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Okay but why are all the historicals set in regency or victorian london or america? Why can’t we move from those two places? Where are my medieval queers? European renessance queers? Roaring twenties queers? Where’s the non-european romances? Ppl complain about homophobic societies so why not set it in historical countries where it was accepted? China? Japan? Native Americans???

All these countries and eras in the world and we set everything in a hundred year span in two countries? Come on

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”

I did not love you to have you.

I love you so I can taste the best coffee mix you make in the morning. I love you so I can lean on your shoulder at night as we talk the whole time and wait for the darkness to say goodbye to the sky. I love you so I can look at you on your random times; when you snore, when you pick your nose, when you frown, when you complain about how stupid the society could be. I love you so I can rest my head on your chest and hear your heartbeat as you tell me stories which does not make sense most of the time but I will listen because I love to hear your voice. I love you so I can hold your hand in the street when it’s dark or whenever I feel like I want to or every time we walk together. I love you so I can argue with you about small things only to apologize in the end. I love you so I can annoy you everyday but you won’t be able to get rid of me. I love you so I can hug you every time my world is falling apart. I love you so I can tell you that you are my blessing and I am lucky that God got bored and made you. I love you so I can whisper to your ear that you are just the best. I love you so I can love you endlessly and you won’t have a choice but to let me because you knew how stubborn I can be. I love you so I can tell you I love you.

I did not love you to have you;
But I have you.

Times got rough and smashed us to the edges but you still smile with me even there were tears in your eyes. I’m not easy to love but you still stay with me til the morning to make the best coffee mix. I am stubborn but you are still so patient with me. I am annoying but you still choose to keep me. You choose to keep me everyday even I make you tired. You keep me despite the fact that I am s big fat pain in the ass. You choose to keep me when it is so much easier to lose me.

I did not love you to have you.
But I have you anyway—
For that, I am the luckiest.

My favorite type of LGBT person to deal with are fake woke gays. Y'know the ones who love to mock straight relationships claiming they have toxic gender roles and always end in infidelity, but in their next breath look for a married str8/bi masc4masc guy to have sex with to brag about later. They’re the ones who call straight people out on sexism, but then ignore their own misogyny. They love to talk about straight white men and straight white women and their racism, but then continue to discriminate or belittle LGBT people of color. They call nongay people out on homophobia, but then in the next blink berate feminine men and flamboyancy and those who act “too gay”. The ones who complain about people talking about communities they’re not a part of, but then in the next sentence they themselves talk over other communities. The ones who complain about how intolerant our society is, but secretly (or not so secretly in some cases) vote for politicians who harm entire communities. They’re the ones who love to distance themselves from bigotry while doing the same actions.

Ok so there’s this whole “down with cis” movement and it’s disgusting. Some trans people seem to think they’re superior than cis gender people and some even refuse to interact with them online. All of this is because some cis people called them out on their “76+ gender” bullshit. The majority of the population is cigender so hating them is pointless and it’s just going to make your life miserable. A common trend is that these people are usually nonbinary transtrenders and complain about cis people and society “gendering everything” even though obviously society is going to do something that suits 99% of people. These people give a bad name to the trans community

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is it stories about lesbian teachers time bc in highschool the BEST teacher ever (she's so amazing I cry - joke is that she's Ellen's long lost twin since they have the same voice & cheer up everyone every day) once she gets to know you she tells stories about her wife and family & it's so cute. once we were complaining about how society expects girls to marry & have kids & how we'd rather have pets. she leans in the doorway like "yeah that's why we have cats" then talked about her cats


so i went to pick up my order at a thai restaurant and i overheard this old white man tell his friends “ today’s youth act just like jesus, they live at home until they’re 30 and after that they do nothing ”

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Some radfems honestly are just in this movement to be transphobic. I'm a lesbian and I wouldn't sleep with a trans woman. So I don't think about it or get involved in that discourse. But wow some radfems are truly obsessed over 'neovaginas' and say such disgusting things about them. I mean the ask saying we should call trans women's vaginas 'fuckholes' makes me sick. We shouldn't complain about the misogynistic way society looks at vaginas and then turn around and use terms like that ourselves.

