So I’m auditioning for a competition. The audition rules simply state that it must be under 3 minutes. I have to film this Sunday. There isnt much wiggle room since I work and I’m in class and I have to find a time to film when I can have the studio to myself.

I only have 1:30 choreographed. I can maybe make it to 1:45. Has anyone had to do something like this??? What were the results?? I need serious advice because I’m freaking out. I don’t want my end choreography to be weaker than my starting.


Emmi and Lillian’s never-ending list of underappreciated dancers:

Peyton Heitz: Peyton is an 8 year old dancer at Dance Precisions. She started dancing at 2 years old but in competitions at 5 and she was the youngest on the team. She was recently featured in Starbound Magazine and says that Molly Long and Sophia Lucia are her inspirations. She auditioned for AGT with the other DP minis. She says her biggest accomplishment was getting in to the top 3 of the mini soloists at showbiz nationals, at the age of 6. She dances 12-14 hours a week and is a real firecracker on stage.


Emmi & Lillian’s never-ending list of underappreciated dancers:

Melia Mariano: Melia dances at Dance Precisions and has done throughout most of her dance career. She moved to Mather when it first opened but returned to DP after a year because of issues there. Melia is one of the iconic single ladies girls and has been wowing audiences ever since. She took a year off from dancing and has returned this season, I honestly can’t wait to see her improve because I think if she hadn’t taken that break she’d easily be one of the best of her age. Melia is now 12 years old and is certainly one to watch, her passion is obvious and once her technique catches up she’ll be back to her old form once more.