competitive swimming

The Seven in Real Life (mortal AU) (plus Reyna, Nico, and Grover) (how I imagine them)


  • Everyone can tell he was born pale, but he’s so tan he looks almost golden and he glows in the sun from all his time spent outside
  • Hair is jet-black, so black it looks like black midnight velvet
  • Also is wavy (like the ocean) and falls in front of his eyes so he has to flick it out of his face
  • (which Annabeth finds super cute)
  • (Annabeth totally calls him a bee bc of the color combo)
  • Goofy grin
  • Totally a skater
  • Swims competitively as well (obviously)
  • Likes video games, but doesn’t play obsessively
  • So sweet until someone hurts his friends, then he turns into an avenging demon so look out
  • Super romantic
  • Good at dancing
  • Clumsy when flustered
  • Blushes super easily
  • Poseidon and Sally are divorced, and at Poseidon’s house he has a horse named Blackjack
  • Might be an Olympic swimmer
  • Will start working in Poseidon’s fishing business (Poseidon’s already holding a spot for him)
  • And will work at an aquarium on the weekends
  • His best subject is PE


  • Kinda tan, but still pale
  • Her skin bugs her because she spends so much time outside but she either burns or tans so lightly you can hardly see it
  • Her hair is bleached from the time outside so super blond but not white
  • Obviously her hair is curly and when she takes the time to brush it, it magically styles so that the hair frames her face like a halo
  • (also has lowlights of darker colors which gives her hair more volume)
  • Grey eyes burn when she’s angry
  • Most guys (and girls) terrified of her
  • Doesn’t blush easily but when she does it blotches uglily but Percy calls it beautiful
  • When she smiles, her normally sharp face softens and she looks like an angel
  • Definitely a ballet dancer
  • And a painter
  • Lives with her mom after an abusive childhood at the hands of her stepmother (like Cinderella kinda) (her dad didn’t know obviously)
  • Likes to keep her hair pinned up bc it bugs her when it gets in her face
  • Takes classes three years above her grade
  • Is going to be an architect (duh)
  • Tutors Percy two days a week on pretty much every subject


  • A combination of copper and strawberry-blond hair
  • Eyes soft brown like chocolate
  • Light smattering of freckles across his nose and cheeks
  • Clumsy
  • Needs crutches
  • Blushes whenever Juniper walks up to the group
  • Blush spreads to his ears as well (which Juniper finds adorable)
  • Definitely plays flute
  • Best flute player in band
  • Loves to play video games w Percy
  • Patient and kind
  • Always remembers friends’ birthdays
  • Probably also sketches when bored
  • (is really good at drawing faces)
  • (but hands are hard for him)
  • (as well as feet)
  • (and the OTHER EYE oh my gods)
  • Was abandoned as a child
  • Lives with a big foster family and they’re all kinda rough but he never gets too hurt
  • Lives across from Juniper


  • Way tanned (especially when compared to his hair)
  • Hair bleached almost white (lighter than Annabeth’s)
  • Lightning-blue eyes that seem to pierce through you
  • Surprisingly good at writing and English class.
  • Intimidates most guys at school using his height
  • Surprisingly good sense of humor
  • Plays football
  • And wrestles
  • But likes to bake
  • And rides horses on the weekend
  • Stammers when flustered
  • Doesn’t blush that easily though
  • Struggles with math
  • Zeus constantly pushes him to do better and he doesn’t have a ton of time for him and Thalia because he’s working
  • (Thalia is his big sister/mother figure in his life)
  • Mom died in a car crash when he was three
  • Eats candy obsessively


  • Hair and skin pretty much the same shade (very dark)
  • Kaleidoscope eyes that fascinate Jason
  • Loves to sketch outdoors
  • When she’s bored in class she’ll braid her hair
  • So she’ll walk out of math every day with five or so random braids swinging around her head
  • Jason finds it adorable obviously
  • She tutors Jason in math bc he struggles and she’s two years ahead of everyone in math at home (she does extra worksheets during her spare time) but she is in the regular class for her grade
  • Avoids anything to do with drama like the plague
  • During the summer, convinces her dad to let her take everyone (the seven, Nico, and Reyna) to Hawaii to their private house there
  • Wants to be a professional surfer when she grows up
  • The reason she works so hard at math is to prove to the others she’s not just a pretty face
  • Sings the lead roles in the school plays b/c one time the drama teacher heard her and has never let her forget it
  • She totally rock climbs
  • And does karate
  • Because she’s a badass


