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I saw Maleficent the other day and couldn’t help but associate her with an Aries, the dragon, the rage, the love, the magic. Like Aries people, Maleficent was quick to inflame and act on her fury. Aries is the sign that needs to provoke chaos in their environment and induce response from their surroundings. The curse she set on Aurora was an act of impulse and an erratic response to a horrific betrayal, and yet, like the lustrous radiance of Aries, Maleficent’s wrath lost its fire and set alight her heart of forgiveness and love. Aries are renowned  for their outbursts of temper which can turn quite destructive for those on the receiving end. What is happening right now, is of most importance to Aries, and in the midst of fury they are rarely able to grasp future consequences. She was all but willing to let the man who had tormented her keep his life, and the fury that had driven her into the clutches of evil had dissolved with the touch of love. The Arian life is one fought on the battlefield; with the planets surrounding Aries promising conflicts with authority, challenges, restrictive bosses, and the terminal resisting of oppressive forces. Like dragons, the Aries yearns to fly and reach the height of his dreams. Losing their wings, physically (Maleficent) or emotionally (restriction) could be the most devastating personal crime. Her love for Aurora was unconditional, and built of the appeal to her inner child and play, the Aries reflex to protect and adore the vulnerable and innocent. The Aries spirit is equally combative and competitive as protective and amorous. Her true love, Sleeping Beauty, reminds me very much of the primitive love notes played in Aries, the passion and vigor of Mars that calls for an ignited expression of love in its most pure, childlike form. The love a baby has for his mother, the love a teenager has for his dog, the love a brother has for his sister. A divine, unaffected love, the love that is responsive and unclouded by romantic expectation or desire. The zodiac’s newborn is not old enough to comprehend those messy complexes. Like Aries, Maleficent used the gasoline of Mars to set her world on fire, crackling with sea storms of rage and fury. And like Aries, Maleficent used this celestial energy stream, this divine powerhouse to set her heart alight, shatter the darkest curse and conjure the most wicked miracles.

“All things truly wicked start from innocence”
Ernest Hemingway

A Random PSA On Danna

This is a topic that is very confusing to a Western audience and questions about it come up enough that I figured I’d write about it to clear things up. 

So, what is a “Danna” (旦那) exactly? In short, it is a person (traditionally male) who sponsors their favorite geisha. Sex was never expected as part of the deal, but if it happened then there was no taboo against it. Danna informally means “husband,” but that role is no where near what we’d equate with a husband today. Being a danna was a business transaction and you were, in a sense, “married” in that one geisha could only have one danna and one danna was supposed to only have one geisha (there are people who will always break the rules, and when women found out that their danna was a patron of other geisha it could get ugly!).

Back in the days when all geisha were expected to have a danna (and they did), the stories of men running off with their geisha mistresses didn’t really happen as much as you’d think. If she was very beautiful and he was very young then he may pay her debts and marry her, but an older man wasn’t looking for a teenager, and this is where the most competition occurred. To have a danna back then meant that a geisha had one specific man who bought her luxurious items (new kimono, kanzashi, etc.) and, in return, he would be known for his “patronage of the arts” as men competed to have the most popular geisha as theirs. Everyone was a patron of the geisha - from the lowest social class (the merchants) to the highest (the samurai) and, unlike the outside world, the karyūkai was a fabulous show of wealth that was not nearly as restricted by the government as it was outside of it. It may seem a bit backwards to us today, but the merchant class was by far the richest social class in the Edo Period even though they had the least prestige and literally the worst ranking. Since merchants weren’t allowed to buy very nice goods (well, better to say that they could, but that they’d just have to hide them) they could buy the patronage of the most famous geisha, and the most famous geisha were household names across the entire country. It was no secret when it came to which geisha had which man for a danna, and the danna himself would often use his geisha as an investment for his business.

By being a danna you reaped many rewards, even though the sums of money you were paying were, shall we say, pretty damn high. Have an important business meeting? Call your geisha over to entertain your guests. Not only will your guests recognize her if she’s very popular, but she is known for her secrecy and no business dealings will ever leave that room. Going to a sumo match? Bring your geisha and show her off to the entire city. Rumours would spread like wildfire about So-and-so who was the danna of Geisha-X, and this usually brought the man more business dealings. By retaining such a popular geisha, to which this man would be paying enormous sums of money (sometimes most of the business’ income!), he was seen as trustworthy since he has shown that he deals well with money and makes quite a large amount of it.

