What you know about Jinjin: He is the leader of ASTRO, and a rapper.  He writes lyrics for their albums.  He takes very good care of the other members.

What you overlook: Jinjin is part of dance line.

For consistency, all ages are international ages.

Jinjin joined Fantagio in 2013, but he was a dancer long before that.  He was born in 1996, so he would’ve been 17 when he joined if it was after March.

Before Jinjin joined Fantagio, though, and even before Jinjin started attending Hanlim, he participated in house dance competitions as early as 2011 with a dance crew called Body & Soul House and Hip Hop Dance Crew.  Jinjin participated in these competitions at just 15 and 16 years old.  

We know that Jinjin was part of this dance crew until at least 2013 because of this video.

Say hi to 2013 Jinjin participating in a competition with his dance crew.  Even before this, though, he was participating in competitions as a solo dancer and making it to the final rounds.

In 2011, as a 15 year old, he went up to the top 4.  He was competing against people older than him and more experienced than him, but he still got to the final 4 in this competition.  If that’s not talent, what is?

Here’s another video of him competing when he was 15, going up to the top 4 again before you say the one before was a fluke.  Here’s another video of him competing for the semi-final in the competition that also shows the other guy’s dancing.

In 2012, Jinjin competed again (age 16 now) and had to have a rematch against one of the best house dancers in the competition because both of them were so good.  (Note: rematches aren’t common.)

2013 was Jinjin’s last solo competition (because he joined Fantagio).

When Jinjin left NY Dance Academy and joined Hanlim, he entered with the highest admissions score because of his dancing.  Out of everybody who was admitted, Jinjin was ranked #1.

Since joining Fantagio in 2013, Jinjin’s dancing has only improved.

Please take a minute to appreciate Jinjin’s dancing before he was even confirmed to be part of the line up.  When i-Teen was 8 boys, Rocky, Moonbin, and Jinjin were all considered the dancers, and for good reason.  In anything that had 3 main dancers, it was Rocky, Moonbin, and Jinjin.

Here’s some of Jinjin’s freestyle house dancing shortly after they debuted.

Last year, during promotions for Breathless, Jinjin would dance with an incredible amount of energy.  His energy level wouldn’t drop at all through the entire performance.  All of his motions are sharp and have power behind them, like someone who has been dancing for a long time. 

In Autumn Story, on After School Club, Jinjin was included in a short dance segment.  Why?  Because he is part of the dance line.

When asked to show freestyle dance during Immortal Songs 2, Jinjin and Moonbin were the two members that got up to dance.

Here’s more proof of Jinjin’s dance skills.

Jinjin had a short freestyle dance time at their Singapore concert in March 2017 where he did great.

In their recent promotions of Baby, Jinjin’s dancing looks effortless.  He doesn’t falter a single time throughout the entire dance.  His movements are all sharp and precise.

If you are still doubtful of Jinjin’s skills, look at this V Live where he just spent the whole time dancing.

There are way more instances than these where Jinjin’s dance talent is visible.  He works incredibly hard in his dancing, and he is very good at it.  Just like every other member, Jinjin puts his all into his dancing and it really shows.  He might not get a lot of recognition through the group, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t part of the dance line.

BBC Young Dancer 2017

Nafisah Baba - Winner in the Contemporary Dance Final category

“It was the maturity, the moments of stillness, the strength in the legs and that she really dropped her weight into the floor." 

- Mark Bruce, Artistic Director of the Mark Bruce Company and one of the Contemporary Dance Final Category judges.

i know everyone loves PTA Sans but imagine:

PTA Gaster.

Gaster helping Frisk with their science project by giving it actual lava. why would a potato battery need lava? science!

pranking obnoxious kids by appearing in mirrors

making all the other food at the bake sale go stale or rot, aside from Muffet’s spider pastries.

the science room skeleton keeps getting dressed up.

all of the competition for best dancers mysteriously end up having their legs broken aside from Frisk and the really bad dancers

leaving conveniently placed snacks around for Frisk

whenever a bully steals Frisk’s lunch, they mysteriously disappear for about three seconds before reappearing in a different place muttering “beware the man who speaks in hands” and other nonsense, with bloodshot eyes, clammy skin, bags under their eyes, and have aged twenty years.

Ellen being a jerk to everyone and showboating how great she is? that night she dreams of skeleton hands with holes in them tearing her apart and putting her back together, over and over again.

One dance (M)

BACKGROUND: A Lap dance with Jungkook suddenly stirs feelings both of you never thought existed between you.

AUTHORS NOTE: this is just part one out of a twoshot. The smut will be posted on the second part. I’d just like to warn you that I absolutely cant write smut to save my life so bear with me :’(

Tell me what you think ;)



 The words echoes in your brain, a constant reminder of your failure and of the economical injustice that a single blow job could do. 

 You grab a random shot glass from the table and press it against your lips, welcoming the bitter heat down your throat. You slam the glass down and hang your head in defeat as you drone out the vibrations around you. You clench your fists together as the announcement earlier this morning flashes back in your head.

