to the rack of clothes, pulling the outfit out. 

“Thank you, Tae.” You smiled shyly, handing him the clothes. You expected for Taehyung to wait for you to leave, but he started to strip right in front you. You tried to get out as fast as you could, that boy was trying to make you flustered, with little to no effort. It was rather easy for him to make you fluster, only him though. 

You anxiously wanted outside the fitting room, for Taehyung to put the clothes on. You paced back and forth, this was going to be your own line of clothes. This wasn’t a concept you had to follow for Bangtan. 

“You can come in now.” Taehyung shouted through the fitting room door. You turned the handle, taking a deep breath to calm your self down a little. You walked in, Taehyung was looking at himself in the mirror. The clothes fitted his lean figure perfectly. 

“Turn for me.” He obeys, turning about to you. You begin to adjust the jacket on his body, pulling it to sit on his shoulders properly. You sigh in content, looking up to his Taehyung staring at you intently. 

“What?” You question, your hands still on his chest. 

“I.. I just love when you smile like that… I really love this outfit Y/N. Y’know I’d love to see more of your designs, stop hiding them from me.” Taehyung frowns down at you. You giggle a little. 

“We’ll see. Well you’re free to go back to whatever you were doing. Sorry for holding you up.” You smile sweetly. 

“You weren’t holding me up, I love this. Thank you for letting me try it on-” 

“It’s yours, Tae. I made it for you.” Taehyung came closer, but you cut him off. “I have to go get some fabric before the shop closes. I’ll be calling you soon for your fitting,” You give Taehyung one last smile before leaving your little studio. 

You were spending another late night at your studio, sewing the boys concept outfits together. You were nearly down with their MV outfits, sewing up a jacket for Seokjin. You had music blaring through your speakers, singing along to spice girls, you were in your happy place. 

“I didn’t know you were a spice girl fan.” You’re head whips around to Taehyung smirking at you in your door way. “Mind if I come in?” 

“Not at all, come in.” You smile waving him over. He walks over like hes on a Gucci catwalk, he sets a bag down on your table. “Ohh, what did you bring.” You stand up walking over to sit beside Taehyung. You only know realised you hadn’t eaten his lunch today, it was now past midnight. 

“I just got some takeout from the noddle bar down the street. I thought you’d be hungry.” He smiles back at you, taking a container out of the bag, handing you it along with some chopsticks. 

“Ugh, I am. I’m starving, you’re a life saver Taehyung.” You squeeze his fore arm, before diving into your food. You can’t help but notice Taehyungs eyes never leaving your figure, it made you blush, His strong gaze taking over mind. 

“It’s also a thank you, for a few weeks ago. I really appreciate the clothes, I love them. They’re just my style.” Taehyung winks at you. You avert your gaze from his winking face, so you wouldn’t choke on your food. 

You and Taehyung finish off your meals making small conversation about the up coming comeback. You lean back in your chair yawning, stretching a little, sitting up again to look at Taehyung. His hair fell perfectly on his face, his skin was so soft looking. You just wanted to kiss his cheeks.. his neck.. his collarbones. 

“Can I see what your working on?” Taehyung breaks the silence. You stand up walking over to your sewing machine. 

“Sure, it’s a jacket for Seokjin-” 

“No, not what you’re working on for us. I want to see what your working on, for your own line.” Taehyung speaks softly in his deep voice, it was very comforting for you. 

“Mhmm, I dunno..” You hesitate. 

“Please.” Taehyung pleads, his soft brown eyes melting you. You agree, You pull out your sketch pad, walking back over to your desk to sit beside Taehyung again. 

“They’re just sketches I’m playing with, so I dunno. They’re not really all that good.” You scratch your head nervously, as Taehyung flicks through your sketches. You couldn’t read his expression of rather he liked it or not. His eyebrows knit together, as he turns to look at you. 

“Y/N… These are amazing oh my god! There’s so many things I want in here. You’re so talented, you know that right. wow.. When you put on a fashion show I better be a model.” Taehyung blurts out chuckling. 

“Thank you, Tae.” You giggle. “Of course, you’ll be my main model, wouldn’t have anyone else.” You giggle. 

“You better not.” You just now realised how close you and Taehyung were an inch away from your noses touching. 

“I.. I better get back to work.” You pull away. 

Over the next few weeks you try your best to avoid Taehyung. It wasn’t because you didn’t like him, more like the opposite. You really like him.. more then a friend. You were afraid someone would notice and say something, you couldn’t have that. 

So you distanced yourself and spent your time working in your studio. Lucky for you Taehyung was always at practice, getting ready for their comeback. But you couldn’t avoid him for much longer, you needed to get him fitted in his comeback outfit. 