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Steven, why didn't you hang with the CG, or with Peri & Lapis at the barn? Where WERE the Gems, anyway?

I’m not trying to have everyone feel bad for me. I do have friends, but it’s hard to know when it’s ok to ask them to hang out. As an introvert, it’s sometimes hard to talk to people. Many of the friends did move away, but I do have many nearby, though I’m not close enough to them to where I’m entirely comfortable asking if they want to see a movie of something. They probably would hang out with me because most people I know seem to like me, but it’s really hard to ask. I’m not trying to have everyone feel bad for me, I’m just saying that me seeing Steven complaining about having no one to hang out with is like an overweight girl seeing a skinny girl calling herself fat, or a black woman seeing a white guy complaining about how society is against him. There’s a huge part of me that wants to say fuck you! 

Just a little rant

Shut up about culture appropriation


Shut up.

Do you understand how idiotic you people sound when you use that term?

Are you trying to enforce segregation?

If a Hispanic person wants to eat Chinese food that’s not culture appropriation.

If a white person wants dreadlocks, that’s not culture appropriation

If a black person wants to wear lolita and speak Japanese, that’s not culture appropriation.

I’d be ecstatic if my white friends wanted to learn more about my culture and adapt to some of them.

Hell, my best friend is Bengali and now I’ve adapted some of their traditions into my life, especially the food.

If that person is not offending the culture but just embracing it and learning from it, let them be and shut up.

I’m so tired of reading another hot take to the effect of “Those people are just feeling excluded, because of the left accusing them of everything and them not fitting into expectations of society” when talking about radicalization of people on 4chan or thereabouts. 

The thing is, they do it to themselves. I’ve spent a good portion of my earlier life on 4chan and I’ve seen how it goes - those are people who complain about society and how it measures worth of people, but when they see someone trying to change that, they just ridicule them as weak, prefering insted to simply find somebody lower on the pecking order to make fun of, internalising their shame of not meeting those very same expectations themselves in the process.

Those are also people who build their whole personality around being an outcast and seem to simply be incapable of thinking about themselves otherwise - that’s why most of those “acccusations from the left” are almost always either the mfinding completely irrelevant people high on discourse or just made-up troll accounts.

And of course, there’s the fact that people don’t react to being made fun of by picking up torches and becoming nazis if they weren’t racist already (which as anybody who spent some time on 4chan will know, lots of people there are, even if they will not think that of themselves), but that point has already been made by a number of people.

“Men are weak. Women are strong.”

This is what I see on this website, other social media sites and even television on a daily basis. This is the poorest excuse for “empowerment” that I’ve seen in some time.

“Men are weak.” I can see where you get that. Men are much more likely than women to commit suicide in basically every country in the world. Men are much more likely to hide their abuse, rape, or assault. Men are much more likely to hold in their feelings and just put up with their struggles in silence. And with all of this, we still find it appropriate to make fun of them.

Let me ask you this: If you were abused and your entire gender was just as abused as the other gender, and you didn’t receive even half of the services that they did for it, how would you feel? If there were no shelters for you, hotlines don’t support you, and police adhered to a method that assumes you the aggressor if you do seek help, if you knew you would be made fun of and ignored all at the same time for voicing your concerns, If society didn’t treat your problems even half as seriously as the problems of the other gender, If talk shows and the media frequently excuses or downplays the same horrible actions that men do, but only for women, would you want to talk about your abuse?

How about encouragement? If you were told not to voice concerns about your feelings or your appearance (“suck it up”, “man up”), if you only see encouragement for self esteem and body image for the other gender, if campaigns and celebrities only focus on the other gender exclusively, if it isn’t considered appropriate for your gender to voice their concerns, how would you feel? And to see a “men are weak” post to boot?

