complaining about things i haven't watched

Maybe werewolf eyes are extra sensitive to light. Maybe that’s why no one in the show remembers how to flip on a freaking light switch.

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Where I live is about to be hit by a hurricane and we haven't had one in 60 years so I'm all kinds of nervous, can you give some fluffy headcanons to help calm me down?

Stay safe honeybee!! 

- Dean actually loves those ridiculously fluffy socks - they maybe aren’t the most practical thing ever but they feel AWESOME
- He complained a lot about Cas wanting to watch nature documentaries ( ‘don’t you already know all of it??” ) and ended up enjoying it a lot 
- Cas always kisses him goodnight 
- they cook together A LOT even though Cas still is not very good at it - but he’s more than happy to just cut stuff and watch Dean working 
- Dean always sings when he’s preparing food, putting a lot of effort to make it not only tasty but also pretty 
- They have those quiet evening and late afternoons where they just lie on the couch under the blanket and quietly read books next to each other 
- they argue pretty often but also can be so soft with each other 
- Cas watching Dean with this fond little smile when he’s not looking 
- Dean doing the exact same thing 

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Have you ever watched "Stranger Things"?

Alright. Here me out for a second, here.

Have you ever noticed how no one hates this show? Like, they don’t even hate the fandom around it. Everyone only had positive things to say.

The few times people to complain it’s been because someone named Benny/Barbra was so good of a character that they didn’t want them dead.

Everything is so positive about this show. Nothing should be this perfect.

There’s some conspiracy shit going on here and I’m not gonna fall for it like the rest of you fools have.

Right I'm all for people starting to watch Shadowhunters,

but if you’re just doing it for malec, and you literally dislike everything else, and you’re going to complain about everything else. Then just stop. I get that the more viewers the better type of thing. But if half of the viewers aren’t interested in the show properly, dislike the acting, the makeup, props, editing etc and are only watching it for one ship then I’m just asdfghjkl. There is more to this show than just malec, and if you don’t like anything else. Why are you even bothering to sit there, wasting 45 minutes of your life watching a show to only like about 10 minutes of it due to a ship.