You took a deep breath, texting him to let him know you were going to be in your studio all day, he could pop in whenever. It wasn’y five minutes since you sent the text and Taehyung was busting through your studio door. 

“Ohh, you’re here quick.. You know I’m here all day, you can come back if you were busy.” You avert your gaze to the stack of fabric testers. 

“I was free. I’m free all day, so shall we start.” He noticed you not looking at him, keeping to your self. Just like you had the last few weeks, it hurt him to see you distancing yourself from him. 

“Everything already in the fitting room, call me in when you’re dressed.” You gesture in the direction of the fitting room, leaving him to it. 

“Y/N, I’m ready.” Taehyung calls after a few minutes. You enter the small room, taking in his appearance, your eyes scanning over his clothes. 

“Thank god, they fit perfectly.” You sigh in relief, walking closer to him, your hands smoothing over his torso, fixing his blazer. “By the way, this colours good on you.” You say without even noticing. Taehyung grabs your hands, slamming your back against the wall of the fitting room. His eyes, glaring into yours. 

“Why have you been avoiding me?” He asks, his voice a little harsher then it was a few moments ago. You look up to his face in shook, his body was flush against yours. You were finding it hard not to moan out. 

“I-I wasn’t-” 

“Stop the bullshit Y/N. You have and you know it.” He holds both your hands over your head with one of his hands. His other arm circles around your waist, bringing you chest to chest with him. “Or, is it because I make you nervous? huh? Do you think about me in this way? Do you want my lips on yours, as I grind my hips into your? I’ve thought of you like that, so many times.” Taehyung confesses, grinding his hips into yours. 

“I have.” You whisper out, Taehyungs hot breath was making your skin itch with want. You wanted him so badly, right now. 

“Mhm, baby what do you want me to do?” He smirks, starting to kiss you roughly. His lips moving against yours in a passionate kiss, claiming his mouth as his, slipping his tongue into your mouth, through your parted lips. 

“Taehyung, I want you.” You breath out against his lips. You can feel Taehyung smirking against them. 

“That’s all I ever wanted to hear.” Taehyung moves back from you, turning around to strip himself of his clothes, leaving him completely bare in front of you. His skin was beautiful, it was like a blank canvas you wanted to mark with hickeys and your nails. He was so much buffer then he looked with clothes on. 

“I didn’t want to ruin your work, but I will ruin your clothes.” Taehyung takes quite strides back to your his lips attacking yours again, in a hungry kiss. His hands com up to your chest, ripping open your blouse, buttons flying around the room. 

He slips the material down your arms letting it fall to the floor, he kisses down your neck, sucking and licking at the sensitive skin. His hands moving behind your to remove your bra. His mouth moves further down, planting soft kisses on your breasts. 

You can’t help the moan after moan that slips past your lips, you loved how his hands touched you, your body melting under his soft kisses and possessive gropes with his hands over your body. You loved it. 

“I’m going to make you feel so good, baby.” Taehyung trails his kisses down your stomach, until he hits the top of your jeans. He unbuttons your jeans pulling them slowly over the curve of your ass. “You’re not wearing panties.” Taehyung looks up at you.

“Ohh, I haven’t really hand time to wash my clothes, I’ve to busy with the comeback.” You blush, embarrassed. Taehyung kisses your mound. 

“I think it’s really hot. I just wish I knew sooner.” He pulls your jeans down the rest of the way, helping your step out of them. He kisses your bare thighs, teasing you. 

“Taehyung please.” You whine out. Taehyung stopped teasing you, throwing one of your legs over his shoulder, so he could eat your pussy. He starts to lick up and down your pussy, his tongue circling your centre. 

“You taste so good, baby. I could eat you out forever.” His tongue was working wonders, your hands was holding on to his shoulders to balance you. You were seeing stars, the longer he licked at your pussy. 

“Fuck, Taehyung t-that’s amazing.” You moaned out, your nails digging into his broad shoulder blades. Taehyung pulls back from your pussy, putting your leg down, your juices on his lips. 

“I need to fuck you, my balls are about to explode.” Taehyung hands smooth down to your back, down to your ass, gripping it firmly, hoisting your up around his hips. Your legs wrap around his hips, your slick pussy grinding against his hard dick. 

“Taehyung, I need you.. please.” Taehyung lines his dick at your entrance, his tip pushing in slowly. You were taking inch by inch, till he was fully in. His head rested against your shoulder. 

“Fuck, how are you so tight?” He moaned out. 

“Please move.” You gasped out. Taehyung pulled his head back to kiss your lips one last time, before slamming his hips up into your. He was fucking your hard up against the wall. Your back slammed against it every time he trust into you. 

“You feel so good around me, your pussy taking me so well.” Taehyung grunted into your ear, kissing your neck softly, it was nothing like how he was fucking you. He was fucking you with force, passion, lust. 

