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there’s a difference between being upset with how sjm handled mor being a lesbian and being upset that mor is a lesbian.

If any of your complaints about this development fall along the lines of “but azriel” “she doesn’t seem like the type” “she never showed any signs” “amren would be a better fit” you really need to reevaluate your judgment 

au where all the marauders and lily live together and it’s just a Mess

  • their cutlery is a mixture of plastic knives and forks built in bulk from the local supermarket and fancy, silver, engraved knives and forks sirius steals from pureblood events mr&mrs potter ask him and james to go to with them
  • every windowsill is dedicated to remus’ plants and lily is allergic to one of them but they can’t figure out which so james threatens to drown all the plants bc they’re making lily sneeze and remus throws a watering can at him
  • no one can remember who owns what so peter is always wearing james’ shoes or lily is always wearing sirius’ jeans or remus is always wearing sirius’ shirt (lily complains on a regular basis that she never gets to steal james’ shirt to sleep in bc it always ends up being someone elses) 
  • james has to transfigure the shelf in the bathroom so that it’s big enough to hold all of sirius’ different soaps and conditioners
  • there’s always a cauldron with a different bubbling potion in it each week in the kitchen and one time peter’s v drunk and he thinks it’s soup and he drinks it and he grows an extra leg and lily has to take him to st mungo’s
  • the only chair they’ve never had to cast a reparo charm on is the comfy armchair with extra pillows which lily put a permanent heating spell on and it’s Remus’ Chair. 
  • bobby pins. are. everywhere. lily is always buying new packs and then sirius is “borrowing them” and never returning them and somehow there are bobby pins in remus’ plants, in their shoes, in between james pile of textbooks he says are for “pleasure reading”, in the sugar pot, under pillows, over doorframes, in the cat’s fur
  • peter and lily begin feeding a stray cat that shows up all the time and lily says she wants to keep it so ofc james wants to keep it and then it’s 4 against 1 bc remus likes the fact sirius leaves the room every time the cat begins to purr
  • 0 boundaries. there are three bedrooms and no one knows whose is whose so they all end up sharing sometimes 
  • every time someone changes the radio station so it’s anything but his favourite quidditch one, james sulks for hours
  • remus framed all of their posters in attempt to make them seem like adults so then sirius makes him a “#1 adult” badge which he casts a permanently sticking charm on and sirius puts it on remus’ favourite jumper
  • after several official letters of complaint signed moony, wormtail & padfoot are delivered to their door, lily and james buy all three of them earmuffs so that way it’s their own fault if they hear anything they don’t want to
  • lily charms all the mirrors to tell sirius he has something on his face whenever he looks in it
  • all the rooms are only half decorated bc they got lazy after moving in
  • all of them are scared of spiders. except for peter, who walks in smugly with mug and coaster after he hears screams from a room 
BTS Reaction - visiting your at your job as a zookeeper


When you’d invited Jin to come visit you at work you’re fairly certain that feeding tarantulas wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind when he’d excitedly accepted.  You have to practically drag him into the insect house of the zoo, promising that none of them are quite as scary as they look as he looks at all the glass enclosures with wide, frightened eyes.  He turns worryingly pale when you offer him a box of crickets to give to Betsy, your favourite hairy spider, so you compromise will small, frozen mice instead – though even those take some convincing to get him to handle.  Jin holds them in gloved hands at arm’s length, wrinkling his nose in distaste as you slide open the back panel and point out where to place them.  As if on cue Betsy chooses that precise moment to slowly creep out of the shadows, only an inch or two from Jin’s hand.  She’s still nowhere near him, really, but he withdraws his hand like he’s been burned, shrieking and hopping from foot to foot.  


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You can tell Yoongi is excited when it comes time to feed the Lions, even if he doesn’t outwardly show it.  He helps you attach a fresh carcass to the back of your jeep with only minimal complaint too, a sure sign that he’s in a good mood, and as you drive through the gates into the enclosure his eyes visibly widen in anticipation.  The lionesses immediately recognise your entry as an impending meal, their ears pricking up, sitting back on their haunches and watching the vehicle hungrily as the male lounges around sunning himself. You warn Yoongi to hold on as you put your foot down on the accelerator, encouraging them to give chase, and when they start rushing after the carcass you hear him laughing, looking out of the back to watch them sprinting after you.  It doesn’t take them long to get hold of it, pulling it free and then dragging it back to the pride, and it’s only then that the male awakes with a stretch, wandering over to take first bite.  

“Jagi, would you bring me food if I slept all day too?  This guy’s got it made.”  

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Hoseok had always avoided visiting you at work.  If you worked with the otters or the elephants or even the hippos he could maybe get on board, but knowing that you work inside the bat cave has completely put him off.  He pretends it’s a hygiene issue that keeps him away, but you both know it’s really the bats that scare him.  He’d looked horrified when you’d first told them that they fly around freely inside, and it takes months of persuasion – and maybe the promise of sexual favours – to finally get him to come round.  He helps you prep the fruit, slicing and chopping whilst asking over and over again whether they’ll land on him or fly into his face or bite, and you try your best to reassure him, but even so you still see the bowl in Hobi’s hands shaking as you’re about to walk inside.  He barely takes a step into the dark past the plastic curtains before he lets out a yell, baulking at the first sound of flapping wings, throwing the bowl up in the air and running back outside.  


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The moment Joonie finds out that you’re a zookeeper he is totally on board with paying you a visit. He asks you all sorts of questions about the colourful birds you look after on your way there, testing your knowledge far more than the average tourist; so much so that you’re really glad when you finally arrive.   He’s finally so excited that anticipation seems to have overridden the inquisitive, questioning part of his mind that you usually love so much, and he takes the cups of nectar that you give him with an eager, joyful smile.  The moment you step past the plastic curtains the Lorikeets descend on him, having easily recognised the little pots of sweetness that he’s holding in each hand.  Namjoon’s beside himself with happiness, smiling so hard that his cheeks are dimpled deeper than ever with three or four birds on each arm and one sat on his head.  They drink the nectar with their tiny pink tongues, fighting each other for space as Namjoon’s smile just keeps growing and growing.

“Baby, how many are on me now?  Take a picture, quick!”

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Jimin’s so excited about visiting your colony of penguins that the night before you’d promised to take him he barely sleeps a wink, waking early too, and when you arrive to pick him up you’re amused to find that he’s dressed all in black and white; ‘so they like me more’.  He’s not overly keen on the bucket of fish you had him at feeding time – though you can’t say you blame him – but he sucks it up, his enthusiasm about coming face to face with one of his favourite animals overriding any complaints he may have about the smell.  He’s biting his lip in anticipation as you open up the gate to the enclosure and he stays close to you as you walk in, looking suddenly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of penguins that exit the water on seeing your arrival.  His eyes are wide as they surround him, his plump lips parting as he gasps, and when he’s done feeding his very first fish he straightens and screws up his eyes in glee, smiling the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on him.  

“Did you see Jagi?! They LOVE me!”   

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When Taehyung finds out that you’re a zookeeper his whole face lights up with surprise, and if he’d have gotten his way you would’ve had to take him along with you that very afternoon to meet the giraffes that you care for.   As it happens, he has to wait at a week whilst you clear it with your bosses, and by the time he walks through the zoo gates he’s practically bursting with excitement, his whole body vibrating with pent-up energy.  He stares open mouthed at every single enclosure you pass on the way to yours, pointing out each and every animal like he’s never seen them before, and you can’t help but smile at the childlike glee that makes his every step bounce.  When it comes time to feed the giraffes, standing with his arm extended above his head, palm open flat with a mouthful of hay on top, Taehyung is finally lost for words.  He gawps up at the tall, graceful animal that gently takes the food from his hand, and when he looks back at you his eyes are full of wonderment.

“This is the best day ever. Can I feed him again baby, please?”  

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You’re absolutely astonished when Jungkook confesses that he’s never visited a zoo before, so you immediately offer to take him with you on the very next shift you have – an offer he gratefully accepts.  He’s absolutely entranced by the gorillas, watching them play with each other with a silly smile on his face, pointing out every little thing they do to you in a voice much higher than his usual pitch.  He can hardly believe his luck when you tell him he can go inside and feed them, handing him a basket full of bananas to scatter about the enclosure under your watchful eye.  He suddenly looks a little nervous when it comes time to step inside, but this is a group of female gorillas and their babies, so you know they won’t do him any harm. They do watch him curiously though, especially the young ones, and the moment Kookie starts throwing bananas into piles of hay he becomes an instant hit.  The youngest of them starts following behind him closely, sniffing at his heels, and when Jungkook looks back and sees him his face splits into the widest, sweetest grin.

“I think I’ve made a friend, Jagi!  Can we take him home?” 

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@kissesfrombangtanatnight - I hope you like it! <3

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Romeo and Juliet AU with Akashi please, don't worry about not doing it as exactly as the original one, I won't ask for that, only the general story line. About their family, can you put in some canon extras (GOM, or other minor charas that are not frequently requested here), and for the ending, rather than both Akashi and reader dying, can you make them run away together instead? Thanks and hopefully this is okay. ^^

Long overdue, I’m so sorry if this doesn’t turn out satisfying since I took a really different, more lighthearted route with slight comedy (and a vague ending, sorry anon)! 

This is a modern day Romeo and Juliet AU, where Reader and Akashi are both adults in a family of rich people. The companies that their parents own are rivals. I hope everybody enjoys it!

Female!Reader ahead

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Business parties are an absolute bore, as you’d rather stay home and spend time doing your hobbies instead of faking interest for hours on end—until six months ago, when you started attending these events without a single peep of complaint or any specific signs of enthusiasm. Your parents didn’t question why the sudden change, perhaps due to the fear of having you retract back into your shell again.

Family appearance is important to them, which is why attending these parties are absolutely necessary: to show every important people that you are a happy family that get along together very well, all smiles and warm words, but it’s all for show. Your parents aren’t that bad, but regrettably a lot of the things that they do or expect you to do are to impress and maintain their social status.

“Being rich isn’t easy,” you start, sipping your drink as Momoi observes from across your seat, “everybody’s nice to you just to get on your good side or to use you to their advantage.” You pause, only to send a skeptic look at your pink-haired friend while she innocently drinks her latte from a straw. “You’re not doing that, are you?”

