You know those duets where the man and woman just complate each other while singing, perfect sinchronisation between them. So what if onboard the alien ship there is couple that just loves to sing, they have a guitar with them and have been singing together since they met. They are not good enough or dont want to became famous, its just a hobby for them.

Alien X was walking towards the lounge when he heard them. He stopped at the doorway and stared in suprse. Why didnt the humans tell them they were songmakers!? And ones soo good!

When the little concert the couplr had created simply to pass the time ended, X walked in the room and bowed to them. At the same time he couldn’t believe that the rest of the humans that were litening didn’t do the same. They were smiling and saying they should do this again, and that it would be great to sing this song or better yet that one.

But still X didnt understand why they didn’t bow or express their reverence to the sogmakers in some way. When he asked about it the couple that sang said
“Why would they? We are not really that good, its just hobby for us. Beside on earth we dont show ”reverence" towards musicians. The fans usually sing along with their favorite songs or dance to the music.”

“They sing during a performance!? But that is of one the greatest offence you can give a songmaker. And what do you mean that you are not that good? What i heard is pure heaven, you are so much better than our songmakers. I don’t think even the our best ones can compare!”

The humans started to laugh at this (X has heard that some humans had a genetic defect that made their teeth become even sharper than what is nornal. Now he was wondering if the male was one of those people.) While he was musing about sharp teeth, the humans had stopped laughing and were now answering:

“ I wonder what you will think when you hear Beyonce or even Michael Bolton! Now their singing I could call heaven. Seriously this is just a hobby for us, we arent good enough to go enywhere with it and we dont want it to, we love our jobs.”
“And about singing along? I get the impression that we are much more free with our music than your people. It IS created for our entertaiment after all. Most sing along and dance, but you could always just jump around, clap your hands with the beat. Oh I personally don’t like it when someone starts to scream at the begining of their favorite song, but it’s still a normal reaction especially at concerts.“

X was close to fainting now. To treat a song and its songmaker in such way! He could not believe it, after all songmakers were considered Holy people and as close to gods on some planets even! And these humans who are not even considered professional by their own people! He shudders to think of the chaos this new dicovery would create.

Sorry if I messed smthg up, english is not my native tongue and I hope you liked the story. Its only the second one I’ve ever written as I much prefer to read books than to write stories myself but i just had to share this idea.

Class 1-a youtubers headcannon

Okay, I see a bunch of things where the kids of class 1 a have their own individual Youtube channels but what if they had one Youtube channel together.

The channel icon is a picture of aizawa asleep in his caterpillar cacoon or whatever and the header image is just all might bench pressing the entire class.

Most of the videos would probably just be fucking meme videos that kaminari makes for no reason and videos that sero has taken of the other kids at random moments. Or sometimes they work together to make embarrassing garbage that lasts on the internet forever.
For instance, sero was video taping everyone asleep in the common room after movie night and he caught this one clip of ojiro hitting himself in the face with his tail and kaminari made every meme remix possible with it.

But there are other things as well;

Jirou probably makes song covers and talks about bands and stuff.
Satou probably makes baking tutorials
And Kirishima has three minute long videos that are just him weight lifting.

Uraraka secretly videos whenever the class goes out on the town.
There is probably a complation one of the girls (or guys haha) made of todoroki being a very beautiful boy (he doesn’t even know what’s happening tbh) .
Midoriya talks about heroes and fanboys over nearly everything
And then there is probably a whole series that is dedicated to (and secretly taken) tokoyami and the wonders of having a bird head.

Most of minetas videos are either taken down, or not allowed to be posted in the first place.
Kouda just has short clips of his pets and other animals he finds.
Aoyama has a little series where he tries to set up some of his classmates (and fails. These kids are too oblivious)
Ojiro has a martial arts series
Momo makes a wide variety of videos. From her trying to create things without using her quirk to tutorials on how to be a straight a student
Tsu has people ask her questions and she gives really blunt but very helpful answers
Hagakure is the one who takes most of the secret videos, but she also does makeup tutorials
Ashido dances / pulls pranks on people
Shouji gives people tips on various things, but mostly stress management
Iida doesn’t really post anything he just monitors what everyone else posts
And bakugou has five second long videos of him screaming at various things

All of their individual posts are sorted into playlists that are titled with their names from the class 1-a groupchat (which they post voice over videos from all the time)

And they have this weird continuing series they all do together where they dress up as each other and try to reenact things they’ve done. (In a much less serious but dramatic way) The most popular one is a weird remake of the todoroki/ bakugou fight in the sports festival but with hagakure as todoroki and sero as bakugo)

Basically these kids are meme lords and their is no stopping them.

So that Joji “Complation” album is on Spotify now and that makes it even more concerning. I noticed it has the older songs as well as the Boiler Room performances so I don’t know why he’d upload something like that, without any info on it as well.

Which means if it isn’t his, someone posted his music without his permission

And if he doesn’t know, he definitely should.
I think we should all go on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and ask about this so called compilation, because I really don’t think this is his doing. And if it in fact isn’t and he’s not okay with it, it should be taken down. Like yeah its nice to have a platform to listen to the songs on, but it wasn’t put forward by him as his album.