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What do you think about Victuuri beauty routines? Like before a competition they have to slick back Yuuri's hair at least and I'm guessing there's makeup too, but you can't convince me Victor doesn't have a daily beauty routine.

Okay, I thought about this, and you got me really excited so here we go. -cracks knuckles-

Note: I am that weird child who doesn’t use beauty products/routines and doesn’t understand them… if there are things that are wrong here please let me off…


General: Yuuri doesn’t really have a routine as such. Looking good isn’t really something he thinks about, so he sticks to the usual ‘routines’: washing his face with average soap, shampoos his hair every few days, he’ll let Minako drag him to get waxed or pluck his eyebrows if she nags him for long enough. 

Before competitions: He washes his face to try and calm himself down (since the nerves will probably start getting a hold of him once he starts getting ready), and will start with his costume. Depending on what costume he’s wearing, he might need to wax or shave the night before. Most of the time is spent getting his hair right before he takes his glasses off, but he has never really bothered with make-up since he can’t do it without his glasses on. Thankfully, he’s got good skin, and doesn’t need it that much. 

Victor oh boy here we go

General: Victor has his beauty routines timed down to the second, both morning and night. It involves a lot of products: moisturiser, cleansers, a lot of sun protection if he’s going outside (pale skin). He likes using beauty treatments at least every weekend: face masks and exfoliating after shaving, all that stuff. 

Before competitions: Victor is precise. The whole night before he has to shave, moisturise, cleanse, clean. Everything is perfect and it has to stay that way. Victor is pale as fuck, so naturally when he goes on the ice and on TV he needs a hell of a lot of make-up to keep him from looking dead under the lights. Foundation is a must, and he reapplies whenever he has to. His make-up and hair is done first (this used to take so long when he had longer hair), and then he gets into his costume at the last possible minute. 

Extra: Since Victor started coaching Yuuri, he’s been trying as hard as possible to get Yuuri to take on some beauty routines. He’s coaxed him into stuff like using proper face wash and moisturising, and Yuuri even lets him put foundation on when he’s going on TV. 

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I went to a local comic con and half of the people dropped out of the cosplay contest before the walk on because of how unfair it was. The rules were basically the same (80% hand made) but it wasn't broken up into beginner/advanced and nobody got questioned on their costume. What the judges saw on stage was all that was considered. So someone experienced in a huge functioning mecha type suit won $300 and got first place. None of the beginner cosplayers placed. Is there a way to file a compliant?

You can bring up your concerns with the convention and they can look into it or revise how it is run the next year. You may want to refer them to the International Costumers Guild (ICG) guidelines for ensuring fair competition, these guidelines (and variations of) are the standard used by most major masquerades. They outline the skill divisions and how you can move up them! 

There are lots of ways conventions or events may run their contests. What you described is more popular at smaller or more casual conventions and at Halloween parties. Usually there is a 1st-2nd-3rd best in show kind of prize. Unless you have a killer costume that makes a great stage impact it is best to see these kinds of competitions as a chance to show off the work you did to an audience or meet other cosplayers and not necessarily a chance to get a prize or get the craftmanship appreciated. 

A good way to weed out these contests is to check the rules and see if there are divisions listed and other explanations about what they will be judging on. If the judges are cosplayers it is likely to be more about craftmanship, if the judges are non-cosplay guests or the audience then it is likely to be more about stage presence and appearance. 

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🎛️✨ EDM prodigy DJ Sparkle ✨ 🎛️

Check out the whole series “ULTIMATE ULTIMATE: DJ Championship!” right here

Fell!Verse/Fell!Reset design contest

After much consideration I have decided to start a design competiton for two characters I can’t seem to get ahold of. Fell! NoVerse, and Fell! Reset. 


1. I want Reset to be more self-centered and egotistical, and have some iteration of the original design in his. Keep the color palette similar. Mention these to me.

2. NoVerse needs to be more anxious and awkward. I want his scarf to be red and still mobile, but otherwise feel free to explore with his design.

3. You may enter for both, but post them seperately.

4. I do not want recolors of art, bases drawn over, and I don’t want anything gory. I want you to draw it and I want the drawing to focus on the character.

5. I am not doing this based on level of experience in the person, but moreso on the design and reasoning behind it. That would be biased. Not everyone is experienced.

6. I am going to include this here: I KNOW NOT EVERYONE WILL WIN SOMETHING AND I AM SORRY. This is my first contest! However, I will have a list of special mentions for good design work, but lackluster in something I saw necessary.

—-note - Tag your design #Fell Raven Contest and tag me in it when it’s done!

Now I cannot give out money as prizes, however I will have 5 placings to get a piece of artwork! I will start at the lowest prize, and go to the highest.

5th place

5th place will recieve a sketch of one character

4th place

4th place will receive either a colored sketch of one character or a normal sketch of up to three

3rd place

A basic lineart of any character of their choosing

2nd place 

A colored lineart piece of up to two characters and a shout-out from me, possibly a basic background

1st place

A fully colored and shaded lineart of up to two characters, with either a simple or complex background depending.

