competitive marriage

Amy was once a woman who did a little of everything, all the time. When we moved in together, she’d made an intense study of French cooking, displaying hyper-quick knife skills and an inspired boeuf bourguignon. For her thirty-fourth birthday, we flew to Barcelona, and she stunned me by rolling off trills of conversational Spanish, learned in months of secret lessons. My wife had a brilliant, popping brain, a greedy curiosity. But her obsessions tended to be fueled by competition: She needed to dazzle men and jealous-ify women: Of course Amy can cook French cuisine and speak fluent Spanish and garden and knit and run marathons and day-trade stocks and fly a plane and look like a runway model doing it. She needed to be Amazing Amy, all the time. Here in Missouri, the women shop at Target, they make diligent, comforting meals, they laugh about how little high school Spanish they remember. Competition doesn’t interest them. Amy’s relentless achieving is greeted with open-palmed acceptance and maybe a bit of pity. It was about the worst outcome possible for my competitive wife: A town of contented also-rans.
—  Nick Dunne (Gone Girl)
Today in D & D

A spasming elf draws the attention of a large crowd, a rogue and a fox person exchange sick burns, an entire church appears to only consist of short people, a talkative con artist leads a guard to practically drink himself to death, and a prison yodeling competition leads to a marriage proposal to a lizard person

Eric on marriage: I don’t know when I’ll be able to get married but I want to be the first to do so. It’s still early to talk about marriage. Anyway there’s a ban on marriage this year. I intend to be focused on promotions.

Dongwan: We’re actually very competitive. But for marriage, there isn’t any competive spirit. Shouldn’t we get confirmation (permission) from the members if we want to get married? In my early 30s I wanted to get married now I don’t really want to rush it. Even if we were to rush it, we aren’t at an age where we should rush things. There are already many people around who have been there and done that.

—  Eric and Dongwan on marriage