How about comparisons to experience? Men get told that they are weak because they cant physically have babies. Like that’s some kind of measurable variable in a debate. Many women choose not to have babies because of the potential pain. Are they just as weak as men then? Men have external genitals that are so sensitive, that blunt force could create extreme pain, vomiting, and even fainting. Even after, the pain can continue. Men make up 93% of U.S. Injury and Death in the workplace, and the number is similar in other countries. This is because men are often forced to take the dangerous physical jobs. That means that a majority of the people coming in with fingers, limbs, ect cut off are men. Men who get treated for crushed body parts from working in a had tiring job are men. This means those attacked by sharks, venomous, or overall dangerous sea creatures while fishing are more than likely going to be male. Is that not comparable to child birth? Is losing a limb or fainting from intense pain not a factor here? And let’s not forget “Im scared to walk home at night as a woman because I might get murdered.” It’s fine to be cautious, but remember that men in all first world countries make up a majority (often vast majority) of murder and homicide victims are male. Blame it on criminals finding males more important to take out first, or not wanting to harm a woman (and having no problem harming a male), but men are much more likely to be killed at night than women, so making it a womens issue is insulting.

For you to pass along the “men are weak” message in an attempt at empowerment or to make yourself feel better is pathetic. Men suffer just as much as you do. Men fear harm, are harmed, abused, limited by society and law, but unlike you, they don’t get help for it. People choose not to recognize their pain like they do yours. You complain about an expectation from society and get immediate support, but if men, who cant even complain about these things, show discomfort with something, you all make fun of them. You are not special. Your words are not empowering.

You are literally trying to tear someone down to make you and your gender seem and feel better. That doesn’t sound like something that a strong person or group would do. Making fun of people for being born a certain way and ridiculing or ignoring the same problems that you have when it happens to them does not make you powerful, it makes you a child.  

P.S. If you reblog or create posts ridiculing issues that men face instead of helping them, don’t you DARE claim to support equality.

Tumblr disgusts me sometimes. Fuck you super “accepting” people who are actually huge bitches and get off of people’s “mistakes” and opinons that don’t concur with your own. Fuck you for always trying to find something to bash on, and are straight out rude. Fuck you certain popular social justice blogger who verbally spits on the hippie culture for being “racist”, when it is comon knowledge that racism is not on their agenda at all. 

It’s sad how elitist some of you guys are, considering your main source of education comes from other equally blinded bloggers. You expect to be treated like royalty because of the dozens of self diagnosed mental illness’ and your deviant genders and sexualities. When especially concerning the former, no one gives a fuck if you’re ~demisexual, aromantic, bigender~, and then you complain about being oppressed by society when no one provides you with  the special snowflake treatment you believe you deserve.  

Fuck you if you think you’re super individualistic and special and expect people to refer to you as “zir” or whatever the fuck you made up. That isn’t even part of the english language. You are actually inhibiting people who genuinely experience dysphoria and struggle with gender identity, because they’re afraid of coming across as one of you dumb fucktards. Fuck you if you expect others to believe that you’re not a human, grow the fuck up, you’re not a dragon, or a fairy, or an elf. 

Also, fuck your self diagnosing, okay it doesn’t take an expert to tell if you’re depressed or have anxiety, but you guys diagnosing yourselves with autism and schizophrenia, and certain personality disorders? Are you fucking kidding me. Those are incredibly complex and difficult diagnosis’ to make and even profesionals make a lot of mistakes in these areas, so stop pretending that reading the diagnosis criteria on a website is going to make you an instant psychiatrist. 

Please just stop acting like such a flock of downtrodden victims, and being so damn bitter about those who refuse to buy into it. 

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Hello! Could I get an AC ship, please? I'm blonde, 1.63 cm, sporty, and say 'fight me' way too often. I love singing, reading books and being by myself, that's why I have very few friends. People who don't know me think I'm arrogant and cold-hearted, in fact I'm just too shy to talk to people or prefer to stay away from them, because I get angry and annoyed very fast. But with my close friends I'm very cheerful and brisk (most of the time). I also complain about society A LOT. thanks <3

I ship you with Jacob Frye!

