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Mark is bad at games 😂😂 but he’s good at eating jellies🍬🍬 

i am literally SHAKING rn, I knew EXO were kings but ALMOST 1 MILLION ALBUMS WITH LESS THAN 3 WEEKS!!?? #1 ON THE DIGITAL CHART FOR 3 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS!!?? Even with all the damn competition and digital monsters lining the charts?!?

This just goes to show that NO ONE should ever try to underestimate EXO, not the fans, and especially not the antis. Everyone was so ready to see them fail this comeback but not ONLY did they exceed ALL expectations but they also SURPASSED their OWN fucking records. That’s what EXO does, constantly surpass themselves and grow and thrive in an industry which wants nothing more than to cheer for their decline. Keep dreaming, EXO is still THERE at the damn TOP and they arent moving any time soon

In summary:

The Skaters Silly (not-so) Secrets

For the second part of @atelerixe requests for headcanons, I have decided to make a list of “little known” secrets about our favorite skaters. (Some of these could easily turn into drabbles or ficlets if anyone wants to see them!)

Leo – can line dance and taught Guang Hong how to do so as well. Sometimes when they are at the same competition, they have line dancing dance parties in one of their hotel rooms

JJ – has a series of really innocent things he does with Isabella. They read series of books together, taking turns reading chapters out loud (including all of Harry Potter and the Wrinkle in Time series). They have a long time running score for Rummy 500 and a travel set for checkers.

Emil – can play the guitar and sing. He mostly sings love songs and has a YouTube channel. Everyone wants to know who he is singing to and why there is always a Mickey Mouse plushie sitting on the top of this guitar.

Mickey – secretly loves Emil (oh look here, it is another ship!) But he doesn’t even realize that it is love. It starts out trying to shove Emil away, but slowly, he starts watching every one of Emil’s YouTube videos and leaving comments (great range, man!). Sometimes, he will text Emil with song suggestions that fit with the love theme (he is also slowly killing Emil and does not realize this either)

Mila – sometimes shaves shapes into her undercut. After she starts dating Sara (yes I ship them) she has her hair dresser shave Sara surrounded by a heart into her undercut. She purposely wears her hair up around Mickey

Sara – can break dance. If it hadn’t been for the dress she was wearing at the Sochi banquet, she would have challenged Yuuri then and there. She also took a pole dancing class and was part of an online group who posted their pole dancing performances on YouTube while wearing masks (Mila was personally responsible for the videos going viral)

Seung-gil –obsessively follows dog blogs and donates to animal rescue efforts in multiple countries (his dog is a rescue animal). He has a t-shirt that says “I rescue animals, what’s your super power?” and a water bottle that says “my child as four paws”

Phichit – has practiced his ice show with his actual hamster. He even made them a stage. It is the single cutest thing that has ever happened

Chris – has days of the week underwear with sexual innuendos on them. (HUMP Day Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Scream My Name Saturday)

Georgi – has a collection of first addition story books. When he is feeling happy, he will go to the stories with happily ever afters. When he is upset he reads nothing by The Brothers Grim

Minami – has a Disney obsession. He knows every movie, every D-Com, and can sign every song. He has a bed full of plushies, and collects Disney snowglobes. His dream is to be a part of Disney on Ice one day

Yuri – watches YouTube videos to learn how to do his hair. He also owns so many hair products that Yakov mutters about Yuri’s responsibility for the hole in the ozone layer. Sometimes when he is messing with his hair, he will angrily whisper about how it must be better than Victor’s

Otabek – is a huge nerd (again… I don’t want to spoil my plot for my catfishprompt fic… but trust me HUGE NERD)

Victor – collects anything poodle related. The bathroom hand towels are covered in poodles, and they have them in seven different colors. The waffle maker makes poodle shaped waffles. There is a pancake mold and high thread count pillow cases with pillows on them (when Yuuri moves in, Victor has a pillow case printed of Yuuri and Vicchan – there are some very sweet, appreciative tears). As Yuuri starts to run out of poodle themed ideas (the poodle shaped clock now hanging in their kitchen was a last stroke of luck), the gifts start becoming even more random. Poodle salt and pepper shakers, poodle underwear, poodle pajama pants… Victor has it all.