“ Taehyung, please don’t s-stop.” You pant out, his dick was hitting the right spot, over and over again. You were a moaning mess for Taehyung, your hands clung to his back wanting to keep him close. 

“Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my dick.” Taehyung grunts in your ear. Your orgasm washes over you, Taehyungs hips snapping harder into yours. 

“Yes Taehyung, oh god.” You scream out in satisfaction. Your head was lolled back in pleasure, Taehyung kept slamming his hips into yours, chasing his high. Spilling his seed into you, trusting a few more times, before stopping. 

Your back was against the cold wall. Taehyung had his arms wrapped around you tightly, his head in the crock of your neck. His breathing uneven, panting, just like you. You ran your finger through his sweaty hair. 

“I’ve wanted to do that do so long, baby.” Taehyung chuckles against you. 

“Me too.” 

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Unstoppable (4)

Genre: Romance, Angst, (future smut)

Length: 1,2k

Characters: Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun, OC

Part: 4/?

Summary: “When you felt your world tear apart, prince charming came to your rescue”

The guy you thought you would never ever see in your life again was right in front of you. 

He was wearing a button up shirt that had small flower patterns around it without leaving a space clear, it was divided into three different colors the first color was light blue, in the middle it had a white stripe and the end was black, along with some tight black jeans.You recalled that he was wearing a similar shirt yesterday, maybe he was into a summer style. His shirt had the first two buttons open letting you see part of his colorful tattoos making you wonder how many more he had under his clothes. You didn’t noticed it yesterday because of your drunkenness but now you were fully aware of those details.  

“Take a picture doll it’ll last longer” he chuckled lightly giving you smile causing his eyes to look smaller. 

A small blush crept to your cheeks since he caught you red handed checking him out, but you quickly recovered, you got up off the ground and approached him, stopping in front of him in a considerable distance. “Are you following me?!” You exclaimed ignoring his previous words, furrowing your brows at him and crossing your arms over your chest. 

“No i actually…”

Yixing turned his gaze at both of you in curiosity, completely forgetting about cleaning the shelves “Oh you finally came for your dog, Sehun” and left to untie the dog.

You looked at the dog and then back at him, the dog was so cute and fluffy, you imagined the owner would be someone soft and friendly… not him who was totally the opposite. He didn’t have the aspect of someone who would have the time to own a dog.

“Now i know why the stupid name” you murmured. 

“What?” He got to listen what you said and raised his eyebrows at you. 

“What kind of person names his male dog with a girl name?” You rolled your eyes snorting humorously. 

“What kind of person decides to get drunk publicly?” Your smile fell and he chuckled.

“Here is your dog Sehun, he’s really a playful one” Yixing smiled at him clearly not hearing your words from earlier he has always been a clueless person, giving him the dog leash that was holding the dog. “By the way how do you know Y/N? For what i know she only has one friend” just great, he was now going to add ‘loner’ to the list of things he knew from you joining it with drunk and abandoned.

He smirked towards you “Oh actually the way we met is quite interesting i found her comple…mph” You fastly covered his mouth with your hands before he could finish, if Yixing found out about yesterday you were going to be literally dead, he really didn’t tolerate those kind of actions.

You let go of his mouth slowly realizing it would look weird to Yixing “Oh, you had something in your mouth” You laughed nervously, and turned to look at a curious Yixing waiting an answer “W-we met at a concert, right Sehun?” you pushed his shoulder in a playful manner hoping he would go along with the lie. 

“Yeah we met at a concert” You sighed in relief thanking him internally “We actually got pretty close before the concert” He added, you noticing the suggestive tone slip from his tongue “We are really close friends, right?” he pulled you towards him hugging you from the side, his grip tight around your hip. You widened your eyes in surprise but composed fastly before Yixing could start to doubt. 

“Yes we are!” You put a hand around his shoulders or at least attempted since he really had wide shoulders so you just placed it at only one of his shoulders. 

“I’m glad to know that she’s starting to get more friends” Yixing smiled sincerely.

“Well i’m happy, i got to see you Sehun” you said sarcastically “But you got to get going right?” You raised your brows at him waiting for his answer.

He looked back at you and gave you a side smile “Actually i’m not in a rush i can stay a little longer” 


“Hey Y/N i know it’s a lot to ask for but can you go buy dog food? It’s almost over” 

“But i can’t drive and the store is really far from here”

“I can take herhe said at Yixing, giving him a full smile. 

Double asshole.

“If you even offered yourself to bring me at least help me” you said angrily to him since you were holding a too heavy sack of dog food painfully and slowly dragging your feet towards his car. He looked at you and shrugged getting ahead to his car.

You opened your mouth to complain about his rude behaviour, but that’s when you felt your world stop.

