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can we talk about how instead of needlessly insulting izuku, katsuki is now challenging him with some healthy competition? goading him in a way that will push him to work harder and think better?

i’m such a slut for this dynamic these two are starting to have, especially when they become pros.

Football Federation Australia has always been super slow to recognise and capitalise on the successes of the Matildas, but finally something clicked in their brains and they are moving a men’s national cup final (a competition consisting of pro & semi-pro teams) for the Matildas’ FRIENDLY; both games would have happened on the 22nd of November.

(I Hope) This Is The Last Definitive TF2/OW Politics Rambling I Ever Keyboard Enthusiast About

TaiRong’s Twitter rant on why he left comp TF2 for comp OW cuts deep. His talk was very specific to AsiaFortress, but it’s a sentiment for many former TF2 pros and talent who prioritized OW. They wanted more than what TF2 was able to give them. In turn, what it gets interpreted as is a slight against TF2 and its community. 

I too, have also called brothers and sisters “traitors” at one point because I hated how not only they were leaving me, but then seemed to forget their roots. They didn’t owe me or TF2 anything. It’s not that they forgot their roots, it’s that the people who left are just as angry as the people who stayed. 

I will never forget Creep*, a prominent AsiaFortress player from Korea, telling me at i55 that he wanted to bring an Asian team to iSeries one day. In i58, that actually seemed like it would be the case, but the Asian players struggled to field a team for i58 because of a majority of their playerbase leaving for OW. When I reflect back on it, it would have been wasteful to collect who was left in Asia if the best players had left. Full Tilt and Crowns were the EU powerhouses, and even the weakest froyotech roster in LAN history would have probably beaten them. Australia still hurts from 4th Place LAN placements to this day.

Of course I would have liked to see Asia at a major international TF2 LAN, let alone South America or even Australia again. I hope they will get the funding they need if they decide to contest the powerhouses of Europe or North America, and I hope they will enjoy their experiences if they do so, as many TF2 players who fight for passion do. I wished the same for Australia when they came back for i58 and ESA Rewind, even though I knew the curse of 4th Place and the lack of monetary justification must have hurt a fair bit.

The fire/candle burning out metaphor is common in my scene. I’m saddened to hear about Pavane and TaiRong attempting to go through it all and fight hard after so many hours of dedication to TF2, but burning out or feeling helpless as so many others have done around me. I’m glad TaiRong asked Fl0w3r and Pine to follow him at the right time, and as such found more success in OW than they did TF2. It took me some time to accept it, but now I can say I think they made the right choice, as did so many others I saw succeed - Seagull, Muma, Mangachu. SDB, Knoxxx, Zebbosai. Some of the many old names and old faces that TF2 players remember fondly; that TF2 players miss.

I get rebuttals of how TF2 was marketed as a casual game a lot. I know this. It was one of the reasons why matchmaking was met with so much pushback when new devs finally were allowed to implement it. To some extent, I’m inclined to agree. My favourite shit to deal with has to be when I see comments that say that the competitive TF2 pros are ruining the game. That they should just leave and stop pushing competitive on a casual game.

Well…they did. 

After years of watching Valve to push the community’s 6v6, having to grow up and stop being a salt factory about my brothers and sisters going to OW instead, being paid for and thanked sincerely for my involvement in OW from Blizzard, never touching Valve’s Matchmaking since the first launch week until they adjust it again, and now overseeing what might be the most important piece of TF2 narrative in the form of 1 and a half years of filming - I’m okay with them leaving.

They left, because TF2 itself, as well as the majority of TF2′s playerbase, was insistent on TF2 being a casual game. Therefore, people who wanted more than that finally decided “alright, it’s going to stay a casual game” - and found a competitive game instead. Gameplay opinions, criticized business tactics, and other semantics aside - they found a game that did not limit itself to insisting on being a casual game, but wanted to also be called a competitive game.  

I am happy for TaiRong’s success and determination. I understand and sympathize with TaiRong’s anger and his frustration. I am happy he left TF2 if he was no longer happy with it. I can objectively say as a bigger TF2 fan that OW is treating him better so far. How long that will last, I don’t know, but I can 100% say it’s treated him better than AsiaFortress from his tweets and from what I know. Of course I’m sad that TF2 was not enough for him; I understand that his and many other’s anger is more at Valve than TF2 itself. I understand the other side of the story that disagree with that sentiment and will point out Valve’s decisions as wiser.

But that’s okay. I’m glad they left if they weren’t happy here. I’m glad they’re happier where they are.

I’m sure similar fandoms experience this: I see not just former pros, but content creators, artists, Youtubers, talking about how they fear returning to TF2 for anything. The reasons sometimes are similar: they’re afraid of angry TF2 fans who labelled them traitors. They’re afraid of falling back into the comfort TF2 will offer them rather than go out of their comfort zone to try new things for themselves. They’re afraid that they’ll fall back into a depressive state because they were either in a bad state when they ventured into TF2, or they simply will always want more than TF2 was or will be able to offer.

Let them leave then. They are not yours to keep. They were not meant to stay. Their relationship with TF2 was not as fond as you thought it was - who was wrong in that relationship is up to you. Their anger is not because they forgot their roots. Their anger iis not against the community. Some of their closest friends and teammates are all probably from the same roots. 

We did not forget their roots. They did not forget their roots. Their anger was because they couldn’t find what they wanted - so they found it elsewhere. And that’s okay.