Yuuri – cheats at Just Dance. The dance calls for a hip twirl? Yuuri is grinding, “accidentally” brushing against Victor’s hip as he does it. Every move is deliberate and if Victor somehow manages to cling to his self-control, Yuuri steps slightly forward making sure that he is in Victor’s line of vision while dancing. One night, when Victor was really on his game, Yuuri stripped while playing, without missing a beat. The game was abandoned

Yakov – has broken stress dolls by throwing them. Mila gave him one that was supposed to be indestructible but after Georgi’s third meltdown of the day, Victor and Yuuri’s seventh attempt to sneak off the ice to make out, and Yuri and Mila’s ninth wrestling match, he throws it against the wall so hard it explodes. All the skaters run.


YOI @ Namjatown (non-food pics)!

They had a nice big poster + Makkachin <3

On March 24th, they added a new game, “Yuuri’s Hug Hug Competition.” Lined up super early before opening so I could take a shot before prizes ran out. As u can sorta see from the last photo (taken from Namjatown’s official twitter, all other photos are my own), the game goes like this: You can buy up to 5 tries every time you go up (which is not often; you gotta get a ticket that tells you what time to come back, usually several hours later there were so many people). For each try, the nice ladies will give you a lil ball which you can place anywhere on the ramp to the right. You let go of the ball, it swings onto the slope and bounces off the lil stoppers and falls into one of the slots at the bottom, each of which has a character (the person Yuuri “hugs”) and a letter A-D. There’s only one A (Victor), and increasingly more of the lower prizes (most D), which obviously means you have to be incredibly lucky to get A and most people get a lot of the other letters. A prize is a tote bag, B prize is a charm, C prize is a button, and D prize is a random sticker (all others you can choose your character, which is why some characters ran out faster than others). It’s supposed to be mostly luck bc of the knockers and the fact you have to place the ball on the ramp so you can’t really tell it to go anywhere….

….but apparently I had amazing freakin luck or there is some skill involved bc

I got A prize twice in 8 tries ^v^)b So top tote is Yuuri + Vic + Chris (was out of stock later in the day), bottom tote has Phichit + Yurio + Otabek. All in all, a very successful day <3

Dating Joonie Includes...

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—cuddles like all the time

—little spoon, big spoon

—meeting him at the studio to help him with his music

—right when you step in and greet him, his lips are on yours and he’s sliding his hands down your back to slowly grope your ass

—and then you guys start making out in the soundproof recoding room lol “imma beat that pussy like you never ever felt before” ctfffuu 😛😂👌

—early morning coffee dates 


—"yes daddy?”

—late night fast food runs 🍟🏃💨

—trying to take care of an animal together and ending up failing horribly

—rip RICEBALL 🐰😭💀

—pinky locking instead of holding hands in public 

—lowkey PDA (hugging, quick pecks, cheek kisses)


—the real kinda back hugs where he tucks his head in the crack of your necks and kisses it up and down while he wraps his arms around your waist YEEESSS!!!!!

—always somehow touching each other in public, not even sexually just small little thigh caressing, pinky locking, head on his shoulder, head on your shoulder, etc etc

—one day he’ll take you to an ice rink for a date and you’ll be shooketh at how good he is like ???? did you just do a triple spin on one leg ??? when did you learn to do that, joonie?!!?

—highkey the “horny” couple 👀

—but you guys try to hide it when the members/other people are around (key word: try… it doesn’t work)

—adventurous/kinky sex,,, he’s always willing to try new things as long as he’s able to pleasure you cause that’s his first priority


—flirty teasing ;;))

—lingerie is always a HUGE turn on and instant boner material

—sexting a lot

—all the time

—like even when you guys are right next to each other???

—awks namjoon being a blushing mess when he’s trying to be cute like showing you his aegyo

—awks namjoon wanting to squishy your face whenever you do something relatively cute like pout or when you pull a puppy dog begging face

—random dance battles that probably offend dance line a lot when they happen to witness it

—singing competitions that leave vocal line in awe at how two people could sound so ear-bleedingly bad 

—teasing about height differences cause i feel like nams would go for a smol girl js

—"babygirl… why are you so smol?“

—"fuck you namjoon. suck my dick.”

