I am back!

I am back! And in pain! I just got of the hospital and put into some nice compfy pjs. Thanks to my little sis. I won’t be teaching at school for a week so I have to call a sub… I am going to be bed ridden for a while… but I am back for you guys! IMMA LIVE!!!

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Anyone who may be pulling an all nighter, running on low sleep and completely stressed out at the moment…as I may or may not be… I just want to say, drink lots of water, stay hydrated, grab that coffee, get your compfy pjs and your motivational music on and push through. It’s worth it, don’t question your life decisions now, power through this one miserable night, finish your assignment, be ready for that test, or two tests, and look forward to the day after. You can do it bbs! Best of luck!