She laughs hard. You’re clearly joking, because you’re smiling at your own joke—Momoi’s family has been working in your family’s company for four generations, and relations are still tight today. She calms herself down after a mere few seconds of laughter because she’s got something in mind that she’s been dying to ask about.

“But no seriously,” she begins, leaning forward with both hands clasped like a journalist ready for her scoop of the year, “Mom told me she saw you at the partnership party last week and I was like, no way, again? What’s gotten into you?”

You groan quietly, cheeks involuntarily flushing at the answer you haven’t said out loud. Momoi takes this as a sign of major happenings behind her back that she didn’t know before, and is very eager to find out now.

“Come on, __________!”

“Can I trust you not to tell this to anybody?”

“Of course, who do you think I am?”

“Not even to your mom, okay?”



“Alright, alright, I won’t, I swear to anything that can be sworn to.” She says, offering you a handshake. It’s a sign of a deal she can’t break. “Now shoot.”

It takes you a full five seconds before you open your mouth to answer.

“It’s a guy.”

“I knew it!!” She shrieks, and at that moment all the innocent café customers turn their head to your table with faces that are either shocked or highly irritated. Momoi sends them an apologetic look before quickly looking at you, eyebrows scrunched. 

“Tell me more.”

“The thing is,” you sigh, cupping your forehead tiredly, “he’s… he’s the heir of a rival company, and if anyone ever finds out I am royally screwed.”

You don’t think Momoi remembers that her latte exists anymore upon her knowledge of this piece of scandalous news—the poor drink sits at the edge of the table, near the window, forgotten and cold. 

“Wait a second. Are you talking about the Akashi family?” Your companion replies, lowering her voice down to a whisper at the mention of the surname. You can only nod, looking at her with your palm propping your chin up. The next second is basically her jaw dropping.

Momoi mouthes oh my god and you form a silent I know with your lips, enough for her to read. She grips your other hand on top of the table with both of hers, purposely shaking it lightly in… excitement? Is that what you see in her eyes? 

Well, you can’t blame her—the thought of Akashi is also enough to put you into a level of excitement like Momoi’s right now. The only difference is that you’re good at covering up. More like you have to. It’s the kind of secret that will hurt a lot if anyone, especially your parents, finds out.

“How did it happen?” Momoi asks breathlessly.

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You turn upon hearing a male voice behind you, breaking the spell that had you staring at the bubbles in your drink in hand for minutes. It’s dim out in the balcony, and a little bit cold too, especially with you in your dress, but the lighting is just enough to let you see the visitor. That red hair captures attention even in the darkest of rooms, you think, because it also lets you know who he is.

“Evening,” you reply, sipping your drink as he walks until he’s standing next to you. “You know, I know who you are. Might not be a good idea for you to be seen with me.” The sentence is uttered with zero hostility, and Akashi, obviously, takes note. You smile, something that’s sad and cynical but at the same time uncaring and somehow undeniably attractive. He smiles back.

“Well, I know who you are, too,” he says, “and I know what you’re going to say.”

There’s a slightest raise in your eyebrows though you keep quiet.

“‘Fuck what people think’, right?”

Your lips fall open and you let out a small surprised laugh at the fact that Akashi Seijuurou, heir of the Akashi Group, your family’s biggest business rival, just used a cuss word. He chuckles, eyes crinkling charmingly at your baffled expression—you shake your head when you recover, leaning against the balcony.

“I take it that I’m more or less correct.”

“I didn’t know the Akashi family have telepathic abilities. No wonder they’re so successful.”

“I could say the same to yours,” he replies smoothly, “nobody can resist a deal with that kind of charm walking around.”

You look at him in the eye, feeling your cheeks heat up slightly and praying that he can’t see before shifting your gaze towards the golf course that stretched beyond the building, drink still in hand.

“Straightforward, aren’t we?”

He sighs a bit, turning to mimic you, scanning the stretch of green below, his hands laced together as he looks at you from his place by your side. It takes great courage for you to make eye contact.

“Why?” You ask.

“I don’t know, to be honest,” he answers casually, something you’re surprised (and is that delight brewing in your stomach?) an Akashi man could do, “I feel like I wanted to get to know you better.”

You give him a skeptical, cautionary glare, one that you’ve learned to do since you were young and learning the true nature of people. 

“This is not something along the lines of I’m-flirting-with-you-and-getting-you-drunk-to-get-some-company-secrets, right? Because that’s gonna turn out awful.”

Akashi makes a face as he stifles a laugh, which kind of makes you want to laugh too, but then you realize by the sound of it that he might actually be more similar to you than you think. A young man from a rich, well-known family… adding his excellent looks and charisma to that, how many girls have gotten in line just to satisfy their desires? He must have trust issues to a certain degree as well.

“No it’s not, though I don’t judge you for asking.” He answers. Did he just step in closer to you, or is it too much champagne already in your circulation?

“I suppose it’d be nice to have a friend that understands. My friends are nice, but I envy them from having a normal life,” you say, looking down at the golf course. There’s a rowdy cheer in the banquet hall and in the back of your mind you note that the party’s not going to end soon—something you never thought you would be grateful for.

Akashi rests his face on a palm, surveying your face with great interest and somehow managing not to look like a creepy dude. Maybe it’s just thanks to how good-looking he is? The earlier thought of how many girls have chased after him creeps back, and you take a wild guess in your head, distracting you from the conversation. Twenty wouldn’t be an exaggeration. He can certainly take twenty girls to bed: at the same time or one by one, doesn’t matter.

“Tell me.”


“Tell me what you talk to your friends about.”

It takes only three seconds of silence until you tell him. About things: about the sad rich life, about trust, about boys and girls that love and hate you. About you. As the night turns darker, your connection to his becomes stronger, what with him telling you about him: about his family, about youth, about the fact that he rarely talks about everything he’s talked about to anyone except you. About how he sees a friend in you.

So you exchanged numbers.

“And then?” Momoi demands, like a child unsatisfied with her bedtime story.

“And then,” you fall into a pause, trying to find the right words. “We started texting each other. Occasional turned frequent. We met secretly during parties, making sure no one saw or noticed us.”

“And then??”

“And then what?” You ask back. “It’s been like that for six months.”

“Yeah but like you’ve kissed him, right??”

Instead of answering, you bury your face into your palms, and Momoi instantly knows the answer is affirmative. Why does she have to be so perceptive?

“That guy used to be my friend in middle school!” She says and you have to let out a small gasp. “Back then he was so much like a prince charming too, I tell you, but then he turned cold,” she pauses, “like you.” 

You pout.

“I guess that’s the defense system of the rich,” she jokes. You swat her hand but laugh along anyway. “I know that he’s a good person underneath, but I never thought he’d open up so fast to you. Dare I say he loves you, __________!”

“I’m in love with __________,” Akashi Seijuurou declares several miles away. His adviser, Midorima, does a double-take from his notebook to the heir’s face with an expression that only says one phrase: are you crazy?

“Are you crazy??” The green-haired male exclaims, snapping his small thin notebook shut so hard that it’s audible. “__________, the daughter of the group you are trying so hard to beat within the past couple of years??”

“Is there any other __________ you know of?” Akashi asks, ignoring his companion by attending to his necktie. A glance through the mirror tells him that Midorima is both dumbfounded and… just dumbfounded. 

“Why tell me.”

“I figure you need to know.”

“You made that clear, but why.”

Akashi stands up, grabbing his suit jacket and wears it, putting an arm in one sleeve.

“I’ve been secretly meeting her during parties for six long months. It’s a given that one of these days I want to sneak out.”

Midorima’s mind is spinning, he’s lightheaded, he’s dizzy, maybe he’s going to die from a heart attack in a few seconds, but he’s rational enough to acknowledge that these are merely effects of several secret breaking news revealed to him within such a short period of time. Not even years of his advisory training can help him solve this situation.

“Oh, and Midorima? Don’t tell a soul.”

Midorima’s eyes narrow at Akashi.

“I mean it.”

And with that, the redhead is gone, leaving Midorima alone in the hotel room as he slowly makes his way towards a chair to sit on. He needs to breathe.

The kiss that Akashi leaves on your lips makes you want more in its tenderness. He has you in public, exposed to the eyes of anyone who wants to look, arm around your shoulder as you sit side by side on a secluded couch in a bar at the edge of town. The two of you agreed for the first time to meet up outside of those ridiculous parties (he honestly doesn’t know how he could last half a year), each offering some sort of excuse to your parents as you’ll be out late. Yours was a sleepover at Momoi’s place, and she is more than happy to cover for you, especially since she doesn’t live with her parents anymore. Akashi’s was simply a gathering with friends.

Which is not entirely untrue, but the way he’s kissing you and putting his hand on your knee is more than just friendly.

If journalists were to be around, tomorrow’s headline will be all about two big companies’ children, one heir and the other a daughter, caught making out with each other and obviously can’t keep their hands to themselves. Which is also not entirely untrue—you’d like to think the two of do not act like you’re so sex depraved.

“God, I want you,” Akashi growls, begging you to think otherwise. Somehow you’re on his lap, a comfortable position for you to go on and pull him into another searing kiss, but there’s something in the back of your mind that’s been bothering you. Being the perceptive person he is, Akashi notes your silence and peers into your eyes questioningly.

“How long are we going to keep this a secret?”

The redhead senses this coming from you. He admits that he also has been asking the same question himself, but he supposes that you might as well talk about it sooner than later. With that, he helps you shuffle back to the seat next to him, his arm still around your shoulder and playing with your hair.

“Do you see a probability of your parents accepting our relationship?”

“To be honest… I don’t really know,” you reply, leaning into his touch for comfort. “But by the looks of how they’re working hard to, you know, outdo the Akashi Group, it’s sort of logical to assume they won’t. I mean, my mom’s been worrying about my dad overworking”

He hums.


“I see where you’re coming from.”

“What do you think they’ll do if they find out?” You ask, voice nothing above a whisper. Akashi’s eyes are half-lidded, an expression of thinking. 