—"come over here then so I can give you that good succ succ, hon.“

—doesn’t even try to impress you with his cooking “skills” all you two eat is take out with the exception of you making a meal every now and again

—always checking up on him when you hear about trouble bangtan has gotten into and since he’s leader than it’s probably 2573x worst for him

—equally spoiling each other with expensive gifts, foods, clothes, shoes, etc cause that’s what a good couples does 🙌👌

—being able to trust each other completely!

—no secrets and always keeping it real kinda couple

—being such aesthetically pleasing fashion gods

always, always, always ready for a photoshoot wherever and whenever!!! kim daily ft. Sav just saying 👀

—shopping is a regular date with you two

—joons being completely head over heels whipped for you and knowing it, but doesn’t bother hiding it cause hs it’s so true he fuckin loves you liKE WOW

Want more Bangtan? here’s my masterlist!

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EXO In a Restaurant

Why do I keep making these 


~  grill master

~ knows a bunch of cool knife tricks that he uses to scare zitao with

~ keeps all his awards from various grill competitions lined up above his grill

~ comes out with the orders himself

~ mumbles apologies to the animals he’s cooking on his sad days


~ pastry chef

~ doubles the sugar on most orders

~ forever covered in flour

~ insists on wearing a chef hat

~ bakes special batches just for luhan

Zi Tao:

~ catty greeter

~ only talks to hot customers

~ soft af with kids though

~ signs his name on the kid menus

~ “dude listen to my mixtape”


~ managing partner (along with junmyeon)

~ “as manager of this establishment…”

~ everything is high fashion

~ shines his golden name tag once every few minutes

~ has a mini basketball net installed in his office


~ entertainment director

~ has the best taste in music

~ keeps a kitten sat in his palm at all times

~ flashy suits are his signature

~ sends corny poems minseok’s way ever so often


~ delivery guy

~ only listens to pop music in the car

~ calls baekhyun on the phone to call him a basic bitch

~ will yell at anyone who argues for the “over half an hour and it’s free” rule

~ keeps a map of the best routes but never actually uses it


~ sous-chef

~ sings as he cooks

~ cannot boil pasta just right to save his life

~ signs his name with sauce on every meal

~ never leaves the kitchen but still gets all the deets about shitty customers from sehun


~ the most loveable waiter

~ smiled so hard once that his face wouldn’t unfreeze

~ breaks at least three plates a day

~ decorates the christmas  display every year

~ cries when he doesn’t get a tip


~ local angry manager

~ keeps an eagle-eye on his employees

~ yells at yifan all day

~ still uses a flip phone

~ at least he’s rich


~ head chef

~ garlic on everything

~ usually ends up redoing baekhyun’s dishes

~ takes photos of the food he makes for the gram

~ shamefully steals some of minseok’s pastries when he isn’t looking


~ waiter with a hint of zest

~ used to be the cutest until he realized he gets bigger tips by being just ~slightly~ sexy

~ shirt is always unbuttoned a bit until junmyeon realizes

~ tries to get away with only serving outdoor tables (he’s a child of the sun)

~ puts out bowls of water for stray dogs


~ why is he even here

~ easily offended by customers

~ fixes his hair using a spoon as a mirror and a fork as a comb

~ refers to elderly customers as gertrude and bill regardless of what their name might actually be

~ “baekhyun go spit in order 3”

It’s almost sale time~!!! :D

I really REALLY wanna do a full body, simple color portraits like these

Not incredibly refined, but certainly a solid reference. Quality varies, but I always try to make it look nicer than my examples C: I’m thinkin $40. 

My idea was to provide them ONLY for characters that have no art of them at all and I’d do them 100% from 1 email of descriptions (photo references for color tones, hair style, outfit, etc.). It would be a fun challenge for me AND it would hopefully cut out a lot of the competition to get in line for YOU guys. I feel like it would be really great practice for multiple body types and I’ll post them in a lineup so their heights are all established well too :P

I’ll probably do like, 2 groups at a time. 1 for RPG characters (that do have screenshots from the game, but no art) and 1 for characters that are from personal stories, table top games, -sonas, etc.

I’m gonna do these for 10 days straight starting on the 3rd and ending on the 12th. I’m gonna do about ~5 a day and try to do them on stream as much as I can. So I’ll start my list at 40 and if I feel confident I’ll make it more, BUT WE’LL SEE. *u*

SO. I’ll read comments below if you guys have any on this idea C: I’d love feedback! I’ll start up my list for these tomorrow evening (and try to be WAY more organized about it) by making a post with instructions on how to get on! ♥


Location, Location, Location

What the hints of a year mean for past competition locations
+a thought on why a couple locations were changed

I was rewatching episode 7 again and it occurred to me to look something up really quick.