 "For the female lead, let us all congratulate Ms. Jung Jihyun" 

 A chorus of unsure claps echo around the room as you feel your breathing stop. You lean against the wall behind you and snap your head up to look at Mr. Byun, begging him to say it was a joke, that he was lying and the part was actually yours. As if he senses your gaze, he lifts his head up to look up at you, an apologetic smile gracing his lips.

 "Understudy, Y/FN" 

 Eyes turn to look at you in disbelief as you swallow the lump stuck in your throat, tears threatening to fall from your eyes. Months of training, days you spent away from the world, all wasted as the part that everyone knew was meant for you was given to… 

 "Better luck next time.“ You hear Jihyun say as she places her hand in front of you, a teasing smile on her face as she shrugs her shoulders “No hard feelings, right?" 

 "Back off, Jihyun.” You hear Jimin hiss from beside you but you simply wave him off as you square you shoulders and meet her gaze head on. 

 "Go choke on Mr. Byun’s cock one more time why dont you?“ You smile before turning around to look at your friends who glare at the girl beside you as she lets out a scoff, ready to call you out. Before she can say anything, you force the smirk on your face and turn to look at her, your eyes twinkling in anger. 

 "Break a leg." 

 "How about I actually break it for her? That cock sucking whore!” You hiss in anger, making a reach for another shot glass but a hand quickly takes it from you. You prepare yourself for another verbal battle with the asshole who dared to mess with you but once your eyes land on Jungkook, the words die on your mouth. 

 "Understudy problems?“ He smiles, head bobbing to the side as he takes the shot onto his own lips.

 "Feeling the same?” You ask. Jungkook was Jimin’s understudy as the older boy was assigned the leading male role, basically being Jihyun’s on stage partner. 

 "Not really.“ He shrugs as he takes the seat in front of you "Jimin Hyung definitely deserved the lead role this time." 

 "Yeah he did.” You nod, remembering how much your best friend had practiced just as much as you. Both of you were aiming for the lead roles for this season and spent more hours in the dance room rather than at home. Luckily, Jimin had gotten what he deserved. While you on the other hand, got the bitter end of the deal. 

 "Every one in that dance studio knows you deserved that role, Y/N. Dont down yourself so much.“ Jungkook senses your distress and you just let out a scoff as you rub your hands together, every bone aching night you spent practicing replaying in your head. 

 "It still wasn’t enough.”

 "That’s cause she played dirty!“ Jungkook groaned "Everyone knows she slept with Mr. Byun to get that part! Don’t even think that she could compare to you! She can’t do half the things you can!" 

 You blink your eyes in surprise, shocked that Jungkook was getting so worked up about something that concerned you. You weren’t really close per say. Sure you were in the same team but Jungkook always chose to be by himself when you practiced. He’d distance himself, only ever talking to your male colleagues when needed. Jungkook hardly gave the girls any notice when in truth, every girl was basically head over heels over him. Jungkook was not only a greek god by looks but his talent on the dance floor could leave any person speechless, his talent ranging from contemporary to breakdance. 

 "Th-Thanks.” You blush “But I guess talent isn’t enough in this industry anymore." 

 "Then fight fire with fire.” Jungkook mutters, pouring you another shot before pouring himself one.

 "You mean sleep with Mr. Byun?“ You frown, taking the shot glass in your hands. 

 "God no!” He scoffs “Dont even fucking think about it. You’re way better than that." 

 You let out a smile before placing the shot glass against your lips "What makes you so sure about that, Jeon?" 

 The questions shocks him as he stares at you wide eyed, an innocent look of confusion crossing his features. He immediately shakes the shock away, a darker looking taking over his face as he leans closer to you.

 "I just know.” He shrugs before downing his own shot. You roll your eyes at him before turning your head back when you hear the familiar voices of your friends.

 "Hey baby.“ Hoseok coos as he places his arms over your shoulder. "Ew.” You frown, pushing him off of you before laughing. From the corner of your eye, you can see Jungkook’s back straightening as he watches you. 

 "Hey Kook.“ Jimin greets him, taking the seat beside the younger boy "I thought you weren’t coming?" 

 You glance at the younger boy who gives Jimin a small smile before turning to look at you again "I had nothing better to do." 

 "Well I think it’s great you made it!” Jimin chimes before turning to look at you, a sad expression suddenly taking over his features “You okay?”

 "Quit it with the apologetic looks Chim, before I slap you.“ You groan, annoyed. 

 "Alright, I’m sorry.” He waves “But I just want you as a partner so bad! Jihyun’s over there right now basically raping Mr.Byun and I cant stand the fact that I have to work with her for months!”

 "Well at least you can describe how Mr. Byun’s dick tastes to us now.“ Hoseok teases making the younger boy fling a bottle cap at him. You bite back a laugh and turn to look at Jungkook who was shaking his head as he smiled. Has he always been this good looking?

 As if sensing your gaze, Jungkook turns to look at you. He arches an eyebrow and you simply shake your head before turning to look back at Jimin, embarrassed that you had been caught staring. 