And, of course, the designs become canon in the Versefell and Inspire (fallen) Justice universes!

Why do Dance Moms fans get pissed when people say their comps are rigged?

What competition :

let’s mothers run across the stage

lets two people compete the exact same solo

only last one day

let judges wear a studio’s jacket

let’s dance teachers talk to the judge is when someone is performing

put a9 year old and a 12 year old in the same category


Alpine Skiing World Cup Calendar 2017/2018

As promised, I started making calendars for other disciplines as well. This is the alpine skiing one - a bit messy but still not as confusing as the FIS one. The timetable of the alpine skiers is fuller than the ski jumpers’ one, but I could still manage to fit everything in here. I hope you like it! (And, to be honest, the best thing is that Sölden is only three weeks away!)

All dates are off the official FIS page.

The signs as things that have happened during my winter guard competitions

ARIES: That ridiculous Cuban Shuffle that is apparently a huge guard thing I never learned about ever??



CANCER: we put our stuffed pig mascot (Lasagna) on the floor for a show

LEO: our coach promised she would do the whip with us if we got first place at championships (we also did the whip and dabbed in our dance feature)

VIRGO: another guard fuckin stalked us

LIBRA: We completely canceled our salute with like five minutes to go at championships and ended up doing this weird shaky jazz hands thing

SCORPIO: they accidentally started our music before they’d announced who we were once and we had to completely restart


CAPRICORN: The announcer announced second place in our class and it wasn’t us meaning we got first and my entire guard started flipping out and the guard next to us was like “it’s ok, you’ll get first next time!” and we were all like ??????

AQUARIUS: one of the guys in our guard literally woke up from a nap, performed the best show of his life and then went back to sleep

PISCES: *a baby wails somewhere in the gym*, Announcer: *randomly* Yes

You know what. It’s not a fucking competition, I’m so fed up of people saying that what someone is going through is not compared to what they have gone through. Just stop. Stop it. That means shit. Everyone goes through something hard and you can’t possibly imagine what it was like for them just because you imagine yourself differently in their situation or because you think you’ve had it worse. That’s bullshit. Everyone is different and who the fuck wants to win the title of “had it worse” anyway, come on!?

A Quick Charm for Sports Competitions

You don’t need to add in all of the following, so don’t panic.  This here is merely a guideline - the charm can be completed with only one or two ingredients, if need be!  Just try to get the bottle and a symbol of the team along with at least one ingredient, and you should be alright ~_^


o    An empty or full Gatorade bottle or any similar sports drink - just make sure that the contents of the bottle will be visible to anybody who might accidentally reach for it, if you plan on having it around others.

o    A key to represent the key to success.

o    An olive, or a few drops of olive oil for athletics.

o    A penny for luck. 

o    Aventurine, Citrine, or Malachite for success and luck.

o    Bay Leaf for athletics, strength, and success.

o    Black Pepper to protect and banish negativity in the team.

o    Bloodstone for athletics, courage, and strength. 

o    Cinnamon for luck, protection, strength, and success.

o    Rose Petals for success.

o    Sunstone for athletics and success.

o    Thyme for communication, courage, luck, and strength.

o    Something to represent the winning team.*

*This can be a symbol that you draw on the bottlecap after you are done, if need be.

In my opinion, the four most important ingredients are bay laurel/bay leaves, bloodstone, olive, and thyme, as they most closely represent the spirit of sports.


Spell Steps:

Step 1:  If you have any music that makes you feel victorious or that you feel represents your team or the sport as a whole, put it on while you work.  Gather symbols representing the team that you want to win, if you have any such items, and put them around your workspace.

Step 2:  Begin putting your ingredients in the bottle (start with your team symbol, even if that is an added drawing on the bottle cap).  Let the sense of victory flow through you and into the ingredients, where it will infuse your spell with PURE WIN!!!!!

Step 3:  When you are done, shut the bottle and shake it a number of times that you consider lucky (or if all else fails, use three, seven, or nine).

(by tarigrove)


Dressage competitions by Katherine Mihailova


Marching band is like one gigantic family. You Are forced to spend do much time with your section you just create an amazing bond. Then the entire band as a whole is one happy family cause we can’t get rid of each other. Before one of our first competitions this year the entire marching band (color guard and percussion included) was in the band room dancing so the Macarena and the ch cha slide and a bunch of other songs. It was just amazing. The fact that you can get close to people is amazing. The sad this the season is almost over and I’m not to see alto of these people till next season. We’ve created such a strong bond but once this marching band year is over it will be gone till next year when we meet our new rookies. It’s really sad cause some of the people in my section might not come back next year cause they aren’t having fun but the best part about marching band is the family that you create and the friends that you make. My section is like a 2nd family to me. They’re always there for me and it’s just amazing. And even though we got a new band director this year most of the tradition s have stayed the same and marching band is just amazing and a really cool experience.