Christophe mentions that he met Victor 10 years ago at the European Championships.

The Palais des Sports de Gerland (Lyon, France) here was the site of the European Championships in 2006 (held January 17-22 for the 2005/06 figure skating season).

Which, by Chris’ comment, would make it 2016 in the anime (except we know that YOI has a mix of years making up the universe).

The year itself isn’t important, so much as this tells us that locations for competitions line up between YOI and real life. We already know that the Grand Prix Series in-universe matches with the real-life 2016/17 season locations, now we know that a past competition matches too. 

Even if the GP Series order and the ISU aesthetics in-universe don’t match with the real-life 2016/17 year, we can at least count on places to be accurate to our real-life history - so, theoretically, if someone wanted to write a fanfic and reference certain competitions that the characters went to in the past, they would be accurate using real-life locations:
i.e. “I really love wandering around new towns, but Yakov made me stop after I got horribly lost 4 years ago in Nice for the World Championships. It was much smaller than Paris, but my phone was dead, and I didn’t have a map, and my French was abysmal!” (in-universe, if Victor brought up “World Championships four years ago” it would line up with the 2012 location)

What Location Differences tell us about the Narrative

If you remember waaay back in episode 1, though, you’ll notice:
The two big inconsistencies with competition locations are the Sochi GPF and Yoyogi Worlds. At this point, I have to wonder if that was more for a poetic purpose than a realistic one: Yuuri competes in Victor’s country when he fails, gets stuck, and decides to put his career on hold; and Victor competes in Yuuri’s country when he gets stuck, is uninspired, and needs to decide on what to do next. Their respective seasons ended in each other’s countries. Perhaps this symbolic ending is why Kubo-sensei changed the location from where the real-life 2015-2016 GPF and Worlds events were (Barcelona and Boston, respectively).

There are two more inconsistencies and one is a particularly small detail…
We’ll see one of those inconsistencies in a couple of weeks: Episode 6 first showed us that this year’s GPF in-universe will be held in Barcelona. I wonder if there is something special about that place in regards to the plot. After all, there’s no real need to switch the GPF location when the other GP Series locations are the same. (Or perhaps it’s as simple as being unable to get a reference for the venue?)

The other location change is in episode 1 in Yuuri’s flashback. And it’s another important Victor competition. 

Victor won the World Junior Championships held at Sofia, Bulgaria. If you look up the past dates, you’ll find that Sofia hosted in 2001, 2008, 2009 and 2014 but that isn’t very relevant here. 10 years ago Victor was a new Senior at the 2006 Lyon European Championships that Chris saw him at. He would have been 17, and since Yuuri said that Victor won the Junior Worlds at 16, that means those Junior Worlds would have been the 2004/05 season immediately prior – which you can see doesn’t match with the dates Sofia hosted.
But there’s something very special about the 2001 Sofia competition.
The person who won the World Junior Championships at Sofia in 2001 was none other than Johnny Weir - the skater whom Victor is an homage to in the episode 7 flashback of the European Championships.

I believe this location decision is just one more subtle homage. The background of the rink isn’t very distinct, so they could have slapped on the name of any place (like Kitchener, Canada to be accurate), but Sofia, Bulgaria would have been more meaningful if Kubo-sensei indeed wanted to make young Victor a nod to Weir. 

We wouldn’t have been able to piece this easter egg together until episode 7.

Of course, that’s not to say that the current year in the anime is actually 2016. It could be 2017 like on Yuuri’s phone, or 2013 like the order and ISU logos suggest (although I’m thinking the logo thing was perhaps done to avoid copyright.). All it means is that the locations in YOI line up to our real-life timeline, and that the discrepancies all have some symbolic meaning.


Sponsored fic from @katrani who asked for “MInako taking a scavenger hunt too seriously” Thank you so much for all of your support! 

“Haruka, you’re a butch lesbian! Don’t tell me you don’t have a leatherman or some shit laying around in your pocket.” She tried to pry the license plate off the car.

“I’m pretty sure this is illegal.” Haruka crouched down next to Mina.