 "Okay Okay!” The DJ suddenly calls out through the speakers as the music dies down. The crowd whines in protest but turn to him in attention nonetheless. 

 "So right now, Han’s agency is celebrating with us all. How about I hear you guys out? Han agency?“

 The boys around you scream, the rest of the club vibrating with the screams of your fellow members. 

 "Alright!” The DJ laughs “Now I heard some of ya’ll are dancers! In fact I’ve been watching most of you on the dance floor and shiiiiit" 

 "Can he just get to the point?” You hear Jungkook mutter behind you and you have to stifle a laugh as you bite your lower lip, leaning against the table behind you.

 "Now in the club, we all know what type of dancing we all appreciate, so how about we get these dancers to show us what a lap dance really is?“

 You watch as Jihyun smiles at the DJ and nods her head. You turn to look at Jimin who meets your gaze and nods in agreement. 

 "She gave the DJ this idea.” Hoseok speaks out your spoken agreement before rolling his eyes “She’s really something isn’t she?" 

 The crowds starts cheering as Jihyun starts tugging Mr. Byun’s hands towards the stage where a few chairs were laid out. 

 "Ey Ey!” The DJ howls “How about we make this a competition though? Best lap dancer gets free shots all night!”

 The crowd hollers and Jihyun laughs as she scans the room, waiting for takers. And for some sick reason, her eyes land on you. She places her hands on her hips before smirking and wagging her eyebrows. You let out a scoff as you ball your hands into fists, trying to resist the urge to run towards her and slam her head against the asphalt. 

 "Come on, Y/N. I’ll partner with you, I can’t fucking stand her!“ Jimin screams as he stands in front of you, eyes begging you to stand up. 

 "What? You want me to go up there and compete with her?” You frown.

 "She’s fucking asking for it!“ Hoseok groans as he turns to you, basically shoving you off of your seat "Now go fucking grind on Jimin and teach her who’s boss!" 

 "I- No, I cant even lap dance. What the hell!” You shake your head, but catch the laugh that escapes Jihyun’s mouth as she watches you. Your jaw locks in anger but you force yourself to turn to look at Jimin who pouts at you.

 "Y/N, you have hips that would put any stripper to shame! Come on, a lap dance isn’t that different from what we usually do, you just have to dance on someone!“

 You blush at Jimin’s choice of words but let out a sigh, actually reconsidering. A slight cough catches your attention and you snap your head back, forgetting that Jungkook was actually around. 

 "Jimin’s right. You beat her in all aspects of dancing, she may be a whore but a lap dance is still a form of dance. You can still show her her place.” He agrees and you feel your cheeks heating up even more. Never in your life would you have expected such a compliment about you to leave Jungkook’s lips. 

 "I- I dont know.“ You mutter "I dont really have any idea what to do.”

 "Jimin Hyung.“ Jungkook calls out before standing up and rubbing the back of his neck "If you dont mind, how about I go up with Y/N there? I can guide her through a few moves and it’ll be fun to have both understudy’s up there to show Mr. Byun a few things about ourselves.”

Your eyes widen at his preposition and you turn to look at Jimin who purses his lips before shrugging his shoulders and nodding “That sounds good. Plus, Jihyun’s always had a crush on Jungkook so this’ll piss her off even more.”

 You turn to glance at Jungkook who just shakes his head before looking down at you with a smile “You game?”

 You let out a sigh, turning your head back to look at the stage where Jihyun waves at you. You let out a growl before jumping off of your seat, wrapping your hands around Jungkook’s wrists and tugging him behind you. 

 "Looks like we have a contender!“ The DJ screams and you can hear most of the people in your agency scream in excitement. You walk up the stage and Jihyun is there to meet you, hands on her hips and the devils smile on her face. 

 "Wow Unnie, you actually wanna do this? Some people do wanna get burned by the same flame twice huh?" 

 "How about you shut up and just go ride that old man’s cock?” An arms wraps itself around your shoulders and the look of shock that crosses Jihyun’s face was so delicious that you had to lean against Jungkook’s body and smile as you turn up to look at him, the competitiveness vibrating off of him. 

 "Okay, so what song are we playing?“ The DJ asks you, cutting off your competitive banter.

 "Lights down low by Bei Maejor.” Jungkook announces before smiling down at you. You rack your brain, trying to remember the song but you catch the shrug of shoulders of Jihyun. 

 "Perfect.“ She then places her hand on Jungkook’s bicep, a small smile on her face "Good choice, Jungkook. Maybe we should switch partners?" 

 "No thanks.” Jungkook bites his lower lip and adjusts the hat on his head “I’m pretty excited to see how this goes as it is." 

 You feel your lungs tighten at his comment as he leaves you to take a seat on the prepared chair on the stage. You turn to look at him as your heart starts slamming against your chest in nervousness. Jungkook senses your discomfort as he places his elbows on his knees and locks eyes with you.

 "Eyes on me, ignore everything else.” He mouths before leaning against his seat with a smile, his legs spread “I got you." 