There he was getting out of his car and quickly going to the other side to open the door for someone else, a female, of course it had to be her

Your heart clenched at the sight, he grabbed her hand softly helping her out of the car she giving him affectionate look and smiling at him in return, she was beautiful, she had such perfect features her skin was almost like porcelain, tall and a slim body she looked almost as if she was a model, besides her you felt like nothing. 

You let the sack of dog food hit the ground occasioning the sack to break and let the croquettes scatter over the floor. People turned to look at your sudden action, including them. 

Their attention now completely on you, Jongin gulped looking at you in pity not knowing what to do on the other hand she looked at you fiercely almost in a threatening way.

Once the first tear broke free, the rest followed quickly one by one.

Sehun looked at you and saw the scene of you dropping the sack, noticing you were crying but no because of him, your eyes weren’t on him anymore. He turned to see at what were you were staring or rather whom, and that’s when it all fitted. 

You felt your heart hurt screaming in agony, you couldn’t bare seeing them anymore but your gaze was fixed at them as glue, you were in shock, your lips and body started to tremble, you were already taking hard breaths, you were destroyed. 

You suddenly got pulled from them and your empty eyes were now meeting his intense ones. His arms around your waist holding you strongly in place.

“I already told you he isn’t worth it, beautiful” and kissed you for the second time, this kiss was so different from the first one, it was slow and full of emotions, it felt comforting in ways that words couldn’t explain, his thumb caressing your cheek delicately wiping your heavy tears. 

In an instant he could be the world’s biggest asshole and then become into your prince charming to the rescue.

playing with fire.
  • pairing: eisuke ichinomiya x MC.
  • rating: mature.
  • word count: ~2500.
  • content notice: oral, unprotected & kinda public sex?? i mean they’re in the bathroom & the door is locked but still…
  • a/n: mc teases eisuke while they’re out to dinner with the other bidders, & gets appropriately ~~punished~~ *waggles eyebrows*. requests are still open btw!

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Reaction to You Being Harassed by Emotionally Abusive EX. . .


Anonymous said: Oh my gosh, I am so in love with your blog, I turned the notifications on and I’ve read everything you have. You’re so good at capturing people’s personalities aaaah. I’m excited, sorry~! Could I please request a EXO (ot12) react to you being harassed by an emotionally abusive ex boyfriend? Currently going through that and it’d be super comforting <3

Reaction to You Being Harassed by Emotionally Abusive EX…

A/N first off, thank you so much for the sweet comments,,,it always makes my day to get feedback. second, i’m so sorry for hearing you have to go through this,,no one should,,but i hope my writing in some way can help and comfort you. Sending love ~~~


He would be your rock, comfort, protector and provider. When you’re in times of need, he always makes sure to be there. So when you tell him you’re being harassed by your emotionally abusive ex, he’s getting in touch with the best lawyers and making sure that you have all the back up you need so that your ex doesn’t even get the chance to get near you. However, when it’s just the two of you he softens up from the ‘all-business-Suho’ that was making calls to lawyers and is now the comforting boyfriend. He offers kisses, smiles, hugs and sweet words to sooth your nerves. He’s open to anything; if you want to talk about your past, he’s all ears, if you want to talk about your future, he’s more than glad to argue over the color of your future home together. He would just want to make sure you feel loved and supported, and sometimes his tactics in doing so might seem a little extreme or a little too much, but he’s just doing that out of love and his natural instinct to protect you.

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He honestly wouldn’t really know what to do. Kyungsoo would know that he should be there and support you, this is the time you need his love the most, and he would be giving you that, but in terms of how to deal with the legal issues, how to handle your EX when you two run into him on the street or when you get text messages of calls from him – this would be what Kyungsoo doesn’t know how to deal with. He would try his hardest though, sometimes if you’re in the shower and you left your phone on the bedside table and Kyungsoo sees that you got a message from your EX, he’d delete it for you, knowing that seeing that message would set you off again. Kyungsoo would silently be protecting you. Though in terms of showing you his love, he’s got it set. He’s making you food 100% of the time he’s with you, no more take-out, he’s not as harsh as he would be with his teasing anymore as well. He would also like you to tell him whenever you’re going out as well as when you get back home just to be sure you’re safe. Though he wouldn’t really think the idea of you going out alone would be a good idea at all, but he wouldn’t be one to take your freedom away. At night, Kyungsoo would speak to you until you fell asleep, wanting to make sure that you get enough rest before he does, and once your eyes are shut, he plants a gentle kiss on your nose, wanting to physically show you his love for you.

