My (hella late) contribution to the death of Vine.

Writing With Color – Featured Description Posts

Some of our most useful posts on describing People of Color, all in one place.

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Writing With Color Top Posts + Other Useful Ones

Oh hey– here’s a list ranked by Writing With Color’s most popular posts since opening in 2014 up till now, the start of 2017. Pulled together for the interest and usefulness for readers like you. Thank you.

Top 7 Popular Original Posts 

  1. Words for Skin Tone - This two part guide offers an array of words for describing skin color. Part I focuses on the problems with food descriptors. Part II provides alternatives. (68k+ Notes)
  2. Common Micro-aggressions: African Americans and/or Black People - An extensive list of common micro-aggressions towards Black people with some links for further reading. (46k)
  3. Words to Describe Hair - As with the words for skin tone, an offering of words to describe hair, from curls to different colors. (34k+)
  4. Black and White Symbolism: A Look into the Trope - Discusses concept of black as evil and white as good, from its history & problem implications. Guide offers alternatives & solutions. (10k)
  5. Describing Accents - An example-based post for describing accents and voices. (5k)
  6. How to Research your Racially/Ethnically Diverse Characters -     Self-explanatory. (5k) 
  7. Describing Asian Eyes - A guide to describing Asian eyes with further useful commentary. (4k)

Honorable Mentions

Other recommended WWC Posts.

  • Stereotyping Tropes List - A categorized tropes list reposted from the TV Tropes website with links to their topics on the subject matter.



made a compilation of some of my fav vines in honour of the app’s imminent death (warning - some loud bits)

whatever idk i think they’re funny and that’s all that matters x


“While we were recording in Nashville, when we were finished with the tracks, we would listen to everything we had made and dance along like crazy. We invited people we had met in a shop near the area of the studio and our friends like Juliette Lewis or Harmony Korine. I never worked like that before. It was the first time I was with such creative people in the studio. I learned a lot, now I can isolate myself, I can experiment without trying, even if there are many people in the studio. There’s a huge universe in my mind I usually go to find shelter in. I may not be that lucky in my everyday life, but as far as my work is concerned – I’m blessed. In the studio I’m always surrounded by good people. My mood is always good there.”

“Pleasure starts and ends with recording the album. Then the pain starts, touring, promotion, difficult stuff.”

“When I find myself alone in the studio facing the microphone, I’m so free, capable of anything… I feel safer than anywhere else in these little “boxes” that are my songs.”


hi pls check out this vine compilation that i made to commemorate vine!! #ripvine

Bring on the “Stydia though the years” compilation videos. I want every scene, every look, every touch, even every simple mention of the other’s name from fucking season 1 episode 1 to season 6 episode fucking 10. The show started and ended with Stydia, and i need all those scenes in one place right the fuck now. I need to see their entire journey right before my very eyes. It will be the most glorious thing to ever exist. Give it to me.