“I fail to see how this escapes my logic,” he begins, his tone a little bit more serious and suddenly you’re focusing everything into what he is saying, “but from a business point of view, our relationship, especially if taken to the next level,” at the mention of that your heart flutters—

“…is like a merger.”

Akashi can see the realization seeping into your expression.

“Of course it would have to be a horizontal or market extension merger to be fair, but what I mean to say is that it’s definitely a good possibility.”

“M-hmm.” You nod, dazed.

“Do you think so, too?”


Akashi looks at you like he expects you to say something.

“How do you think they would feel about a merger, though? There are chances that one of us might be at a disadvantage, and I don’t know if our parents are willing to take that risk.”

“Risk is the basis of progress in business, sweetheart,” he says, going back to stroking your hair, “like investing and developing new products. Those are risks. You need to take it to reap the harvest.”

“But how do we convince them to take it?”

Akashi smiles, lifting you up by the waist to situate you on his lap again, pressing his lips to your forehead. You can only hide your face in his neck, and he chuckles.

“It’s simple—we build a business proposal.”

You might not entirely understand his vague answer, though the rough ideas floating in your head (including another kind of proposal) are quickly thrown out the window at the sensation of his lips meeting yours for the umpteenth time that night. You don’t know if Akashi really has the solution to get you out of this secret relationship without doing any harm, but the way his tongue asks for entrance is too sweet to ignore.

You tell yourself you can think about it tomorrow.  

Plum Wine

Rating: Mature
warning: NSFW

The best sensation–after hours of fighting, and running, and screaming, and war–is when he has her trapped right beneath him.

Hips flush together–united–elbow pressed against the mattress of his cot to hold him up, to keep him from crushing her (what a silly thought, she could easily take his weight without injury, without complaint, without a sign of discomfort and that’s necessary to him) and to keep his eyes burning right into hers.

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the signs as leslie knope quotes
  • aries: "he told me he liked me, and i'm gonna go make out with him right now. on his face."
  • taurus: "i need you to text me every thirty seconds saying that everything is going to be okay."
  • gemini: "why would anybody ever eat anything but breakfast food?"
  • cancer: "i stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things."
  • leo: "i am big enough to admit that i am often inspired by myself."
  • virgo: "cool people make the rules, they don't break the rules."
  • libra: "if you call everyone a butthead, it kind of loses its impact."
  • scorpio: "oh my god, i wonder who else was born in eagleton. voldemort, probably."
  • sagittarius: "what i hear when i'm being yelled at is people caring loudly at me."
  • capricorn: "i just slept seven hours, which is twice as long as i usually sleep, so i'm a little disoriented."
  • aquarius: "no matter what i do, literally nothing bad can happen to me. i'm like a white male u.s. senator."
  • pisces: "i have three years worth of hugs to force upon you against your will."
Faking it (Grayson) Part 4/?

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 2,222
Warnings: None.
A/N: Your continuous support just baffles me, I love you guys so so much. Hope you like part 4! xx

Faking It masterlist here.

“Ethan?” You whispered in confusion, squinting at the tall figure standing behind you. He stepped forward a bit, the snow scrunching under his boot as he came into the light, the moonlight reflecting on his face.

“Hi, sorry,” he hesitated before walking forward so he stood right in front of you. “I heard the door close and saw you walk away through the windows. Thought I’d see what was up. Also, I brought you this.”

He tossed something into your lap and you looked down, sighing in appreciation as you saw that it was one of his many beanies and a pair of gloves that were too big on you. But when you pulled the hat and gloves on, you were happy that they did their job to protect you from the sweltering cold.

You patted the seat beside you, pushing the snow off of the bench in the process and Ethan sat without any complaint. The only sign of discomfort you got from him was the slight wrinkle of his nose he gave you as the cold seeped through his sweatpants.

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Bother Me (Percival Graves)- Part Three

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Warning: The smut is happening. And oh god, I’m so nervous about it lolololol It’s pretty soft smut, though, nothing raunchy or crazy (sorry). If you don’t care for smut, it’s at the very end so you could skip the entire ending and still get the full effect of the story! You’ll have to give me a break as I don’t write a lot of it. Anyways, I hope you like this one!!

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The tension in the room was almost suffocating. It was impossible to pay attention to any of the words coming out of the president’s mouth. Not when Percival Graves was sitting opposite me, relentlessly teasing me with his lingering stares. Each time I caught him, his lips would twist into that perfect smirk. It was everything I could do to hide the pink tinge in my cheeks, while simultaneously glaring at his smugness. It was my fault, really. I was the one who had created this tangled web. The man irritated me to no end, yet anytime I was alone with him, I melted into him like a lovesick school girl. I couldn’t distinguish where the dislike ended and the infatuation began. A small voice in the back of my head tried to warn me that it wasn’t unknown for love to masquerade as hate, but I ignored it. Having any semblance of real feelings for the man wasn’t impossible. But acknowledging that would turn my already crazy world completely upside down.

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‘Kirk Day Afternoon’

‘Kirk Day Afternoon’ is cross-posted on Ao3 under the account themaelstromwrites. Birthday fic for @pinkamour1588. McKirk. Rated T, but barely.

Leo has never been so goddamn anxious to get back to fucking space.

The high Georgia summer is oppressively hot, and though he won’t readily admit to it, Leo has grown quite accustomed to the climate control settings of the Enterprise. Six straight months in an artificial environment would make anyone a bit sensitive to the real thing. Jim is no help, of course, and he is liberally mocking Leo for his seeming inability to tolerate the “delightful” weather they’re having. It would make complete fucking sense, Leo thinks to himself, that Jim would be content, if no one else. The man is practically forged from light and starshine; he makes a pretty picture, lying sprawled on a gingham blanket in the grass, soaking in the sun as though he belongs nowhere but beneath its golden auspices.

For his part, Leo is sweating like a pig, sweltering in the loose cotton of his shirt and longing for the sweet embrace of a frozen Arctic death. If he can’t have that, he’d at least like for this shore leave to wrap itself up.

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Dear Aleksander, how are you and your Nichevo'ya wife? Have you two had oddly horrifying yet beautiful, shadow children yet? My chickens make great company, but I still find myself checking dark corners for you (to no avail). If you have the time, I'd love to hear back from you to hear how you're doing to make sure you're safe and happy. If not, I will send a complaint to the committee. Signed with love, A Wistful Sun Summoner P.S. Recently discovered new macaron recipe. I think you'd like them.

Dearest Alina,

Nichevo'ya wife? Tsk tsk. I am not the one who married an abomination.

Reduced to the company of chickens, are we? Sad, that your husband doesn’t care to entertain you in their place. Do you remember you once were a rising queen? You could have been my queen. And I could have been more than a ghost, still beside you. But wishing won’t make it so, now, will it?

How am I doing? Same as you, I suppose. Counting the days. Living in the past. Haunting the world I’m in, and others. Hoping I’m haunting yours. I know you, Alina. Are you lonely? So lonely you might die? I understand. I always understood.

But you didn’t. You wouldn’t have me.

Signed, Your Wounded Victim

P.S: Send me some macarons. They sound delectable.

Title: Metallic pt. 8

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

a/n❗️ have fun reading, everyone!! this is the part 8 of Metallic! ALSO FOR THOSE WHO HAVE MESSAGED ME THROUGHOUT THE WAITING FOR UPDATES OF METALLIC, THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! i love all of you! you know who you are guys. pls never forget that ♡
7. | 8 | 9.

Disclaimer❗️ this prompt is based on days 7 - 9 of Jumin’s route but i took it from there. fic might contain themes that is not suitable for some audiences. you’ve been warned!

update mentions❗️
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❝ Sometimes I ignore you,
so I feel in control...
'Cause really, I adore you, and I can't leave you alone.
Fed up with the fantasies that cover what is wrong.
Come on, baby, let's just get drunk, forget we don't get on... ❞

Days passed and you were still not released from the hospital. Every night, Jumin still insisted on being the one who’d accompany you as a night watcher for your room. He’d always be coming in whenever Zen leaves for his daily visits – which makes you extremely guilty. Your chest constricts each time Zen leaves for the day and Jumin comes in, pretending he didn’t know a thing.

This has been a routine going on for the next few days.

The doctor and a psychiatrist assigned to you decided for you to stay-in at the hospital so they can further evaluate your condition. Since the psychiatrist said that your situation-specific amnesia is an extremely rare case and they are looking for triggers to whether your memories would still come back or not. There were signs but it rarely shows … and this has been your 2nd week staying in. How long will it take? You wanted to go home. You can still live without those memories, right?

Or you can just ask Jumin to spill everything that transpired.
But somehow, knowing what you didn’t know terrified you. He, after all, claimed responsibility and said that you’ve been with him before everything happened.

Your entire hospital bill was growing big by the day but Jumin insisted on paying the bills. You knew he was rich and he can afford everything but … you didn’t want to take advantage of it. You didn’t want him to be burdened by the predicament.

One day, you insisted for him not to pay for the day by day bills anymore – you’d just contact your parents but he said that doing so will only worry them for your condition and he also said that it was his fault why you were stuck in this situation in the first place so he’d shoulder everything.
You were so guilty. You couldn’t even bring yourself to ask him how his day went.

He had been very distant… and patient. But he was with you.
You would bite your lip every time your eyes lands on his sleeping figure on the couch, with arms crossed over his chest as if the position itself is comfortable enough for him.
You just seriously wanted him at least go home and have some rest but the man is extremely stubborn.
You were even tempted to make him lay down beside you. Of course, for purely platonic purposes and for specific reasons, you thought.

Yoosung would drop by every afternoon to visit after his classes. He’d been insisting he help take care of you too since he hates seeing a friend sick. You laughed at his first attempt of bringing you snacks – they were filled with milk, junk food and this weird-shaped pudding he said he bought from the convenience store. Zen scolded him and said you’re only allowed to eat healthy foods that’s why on his next visit, he bought a 24” pizza with vegetable toppings. You only laughed at this – the pizza was greasy and you were not allowed to eat any greasy food for the next few days.
At the end of the day, Yoosung ate it alone. He became sick the next day.

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Falling Blossom [Part 1] // BTS’ J-Hope

[A/N] Warning: contains sexual implications.

Romance, modern day mythological AU.
Word Count: 4.1k.