 Your spine shivers at the sight, the loud cheers of the crowd turning into a small drone as Jungkook’s gaze shifts into something darker, something more commanding. 

 Keep your eyes on me. 

 Your body obeys as you suck in a breath, studying each curve of Jungkook’s body, trying to decide how you were going to place yourself on him. How you were going to curve your body against his once the song started. You listen as the DJ starts talking to the crowd, reminding them to cheer for the dancer that they liked better. You could feel Jihyun watching you from the corner of her eyes, hoping to taunt you as she stands right in front of Mr. Byun, ready to jump onto his lap. 

 A low beat suddenly starts bouncing off of the walls as the crowds cheers die down. Jungkook licks his lips and your eyes follows the wet muscle as they run along his lips and a shiver runs down your spine. How good would it feel to have his tongue running against your skin? 

 You hear the crowd scream in loud cheers, causing you to snap your head to the side where you find Jihyun on Mr. Byun’s lap, her hips grinding back and fourth while she had her hands in her hair. You watch in sickening horror as the crowd cheers her on, aroused by her act. 

 A whistle snaps you out of your reverie and you turn to look back at Jungkook who was frowning at you. 

 "Focus.” He mutters “The beat is starting." 

 You let out a breath before closing your eyes and clenching your fists. You listen to the music and do your best to drone out every other sound in the room. You take another deep breath as you shut your mind just like every other time you danced. Once you were in your state of solitude, the music being the only thing you hear as it vibrates against your body, you snap your eyes open. Jungkook’s wide eyes greet you as your body starts swaying to the music. He watches in silent awe as your body rolls against the music, slowly making your way towards him. Once your foot lands against his, you see Jungkook’s hands twitching by his sides, wanting to touch you but controlling himself as you perform for him. You place a hand on his shoulder, body swaying as you kick his legs apart and place your knee on the chair right by his crotch. Jungkook sucks in a breath as you bend your body down and wave your body against him. He grabs the back of your thigh but you slap his hand away before doing a one eighty, placing your back against his chest as you land against his lap. 

 ”Fuck“ Jungkook breaths out as you grind against him, following the beat of the music. The crowd goes wild but you ignore them as you listen to the next few beats. Jungkook places his hands on your hips and you bite back a smile as you feel a hardness forming against your behind. Jungkook leans forward, pressing his chest against you as he takes your free hand in his, intertwining your fingers then placing it on his neck. 

 "Ready for the grand finale?” He breaths against your neck but instead of answering, you wave your body and grind your hips against him causing Jungkook to choke back a moan, the grip on your hips tightening. As the end of the song approaches, Jungkook suddenly pushes you to stand up and before the shock hits you, he pulls you against him and places one leg between your own. He grabs your hips and pushes you down against him as his own body sways against the music. You gasp at the feeling of his hard-on against you but your body has a mind of its own as you place both your hands on the back of his neck. Jungkook then suddenly twists you around, making sure not to detach your hips as your face suddenly lands inches away from his. You suck in a breath as he sways your bodies, hands suddenly on the small of your back.

 "I’m gonna dip you, hold onto my shoulders.“ He mutters and you immediately do as told. As the last few beats of the song plays, Jungkook dips you and you let out a gasp, balling your hands against his shirt. You expect him to immediately pull you up after dipping you but to your surprise you find Jungkook dipping down towards you. One hand suddenly making its way to the back of your thigh and wrapping it around him. You let out a breath before doing one last wave, your hips grinding against his crotch in a slow circular motion and the groan that leaves Jungkook’s lips are music to your ears as he snaps your bodies up right when the music cuts off. 

 Both your chest are heaving as you stare at each other, faces inches away, bodies glued together while sweat dripped down both of you. Loud cheers suddenly snap you out of your trance and you snap your head to the side, finding the crowd going crazy as they all stared at you while you and Jungkook stood in the middle of the stage. You turn to look behind Jungkook and find Jihyun scoffing as she crossed her arms over her chest before stomping off of the stage. 

 "Looks like we have a winner!” The DJ laughs then winks at you. Your eyes widen in shock and the laugh of the boy beside you has you stepping back in surprise. You hadn’t realized just how close to Jungkook you were. He watches you with a small smile on his lips as he places his hands in his pockets.

 "Guess we showed her whose boss huh?“

 Seems like we showed her way more than that. 

 You make your way back towards your friends and before you can even sit down, Jimin wraps his arms around you and spins you around.

 ”I swear to God, y/n.“ He all but screeches before setting you down "That was- holy shit. Could you dance on me this time?”

 A laugh escapes your lips as you playfully roll your eyes. Jimin sets you down and you turn around to find Jungkook laughing at Hoseok who tries mimicking the move Jungkook had made. A slight blush creeps on your cheeks and you quickly turn away from him. Jungkook drones out Hoseok’s voice, eyes digging into you as you laugh at Jimin who was acting out the look on Jihyun’s face while watching your little performance. You feel his gaze on you and without your control, you angle your head to the side and catch his eyes. Jungkook purses his lips before stepping away from Hoseok and towards you. You watch in nervousness as he clears his throat behind Jimin, trying to silence the shorter boy.