“Do you have one or not? Lives are on the line here!” She held her hand out expectantly.

If you would have asked Haruka, earlier that day, if she felt she was going to spend her evening stealing a license plate off a Honda with Mina in the graceful dim of twilight, she would have said no.

And then she would have reconsidered her friendship with Mina, and said maybe.

“Haruka!” Mina hissed “Any day now!”

Haruka dug down into her pocket and pulled out her knife, handing it to Mina. “We’re gonna get fucking arrested.”

Mina began to pry at the license plate, “I can live with that, but I can’t live with the idea of Rei winning this.”

It all seemed very reasonable until the blue and red began to flicker in the shiny white paint of the car’s bumper.

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AH the sweet return snark from earlier in the chapter I love it. I mean I know tooth and pitch are supposed to be getting along but that's what she gets for calling pitch useless 😂

Honestly I’m kind of living for them all being able to drop the ‘yes we’re so civil we totally never talked about any of the bad blood between us’ schtick and getting to how they might really feel about each other.

There’s also a lot of stuff they all just need to really deal with. From misdirected anger and spite, to like, flat out misunderstandings or assumptions of people’s motives etc. North and Sandy are probably the two most level-headed out of the group, even Pitch is super bitter about how they all treated him.

It’s actually good that a) Pitch and Jack are hiving off to hide out for a little while and b) Jack is there in general, because while Jack does have his own issues with the Guardians, it’s not quite at the same level (excepting Bunnymund).

Also Pitch and Tooth snarking at each other like that just makes me happy lol.

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Hey there. I have a question about Yuri on Ice ep 5. At the tournament, there are only 4 male skaters in the tournament and a huge bunch of female skaters. At the press conference, Yuuri is the only man on stage. Is the men/women distribution really that different in figure skating in Japan? Also, I sent you an ask a while ago and I just wanted to know if you happen to know what I asked. I forgot about it but remembered there was something XD Anyway, thanks for your awesome blog.

Thanks for sending this! It’s a good ask to get me back into writing after being sick and busy for weeks.

Yes, the distribution is skewed towards Ladies, although it’s not as dramatic as the distribution of skaters in Singles vs. Pairs & Ice Dance. Figure skating is considered a “feminine” activity by the general populace – much like ballet or ballroom dance. The viewpoint is definitely getting better, but it’s only relatively recently that the Men’s discipline has had the spotlight shone on them. Daisuke and Yuzuru have mentioned this before when talking about their early skating days.

But your question has two points, so I’ll address them in order:

  1. The number of men in the Chu-Shikoku-Kyushu Taikai
  2. The distribution of men in figure skating in Japan

1. Regionals & Press Conference

You can check the past 2016 results and registration for the Chu-Shikoku-Kyushu competition here. It’s actually a huge competition that spans days with the Juniors, Novice A, and Novice B groups also competing – which is why we see all those people waiting to draw numbers. 

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Dating Owen Grady would involve...

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(Not my gif. Also daaaammmmn those shoulders…)

  • You both call the raptors your children
  • They basically are
  • Owen realising he’s in love with you when he sees you working with Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo just like he does
  • Wolf whistling at each other while you’re working
  • Having pick up line competitions; whoever blushes first makes dinner
  • Owen always ends up making dinner
  • Blasting music whenever it’s just the two of you working at the raptor paddock, and having dance offs and karaoke sessions while the raptors watch in confusion
  • Once, when you were up on the walkway feeding the girls, Owen started trying to re-enact the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet
  • “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and (Y/N) is the Sun!”
  • “Did you have to google that?”
  • “…maybe?”
  • He actually memorised the whole scene, and even climbed up to your level to steal a kiss
  • You were blushing the whole time
  • When he finally proposed to you, he tried to go really romantic with it. He tied the ring and a note asking you to marry him to Blue’s collar so you would find it when you went into the paddock
  • She ate the fucking ring before your shift at the paddock
  • When he explained what had happened, you almost died laughing
  • “People usually do that with cats or dogs, Owen, not raptors.”
  • “There’s not much of a difference?”
  • You said yes anyway, because even if it didn’t go according to plan it was the sweetest thing ever

A/N: Hi! If you want to give feedback please give me feedback I’m needy or request something, my ask is here! I’ll tag the people who were interested in the Owen x reader below (it’ll be up sometime in the next few days!)

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