Part 1 //

When it’s time for a blossom to die, it will detach itself from its branch and float to the ground, down to its earthy grave. There, it will lay unmoving, helpless to fight against the nature that turns its petals to ashes and pollen to dust. The beautiful flower becomes nothing more than a corpse: dead, rotting. What, then, happens to its promise of tomorrow? Of its rebirth that comes in the cycle of spring, when golden air seeps into budding grass and wind curls around treetops and flushed cheeks alike?

The answer comes in two forms: one, it follows the tradition of a fairytale and is reborn regardless, or two, the blossom embraces the tragedy and remains dead. It’s the juxtaposition of love; either you get a happy ending or one filled with inevitable shits and miseries. Because, despite everything that happens in this godforsaken world, those are really the only two paths that the blossom can take, are they not? In fairytales, the prince always somehow rescues the princess, despite the armies of volatile ogres or malevolent witches or whatever obstacles have been cast to deter his advances. They get married and live happily ever after, oh yes, a happy ending indeed. And in tragedies, the prince always manages to get close to rescuing the princess, before- yes, that’s right- one of them dies or the other one dies or they both die a miserable (and most likely absolutely preventable) death. It’s a story of regret at its finest, and thus, the fallen blossom becomes the decaying blossom.

It falls, and when it does, it takes with it everything.

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Underrated Pairings

Taurus and Leo: Leo is very protective and loyal towards their loved ones which Taurus finds attractive and comforting. Taurus provides Leo with all of the attention and reassurance that they need, so Leo never feels ignored. These two signs can become very comfortable with each other, wanting to know all about each other from their home lives to day to day activities. Leo, although very upbeat, can understand the slow and steady nature of Taurus better any other sign without getting frustrated. Taurus can easily be fascinated by Leo, admiring their creativity and ability to socialize. Taurus accepts leo for who they truly are, embracing their dramatic and sometimes over the top nature without complaint. Both (being fixed signs) value tradition and are loyal till the end. Leo teaches taurus to channel their creativity and be more open minded while Taurus stabilizes Leo’s volatile temperament, and teaches Leo the virtue of patience. 

Sagittarius and Pisces: There is magic in this union. Both signs are very similar but just channel their energies in different directions. Pisces is one of the few amongst the zodiac that can smooth out the rough edges of this fire sign. Pisces turns Sagittarius into the intuitive and vulnerable beings they truly are by emotionally demanding tact and showing them that sensitivity does not make them weak. Sagittarius teaches Pisces to be more independent and not to take things personally, pulling Pisces out of their fantasy land and forcing them to be present and start living in the moment. Both signs are very versatile and willing to try new things, which adds excitement to the paring. Both being dreamers and having great imaginations, they can never tire from sharing their ideals and openly discussing their hopes and dreams. 

Virgo and Aquarius: Both can be extremely detail oriented and humanitarians. Very intellectual as a individuals, together they form an  intimidatingly intelligent and dynamic duo. This love is one of the mind. These two can spend forever talking about anything under the sun in great depth, never getting bored of each others insights and opinions. Neither sign is overly emotional, and you two prefer it that way. Virgo can easily become fascinated with trying to decode the intricate wiring of the unique Aquarius mind and will be wrapped up in trying to figure them out. Aquarius can sometimes be unrealistic in their ideals and Virgo is always there to pull them back to earth. Aquarius admires Virgo for their sharp mind, quick wit, and and organized nature. Virgo can be sometimes overly cautious and rigid, so free spirited Aquarius can show them to lighten up and not take life so seriously. Virgo teaches Aquarius the importance of details while Aquarius teaches virgo to never loose sight of the big picture.

Gemini and Capricorn: although very different these signs admire one another each other. Capricorn admires the lightheartedness and extroversion gemini naturally possesses while gemini wishes for the practicality and emotional steadiness that Capricorn portrays. Gemini’s goofy and childlike nature is just what the sometimes overly serious Capricorn needs in order to relax. Gemini teaches Capricorn that life docent have to be all work but instead is meant for living! Their witty and intelligent sense of humor puts Capricorn at ease and makes it easier for them to put down their walls. On the other hand, Capricorn, seeking to understand their partner, cuts through the superficiality of Gemini and Gemini can finally be their true selves, feeling understood for a change. This will make Gemini see that sticking around sometimes is worth it. Capricorn provides stability for Gemini without taking away their need for freedom. Both signs love to be stimulated mentally and will enjoy discussing trivial topics with each other and engaging in lighthearted banter. 

Libra and Scorpio:  these signs can easily be drawn to each other instantly. Libra’s sensuality lures Scorpio and Libra is able to charmingly penetrate the tough exterior of Scorpio, which is not something most other signs are capable of doing. Libra is attracted to the evidently dominant and strong willed nature of Scorpio. These signs are both very romantic and can understand each other on a very emotional level. Scorpio will appreciate the open-mindedness and lack of judgement from their Libra partner when opening up and sharing their thoughts. Libra is attentive and always willing to compromise which shows Scorpio that Libra is serious about the relationship, which is something Scorpio requires of their partner in order to feel secure. Scorpio can Teach Libra the importance of depth not only in conversation but in relationships. Libra teaches Scorpio that opening up is not as big of a deal as they make it out to be and is in fact essential to make a real connection. Libra also shows Scorpio the importance of communication and not to take life so seriously. 

Aries and cancer: This could easily blossom into a deeply caring pairing. Aries is tough by nature, quick to offer protection to those they care about. This is comforting and reassuring to Cancer who is easily emotionally frazzled and constantly feeling victimized. Cancer gives Aries what they never even knew that they needed: love and nurturing. Cancers motherly nature makes Aries let down their tough act are and allow themselves to be vulnerable. Aries teaches Cancer to be more direct in their approaches and to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. Cancer teaches tolerance and patience, two things Aries does not naturally possess. Both signs can be quite flexible, making compromise very possible between the two of them. Also, neither of sign likes to hold grudges unnecessarily long, aware of how it can strain the relationship and are both readily forgive. Not too long into the relationship, both will start to rub off on each other. Cancer will become noticeably more confident in themselves while Aries will be soften up and be more emotionally in tune.

With Me- Bucky Barnes

Character: Bucky Barnes/OC

Prompt: Just a request for some fluffy Bucky smut!

Warning: Unprotected sex. Wrap it before you tap it, kids. 

His hand ghosted across the bare skin of your thigh and you shivered beneath his touch. You gently pressed your hands against his chest and pushed back. He let out a little groan of disappointment that you couldn’t help but smile at. Butterflies fluttered nervously in your stomach as Bucky propped himself up on one elbow, his eyes dark with lust.

“You okay, sweetheart?” He asked in a husky voice.

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No toilet day

Another popular demand here was to write something about what I enjoy doing when I am in a more dominant mood. There are many, many things to mention here as this is my main interest, but I will resume to offer you a taster of one of the things I enjoy doing when I am feeling a bit mean. It’s called a no toilet day. As the name implies, it’s just a casual day indoors (at my place) where we just hang out and drink loads (water, beer, wine, coffee anything I feel like to) and we don’t go to the toilet, completely ignoring the subject. We don’t talk about being desperate, we don’t show it, we don’t pee dance, we do everything we can to hide it. The thing is I can pee whenever I want, on the condition that the sub comes with me to the bathroom, unzips me, gets my cock out and holds it while I pee. The sub however doesn’t get this luxury and they have to hold it. Any complaints or signs of desperation and it’s another glass of water for them. And maybe a spank. They will eventually wet themselves and they only get one lot of spare clothes. They can change at any point in the day, but they are bound to have to hang out in pissy jeans and kickers at some point because they will certainly wet more than twice in that day, as I will take care of the hydration. Simple and sexy.

Keeping Watch.

Originally posted by 100-thousand-k

Request: I’ve been alone ever since the outbreak, I had to kill my family because they were infected and it took a toll on me, emotionally and physically, and then I (meet 10k and Reberta and the rest of the gang. (Time hop) A few years later 10k and I share our stories because we got really close and he ends up telling me his real name (Tommy) and we become even closer. blah blah blah first kiss and he says something cute/dorky and we have a cute moment. :P requested by stawmay12

A/N: This was requested a lot longer ago than I care to admit and I am soooooooo sorry about the wait!!!! I really really hope you guys like it!! 

“Shit.” You muttered, angrily, as your pistol did nothing but click uselessly with every squeeze of the trigger. Giving up entirely on the gun, somewhere in the back of your mind you knew that you were out of bullets, you chucked it at the zombie. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough power in your measly throw to even slow the advancing zombie.

You were done for.

After some shuffled steps backwards, your back hit a solid wall and you were completely trapped. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

Cursing your own stupidity, for getting yourself backed into a corner, your eyes darted wildly around in the hope that a solution would present itself. Nothing did.

And then, the zombie fell to the ground, a smoking hole in the side of its head. 

Looking quickly over, in the direction of the shot, your eyes landed on 10k running towards you, gun in hand. “You okay?” He asked, reaching your trembling figure quickly.

Not caring about the consequences, you threw your arms around him, burying your head in the crook of his neck. Closing your eyes tightly, you felt his hands awkwardly pat your back before he slowly, un-surely, returned your embrace. “I thought I was a goner.” You whispered against his neck, allowing the previous emotion to overtake you for a moment.

“Not on my watch.” You heard him whisper and, when you moved back to look into his face, you saw an awkward smile gracing his features.

Giving him a warm smile in return you patted his arm and made to walk away. “Cmon, the others’ll be waiting.” He nodded and followed you back.

When the two of you reached your rusted vehicle, you immediately went to sit on the bed of the truck, legs hanging haphazardly over the edge. As it turned out, you had been wrong, the others weren’t waiting for you.

Deciding not to panic unless they failed to return before nightfall, you casually leaned back on your hands, slyly watching 10k from the corner of your eye. He seemed uncertain, as he often would around you, despite how close the two of you had become. 

You could still remember the first night you had met, three years after the outbreak, as though it were only yesterday. 

You had been alone from the very beginning, there had been odd instances where you had joined a group of survivors, but those misadventures had always been short-lived. You had been keeping yourself alive for the simple sake of surviving and not much else, until you had practically run right into 10k. 

