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Whats admin fav yoonmin ff? Im new to this ship hehe

*grabs mic*
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome and good evening.It is I, Admin Janelle, your resident yoonmin enthusiast, to fill your hearts with Yoonmin!

Severe Weather by pornographicpenguin  (Incubus!AU, NC17 af)
Work by noraebangbang (DJ!AU kinda, also NC17 af)
If I Was Your Vampire by noraebangbang (fluffy and adorable vampire!AU but not quite cos I don’t wanna give any spoilers but its so good)
Choke and Pull by heukhaneul (Rich!AU, Yoongi in an Armani suit i’m dyiin. Also hella NC17)
Baby Blue (I’ll Bloom For You) by sugamins (Racer!AU/Sugarbaby!AU Forever my favourite Yoonmin fic ever, fight me. ALSO hella NC17, I see a trend here??)
just this by duchesscass (RIP me this was sooo incredible. ALso smuttyyy)
- A Congregation of Butterflies by Fiathe (Classic Yoonmin fic that I will rec until my fingers fall off. Warning: self-harm)
- A Sunday Morning Type of Love by purpleho (Nauseatingly Fluffy AND smutty?!?! Yespls.)
Wrong Stop by vangtan (Klassic yoonmin fic. Yes, with a K. For extra Klass)
Untitled.mp3 by Elemir (don’t even touch me this had me so fucked up in the best way yes. College!AU)
when you’re in love all the lines get blurred by jflawless (this fic a damn year old and I’m STILL mad at jflawless for how good this is lord have mercy. Fake Dating!AU)
Side Dishes by Elemir (Another CLASSIC. Actor!AU. Pretty NC17)
Love at First Sigh by Elemir (I don’t even wanna talk about it. This fic still makes me crazy. Amazing)
Because you’re mine (I walk the line) by inkingbrushes (ANOTHER classic cos honestly there’s always room for more. Warning: eating disorder. I’m still emo about it. *sniffs*. Also basically anything by inkingbrushes is golden).
Throw Sum ‘Mo by  sungmin (jeonggukkie) (That Club!AU that got me so fucked up. A two-part series that should be 50 parts but the author is only human and I respect that. NC17 as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh).
Baby by jiminthemandarin (I once dubbed this “obnoxiously fluffy” and I stand by my word. Parents!AU, Mpreg, Preggers Jimin I meeeeeeeeeeeeeean. Yes. ABO!AU. Always yes).

SO THAT WAS A LOT. And it’s merely a selection of the Yoonmin that I love and an even smaller amount of the Yoonmin that we have here, so don’t forget out Yoonmin Tag.

- Admin Janelle xo 

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Do you know any taekook recent ff? Im bored with the old ones and now craving for more good taekook new ff. Thanks

Hey, hello, how ya doin?

Headed to Hell for the Company by Rix (new series of one shots, smutt AF)
Shark in the Water by mindheist (new-ish, a million shades of incredible)
Whatta Man (Good Man) by aeterisks (Porn ensues)
cut out all the ropes (let me fall) by aeterisks (Arguably my fave vkook fic ever. arguably my fave smut fic ever???)

That’s all for now! 
- Admin Janelle xo



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I've been thirsty for some sugakookie, can you guys rec me ones you've read recently? any genre is fine :) thank you sm ♡

- fool me once by bazooka
- all my loving by internetpistol
- min yoongi, jeon jeongguk, and the cupboard by chensus
- flower boys by siderum
do it like me by xiajin
when i can’t sleep (i find my way to you) by heartbee4
- call me maybe? by akiss
brick, meet window by nonheather; yoongi/jin/jungkook
- fucking date me by pornographicpenguin

- admin nissi

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hi, hi! can you guys recommend me some (or many) must-read & completely not disappointing fics of vmin, jikook, and yoonmin? (or everyonexjimin as long as jimin is the submissive, cute little bean!) tyvm! ♡ AND OH― HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADMIN JANELLE! wish you all the best, may this year be a blast year for you. hope everything's going well! ♡

Thank you so much for the birthday shout out! (Even if I’m a little late replying ilysm)
&& I’m sorry but I don’t read much jikook or vmin but here’s all the yoonmin that’s been tickling my fancy lately:

strobelight gospel by astringxnt  (coffeeshop!AU kinda)
Please by noraebangbang (tattoo artist!AU, whereztheressstttt?!)
Work by noraebangbang (yikes!)
Flash Flood by pornographicpenguin (arguably the best smut fic I’ve ever read??)

- Admin Janelle xo (thnx again for the HBD & godo wishes, ily)

JiHope Bingo: Week 2

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@jiadore: Coffee Shop

@jihope-inthestars: Caught Watching Porn

@jimincena: *`~Double Entry~`*

College/High School  &  Gang/Mafia

@portscutie: Love at First Sight

@run-bts-uk: Guardian Angel

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Team Jimin:

@b00rangi: We Thought You Were Dead

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@infiresfan: *`~Double Entry~`*

Crossdressing  &  First Kiss

@jihopedrabbles: Hybrid

@ocean-that-motion: *`~Double Entry~`*

Enemies to Friends to Lovers  &  Hospital 

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@softisuga: First Kiss

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