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Chanyeol would make a huge fuss about this. He’d be so distraught about the idea that you had to go through a relationship like that – how could someone treat you like that?? – but also that you now have to go through it again with your EX. Chanyeol would want to have a ‘conversation’ with your EX to be honest. He’d want to protect you and make it so you don’t have to associate with your EX at all anymore, he’d be willing to handle everything; communication, receive the harassment for you, all legal issues – just for you, if you asked. Whenever he’s away, whether on tour or just practice, he’d check in with you whenever he got a break, asking for any updates and how you’re feeling. He’d also express strongly, his disapproval of you going out by yourself. He’d whine to you every time you say you need to go out, but in the end, if you really needed to, he’d allow you to go, but you need to text him or call every half hour to tell him you’re okay and that nothing has happened.

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He’d respond in a similar way to Suho, wanting to take care of the legal issues and make sure that your EX is handled in the proper manner so that he would pay for what he’s done and put you through, but also so something like this doesn’t happen again. He’d be great at making sure that he’s both caring for you and giving you the love and support you need. He’d try to do fun things with you to distract you from the stress, not wanting you to be exposed to negativity. He’d also end up leaving you sweet messages over text at random moments throughout the day, things like, ‘I saw a puppy today outside and it’s cute face reminded me of you.’ or ‘Eat well today, make sure to take care of yourself!’ Just because he wants you to constantly remember he loves you so much despite how difficult things may get.

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At a complete loss of what to do. He doesn’t know how he should go about dealing with your EX, nor does he know what you would want from him. Therefore, his go-to would be to become more affectionate around you, possibly putting in more effort to make you laugh. He would become more watchful with how you seem throughout the day, if you seem more quiet, he’d offer more hugs and playful kisses on the cheeks and forehead. If you seem down, he’d offer to sing you to bed tonight, making you look forward to something instead of allowing you to focus on the negative. He’d be okay with you going out alone though, knowing you’re old enough to care for yourself and he trusts that if something were to happen, you would call him as well. His overall goal is to just show you that he will always be there by your side through thick and thin.

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Jongdae would approach this in a very mature and calm collected manner. He wouldn’t want to stress you out by him freaking out and he also knows that the best way to handle these situations is to not freak out, and instead think first then act. He would allow you to handle all the legal issues while he simply tries to keep the rest of your life simple and as normal as it will be until the situation with your EX is over. He’d try to keep things the way they were before, meaning he’s not going to stop teasing you, he’s going to continue trolling you and he also wont treat you like a victim, but instead the girl he loves and knows is strong. He’d of course check in with you on his breaks at practice more than he normally would, he’s not insensitive after all, and he might sometimes sneak in a secret kiss on your forehead while you’re napping or when you fall asleep at night. But overall, your relationship and his mannerism towards you wouldn’t change.

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He’s serious and all business. He doesn’t like that someone who treated you horribly wouldn’t let you move on with your life. Kai would constantly be checking in with you, also telling you every morning before you leave, that if something happens, to call him, and he’s not letting you out of the door until you promise him with a kiss. He wouldn’t like the idea of you leaving or going out by yourself either, he hardly likes the idea of you being out with your girlfriends either, but like, he reasons that at least you aren’t alone. However, whenever you’re out by yourself, he’s worried non-stop, can’t sit still until you’re safely home. Kai would also try his hardest to spend more time with you, wanting, like Yixing, to distract you from the stress of dealing with your EX. Though occasionally Kai might come off as distant or cold as he would be stressed over worrying about you and wondering if you are as alright as you say you are, or if you’re just lying to him to make him not worry. Though don’t take this personally as it would just be due to his devotion and need to protect you.

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You’re important to him, and although most of the time he’s a goofball, when it comes to your safety and comfort, he doesn’t take things lightly. If someone decides to mess with you, they’re messing with Baekhyun and he’s no longer the fun-and-games-Byunnie we know. He’d suddenly put all his needs to the side and tend to yours 24/7. Baekhyun would feel like he needs to compete against your EX to make you happy as your EX seems to be making you more and more miserable. You would notice that Baekhyun seems to be more tired recently, but he would dodge all questions you ask him and would end up distracting you with his smile and silly antics. Though if you wanted to go out by yourself, you would need to out up a really good fight and give really good reasons as to why you need to go out. He hates the thought of something happening to you when he’s not around if he could have stopped it from happening in the first place. He would suddenly become your rock, doing things for you, caring for you, listening to your worries and fears. He’s now a mature Baekhyun who will not rest until you’re safe again.

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Infuriated is the only word that could describe Luhan when he hears that your emotionally abusive EX is now harassing you. Luhan will use his connections to make sure that you are protected and supported by the best. He’ll be grumpy a lot of time because he’s worrying so much about you, but in no way is his frustration or anger aimed towards you. However, once in the comfort and privacy of your home, Luhan softens up and ends up spilling all his worries and fears to you about how he doesn’t want to lose you, how he hates that you’re in danger and have to go through this trauma again. However, after every heart-to-heart you and Luhan share, he is placing kisses all over your face promising how he’ll continue to protect you and be there for you whenever you need him. He’s also apologizing about how he complains to you and dumps all his worries onto you, because he doesn’t want to stress you with his own worries, but he appreciates that you listen more than you know.

