competitive swim life

Thoughts during 200 I.M
  • *my thoughts during 200 I.M*
  • length 1: okay off to a good start. look at me go i feel like i'm flying. can't touch this!
  • length 2: ugh why can't it just be one length of butterfly!
  • length 3: and backstroke. dont miss the turn. dont' miss the turn, don't miss the turn!
  • length 4: alright when i finish this length i'll be halfway done. hey did they redo the ceiling in here?
  • length 5: oh hey your catching up, oh shoot your passing me! why does breastroke have to feel so slow no matter what!!?
  • length 6: thats okay guys, don't wait up, i'll catch up at frontcrawl or something
  • length 7: phew almost done, time to start sprinting... but i'm soooo tired....
  • length 8: almost at the end, finally. almost there, so close. DON'T BREATHE AFTER THE FLAGS!
what i think at swim practice
  • Me: ugh why is it so cold??!
  • Me: i hate swimming
  • Me: seriously, can you go any slower
  • Me: touch my feet again and i will kick you in the face
  • Me: i really hate swimming
  • Me: i wonder what's for dinner, i hope it's pizza
  • Me: no chicken, i feel like chicken tonight.
  • Me: 200 butterfly, that's not so bad.
  • Me: maybe i kind of enjoy swimming
  • Me: oh my god why did they have to invent butterfly, i hate this
  • Me: stupid lane rope, get out of my way
  • Me: i really hate swimming