You had been fleeing an approaching horde of zombies, barely bothering to look where you were going and, rounding a particularly sharp corner, had toppled over his crouched form. After swiftly helping you to your feet, 10k seemed to notice your predicament and, without thinking, had offered you a ride. Having little choice but to accept his offer you had hurriedly nodded before taking off, running alongside him. 

To start with you hadn’t been so certain about staying with them, Murphy had possessed an uncanny ability to annoy, but for almost a year, you remained a member of ‘delta x-ray delta’. 

Despite his shyness, you and 10k had become close; always looking out for each-other, taking watch together and you were certain that he had been secretly giving you a larger share of food.  

And the rest, you guessed, was history.

“2'678” You heard beside you, having not even noticed 10k raising the gun.

Chuckling, you finally decided to ask him something that you had always wondered about. “Why ten thousand, why not five or three thousand, something easy-ish?”

Pushing himself up, to sit beside you, he glanced your way. “It seems easy enough.” His words caused you to laugh nervously and you weren’t entirely sure of why.

“When I first met you I would of disagreed but… if anyone can get there it’s you.” He smiled sheepishly at you, eyes avoiding yours and cheeks painted red.

Wanting to keep the conversation going, having not had much opportunity to speak with him in the past few days, you asked him another question. “How did you get so good with a gun?”

He paused for a second before answering, “my pa.” Listening to the dejected tone of his voice, you instantly reached out a hand to grasp his, squeezing lightly in reassurance. He looked down to your entwined hands and you could have sworn you saw the corners of his lips twitch upwards. “He used to take me shooting…don’t think he ever thought I’d be this good though.”

You smiled as he spoke again, enjoying your conversation as you always did. “Well, nothing like a zombie apocalypse to practice your aim, huh?” You said lightly, bumping his shoulder with your own. 

He lightly laughed, a small smile springing upon his features. “Didn’t you ever go shooting?” 

Snorting at the ridiculous notion, you shook your head. “Nah, my mom hated guns. She wanted my dad to get rid of his when my brother was born… he hid it under the stairs instead.” You laughed, melancholy filling your tone as you thought of your long lost family. “The first gun I ever shot was that one, semi-automatic G17.” Your tone had trailed off, becoming quieter as you spoke.

Seeming to sense the pain spilling over the surface, he squeezed your hand awkwardly. “What happened?” He asked, his tone wasn’t prying but you felt nervous and put on the spot regardless.

However, when you looked up and met his eyes, you felt calmer. He wasn’t going to judge you, he was 10k; he would never judge you. “I… it was a couple of days in but… I guess we didn’t understand how bad it all really was at that point. I’d gone out to find food and water, see what I could find, but… when I came home….”

You were sure by now that your grip on his hand must have been bordering on painful, but he showed no sign of complaint. Blowing a calming breath through your nose, you closed your eyes and continued. “I came home and… they were z’s.” You desperately hoped that your meager explanation was enough for him, you weren’t sure if you could handle much more.

You didn’t dare look up at him, and so, you were surprised when his voice sounded beside you. “My pa turned a little while after day one, my ma was already gone and… there was no one else… I had to… to…” He didn’t seem to want to finish, not that you really blamed him, so you moved your hand to his arm; smiling when his eyes met yours. 

Neither of you spoke for a while, content to merely scan the others features. It was strange, despite the difficulty you felt in sharing your story, you felt better. It felt like a weight had been lifted, the pain would never leave you, but you now had hope that it could be eased. 

Eventually, you cracked a smirk and broke the silence. “What’s your name?” Watching his eyebrows crinkle together in confusion, you realized the misunderstanding. “I mean, before you changed it.” 

His eyes darted down to your entwined hands, before glancing back up to your eyes. “Tommy.” His voice was low and quiet and you could feel his breaths, soft on your lips. When had he gotten so close?

“I always loved the name Tommy.” You whispered, uncertain as to when you had become so breathless. 

You felt a rough hand awkwardly graze your cheek before chapped lips were pressed to yours. It was a chaste kiss, short and unmistakably sweet, but it was perfect. 

He pulled away jerkingly, a small smile tugging at his lips, his face almost entirely red. “Uh… di-was that… alright?” 

Giggling quietly at his awkwardness, you smiled widely; a red tint staining your own cheeks. You nodded quickly, biting your lip to hide your grin. 

“Can I- uh- would-.” You didn’t bother letting him finish the question, placing your palm on his cheek and pulling his lips back to yours for another kiss. 


A Good Day for Love to Die *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Summary: Without giving too much away, Bucky discovers that falling in love with someone isn’t always like the movies, sometimes the underdog doesn’t get the girl
Warnings: Major angst + A happy ending of sorts for reader but not Bucky
Admins Note: I don’t think a part 2 is on the table for this, mainly because the ending is kind of set, I think some stories need to be a reality I shouldn’t have to keep writing ‘happy’ endings because some people in the story DO get happy endings but others don’t at the cost of someone else being happy. Part of growing up is realising that when you are happy, others won’t be. 

Whilst writing this I listened to; Taylor Davis- My Heart Will Go On & Lux Aeterna… she’s a violinist, I recommend maybe listening to these as you read if you want.  

If this is bad I am sorry if I hyped it up yesterday, this is my fourth, I think to try at angst and tbh I really felt bad writing it and decided after the week I have already given you that maybe fluff would be better? But here ya’ go - Rosalee

He had to remind himself it was all a dream. Reality rarely turned out so nice. So he wouldn’t torture himself over a future that wouldn’t happen.

Bucky could remember the first time meeting you, he was new the Avengers, not that you were an Avenger, no, and you worked in Starks lab. You were kind and gentle, although you had a fiery side, that was a given when working with Tony Star. 

Somehow you managed to wiggle your way into his life; becoming someone he didn’t mind talking to, being around and eventually that turned into a friendship rather than anything work related. 

You were both close with another, slowly the other Avenger started to pay attention to you, rather than just Tony and Natasha, soon enough everyone was smiling and laughing with you as you worked. Bucky couldn’t believe how open he was, he felt light and almost happy, and that was because of your friendship, kindness, and happiness.

Bucky began to feel something more for you, his friendship turned into adoration and that slowly turned into love, he didn’t want it to happen but it did. He tried playing it off but he was in too deep, the love he felt was consuming him and he wanted to scream to the heavens to stop this or tell you, he didn’t have much to lose; given that if you rejected him he would become a recluse again because the embarrassment and rejection would be too much, but really he had nothing else to lose other than pride and friendship. 

Once he found you, you were getting ready to head home, it was now or never for James; he had one chance to prove to himself, to prove he can have a happy life, that he can finally have everything he’s wanted… normalcy,

“Hey, Buck” you grin, shutting off your computer and desk lamp, he smiled back as usual but his hands were shaking with nerves and his heart was beating at a rapid rate, a rate he was sure wasn’t humanly possible and should probably go seek medical attention for, but he had a mission and he was set on seeing it done. 

His eyes drifted to your hands that were wrapping a purple scarf around your neck, the light reflected off something, he squinted and there was something basically glowing on your left hand and the air got choked up in his throat as the realisation of what it was. 

An engagement ring sat delicately on your hand, simple and beautiful, vintage and elegant; how long had you been engaged? Who were you even engaged to?

“W-what’s that?” Bucky asked, stupid question everyone knows what an engagement ring is but he couldn’t bring himself to say those words, you frowned and looked down; it dawned on you that all the times Bucky had seen you, you weren’t wearing the ring, you usually take it off when working alongside Tony. Not wanting it to get damaged or lost, you smiled at the fond memory of getting asked, little over a year ago.

“An engagement ring, Bucky” you roll your (E/C) eyes at him, he extends his human hand and takes it, viewing it up close and a frown was etching upon his face and something stirred in his blue eyes that you couldn’t figure out “he asked last year, on our second anniversary actually, we’ve nearly done all the arrangements; just dress and tuxedos now” you muse and he nods once.

Bucky’s throat becomes impossibly dry, his eyes water and he blinked them rapidly and coughs, sniffing lightly and smiles the best he could muster for you; this was like some sick nightmare, he finally meets a girl he can’t help but love, yet she is in love with someone else? 

How cruel must the world be, how much anguish must he keep going through before the world is at peace with him? Because this was ridiculous now! He breathed a couple breaths before finally looking into your eyes, he dropped your hand and stood a couple inches back, you raised your eyebrows. 

“I didn’t know” he muttered and you nodded, muttering how you like to keep your private life separate from work, he nods but you are quick to tell him that everyone is welcome to the day; especially your friends, since you don’t have a lot of family, in fact, Clint was giving you away. 

“Who’s the lucky guy that snatching the best girl in town?” he joked, although to him it was true, he only needed a name…a name to pinpoint all of his pain too.

“Oh, shush you” you slapped his arm playfully, rolling your eyes “his name is; Clarke Ford and he worked as Pepper’s assistant, Pepper introduced us a long time ago, he’s really nice. You’ll like him, everyone does” you chuckle; he hardly doubted that he would hate this Clarke.

Hurting him meant hurting her and that’s not something I am capable of, ever.

Bucky watched intently from the bar, both fists clenched as he watched you, laughing beside him and arms wrapped around one another; he tried not to stare, not to look obvious but he couldn’t help it, he watched you and only you. Smiling and telling everyone the date, it was two months away, two months till you were Clarke’s forever. 

Bucky wanted to believe this was some sick nightmare, it had to be, and it had to be Wanda’s mind tricks only she assured Bucky she hadn’t used her powers to him since the incident. You light up when you laughed at something Clarke said; that should be him, making you laugh and smile like that.

His heart felt heavy, a deep ache filled his chest and his blood felt hot and almost on fire, his mind was fuzzy and he just wanted to scream because shouldn’t things be getting better? But how could they when you weren’t beside him?

“James” he smiled, the heavyweight from his heart was lifted and his mind un-fogged and the mist that filtered over his eyes left once he opened them, you were standing before him; painted pink lips and pink knee-length dress, smile pulling the whole look together, only an unwanted accessory was stuck to you… Clarke “you okay?” you asked and he nodded once 

“Clarke this is James, my best friend here, James this is Clarke my finance” you grin and he extends his hand; he’s tall, not taller than Bucky and he has short-cropped brown hair and eyes, lean but some muscle and Bucky can’t help but compare himself to him. What does this guy have that Bucky doesn’t? Don’t open that door, James.