 "Can I borrow, Y/N for a while?“ Jungkook smiles down at Jimin who immediately widens his eyes before turning to look at you with a knowing smile. You roll your eyes at him, trying to hide your own embarrassment at the thoughts crossing Jimin’s mind. 

 "You can keep her just make sure she can still walk af-” Before your bestfriend can finish his sentence you stuff your hand against his face and shove him back. He lets out a laugh as you hiss at him before grabbing Jungkook’s wrist and pulling him away before Jimin could embarrass you even more. Once at a good distance, you let out a sigh and stop walking, suddenly aware that you were holding onto Jungkook. You drop his arm and clear your throat before slowly turning to look at him.

 "You-What’s up?“ You squeak, internally screaming at yourself for sounding so nervous around him. You two practically dry humped each other in front of a hundred pair of eyes, why on earth should you feel embarrassed now?

 "Wanna have dinner?" 

 You weren’t expecting the question so you snap your head up to look at him, expecting to see any trace of humor on his face but Jungkook just stared down at you in all seriousness, waiting for an answer.

 "What- Jungkook, its 1am." 

 "Then a midnight snack, call it whatever you want. Let’s just get out of here.” He shrugs, adjusting the hat on his head and smiling down at you “please say yes.”

 "What about them Jimin? We won free shots right, they wouldn’t want to leave this early.“ You mutter, trying to step on your tip toes so that you could see over the crowd and look for Jimin and Hoseok.

 "Just us.”

 You suck in a breath before looking back at Jungkook who nibbles on his lower lip nervously while looking at you “I mean, if you want. If you wanna stay here and drink we can-" 

 "Pizza sounds good.” You cut him off and if words could explain how beautiful Jungkook’s slow smile was, you’d fill a dictionary at how bad your stomach was fluttering.

 Had he always looked this good? 

“Two pepperoni pizza’s with extra extra extra cheese.” Jungkook smiles at you as he slides across the seat in front of you, a wicked smile on his lips as he stares lovingly at the pizza slices he had set down. You arch an eyebrow in interest, shocked at the new found demeanor you’ve discovered about him.

 "So, how long have you and Jimin been a thing or something?“ 

 "What?” You end up coughing around the pizza slice you were biting onto and Jungkook couldn’t help but smile at you as you place the slice down and wipe the corner of your lips, your cheeks turning red from embarrassment.

 "What in the world gave you that idea?“ Jimin? He thought you and Jimin were an item? Well sure, a few people had suspected you and Jimin to be a couple but it surprised you each and every time when they confronted you about it. Jimin was your bestfriend of 3 years. Sure you guys were pretty much clingy and touchy with each other, even throwing around a few perverted banters with each other, but you were pretty sure Jimin saw you as a man rather than a woman.

 "People at the agency talk and everyone just kind off assumed you two were you know…. not really a couple but…." 

 "That we’re sleeping together? Ew.” You cringe before grabbing the soda cup you and Jungkook had decided to share. “Jimin’s not my type." 

 This stuns Jungkook and he stares at you curiously as you shudder at the thought of you and Jimin together. He fights back a smile before taking another bite out of his pizza. 

 "What is your type then?” He mutters and you end out pursing your lips, before raising your eyes to look up at him.


 "I dont really know, but it certainly isn’t Jimin.“ You mumble before looking back down at your pizza slice. Jungkook stares at you as you take your lower lip between your teeth, trying to figure out if you had a type or not. He grips his knees to the point of bruising himself, wanting his own teeth to be the ones massaging your pink lips. He remembers how close your face was to his own earlier during the lap dance. He recalls how good it felt to have your body pressed against his own as you ground yourself on him. If it weren’t for the hundreds of eyes staring down at you both, Jungkook would have probably ravaged you right then and there. 

 "What’s your type then?” You ask and Jungkook snaps out of his train of thought, a slight blush covering his cheeks as he shifts in his seat, feeling the pressure between his legs. 

 "I dont have a type.“ He shrugs, finally finishing his pizza slice "If I like a girl, I like a girl. She can be anything in the world so if I like her, I like all of her." 

 You stare at him in awe, not expecting Jungkook to have such a mindset. You’ve always dubbed Jungkook as a playboy even though you’ve never even seen him with another girl, let alone even talk to the girls in your agency. Yet Jungkook was just too good looking and too mysterious that you had assumed the worse of him. Now you felt horrible for even thinking that way. Maybe there was more too Jeon Jungkook than meets the eye. 

 It was 4am before you two had decided it was time to go home. Jungkook offers to drop you home and as much as you knew you could make it on your own, you still agree, wanting to spend even at least a few more minutes with him. He pulls up your driveway and you stare up at the dark house where you parents lay, sleeping. 

 "So this is me.” You mutter, playing with your fingers.

 "Thanks for agreeing to the midnight snack.“ Jungkook chuckles as he taps his fingers against the steering wheel. 

 "It was my pleasure.” You smile back and just as you were about to step out of the car, Jungkook grabs your wrist. You turn to him in shock but he simply stares at you, his face unreadable. 