  • Black hair just as dark as Percy’s, but always messier so it doesn’t look as velvety
  • Curly hair
  • Is almost never seen without dirt on his clothes or face
  • Pale golden-tan from being born that shade, not because he goes outside a lot because he doesn’t
  • Small, pixie-like, with a wicked-sharp tongue and a sharp smile
  • When he smiles he gets crow’s feet though
  • Created a small robotic dragon (some people can swear it has a mind of its own)
  • Works with his dad in his dad’s garage on the weekends
  • Will definitely take over the garage when he’s older
  • His mom died in the same garage fire
  • But no Tia Callida or whatever though!!!
  • Doesn’t really do sports
  • Is super good at History
  • Photographic memory
  • Which is useful when looking at instructions for building stuff
  • Taught Calypso Morse Code so during English (their only class together) they tap out messages to the other on the desks
  • Leo constantly makes Calypso get in trouble for laughing out loud at his jokes


  • Golden-Chinese kind of
  • Short jet-black hair
  • Speaks Chinese, Spanish, Greek, Latin, and German because of his grandmother’s strict teaching as a child
  • Totally an actor geek
  • Goes to an archery range almost every day after school
  • Seriously addicted to Starbucks
  • (but won’t admit it)
  • Asked out Hazel by filling her locker with balloons and roses
  • Loves to bake (cupcakes are his favorite)
  • Convinced his grandma to let him get a cat
  • Now his grandma runs a cat cafe and he helps after school after the archery range
  • His mom is hardly ever home but she’s amazing when she is home, always helping him with schoolwork and super encouraging about everything
  • (which, let’s face it, is a refreshing change from his grandma)
  • His mom and dad were never married, but they got together during a army thing and had a one-night stand
  • Frank’s met his father once and hated him b/c he loves violence and doesn’t support Frank’s baking and acting


  • Sometimes is made fun of for her really bushy hair
  • (Annabeth calls her Hermione)
  • Her skin is super dark from riding her horse almost every day
  • And her hair is pretty goldish-lightish which is a combination that would look weird on anyone else
  • When she was younger she had a lethal accident involving a car and a street and was in a coma for a year, when she woke up it felt like she’d been dead for centuries
  • Frank likes to teach her about the new tech
  • Loves the Hunger Games and Harry Potter
  • Best class is Art and loves to do pottery and paint, but isn’t very good at sketching
  • Nico’s half-sister (obviously)
  • Hades is pretty much an amazing dad 
  • Takes Hazel’s mom out every Friday night to keep their relationship strong
  • (especially after that year when Hazel’s mom got addicted to and overdosed on heroine. After that he takes extra care of his family especially well)
  • One of the smallest girls in their grade and is just a tiny bit taller than Frank’s elbow


  • Pale but not overly so since he is Italian
  • Shaggy dark hair that falls in his eyes (he forgets to brush it most days)
  • Lives with Hades after the car accident that had killed his mom and Bianca
  • Two years younger than Hazel and loves Mythomagic 
  • Loves Minecraft 
  • Spoiled by Hades 
  • McDonald’s!!!!! 
  • Loves to watch Supernatural 
  • Speaks English, Italian, and Spanish (taught Hazel Italian and speaks Spanish with Reyna when talking about stuff behind the backs of their friends) 
  • Really good at sneaking around so he sneaks out of bed to get candy every night 
  • Thinks of Reyna as another older sister 
  • Doesn’t really like sports but is still athletic 
  • Sometimes he’ll run 
  • Had a crush on Percy for a while but then SOLANGELO!!!!!! 


  • Friends call her Katniss b/c of her long braid 
  • Dark chocolate brown hair the same color as her eyes 
  • Slightly taller than Percy but shorter than Jason 
  • Teensy bit taller than Piper and Annabeth who are about the same height 
  • Loves to play rock guitar 
  • Lives on a ranch with her sister who has custody over her after her dad went insane 
  • Works at a smoothie shop every night after school until 9
  • On weekends works from 10-3:30
  • REALLY good at cooking
  • Whenever she and everyone else hang out she’s the one making the food
  • Really good at pulling all-nighters
  • In SuperWhoLock
  • Watches Supernatural every Sunday night with Nico
  • Doesn’t care for Harry Potter b/c she says ‘there’s not enough action’
  • annabeth counters that with ‘you haven’t read the later books’
  • Loves the hunger games
  • Most guys at school terrified of her
  • idk i feel like she’s a big fangirl
  • i also feel that she’s aromantic after Jason and Percy

ok but Katie Ledecky tho

let me tell you about this motherfucker right here. this boss ass bitch is the most dominant distance swimmer in the world. i’m talkin no one within 3 body lengths of her at the finish in any distance race in the last 3 years. she’s without equal. even phelps had his competitors in his best events. not this bitch. 