“Pleasure to meet you, James” Clarke smiles once Bucky shakes his hand, it’s a firm and slightly tighter than a necessary shake but Clarke doesn’t show any signs of complaint 

“(Y/N) here talks a lot about her work, your name has popped up a few times, I couldn’t wait to meet you; it take a lot for her to open up, you’d know, so hearing how you helped bring her out of the shell and make friends with everyone” Clarke grinned “well, I gotta thank you for that, truly I am in debt” he chuckled and Bucky sighed, he came here with the hopes of on purposefully being ignorant and rude, and wanting to hate Clarke.

“I also hear you were getting into baseball again?” Bucky looked at you, you grinned at Bucky, he nodded in silence “well, I got a spare ticket to the game this Saturday, myself and Tony go to all the ones we can; kind of a tradition, you gotta come along, Steve is tagging along, Tony’s request” was this guy for real? 

Bucky raised his eyebrows and looked at you, you seemed to be encouraging him with your eyes to go and he sighed, nodding “great, a chance to do some male bonding, get to know you since (Y/N) only ever talks about your inside jokes; I don’t get them but hey, I’m useless at humour, or so she tells me” Clarke looks down at you, you giggle and comment about how he is the worst at telling jokes.

“What do you think of him?” Steve asked, the only one knowing of his true feelings, he chuckled when Bucky groaned from his stool; playing with a glass of whiskey “he’s a really good guy, that’s coming from the world’s nicest guy” Bucky snorted and nodded,

“I came here with the intention of making it clear I don’t like him” Bucky muttered “that he better watch himself but that guy is like… the essence of good, he’s the guy that if I punched him in the face, he’d apologise” Steve chuckled and nodded in agreement “I couldn’t bring myself to hurt him, in any form, it would mean hurting her…” he sighed “and I couldn’t do that, not ever” Steve patted his back.

“It will get easier” Steve muttered, Bucky knew it wouldn’t but he still raised his glass to that, sipping the brown liquid before leaving and calling it a night.

You act like being around me is physically painful

“She broke him” Steve loudly stated to Natasha, Bucky sat on the sofa, head in hands and trying to block out the argument going on; even though it was clearly about him, and you. 

He had been avoiding you, with just days to the wedding, Bucky couldn’t even be around you; it was physically impossible for him to talk to you, his chest would feel tight and throat would close up, mouth becoming dry and he lost all sense of human functions. Natasha crossed her arms, rolling her green eyes at Steve, becoming annoyed by the seconds dragging out.

“But how was that fair, when she didn’t even know she was responsible for his heart?” Natasha asked, silence encases the room, Steve becomes at a loss for words and both look towards the silent Bucky, Natasha was right; he couldn’t blame you, you had fallen for someone well before he even arrived, he didn’t exactly give you a memo with his heart and he was the one who allowed himself to feel all this 

“(Y/N)’s wedding is just days away, she want us all there, including Bucky and if he loves her like he does” Bucky looked at her “then you’ll go, slap on a smile and be happy for her, like most of the world has to do on a daily basis; you aren’t the only one who has fallen for someone who’s heart belongs to someone else, everyone gets on with it, do the same” Natasha commands before leaving in a huff, Bucky drops his head again and allows the few tears to fall.

“I can’t do it” he cried and Steve is over to him in an instant, wrapping an arm around his best friend shoulders as he cried, loud sobs escape Bucky “I can’t watch her give herself to someone else, don’t make me go, please?” he cried, Steve rubs his back comfortingly, sighing and nods lightly, Bucky continues to cry into Steve,

“I won’t force you but Natasha is right” Steve mutters “also maybe seeing her do this will help you move on, find the closure that you can’t have her?” Steve asked Bucky doesn’t reply “we’ll see how you are on the day, yeah?” Bucky nodded, feeling helpless, like a child and he hated it but how could anyone expect him to sit and watch it happen; well you would expect it but you don’t know, maybe you needed to know, maybe the closure wasn’t watching it happen but you knowing how Bucky feels?

“James, I haven’t seen you in weeks, how ya’ been?” you asked, voice slightly strained but you managed to smile as he walked into the lab, the smile faded when you noticed that he had been crying; frowning you put down your work and walk over to him “what has happened?” you asked and he sighed gently, tears still spilling from his eyes. 

“I need to tell you something” he rasps out, voice shockingly horse and dry, he coughs lightly and you nod slowly as he seemed hesitant. 

The deep pit in your stomach flipped, judging, by the way, he had been acting and what Natasha basically screamed earlier, you knew what this was about and you sighed gently; hoping something like this wouldn’t happen to you.

“Please don’t say you love me” you whisper, he looks down at you, blue eyes meeting your (E/C) ones “don’t say those words to me, let’s pretend this whole moment hasn’t happened? Okay, now make up something for me, tell me something else, Bucky don’t do this to me” the plead in your voice is enough, you don’t have to say those words, the words he wants to hear you say but with an extra word after the ‘I’ and before the ‘love’. This way you both walk out of here somewhat okay, never hearing those words uttered, he nodded once and breathed heavily; you waited.

“I thought I had another nightmare” you nodded, a sigh of relief came from you “turns out it was just my harsh reality, who knew, right?” he asked and you smiled shakily “um, I won’t be able to attend your wedding, I want to but I just can’t…” he trailed refusing to meet his eyes, you nod slowly, he wiped his face “I hope it’s a good day, you deserve it, he’s a really good guy; I wanted to hate him but I couldn’t” you smiled and nodded.

“Your seat will be saved” you mutter “if you change your mind” he nods once, leaving the lab and round the corner, you let out a shaky sigh and allow the tears to fall down your cheeks. 

He was your best friend, he made you smile and feel good but you just didn’t love him but for some reason you wished you did, especially if it meant keeping him around but that wasn’t fair for either of you.

“Oh, honey what’s wrong?” Natasha asked rushing to your side, you cried into her shoulder, muttering Bucky’s name she sighed “what did you just discover you love him back?” she asked and you shake your head, 

“That I don’t love him back” you pull away, she frowns “I don’t love him and I wish I did, but I don’t and I don’t know what to do, what do I do?” you asked 

“You get married to the man you love, that’s what you do” Natasha tells you “never feel bad about not loving someone back, you can’t force love and Bucky will heal, every heart heals on their own” she tells you, you nod slowly and sniff back the tears with a small smile “let’s go do the final details” you nodded following behind her closely. 

You found out later that night Bucky left a note for Steve saying he needed a couple weeks too… adjust, that once he is fine he’ll return.

Help ease my mind. Tell me you’re gonna be alright

You stand in front of the full-length body mirror, admiring yourself in your gown and makeup; hair pinned up and a few hairs framed your face, makeup was done naturally but made you look flawless, and it all came together with the ivory lace gown, pearls wrapped around your neck and you looked like one of those bride-models you see in the magazines. 

You felt beautiful, as you should, Natasha stood to your side with a bright grin; Natasha, Wanda, and Pepper all as your bridesmaids was a perfect idea, they all kept you sane today, the big event and biggest day of your entire life.

A soft knock was heard on the light oak door, Wanda and Natasha answered it, you heard mutterings and you frown, turning around but your view was blocked by Pepper and she turned smiling before they left and was replaced with Bucky. You grin, stepping off the stand to walk to him; he stopped you and admired you for a moment before encasing you in a hug, being careful not rip anything before stepping away. 

You wanted to cry, he turned up, after days of no one seeing him or hearing from him, he was here standing in front of you, smiling at you and this day was finally perfect. You go to open your mouth but he stops you, he sighs gently and you knew he had so much he wanted, no, needed to tell you.

“I need to talk” you nod “you look beautiful” he sighed mostly to himself, you let yourself smile at his compliment and he looks at your face, all of your features as if he is trying to memorize them

 “The moment I met you, I felt human again, normal and I felt loved” he tells you “and I fell for you, I love you” he smiled to himself “I love you and I’m never going to stop, I know that, my heart won’t stop falling for you every day; I won’t stop looking at you and thinking you are beautiful, you are forever in my mind, and heart” your heart swells at his words, you fight the urge to cry, so you bite your lip and nod stiffly.

“I love your laugh, I love when you get mad at Tony for his sarcastic comments, bash humour, and rude remarks; I also love how you think of others before yourself, you make sure everyone else is fine before yourself, I kinda hate that actually but it’s one of your many qualities” he chuckled, tears of his own welling up in his eyes.

“And it’s this love for you that’s telling me to walk away from you” he chokes back some tears “telling me that I am being selfish, it’s your day and here I am pronouncing my undying love to you, expecting something to be different this time; something to be there within your eyes that keeps me here, but alas I’m a fool and I’m helplessly devoted and in love with you” you cry, silent tears leak down your cheeks, not enough to ruin the makeup but enough to be noticeable to him.

“I am nothing special; just a common man with common thoughts, and I’ve led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten. But in one respect I have succeeded as gloriously as anyone who’s ever lived: I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul; and to me, this has always been enough.”

 He sighs with defeat, something about this moment reminds you of goodbyes, something about this moment makes you realise that after today you wouldn’t be seeing as much of Bucky, or maybe not at all.

“Help ease my mind. Tell me you’re gonna be alright?” you asked and he stares intently at you, you asking him to lie for you, he blinks as he looks away trying to settle down the tears so he could do that for you; so you’d have an easier way out, so you wouldn’t feel guilty for breaking his heart, he nodded for a couple seconds. 

“I’m going to be just fine, you’ll see, I’m going to be alright” he lies so effortlessly and he sucks in a breath “I have to go, I’m not sticking around, I just had to see you; wish you a good luck on your wedding day, tell you congratulations” he hugs you once more, you nod slowly as he pulls away, avoiding eye contact as he stalks to the door.

“Bucky” you call he stops “I love you, isn’t this love enough for you to stay” he nodded, holding his head up high, he turns back to you with a watery smile but tears finally falling,

“I know, doll” he mutters “it’s just not the way I want you to” he sighs before leaving through the door, Natasha and the girls enter again once he left, asking what he said to you, you shrug them off and make yourself look presentable again.