 "What’s wrong?“ You ask but before Jungkook could even say anything, both of you jump at the sudden sound of your phone ringing. You dig through your purse before frowning at the picture of Jimin as he called you. You pick up and place the phone against your ears, leaning back against Jungkook’s car seat as he stared at you.


 ”Sweetheart! Where on earth are you? I’ve been worried sick!“ Jimin slurs through the phone and you end up frowning as a loud bass line thumps against the background. 

 "I’ve been gone for 4 hours.” You remind him.

 "And I’ve- I’ve been worried for four hours!“ He hiccups, evidently drunk "Where are you?" 

 "Jimin, you’re obviously drunk. Are you okay? How are you getting home?” You sigh, rubbing your temples as you worried for your bestfriend.

 "I can’t go homeee~ My mom will kill me. Jagiya, where are youuuu?“ He whines and you roll your eyes before letting out another sigh.

 "Fine, since your drunk you can stay with me. I’m at-” Your sentence is cut off when Jungkook takes your phone out of your hands and mutters a quick “hyung, i’ll pick you up in 30 mins” before his lips are suddenly on yours. You gasp into the kiss as your eyes widen in shock, not sure how you should be processing all this. Jungkook’s hand slowly drops your wrist before he lifts his hand and threads it through your hair. You feel yourself responding to Jungkook’s kisses and before you could control yourself, you wrap your arms around his neck and press yourself even closer to him. Jungkook groans as you graze your teeth against his lower lip and just as he runs his tongue against your lips, your phone suddenly starts ringing, surprising the both of you. He pulls away from you as you stare at him in shock, your eyes wide, your cheeks pink and your lips swollen. You reach around for your phone, failing to notice the growl that escape Jungkook’s lips as you bring the device to your ear. 

 "Hello?“ You breathlessly say as Jungkook drops his hands and leans back against his seat, his heart slamming against his chest at the need to claim your lips yet again.

 "It’s 30 minutes already! Where’s Jungkook?!” You shut your eyes in irritation at Jimin, knowing damn well that it hasn’t been less over five minutes and he just had to ruin the kiss of a lifetime you had just tasted.

 "He’s on his way.“ You say curtly before ending the call and dropping the phone back on your lap. You cautiously turn to look back at Jungkook who had his eyes set on the road, not wanting to meet your gaze. 

 "Um, he’s waiting for you.” You mutter awkwardly, tapping your fingers lightly against your lap, pushing down the urge to jump across your seat and onto Jungkook’s lap. You kiss him one time and now your like an animal in heat.

 "If you want me to make sure your best friend gets home safe, I advise you to get inside your house, Y/N. The longer you stay here the less self control I have.“ Jungkook mutters, surprising you. Had you done something wrong? Was he mad at you? 

"It’s not that.” He groans, as if reading your mind “But the longer you stay here, the harder it gets for me not to slam you against your seat and fucking ravage you." 

 "Oh…” His confession knocks the breath out of you and sends a wave of desire rushing through your body. You watch as his hands flex against the steering wheel and by the strain of his veins against his skin, you knew he wasn’t joking. As much as you hated it, an image of Jimin drunk and alone outside the club flashes in your head. Even though all you wanted to do was stay here and fulfill all of your sick fantasies with the greek god who announced that he’d pretty much wanted to do the same to you, you knew that your best friend’s safety had to come before your desires. You let out a deep sigh before leaning forward and placing your hand on Jungkook’s arm. He flinches a bit, as though your touch had just burnt him. You let out a small smile before leaning forward and pressing your lips against his cheeks. Jungkook sucks in a breath and before he could angle his head to the side and capture your lips, you pull away and push the car door open. Jungkook eyes you like a predator eyes his prey as you step out the car and smirk at him.

 "Maybe another time?“ You mumble, your voice raw with obvious desire for the boy in front of you. Jungkook lets out a sigh before he drops his head, trying to calm himself down. He then turns to you, a small smile forming on his lips as his eyes twinkle with mischief. 

 "This is gonna be the worse next few hours of my life.” He chuckles “I’ve never been this…" 

 He shrugs and you cant help but trail your eyes down his lap, the tent in his pants immediately greeting you and you have to bite back the gasp that threatened to leave your lips as another wave of heat pooled between your legs. He was right, if you two stayed around each other longer than this, there was no way Jimin was going to get home safe.

 "See you at practice.” You smiled and turned around before your last effort at self control snapped. You feel his eyes on you the entire time as you walk towards your house and step inside the door. Once the door closes behind you do you then hear his car start and drive away. 

 You let out a sigh and press your thighs together, thinking of a number of ways to kill Jimin.

Hello again! Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive as of late, but I’ve got some cool things cooking!

I’m designing a series of irish dance solo dresses based on my favorite characters from all types of media. I used to be a competitive irish dancer myself, and although I don’t dance these days; I still love the sport.

I’m starting the series off with a Ms. Marvel inspired solo dress!

More to come soon!