Jacob is the best assassin to deal with your ‘fight me’ personality. The first time you say it, he’ll joke and say he’ll take you to the fight club. But after a while, he would finally really bring you to the fight club. He wouldn’t force you to fight, however, but he would join in on the fight which would be a sight to see. 

You can’t ever be cold-hearted around Jacob; he would just crack jokes until you would feel comfortable and smile. You would never go to sleep without a smile on your face, that’s for sure. 

Want to complain about society? Jacob will agree with you whole heartedly and will help you change anything you want. It may start small and on a local level, but he’ll help you get a start on making real change.

Hope you like! :)

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please oh please describe potential drunk riarkle

  • kay listen
  • Farkle thinks he can be a big party animal and hold his alcohol like yeah shit dude lemme just down five beers i’ll live who cares
  • In reality, he is just a raging Wine Mom™ who stresses himself out throughout the day and requires a large glass of some shitty overpriced red wine to relax and get the fuck to sleep
  • Riley judges him so much if she sees him sinking into a couch with a glass she’ll start calling him Deborah
  • She sends him middle aged wine mom memes and he’s like??? What no this is not I
  • He’s so ridiculous but he’s had this habit way too long to kick so yeah
  • And if you give him literally anything else, see: when he’s at a party and thinks he can handle it.
  • He cannot handle it
  • He gets so drunk so fast and all he can do is sing. Very badly.
  • Like he’s a good singer but Drunk Farkle doesn’t seem to know that.
  • A party will be raging on and Farkle will just be in a secluded corner loudly singing Billy Joel songs to himself while crying it’s a mess omfg
  • Okay so Riley just. Holds alcohol a lot better than anyone ever expected her to.
  • But she’ll be like
  • ‘No this is a party I want to be drunk what the fuck???”
  • So then she overdrinks and the designated driver friend has to follow her like a hawk to make sure she doesn’t get alcohol poisoning
  • Drunk Riley is the w o r s t holy shit
  • She can never decide if she’s a Wild Drunk or a Philosophical Drunk
  • So she will be standing on a table dancing the life out of everyone while simultaneously yelling about how time is a social construct and everything we complain about in modern society is a man made problem that could be solved easily if humanity didn’t have to complicate everything
  • Like can you fucking imagine
  • Can you fucking imagine like your girlfriend grinding on you and then all the sudden her shirts half off and she pulls you close and whispers some shit about how money is at the root of ever human problem but humans fucking created money and could do away with it easily if a better plan was created and human arrogance didn’t stand in the way
  • Can you fucking imagine that
  • Bc that’s Riley Matthews drunk omfg
  • they’re such dorks
  • riarkle ugh

It’s not okay to be fat. 

I hate it when people call fat people beautiful when they’re not. It’s a lie to gain followers and admiration.

And my God please don’t show off your half naked, massive body and claim to love yourself. It’s disgusting. 

Obesity isn’t aesthetically pleasing, and it never will be. People complain about society setting unrealistic standards for women in terms of weight, but really that’s just the moaning of people who can’t be bothered to put in the effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Don’t tell fat people they’re beautiful and fine the way they are, because they’re not. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be.

@people who complain about society: sorry but society is something that you also create. all of you make a society and that society only knows how to complain. if you hsve an issue with society bring it up and change it, dont blame others all the god damn time when youre part of the society too

To the people making fun of those playing Pokemon Go… this game is actually helping people to get active. Like in order to catch Pokémon, you have to go different places, and the eggs require you to walk at least 2k to get them to hatch. Some require as much as 5 or 10k. Plus it is helping those with social anxiety to meet like-minded people and just make friends in general. Society complains about lazy gamers then makes fun of them even when the game promotes activity. Yeah it’s nerdy. But I thought we were all cool with nerdy now?

I know what it is… y'all are afraid of fit nerds. You’re worried all of us playing Pokemon Go will get super fit and we will take over. You know what? You SHOULD fear us. First step, master all the Pokémon. Second step, THE WORLD!