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Can honestly not believe that your EX is putting you through this. Though he believes that he should let you handle it, but if you need him, he’s right there for you. He would put a lot of effort into trying to distract you from the stress that your EX is bringing you. He would like to take you on walks or hiking, something physical that would get your blood moving and your mind off of your EX. Tao would also trash talk your EX with you like there’s no tomorrow, wanting to make something out of this situation positive. 

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He tries to be helpful, but honestly he’s not sure what he should do. He wants to be there for you, show you that even though your EX is hurting you, you still have Sehun on your side, but he doesn’t know how to show that without coming off as over protective of emotional. He’d eventually go with the silent support, kind of like Kyungsoo. He’d be there if you want to talk, need to cry of need a hug, but if you don’t express to him that you need any of those, he’s going to act normal – or as normal as he can be in this kind of situation. Though deep in side of him, he’s angry that your EX is doing this to you, and he speaks his frustration and worries to his Hyungs to get it off his chest. However, around you he seems fine. You would notice that out in public though, Sehun seems to be more touchy with you, holding hands more, arms around you more, and even his eyes on you more, this would be something he does unconsciously, but out of his need to protect you.

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Again, Kris would be one that responds in a mature and calm manner, he’s smart and knows that the bigger the reaction you two have towards your EX, the worse he’s going to get. Because Kris responds in a mature way and his natural dominant personality, it would be like he’s leading you through how to handle this. He calms you down when you’re upset, he talks to you and listens to your worries, he tries to distract you from your EX, he stops you from reacting strongly when you’re upset. He’s always there for you when you need it, even when he’s away on tour, he’s willing to lose sleep to talk to you over the phone until you fall asleep. He would allow you to go out on your own, but ever time, before you walk out the door, Kris goes over things you should keep an eye out for, what you should do if you are to run into your EX etc. Though Kris would always soften up when you two are spending alone time together, wanting stop your EX from possibly having an impact on your relationship.

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BTS reaction : finding you sleeping in their bed

 (situation: dating for 2 weeks only )


First, he would appreciate you. He would sit next to you and just stare. But then… we would probably paint all over your face and take a lot of photos. 

He would not believe that you’re really sleeping.
So he decide to check if you are sleeping for real, but gets to close …. (shy shy mochi) He can’t resist but laugh realising how beautiful u are and how lucky he is to have u.

he is incredibly loud, but not this time. He smiles brightly has always and lies next you, bringing you into his arms reaaaaally slowly, putting it’s best effort not to wake you up.

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He sits on the floor next to you and smiles (like an idiot because he is so fucking in love with u) but suddenly you open your eyes and he gets shy not knowing what to say or what to do.
You : What?
Suga: N…Nothing, don’t get me wrong I was just checking if you where alive… 

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He would not find you just cute but sexy asf. The ideia of you sleeping in his bed made him think about something else… He tries to control and stop thinking about it. For now he simply lies on the bed with you but if for some reason you wake up he will sugest something more. 


(First,he would be shocked, then he would start laughing like he always does).
He sees here the perfect opportunity for a surprise. He would prepare a romantic dinner with all your favorite dishes.

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He would feel complely lost. He would not know what to do, he would be divided in : pretending that nothing is happening and go to the kitchen break some stuff to wake you up or do what he really wants …. keep staring at you.
(he can’t take the eyes off you no matter how hard he tries)

Come From Across the Sea [Lafayette x Reader]


Word count: 1822

Warnings:  Brief mention of injuries, 

A/N: Hey hey! I’m so sorry this took so long but um…Here it is! I did change the reason Laf gets freaked (because I couldn’t figure out how to make an invasion work I’m so so so sorry) and it’s not as angsty as I would have hoped but I hope you still like it!

Tags: @butlinislin @devil-lafayette

Lafayette had been in America for almost a full year, and the only contact he had with you was an occasional letter. It was becoming harder and harder to keep in contact, and the stress of not knowing how you were was beginning to wear on the Frenchman. He’d lay awake for days at a time, simply worrying and wondering how you were doing. He knew it had been his decision to come to America without you, and more specifically without telling you, but now he was beginning to regret his decision.

Whenever a letter from you arrived, he would drop everything if able to be able to read it. This is how he learned of the birth of his daughter, of her subsequent sickness and near miraculous recovery. You were constantly assuring him that all was well, that he needn’t worry about anything but returning home safely, but he couldn’t help it. He knew the neighbors would help take care of you, but he still kicked himself every day for his decision to leave you behind.