of the top 10 times in the 800 freestyle, ledecky owns all of them. ALL OF THEM. she’s literally just competing against herself. 

but that’s not all. this khalessi decides that being the greatest distance swimmer of all time isn’t enough. so she starts adding shorter races to her resume. she easily qualified for the US team in the 400, and she broke her way onto the team in the toughest and most competitive event, the 200… by winning it.

alas, she placed 7th in the 100 free (the 100 motherfucking free, aka the second shortest distance, a SPRINT) at team trials, so she wasn’t guaranteed a spot on the 4x100 free relay (only the top 6 are assumed to be on it). fortunately for us, the coaches said, “we would be complete dumbasses not to put her on this relay considering she wasn’t even really rested for team trials.” 

good motherfucking choice.

this motherfucker anchors the prelim relay this morning with a what-in-holy-hell time of 52.64… faster than her best by over a second, and the second fastest of any swimmer from any country this morning. the only person who was faster? australia’s cate motherfucking campbell, the current world record holder in the event.

and all this on the first fucking morning. i, for one, cannot wait to see the rest of her total domination in all of the freestyle events this weekend. 

tl;dr katie ledecky is a fierce motherfucker and i would gladly let her punch me in the face.

One day you won’t be a swimmer anymore. You won’t have those long bus rides with your teammates. You won’t stare at the black line on the bottom of the pool for hours on end. You won’t pull your bone-aching body out of the water day in and day out. You won’t have that routine you do before every race. You won’t scream like hell for your teammates.

One day teammates will become distant acquaintances and swimming will become what used to be instead of what is. Eventually, the one thing you looked forward to will come to an end. The one thing you relied on to relieve your stress and allow you to escape from all your problems won’t be there anymore. One day you won’t be a swimmer, you will just have the memories of one.

So I beg of you, cherish these moments right here, right now. Live in it freely, embrace the pain, laugh with your teammates, love your coaches. Push yourself 110% and have no regrets. Make some damn good memories because one day, you’ll leave what you once loved and step into the bright, exciting, unknown future in search of a new love, and these memories will be all you have left from this crazy ass sport.

—  some thoughts bc i just realized i only have 2 more years :’)
things from tyler’s instagram livestream
  • tyler can’t eat raw fish
  • tyler is mark’s creative director, not his manager.
  • tyler coached football and water polo
  • tyler did competitive swimming for one year
  • tyler wants to travel to germany to visit some of his family members (also to france!!)
  • tyler’s favorite movie is “the rookie” because of how inspiring it is to him
  • he will talk about what happened in hawaii soon and when he feels like it. do not pester him about it please!!
  • tyler’s first car color was forest green
  • tyler considers him to be a very poetic and rhythmic writer
  • tyler loves horses and horse-related activities, such as horseback riding and going on trails with them
  • tyler lived in colorado for two years
  • tyler loves roller coasters but gets nauseous 
  • his overall goal in life is to be a light for others and inspire
  • tyler’s fave disney movie growing up was “fox and the hound”
  • tyler has been binge watching “supergirl” lately
  • tyler is an ally of the lgbt+ community
  • he occasionally draws and is confident in sketching but not painting
  • tyler doesn’t like to watch horror movies
  • tyler believes in ghosts
  • both of tyler’s kidneys failed in sophomore year of college
  • he ended the stream with a smile always and told people to spam the chat with positivity

i also had to witness tyler cry on stream because he thought of a family friend’s passing and i just??? want to hug him and protect him

ok probably my favorite thing from last night:

Mens 4x100 Free Relay Awards Ceremony was actually a slew of emotions between the 2 veterans and 2 rookies

Like look at Natty G

he’s just like “thx u bby jezus 4 this opportunity. ok deep breaths dont cry big guy dont cri”

and then lil baby ryan held:

“omf im at the olympics im at hte olympics im at the olympis we got first i did it i did it omfg mOM” U DID IT RY U DID IT WE’RE ALL SO PROUD.

casual left boob grab from the goat. he’s stood up there 18 times before so its no biggie for him