Bucky watched from the door of the chapel as you walked down the aisle towards Clarke, he watched as you both exchanged vows confessing your own undying love for one another, he watched as Clarke kissed you and welcomed you as his wife. 

Your smile could give the bright sun a run for its money, you looked radiant and glowing, Bucky smiled at your smile; this was the torture of loving someone, always feeling good when they do, he let his head fall for a moment before turning on his heel and leaving the area. 

Bucky would forever be in love with you, you would forever be his one, the girl that killed love in one day and he didn’t hate you, he never could. In fact, it was a good day for love to die, the sun was shining and you were happy, that’s all Bucky wanted; you happy, even if it was at the cost of his own.

(No part 2! This is how it ends, sorry, I think this is the perfect ending for a one shot like this; I am prepared to hear otherwise though. I am taking on angst requests for either imagines or one shots. Although normal requests are welcome also by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

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A Jasper AU when they are both models? That's so adorable

Entirely based off Sophii’s head canons

Jason runs through the key points again in his head and counts them on his fingers; apologize, try and explain, ask to start over. He hopes the rest will fall into place between and the words will just come to him, but the tug at his gut tells him that he’ll bumble over his words and make an ass of himself in front of a beautiful girl. Well, make an ass of himself a second time at least.

The clipped greeting and cold shoulder still haunt him from those months ago in New York. If the next two weeks are going to be anything but completely awkward he’ll need to smooth things over now. It’s bad enough that it’ll be two weeks of shoots with the Piper McLean in swimsuits and summer clothing but when you heap Silena, who has a history of pushing models just outside their comfort zone, on top of that he’s going to be completely red and not from the sun.

So he runs through the plan again and finally opens the door and takes the step out into the hallway. He’s too busy keeping the plan straight in his head to notice her until he counts ten perfectly manicured toes. His eyes slowly move up her ankles, shins, knees, thighs and it’s years and years of coppered skin that makes his tongue fuzzy and throat thick. He decides he’s definitely making an ass of himself again tonight.

“Hi,” she says in a voice full of surprise.

“Hello,” his voice manages to come off steady even though his heart is pounding.

It clicks in his head that he’s talking to his high school celebrity crush, the girl he pinned a poster of on the back of his door, the girl he’s about to spend two weeks with and the thing between his ears that’s supposed to tell him what to do next turns to a puddle. He briefly wonders how much would slosh out if he shook his head right now.

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Some things are worth the wait

The very first time Peter meets the newly appointed head of the Argent family, he’s twelve and he shouldn’t even be there in the first place, so he’s hiding in some bushes downwind in the most undignified manner ever. To make matters worse, he just knows that mama caught him like ten minutes ago but can’t say anything to save face with said head of family.

It’s all Talia’s fault. If she hadn’t been needling him the whole week about attending the meeting, calling him baby, treating him as if she was his mother and, as always, throwing the alpha material thing in, he wouldn’t be in this situation. He’s going to get it so bad… but at least she won’t be able to hold it over his head. Sacrifices needed to be made.

Peter frowns. This Argent doesn’t look like much, to be honest. He wears the most horrible plaid shirt he’s ever seen, a graphic t-shirt (is that batman?), faded jeans and converse shoes, and where said shirt rides up it’s covered in tattoos. He doesn’t have to look at mama to know that she doesn’t respect him much to begin with.

But then, when mama starts negotiating, uncle Charles a stony presence at her side, it’s clear he doesn’t respect her either. Peter’s mind is blown away by the concept. They start trading barbs that make Peter want to laugh so bad and then it gets even better when Talia snarls threateningly and, after a brief look at her, he snorts dismissively.

Best day ever. He will commit her face into his memory and maybe even paint it and gift it to her.

He thought he would get bored halfway through the meeting, but it’s like watching his favorite show and reading a new book all rolled into one. Treaties are made, insults are traded and Peter ends up having hope for the future, because if a man like that can be respected (you just have to see his people’s faces) and rise to run a family like the Argents… He squints his eyes. And, if you take off his beard, he doesn’t look much older than Talia!

As they are leaving, the man looks in his direction and smirks. Peter goes home chastised, punished for a month and nursing a crush the size of Mexico.

Kate doesn’t know what to think about her new guardian. Judging by the closed off face Chris is sporting, he’s the same. They are in the living room, sitting side by side, and he’s in front of them, leaning on his knees with his elbows. The cane their father used is still leaning on the doorway and she eyes it warily. The man follows her gaze and visibly blanches before covering it.

“Okay,” he says, clearly bracing himself, “okay. First things first, that" he motions to the cane ”is never happening in this house again. Ever.“ He looks at them earnestly and they both nod cautiously because he seems to be expecting some kind of response. “Second, my name is Stiles, well, not really, but no one can pronounce my name because it’s polish, hence, Stiles. Much easier for everyone. Anyway, back on track. As you know, I’ll be your guardian from now on and I think it’s best if we lay some ground rules for everyone.”

It takes them two months before they start to believe that things won’t be done the same ever again. For starters, they don’t have to train if they don’t want to, and they can give their opinion on things without being taken to task or being ridiculed. The cane was gone from the get go, burned to cinders in the fireplace. He takes them to Ikea to change their rooms however they want to and they remodel the entire house until it’s unrecognizable.

When, after those two months, Chris asks to be trained again, this time of his own volition, she sits to watch. Not even that remains the same. Creatures aren’t just monsters, but bifaceted beings. Good and bad, he teaches. She joins them the next day.

Victoria comes to visit, an almost sneer in her face and veiled insults about the way he’s running the family in her mouth. She leaves furious, slamming the door, and Chris is devastated. Stiles apologizes for hurting Chris but not for making things clear. Victoria ignores Chris for a week, leaving him a moping mess, before she comes back and Stiles shows her why he’s head of the family when he honest to god threatens her not to hurt Chris ever again. Kate superglues all her textbooks for good measure and Stiles high-fives her. She grins for the first time in his presence.

For the first time in her life, someone shows to parent-teacher meetings and helps her with homework if she needs it. When she turns eight, he gives her an entire container of snickerdoodles to bring to class and share. And, after asking her and letting her decide, he organizes the best party ever, inflatable castle included.

Chris dares to bring university brochures home and waits for his reaction with bated breath. It’s still too soon for that, but if that’s an option that’s on the table, he wants to know so he can at least try to raise his GPA his last two years of school. Stiles just sits down to listen and give advice on career options, going as far as taking his laptop out to look for information when his own knowledge is lacking. Kate gives her brother one of Stiles’ homemade cookies when he looks about to cry.

The second time Peter meets the head of the Argent family, he’s fourteen and his cousin Daniel has disappeared without a trace.

The entire family is in uproar. Daniel was there one second and then he wasn’t. There’s no scent to track, no clues about what happened. His human twin, Amalia, was left behind, untouched. His mom is at the end of her tether, Aunt Isabel can’t stop crying and uncle Charles is devastated too.

While Peter gets stuck with babysitting duty, they search the woods, contact Deaton, they talk to the merpeople in the lake and to the flock of garudas in the preserve, but nothing. Three hours have passed and they are as lost as they were the first minute.

Then lo and behold, Argent pulls his beat up jeep to the front of the house. When he exits the car, little Daniel is in his arms, a little dirty and shaken, but otherwise unharmed. For a moment Peter expects a bloodbath but the man snarks his way into the house when the little boy doesn’t want to let go. He signals his men to wait by the car and they obey immediately, with no sign of complaints or doubt. Peter stares transfixed as he treats the pup with infinite care and patience until he finally reaches for his mom. The man doesn’t even complain when the kid, even in his parents arms, doesn’t let go of his sleeve.

He explains with hushed tones about the witch that had kidnapped Daniel because she needed the blood of a born virgin male beta for a ritual. He also states very clearly, a ruthless glint in his eyes, that the witch won’t be a problem anymore.

The pup reaches for him again and that implacable expression melts into something soft as he gives him his undivided attention. Talia tries to berate him about not contacting them before and he shots her down without even taking his attention from the kid. Peter is certain he’s a little bit in love.

Three year old Laura chooses that moment to grab Derek’s hair and pull with all her might. Derek starts bellowing and Peter sighs at the dirty look Talia throws at him. Argent’s lips twitch with mirth, oh so terribly amused for some reason.

Kate watches as Stiles helps Chris load his car, fussing all the time, and shares a fondly amused look with her brother.

“I think that’s all?” Stiles muses thoughtfully, checking inside the car. “I can’t believe it’s already time. I feel like I have to give you the obligatory awkwardly sentimental leaving-the-nest speech.”

“Please don’t.” Kate snickers at Chris’ pained expression.

“But then your dormmates will share their embarrassing goodbye speeches and you’ll feel left out…”

“I won’t,” he cuts in, but to no avail.

“… and then you’ll be singled out and won’t make any friends and I’ll have ruined your university experience altogether!”

“Dad!” Chris exclaims frustrated and then stops abruptly, shocked with himself. Kate looks at him wide eyed.

To his credit, Stiles only misses the beat for a nanosecond before recuperating. “And there you have it. I’m sure it will be the most original of them.” He looks at Chris earnestly, waggling his eyebrows ridiculously. “An embarrassingly emotional speech about not having an awkwardly sentimental leaving-the-nest speech. Aaand…“ He tackles him and Kate falls from her seat on the porch laughing. “Complete with a farewell hug.“ Then he honest to god pats Chris’ head. “I’m so proud of myself right now. Here, take the care package.”

“Aren’t those supposed to be sent after leaving?” Kate inquires from the floor, still giggling.

“What’s in here anyway? It weights a lot.” Chris opens it a bit and his eyes widen. He tries to look nonchalant as he closes his arms protectively around it. Stiles grins wickedly.

“I knew you would change your mind.”

The third time Peter meets the Argent family head, he’s sixteen and he is in deep shit. As in he’s going to die painfully tortured by the unholy collaborative union of a huntress and a darach shit. And all it’s thanks to Talia, of course. And her pup, don’t forget that devil spawn called Laura.

He told her not to go to meet those damn hunters alone, that it stank of trap, but did she listen? Did their mom listen? Or their dad? Of course not! He’s just a child, what does he know? And Talia is alpha material, an adult, she always knows best.

