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Hinata figma annnounced, and the prototype will be exhibited during WonFes on 19th Feb. Nendoroids for Yamaguchi, Daichi and Ushijima announced, and will be released some time in 2017. Compilation CD with all the OP and ED from the 3 anime seasons, and the ED from the Lev OVA announced and to be released on 19th April, as well as more charms to be released.

Source: Public raws for JUMP

Capcom has revealed the cover art for the upcoming compilation CD, Gyakuten Saiban MEETS AGAIN ~ Orchestra and Jazz! As previously announced, this will be a compilation of the existing Gyakuten Meets Orchestra and Gyakuten Meets Jazz Soul albums.

The compilation goes on sale on March 18th for 3,240 yen, including tax; you can find it on import sites and

Thanks to @hoso_boso for the heads-up!

Mixtape Magick

Stop and think; when was there a time when music DIDN’T make you feel some kind of emotion? Music within itself is a powerful tool for manipulating emotions: it works almost instantaneously. So, naturally, music has been used in magick for ages.

Mixtape magick is quite simple. All you need is your intent, a compilation of music (iPod, CD, cassette tape, playlist, 8tracks, whatnot), and something to charge the music with.

First, make your music selections. I highly recommend grouping together songs with similar tones or messages that resonate with your intent. For example, Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves would be a wonderful choice for a Happiness mixtape; Boss Ass Bitch by PTAF would be perfect for a Confidence mixtape.

Charging your mixtape will take a bit of creativity. Make sure–if your mixtape is on a device with other programs–that only the mix is open (to prevent spell jumbling on your computer or phone). Below are a list of suggestions for charging your mixtape:

1. Sigils placed underneath the mixtape while it plays
2. Ring of herbs or crystals around the mixtape while it plays
3. Light a candle corresponding with your intent next to the mixtape
4. Whisper your intent to the mixtape until you feel it has gotten the memo
5. Energy work charging



Please remember to watch it in 720p60 for the best experience! Enjoy!


So professor Jan Carlee was talking about the history of computer animation (as you can tell by my previous uploads).
He worked on this scene - the very famous Tron Lightbike Sequence.

When you did 3D animation back in the 80′s, there was no image preview application. You literally had to plot points down in a program, send the film out and hope that what you got was accurate.  If your footage looked incorrect, you had to refilm the entire thing - and there was no real file compression system back then either. Computers had less storage space than a CD, RAM was incredibly slow and the files were gigantic. So compiling data took forever, and clients were picky. Especially Disney. 

short version: They animated this scene completely blind. You didn’t want to screw up the first time you sequenced it, because then you would have to start over. Everything CG in this film - camera angles, cuts, ect - was done completely without visual progress aid.

Keep that in mind when you watch this.

I have so much more respect for this film now.

to quote wikipedia: this list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it! if a link is broken just message me or google the video title, whichever’s easiest.


There´s no mistaking the unique performance of Robert Pete Williams - someone here on youtube (BWJohnson I think) aptly named him a “Blues Genius”. This is a track from “Poor Bob´s Blues” a 2-cd compilation that - quoting AMG - “collects recordings Williams did for Harry Oster’s Folk-Lyric label between 1959 (when Oster discovered him at Angola Prison in Louisiana) and Williams’ death in 1980, and it forms a wonderful introduction to this unique bluesman”


Robert Pete Williams Birthday (March 14, 1914 – December 31, 1980)