Be careful what you wish for [an open RP]

Wincenty lay spread over the wet, from morning dew, grass. For a long moment, he was staring blankly at the cloudy sky, searching in vain for any trace of the sun. He never liked this kind of weather. He always felt then, as if he was closed under the big glass case for any such viewers from up there, so they could observe him. Although at this point, he there won’t be anyone, he knew, because he was probably alone here.

Alone …

Nothing but himself. Is it what he willed for? Peace and quiet, away from prying eyes, away from the conspirators. The eternal solitude was the price for ensuring that you’ll never be able to see your homeland ever again.

Although, at this point, the blond cared a little. He almost escaped with his life, being in his own world. Though, how could you call it? This place certainly did not look like his county flooded with gold ears of wheat, earthy paths, or even fields of poppies. In Poland, everything was more cheerful, more colorful. And here he felt like a prisoner even though he spent here only about ten minutes.

Winc definitely wanted to go back home.

The man closed his eyes, and his hand went straight to his face, to make daily routine to wipe his mought with the bottom of his hand. He had to remind himself of how he got here, but without any results. All he could see was dimly, or nothing at all, so the lesser he thinks than better for him.

Finally the blond opened his eyes, registering the sound coming on his left. He turned his head to the side, his eyes searching for the perpetrator of this fuss. But wasn’t he supposed to be alone?

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Scattered Words((Closed RP with ComplainWinc))

Octavius was starting to get an ache in his side, the bruise he’d received in a battle not to long ago having already started to appear. He had taken a look at it last night, the bruise a deep purple. He wouldn’t be surprised if his ribs had been bruised, too. He sighed and looked up, just wondering how long this would last. He hated it here; he hated being in constant danger, not being surrounded by any of his mob members. This whole ordeal on this island was terrible. Yet it made him grow stronger. He stared at the sky for some time before he heard the sound of footsteps close by.