He had to follow her, of course, because if she died he’d end up on babysitting duty for forever… and also because Minilucifer had somehow sneaked into Talia’s trunk when they weren’t looking. She probably hadn’t noticed because these days her car is full of baby crap that smells of her children all the time.

Long story short, Peter helped her escape with the pup, only to end up captured himself. Why do these things happen to him? Why is it that his sister can mess up badly enough to have things go to a profoundly deep and wide pool full of shit and she always emerges smelling like roses?

He grunts when the darach gouges three deep gashes into his chest, in the shape of a triangle, and collects the blood to paint strange symbols in the immense tree stump beside them.

They’ve coated the ropes in some sort of wolfsbane, because they are burning his skin badly. It’s almost unbearable but he doesn’t give them the satisfaction of struggling and squirming like he needs to. In fact, he relishes in telling them nonchalantly what’s going to happen to them when they are found. He gets a fist to the face for his lip but he doesn’t stop.

Where the hell is the cavalry? Talia escaped at least an hour ago and still there’s no sign of the rescue team. Do they care so little? Peter knows that his family doesn’t care for him like they should, but he’s always thought that at least they would try to save him if something like this happened.

The huntress turns to hit him again, only to be flung backwards with a huge spray of blood that bathes the darach and messes with the markings on the stump. The darach turns startled and swiftly follows the same fate.

Peter loses consciousness and the next thing he sees is Argent untying the ropes and catching him before he falls, his tattoos dancing furiously on his uncovered skin. He carefully cleans the area where the rope touched him and applies some kind of ointment to it, as well as to where the darach cut him. Like magic, his accelerated healing kicks again. In a matter of minutes his mind starts clearing.

He lets the man put on him his jacket and inhales the scent that permeates it greedily. Argent gets up for a moment and Peter can’t help the whine that escapes him. He leans again and passes a hand through his hair soothingly and mutters something about waiting for him for a moment while he performs a cleansing ritual because he doesn’t know when he’ll find it again if he leaves and it’s too good of an opportunity to miss. Peter doesn’t understand completely but nods.

Afterwards, he watches as the man unearths an old looking jar and talks to it. He can’t make head or tail of what’s being said but the bottom line is that Argent opens the jar and something oppressively powerful comes out, hovers for a moment and leaves.

Not much later, in the man’s jeep, he resolves to win him. If he can have him for himself, he doesn’t care if his family doesn’t love him the way they should.

He doesn’t give the jacket back.

Kate has spent the whole weekend holed up in her room binging on snickerdoodles and Stiles has let her be and listened to her when she wanted to rant. Chris, who is visiting for Easter, tried once and afterwards has dedicated to resupply her with more sweets (that Stiles is steadily making) when she runs out.

The problem isn’t being dumped per se, no matter how unpleasant that was, but that the boy has gone out of his way to make it the most humiliating for her, with the added bonus of going for her best friend, Jessica. Former best friend. Did she mention that that former best friend has gotten her kicked out of the cheerleading team too?

Now, don’t be mistaken, Kate is a though lady, but she didn’t expect this at all and it hit her hard. She’ll get up like she always does, but for now she wants to wallow in her misery, thank you very much.

The next day, Stiles pokes his head into her room to ask her if she wants to go to the movies and it’s in the tip of her tongue to say no, but she takes a look around and decides she’s wallowed enough. She nods and he grins.

Of course, with her luck as it is, they run into them when they are buying snacks for the movie. She wants to bang her head into the nearest flat surface, but what she actually does is look at them as if they are beneath her, which, in reality, they are. She gets the satisfaction of seeing them bristle. She may be a damsel and in distress right now, but she doesn’t need the rescue because she also is a huntress and a ninja, as Stiles always tells her fondly.

They come near as a group, like the damn sheep they are, and try to bully her. Keyword: try.

“Kitty Kat?” Stiles comes to her side, passing an arm over her shoulders. Chris, as stoic as ever, stops on her other side. Jessica’s eyes bulge and it takes her a moment to remember that she has never actually met Stiles.

“You didn’t wait to replace me, huh?” her former boyfriend sneers, which is absurd, because Stiles is obviously way older than her. “What a…”

“So you are little Jimmy Wilson,” Stiles interrupts him, a wide dangerous smile in his face, his hand coming up to scratch at his beard. And then, not giving a damn about the fact that his preys are twelve year old kids, he proceeds to scare them to death without actually saying anything incriminating.

Kate starts laughing as soon as they scamper off, tears rolling down her face, and he embraces her, protecting her from prying eyes. “Oh, dad,” she hiccups. She doesn’t need the rescue, but it felt really, really nice, to be honest. She can be a huntress and a ninja another day.

Or maybe just a little bit later, because they skip the movie to play Hide-and-seek in the dark in their house, secret passways included, like they used to do when she was eight and starting stealth training.

The fourth time Peter sees Stiles Argent, he is eighteen and he’s standing beside Talia as her left hand, her husband Phillip on her other side, and they are reinforcing the treaty with her as the alpha. Alpha Deucalion and Alpha Satomi are present too. Christopher Argent flanks Stiles.

He shouldn’t be happy that it all goes to hell when rogue hunters attack the meeting place, but it gives him the opportunity to show how much he has improved on the last two years. He’s good and he knows it. He wouldn’t be Talia’s left hand at eighteen if he wasn’t.

Stiles Argent, though, is superb. Watching him fight is a thing of beauty. The way he mixes magic, guns and martial arts is an art on itself, flowing and brutal at the same time. A blast he produces reduces a hunter to a cloud of thin blood that evaporates. The skirmish is over in a matter of minutes. Peter has never wanted someone as he wants Stiles Argent.

Stiles gives him a hand to get up and his attention fixates on the jacket he’s wearing. The corner of his eyes wrinkle and his lips twitch. Peter grins delightedly.

“Wake up! It’s Christmas!” Stiles bellows from a level below and Kate groans. She decides to make a preemptive strike to avoid being squashed when he inevitably throws himself over her like every damn year, and seeks refuge in Chris room, pillow in hand. His voice grows nearer and she rushes. “Come on, slowpokes! Up, up, up!”

Chris grunts when she rushes into his room but opens the sheets for her. He grunts again when her cold toes find home under his calves. They hear the distinct sound of a picture being taken before a dead weight falls over them and wiggles. They both groan in response.

“Okay then, I’ll eat these by myself if you don’t want any!” he singsongs as he races out of the bedroom and both siblings spring from the bed as if they have been ejected, rushing after him to the kitchen. Stiles only makes his famous Death by Chocolate monster cookies on Christmas. Missing them is a sure cause for tears and desolation.

Stiles laughs.

Before leaving for university to study law, Peter tries to insert his presence in as many aspects of Stiles’ life as he can but seems to be foiled again and again. He finally succeeds when a damn hydra starts attacking the merepeople because she wants to take over their territory. What starts as a simple research meeting evolves into a permanent fixture in their schedules because they enjoy their bickering way too much. Peter may or may not have executed the most undignified victory dance ever and got caught by Derek.

When he actually leaves, he cons a promise out of Stiles to keep those dates up via Skype. They do it throughout the whole four years that his university stint lasts. His papers for class always end up featured in the professor’s lessons because Stiles is a devious little shit that dismantles all his arguments with ease, making him work for airtight ones. He graduates valedictorian.

He’s so stupidly in love with him that he doesn’t even look at anybody else the whole four years.

Kate debates between laughing at her dad’s babbling and crying herself. Chris is looking very handsome in his wedding suit and he looks like he himself is debating between being amused at Stiles’ antics and exasperated. They both share a smile. She passes him a tissue and he blows noisily.

She will be eternally grateful for her dad appearing in her life. What would have been of them if Gerard was still alive? She shudders. Thinking logically, she’s always know that he had something to do with Gerard’s disappearance, but she doesn’t care. This wonderful man came into their lives and turned them around completely. He gave them love and understanding in equal measures, and also the tools to make themselves self-sufficient, to be able to stand on their own two feet proudly. He let them try new things for themselves, helping them when they needed it, cheering them on their successes and catching them on their failures. Can anyone question why she loves him so much?

When Victoria starts walking down the aisle, her dad gives her a kiss on the crown of her head first and then another in her forehead before rushing to his allocated position as the groom’s best man. At the reception, when he gives his mandatory speech, he threatens the bride again, like he did all those years ago, and Kate laughs so hard that she cries. Chris facepalms.

Yes, she will always be thankful of his presence in her life.

Peter is twenty-six when his fourteen years long campaign bears fruits. He eyes the naked sleepy man beside him and smiles.

“Yeah, yeah, persistent little bastard… you win. If you have time to be smug, bring me some coffee,” the man grumbles and Peter snickers but complies, placing an affectionate kiss on his shoulder before going to the kitchen.

“What’s the plan today?” Peter asks, coaxing Stiles to lay on his chest between his legs, his own back leaning on the headboard.

“I promised to take Allison to the park.” Stiles will never get over the fact that he’s a granddad at thirty-four years old. Sometimes he still doesn’t believe it.

Later, at the park with a two year old Allison, his breath catches and Peter looks at him questioningly. He closes his eyes and smiles at him, leaning for a kiss to make what’s coming more sweet than bitter.

“Ah, hello! Is she your daughter?”

“Granddaughter, in fact.” In the sandbox Allison laughs. “Stiles Argent, nice to meet you.”

“Claudia Stilinski. Nice to meet you too.” She looks to her right and beckons a man closer. “This is John, my husband. And that little boy is our son, Miłosław.”

Allison laughs again, making grabby hands at him and he indulges her. She hugs him and plants a wet kiss on his cheek. He carries her to where a little boy with way too much energy and not an ounce of power of concentration sits. He knows that the kid has a difficult time making friends even at this age, which is probably why his mother has approached a complete stranger in the park.

“Hello there, Miłosław,” he ignores the surprised gasp from behind, “this is Allison. Do you want to be friends?”

Sooo… this happened? I was writing another completely different time travel for my teen wolf bingo card and this crept on, grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.

Well, anyway, might as well use this for the time travel au square?

NOTE: Corrected some typos. I think I got them all?