Welcome to the Ballroom S1E1

This episode gives me goosebumps from start to finish.

I’m a ballroom dancer, so WttB is my most anticipated anime this season. And the first episode is everything I want it to be. 

From the very beginning, the OP has already managed to capture the thrill, the bliss that I always associate with dancesport. The fast-paced of the music, and the visuals chosen get my heart pumping with excitement. 

I’m horribly biased, but I can’t remember the last time an anime OP got me this excited. 

The plot is your standard sports anime shounen: a teenager unsure of the future discovers his passion and strives for greatness, making friends and rivals along the way. 

But what attracts me the most to WttB as a series, and what this episode has done very satisfactorily, is how dancesport and dancers are depicted.

Dancesport is a performance sport. Thus, it’s showy and splashy; it demands attention. And in competitions, where multiple dancers have to share the dance floor, capturing the attention of the judges and the audience is a necessity.

WttB knows this, and tries hard to show this.

But dancesport is hard. It’s as athletically demanding as other sports, and requires no less time, effort, and dedication. Dancers therefore are a prideful bunch, and don’t take kindly to their sport being underestimated.

In this very first episode of the anime, we already see the pride of a dancer in Shizuku:

and in Kaname:

This shows how much the creators respect dancesport, and is what makes me like this episode so much.

There isn’t much dancing in this episode, but whatever it does have is done very well. I particularly like how they animate Kaname gliding on the dance floor when he shows Tatara the steps. That’s really what you get when observing professional dancers from up close. 

WttB is off to a good start, and I can’t wait for more.

Things YoI Fans/Ficcers Should Know About Skating (#4)

LET’S TALK ABOUT THEIR COUPLE SKATE. Pairs Skating vs. Ice Dancing. Debunking the fic myths.

Background Info:

There are three categories in competitive skating:

1. Singles Freestyle (i.e. what Viktor and Yuuri do)
2. Pairs Skating (NOT Viktor and Yuuri’s duet)
3. Ice Dancing (i.e. Viktor and Yuuri’s duet)

Skaters only compete in ONE category. Sometimes younger skaters will start in Freestyle and compete in more than one (usually Singles Ice Dance, which only goes up to a certain level before you’re required to get a partner) but then they have to pick because they have to dedicate time and training to it.

Pair Skating vs. Ice Dancing 

Pairs Skating involves couples (usually with a significant height difference). Pairs Skaters do jumps and spins side by side. These are graded on unison (among other criteria). They also perform throw jumps, and over the head lifts, and pair spins. Here’s an example of Pairs. 

Ice Dancing is (in really simplistic terms) much more like ballroom dancing on ice. The skaters do not jump and are not allowed to do any lifts over the shoulders. Ice Dancers skate closely and in hold for much of their routine, not moving very far away from each other. Here’s Davis and White competing in Ice Dance.

Takeaways for my beloved fic writers:

1. Skaters don’t miraculously know the other two styles without previously studying them. We’re gonna assume Viktor had to study ice dance at some point.
2. Viktor and Yuuri can’t compete or skate as a pair couple just because of the physical demands. They could do side-by-side elements, but Viktor probably couldn’t throw Yuuri or lift him over his head. 
3. THEIR DUET AT THE END OF THE SEASON IS AN ICE DANCE. (Which makes sense because the show’s choreographer was an Ice Dancer). 

As always, you guys rock my socks with the quality and quantity of magnificent fics you produce. If you have any skating questions, my ask box is always open, and Toepick, my friendly former competitive skater/Ice Dancer now coach is on hand to answer any questions I can’t. Keep making history!

Dating Jeff Atkins With Chubby!Reader Would Include

Request: (I’m sorry I cannot find it somewhere in my timeline :()


A/N: I hope you guys like this :)


Warnings: Self-consciousness


Dating Jeff Atkins With Chubby!Reader…

  • Okay so you meet because your friends are really into school sports, like baseball

  • You go to all of his games and end up talking to him while your friend runs off to make out with their boyfriend Monty
  • You’re instantly a blushing stuttering mess with him there, because he’s gorgeous, and you don’t think you’re good enough for him to be talking to

  • He makes an effort to spend time with you during school, and your group even starts to sit with the jocks at lunch
  • He asks you out kind of publicly but also really intimately

  • Your dates are usually based around food
  • Jeff loves to challenge you- whether it’s an eating competition, a race, best dancer

  • So many compliments
  • He makes you feel beautiful

  • Like Jeff never gets tired of telling you how perfect you are
  • So many cuddles

  • Sweet kisses
  • Him kissing your cheeks or forehead

  • He always wants to sleep on your chest
  • Wearing his school jacket

  • Stealing each other’s sunglasses
  • He is super protective of you

  • Always reassuringly holding hands
  • He loves to see you in lingerie

  • His hands are always on your waist
  • He helps you when you get self-conscious in public

  • He won’t ever let you get away with speaking badly of yourself
  • Ice-cream and movie marathon dates

  • So many soft tickles
  • He just loves you so much for who you are

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thefangirlhasarrive  asked:

Headcanons for RFA+Searan with a tango dancing MC. *like won some contests *

Hope you like this! ^^

RFA + Saeran with a tango dancer MC


  • Does he love it? Yes, he does!
  • Tango is so powerful, dramatic, sexy… just like his acting!
  • He comes to some of your competitions when his schedule allows it and… okay, he might get a little jealous of your partner.
  • But it’s so amazing, he cannot wait for you to show him some moves.
  • But as you start teaching him, you realize there’s nothing much to teach.
  • Little talented bastard is a natural.
  • Well, maybe you will be able to train for your competitions without even leaving the house.
  • Okay, but maybe without the rose in the mouth thing, uh… this guy has no chill, I swear.