After the war, once it was safe for you to travel over, he would get you on the first ship to America. He reminded himself of his vow every day, and used it as motivation whenever his spirits were low and it felt like things were crumbling around him. Do it for Y/N, do it so that his family could cross the seas and arrive in a safe country.

On one of the few days that personal letters arrived in camp and were distributed, a young man approached Lafayette with a smile.

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nohurrytoshout  asked:

Ok holy shit the thing you did for tsukki is amazing and PLEASE DO MORE ABOUT IT!! TENDOU! KUROO? BOKUTO?! TERU?? OIKS!! I DONT CARE!! you are A ma Zi n G ! ! , you can pick one or do it all but separately (which BTW will be so much battah)

Tendou Soulmate AU!!!!
(P.S, every scar, bruise or bump you receive also shows up on your soulmate’s body)
((P.S.S. this is shameless self indulgence whoops))

Ever since he could remember, his ankles were always bruised.

The idea of soulmates scared him, especially how nature put them into action. Sometimes, it was comforting, watching a new, purple spot form on his knee cast upon by an unknown force. It meant the person who was tied to him, whoever she may be, was alive, and human, and making human mistakes, and for some odd reason, the bruises she gave him brought him a certain fondness. On the other hand, it was horrifying. Everytime he received a ball, blocked one of Ushijima’s finger splitting spikes, all the beatings he received as a child, by his own hand and not, all the bruises, the cuts, the horror, it was all inflicted on her. This made him just a bit wary, and all the more guilty. Presuming that she was the same age as him, if not younger, as a child who seemed to be having a happy life, the only cuts on her skin pavement burns from falling off bikes, having to live out the same physical torture he did made him sick. He made a mental promise to himself to hold that girl and never let go once he met her. Although he felt guilty, there was one time of the year where he wished someone would punch him in the eye just to get revenge.

Tendou had no clue what she did. At this point, she had to know he did volleyball, the only bruises he ever received nowadays on his knees and forearms. It was obvious, absolutely so, and he wished her hobby was the same. Every year since he was five years old, spring meant torture to his legs. March through May was an absolute onslaught towards his ankles and toes, bloody and bruised from the first day to the last. Although, the bruises were consistent all year, hinting that whatever she did, it was constant. He wished he could help her somehow, because the pain on his behalf was unbearable, and he couldn’t imagine experiencing it firsthand. He began to think maybe she was doing this on purpose, he wouldn’t be surprised if she had a sadistic streak. But why the ankles, why the legs? Why was the rest of her skin so perfectly smooth yet once you hit the bottom, it was destroyed? Rope burns ran down his calves in intricate zigzags, and every time he ran a finger across them, it burned.
“What the hell is this?” He’d ask himself quietly, wondering if whatever this was, was just a weird, western fetish. He figured it was cute though, whatever she did. He saw where the ribbons tied off into a bow, or sometimes just a sharp, quick knot. It probably wasn’t a fetish, whatever she did, but the oddity of it still left him wondering.

One day he woke up and literally couldn’t walk. Last night he went to bed just to wake up with his entire lower legs bruised up. He winced at the sight, borderline black spots covering everywhere from his tip toes to his ankles. She had a habit of overworking herself late at night, he noticed, and part of him was glad they didn’t share the same mental health. It was times like these where he wished he had contact with her. Of course, he could always scratch his phone number into her skin or something, but he had tried that before, and he was honest it didn’t transmit. Every so often though, he’d take a bobby pin, and very, very lightly trace shapes into his left hand expressing his mood. He grabbed it off his nightstand, clicking it open and gently scratching a heart right underneath his knuckles, just enough to break the skin. Sometimes, if she wanted to, she scratched something back, usually a likewise object, but nothing came today. Tendou didn’t mind, he knew he had gotten his message across.

It was May of his senior year and Tendou wanted nothing more than to relish in his remaining time of being a highschool student, but he couldn’t when everyday for the past three weeks coordinates were being scratched into his left thigh. He quite honestly had no clue what to do with them, and didn’t realize they were coordinates until Semi pointed them out in the locker rooms. Curiosity got the best of him that night as he spent hours inserting these coordinates into any webiste he could find. It made him feel like a detective, like he was part of some havoc seeking plot that was never even arranged. Three hours later, Google Earth fatefully drove him towards a studio. He didn’t know where in the world he was, for all he knew, he could be in Austria, or Zimbabwe, but judging by the familiar architecture, he was not that far from home. In fact, he was at home. He zoomed out just a smidge to find the entire Shiratorizawa campus, a sight that made his breath hitch. Whoever this person was, and whatever they did, meant that they have been, and might just be in that studio. The thought of it made his heart pound, and just looking at the address and focusing on the pressure on his ankles, he mustred up all he could to set off towards that studio.