*Pavane turned out to be Creep.

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Prompt: Supergirl ficlet in the style of Hikaru no Go <3

Hahaha, well I think this is going to have an audience of just you, but since you’re my favorite audience, here you go! *smooch*

Lena has just finished a teaching game. She’s packing up the stones when she hears the tinkling sound of the bell over the salon door, and a moment later a bright voice, louder than etiquette allows for, asks, “excuse me, but is it true that you can play go here?”

Standing at the counter is an athletic looking blonde girl. She can’t be older than 14 - Lena’s age - and she’s smiling charmingly at Jess, who, shockingly, is smiling back. Lena can’t hear what she says, but the blonde girl is looking around with interest, and after a moment she points at Lena, and continues to speak too loudly as she says, “what about that girl over there - she looks my age. Can I play her?”

Jess opens her mouth to answer, undoubtedly to explain that despite being the same age, Lena is hardly a beginner’s opponent, and suddenly, Lena realizes that she doesn’t want that. She starts forward a little too hastily, almost bumping the pot of black stones off the board as she edges around it and makes her way to the front of the salon.

“I’m free for a game if you’d like to play,” she tells the girl, cutting off whatever Jess was saying. Jess looks shocked, and the blonde looks delighted.

“That’s great! I’m Kara - Kara Danvers,” and she holds out her hand. Above it, her eyes are impossibly wide and blue.

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hey gang, i’m really glad to know that we have some incredible LGBT folks who are top Overwatch competitive players!!!

but we should also try to support other, lesser known LGBT Overwatch streamers who either aren’t top pro competitive players, or those who just stream Overwatch for funsies!!

for example, one of my friends, Squeaks, is a lesbian who streams Overwatch on her Twitch channel, and is VERY close to earning her Twitch affiliate status!! she’s very sweet and charming to watch!!

if you know of any fellow LGBT Overwatch streamers, please feel free to reblog with a link to their channels!!

TMNT Human Au! Mikey

Meet Teppei Koike, aka Michealangelo! He was recommended by a follower and he is perfect. Bonus! Human Mikey loves to skate and has even won some competitions. He would go pro if he wasn’t so devoted to the family dogo. He and Raphael have the most tattoos in the family. Mikey’s are very colorful and of the many, his favorite is his brother’s names. He loves to design and makes a lot of his own clothes. He even designed the dojo logo and some merch for it. He’s a major flirt (of course) but has only been in a few relationships, the longest lasting three years. The kids at the dojo adore him (and have an endless amount of nicknames for him) but also know that he’s super kickass. They have huge arguments over whose the best ninja, Mikey or Leo. He loves to dye his hair, starting with simple highlights until he does an all around dye job. Mikey doesn’t remember their mother, she died when he was barely a year old. So his brothers have him the most pictures and tell him stories about her.

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A King link | ao3 link

Fandom: Yuri On Ice

Pairings:  Yuuri/Victor (victuuri)

Triggers:  N/A

Important Stuff:   Sequel to A Real Life Cinnamon Roll. Check RL Cinnamon Roll AU tag for more this universe. 

Summary: Yuuri Katsuki’s students knew three things about their teacher’s husband: 1) he looked like a king, 2) he clearly loved Katsuki-sensei, 3) he was damn lucky to have their teacher for a husband. “I feel like I’m in a Disney movie.” 

They never did get the story of how their teacher and his husband met. For one reason or another, Yuri hadn’t come back yet and for two Katsuki-sensei kept changing the subject. Eventually his kicked puppy eyes made everyone feel guilty and they stopped asking. It didn’t stop them from wondering though.

They were approaching the ninth week of the semester when Mariana arrived to the class one day to find all of her classmates huddled outside.

“Is the other class still inside?” she asked. They shared this particular classroom with an upper French level that sometimes ran over their timeslot.

“Nah,” John said, pointing into the room. “We got a king in there.”

“A king?” Mariana asked, skeptical. She peered into the window of the door.

There leaning against Katsuki-sensei’s desk was a tall man with silver hair. With smooth features and piercing blue eyes, he looked like a male model. It was easy to see why John called him a king; there was a feeling that she was standing in the presence of royalty. Regal, cold even, in an untouchable way.

“Like he was carved from marble,” John said with a soft sigh.

“Maybe he’s lost?” Mariana said. “We should go inside, class is going to start soon and we don’t want to disappoint Katsuki-sensei, right?”

The hallway was filled with horrified gasps. No one wanted to disappoint Katsuki-sensei. That was unthinkable. Who would even dare?!

Mariana confidently walked into the classroom, her classmates trailing in after her. She always was a tiny bit fearless. “Excuse me,” she said, addressing the man. “Are you lost?”

The man smiled at her. “Ah! Are you one of Yuuri’s students?”

‘Wow, he was drop dead gorgeous,’ Mariana thought, heart constricting as she tried to school her expression into a stern looking one.

“Yes,” Mariana said. She licked her lips. “Who are you?”

“I’m Victor.”

Mariana’s brain stalled into a halt. She only knew one Victor who had any reason to be in this class right now. Behind her, the entire class screeched, “WHAT?!”

“Katsuki-sensei’s husband?” Mariana asked faintly. This… this was Victor? Katsuki-sensei married him? He married Katsuki-sensei? Her brain couldn’t compute.

Victor’s expression turned tender. It was the same lovesick expression that Katsuki-sensei wore all the time. “That’s me,” he said warmly.

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