  • I see him as the guy who can’t dance a thing, but loves to watch dancer’s videos, all kind of dancers.
  • So he found out about your past through as a competitive tango dancer through Youtube and boy… he loves it.
  • He keeps telling you to show your moves, but you keep declining it, because one: you’re a little rusty, two: this is a dance for two.
  • Unless he’s interested in learning a little, just imagine him with his hands on your waist, you giving him that super intense look, so close to him…
  • You thought he would back away to all his shyness, but he doesn’t. “S-show me…”
  • Okay, his moves aren’t that bad, but of course he can keep the straight face without blushing like crazy.
  • Well, he’s trying. He’s a fast learner, don’t forget that.
  • But he still prefers watching you on video, at least while you’re not able to show what you’re capable of live.


  • She doesn’t love musicals just because of Zen, she really likes dancing routines.
  • So knowing you’re able to do things she sees in musicals really excites her.
  • But tango is different, which doesn’t mean she’s less impressed.
  • She becomes your biggest fan, giving you all the support you need for your competitions.
  •  And she loves all the details. The songs, the outfits, even the way you style your hair, everything is stunning.
  • Also thinks your partner is cute as hell.
  • But, for this particular competition, you added a little twist and ditched your usual partner.
  • And replaced him for a female one. She’s blushing so hard watching it from the audience, but because only she knows exactly what this means.


  • When you showed him your videos, he was ecstatic
  • He appreciates everything that is sensual and elegant.
  • And if includes you, he loves it.
  • Has a fair knowledge about good instrumental songs that would suit your routines
  • Pays for the best designers and hair stylists to make sure you always look as good as you dance.
  • He would be a good tango dancer if he tried, but nah, it’s too dramatic for him
  • Though he doesn’t mind when you show him some steps when you two are alone
  • But it usually ends up in a heavy make out session.


  • He saw your videos due to the background check
  • His imagination runs wild and free and he wonders if learning tango would be useful for his missions one day
  • Maybe not, but it would be interesting if you taught him.
  • After you two get together, he takes charge of your clothes and hairstyle.
  • And in exchange, you teach him what you know.
  •  He is a fairly good dancer, and he’s pretty decent at trying to keep serious.
  • You find out you’re very good at keeping serious too.
  • Especially when he decides he wants to play gender reversed roles and puts on a dress to dance


  •  Also sort of jealous of your partner because your chemistry is good.
  • But he likes to watch you because you look so serious and different from what he’s used to seeing you.
  • He doesn’t understand why it has to be dramatic and the way you move your feet gets him a little dizzy.
  • But as you show him the lyrics of some songs and explain the history of he dance, he’s very interested because it tells a story, and he likes stories.
  • If he wasn’t so shy, maybe he could learn to dance. He surely knows how to keep a straight face, at least.
  • But nah, it’s still a very expressive dance, and you’re much better than him, so you’d end up conducting, which he would hate it.
  • Also, having you so close and being so sexy makes him blush too much.

neubauje  asked:

Okay, I'll bite, what fat characters do you have? Sorry if there's a really obvious answer I'm not familiar with (from missing out on some of your series) but I'm not the only one wondering!

I’m…not sure what you’re biting, here?  You asked me a yes or no question.  I gave you a yes or no answer.  I’ve said before, multiple times, that while I like interacting with people and I don’t mind answering questions, I actually do mind being asked to make lists of my characters who fit category A or B.  It feels like a quiz that I don’t have the rules for and can’t possibly pass.

And how are you defining “fat”?  I know people who say anyone size 10 or over is fat, and if that’s where you’re drawing the line, I actually can’t tell you.  With the exception of Verity (competitive Latin dancer), Polychrome (dealing with a lot of disordered eating), and Fern (sylph), I usually assume even my “skinny” characters are around a size 10.  All the dragon princesses in InCryptid are fat, with the smallest of them being in the 12-14 range, most being 14-18, and the rest going steadily upward from there, all while being described as a species of supermodels.  Istas is fat.  Olivia (in Newsflesh) is based on my RL girlfriend, and is fat.

Here are the illustrations from the next Wayward Children book.  Note the silhouettes:

So yeah.  I have fat characters, some you’ve met and some you haven’t, but this sort of wide-ranging “make me a spreadsheet” question will generally confuse me and put my back up, because I can’t meet expectations I don’t know and didn’t agree to.