When he was on the subway, halfway towards the train station near campus, Tendou began to feel as if this was a grave, grave mistake. If she was as devoted to him as he was to her, she was sending him in the right place. Then again, it could just be a set up somehow, but he wasn’t exactly sure how a girl in Zimbabwe would come up with coordinates to a building so close to where he lived. The tempest in his stomach roiled, and the closer he got to the campus, the more and more he felt the need to back out. This girl who he was about to meet in t minus fifteen minutes practically knew everything about him. She knew he was bullied, that he hurt himself. She knew the sport he played and lived through his life with him, and it horrified him. He was about to meet his soulmate.

When he stood in front of the studio, he suddenly felt small. Every single fabric of his being wanted him to turn on his heel and jog back home, but he couldn’t. Not when he could see the figure of someone in the window. Now that it was right out in front of him, the answers to all his questions were so painfully obvious. His soulmate was a dancer, presumably ballet, and that explained the absolute torture on her feet. His soulmate was a ballerina, and although Tendou knew absolutely nothing about her, he already had a feeling she was beautiful. After five minutes of loitering on the curb, and five minutes of realizing he must’ve looked like an absolute pervert, he entered, a small bell ringing on his arrival. He winced, for the music that diffused into the commons had paused, a sudden, small, tapping off feet echoing through the room. That’s when the nerves hit him harder. What if that wasn’t his soulmate and he looked like an absolute airhead? What if he got himself all hyped up for nothing? Although, all suspicion subsided when the figure revealed herself, a delicate being with soft eyes and strong legs and a playful, pondering smirk. He knew somehow that it had to be her, absolutely, positively. No words were spoken as she tiptoes closer to him, still en pointe on the tip of her ballet shoes. It looked absolutely painful up close, and suddenly all the bruises he had ever received were explained.
She held her hand up towards him, the small scar of a heart indented right underneath her middle finger on her left hand. Again, she said no words, merely smiling as all the color drained from Tendou face.

He began to stutter, a red hot blush creeping up the nape of his neck. He held his hand up too, sweaty and shaky and motioned towards the small scar of a heart indented right underneath his middle finger on his left hand. He found himself laughing, gasping really. Short shaky breaths left him in staccato, shoving his hands back into his pockets while he tried to articulate just what to say.
“I really don’t know what to say.” Is what he went with, his voice low and raspy. She chuckled, out of sheer and utter nerves and tiptoed closer, her arms immediately draping around his shoulders.
“I hope you don’t mind…” She began, failing to realize his arms were already around her too. “I’ve wanted to hug you since elementary school. You’ve always deserved a hug.”
“Thank you.”
“I really do mean it.” She began again, drawing herself closer to his figure. Tendou could feel his heart pounding, the shocked state that overcame him far too much to bear. “You had a hard past, didn’t you…?” She tailed off, searching for his wandering eyes for an introduction.
“Oh. I’m Tendou. Tendou Satori.” He hummed, lost in the sincerity of her gaze.
“__ __, it’s a miracle to finally meet you.” She smiled, wide and toothy, her grip on the hood of his sweatshirt tightening for some reason. She was definitely excited, he could tell by the sudden sparkle in her tired eyes.
“I know we just met, but would you like to come home with me?” She inquired, her eyes wondering when Tendou cocked his head suggestively.
“Don’t you think it’s fa-ar too early to be-”
“That’s not what I was going at!” She huffed, her attempt at a pout being broken by a smile. “It’s just that… Your life has become mine. For years my family felt remorse every time I came home with a split lip or plastered wrists, and I think it’s only fair you give my mother an apology for all the multiple cardiac arrests she’s received every time she’s seen my bruised eye.”
Tendou found himself laughing at her statement, not knowing if it was all that true or not. Judging by the small smile that still tugged at her lips, it was a feeble attempt at breaking the ice. He shook his head, suddenly growing all the more comfortable towards her and letting his arms fall towards her hips. He hadn’t really soaked up her entire being yet, his focus completely devoted her eyes. They held something he had been longing for, craving for the longest time, they held the same pain and torment he had experienced, the same story and path and trauma. Looking into her eyes he realized he found an equal, a mutual, someone who could finally, maybe, understand him like he understood himself. His soulmate, a dancer who barely lived twenty miles away from him his entire bleeding life, a graceful, beautiful young woman with atrocious feet and ankles, last nights receive routine evident on her bare arms, and knowledge evident in her eyes. A dancer, with scars with anticipated stories lacing up her soft, shaved thighs, fingertips ever so rough from all the Guess blocks he had done, and a small scar of a heart indented right underneath her middle finger on her left hand.