This is where most people are like, “he paid that much money and there was no sex!?” Yes, that statement is correct. By law a geisha was not allowed to exchange money for sexual favors as legally only the yūjo (prostitutes) were allowed to do so. This wasn’t as cut and dry in “double registered” areas, but most of those were in small towns as geisha in the big cities prided themselves on not selling their bodies. Still, prostitution has always been seen in a very different light in Japan than it has in the Western world. Marriage used to be a business transaction between two families and the only thing that was actually expected of them was to have children. Beyond that, the man was free to work (and play) how he wanted in the realm of business and the woman was master of their domain. For a man having sex with his wife was seen as a duty and rarely was it ever for pleasure. If he wanted to experience pleasure in a sexual encounter he’d go to a yūjo and money would be exchanged for that service. The wives were not jealous (well, not meant to be) as a man having “fun” with a yūjo was a business transaction. A man being a danna to a geisha was just the same and it had no bearing on the official marriage itself.  

Today most geisha do not have a danna as the traditional danna system has mostly faded away due to transitioning times. However, the current system is one that’s equal to “multiple danna,” that is, more than one person can sponsor a specific maiko or geiko. She likely won’t be paying for all of her luxury items with this money, but it does add up if she has more than one and this still provides bragging rights to the danna themselves.  

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Why exactly does shelley deserve so much attention? No hate I'm just curious

i am so glad you asked, here’s why you should stan shelley hennig:

  • she won miss teen usa at only 17. now i know what you’re thinking - so what? she’s a beauty queen but what does that mean? well for a start shelley was a complete pageant novice yet she won the most prestigious competition for her age group in america. also, the motivation for her entering came from her need to get a scholarship to get into a dance college (which is what she really wanted to do at that age) and nothing to do with her desire to wear a crown - she’s actually made comments since about hating crowns!
  • upon winning miss teen usa, she made it her #1 priority to be a voice to teenagers. part of her role was to travel around the country, and in doing so she made sure to speak to plenty of young teenagers who looked up to her in order to try and be a positive influence in their lives (x)
  • one of the largest issues she addressed was drink driving. in fact, shelley became a massive advocate to stop drink driving and lended her voice to companies such as ‘buzz free prom’ and C.A.D.A in louisiana, dedicated to trying to prevent alcohol and drug abuse. this was a cause particularly close to her heart because at the age of 14 she lost her eldest brother in a drink driving accident (x)
  • she worked with many other non-profit organizations during her time including seeds of peace, D.A.R.E, sparrow clubs and SHiNE
  • miss teen usa didn’t get to her head; she continued on at school, even having two poems published in the ‘young authors book of poetry’ and went on to study at the ‘new york conservatory for dramatic arts’ (which she gained a scholarship for as part of her winnings) where she worked hard at getting into acting. she’s spoken before about how acting was not something that came naturally to her (in fact she’s flat out said she sucked) but she worked hard at it to get where she is today
  • at the age of 20 she booked her first acting role on ‘days of our lives’ all on her own merit where she worked 12 hour days
  • she went on to receive two daytime emmy nominations for outstanding younger actress; i’d just like to stress that in soaps they’re allowed one take for their scene. one take to get it right. these nominations stressed how far shelley had come in her acting career
  • she dealt with a lot of hate for the character she played actually, mostly because her character had been recast and the previous actress was red haired, blue eyed. it’s a lot of pressure to tackle your first acting job when fans of the shows are yelling about how you’re not right for the part
  • i know being like ‘she was a soap star!!’ must seem like a dumb reason on this list, but remember that soaps address a lot of real-life issues and seeing them done well on tv can effect a lot of real life people. shelley’s spoken about how people have told her that they were touched or helped by something she portrayed as her character, and i think it’s pretty important to remember the outreach these shows have (x)
  • shelley was asked to stay on teen wolf as a main. she was only supposed to do two episodes in season 3 but jeff asked her to stay on as malia; i think that speaks volumes about her not only as an actress, but her presence on set
  • she’s literally got on like a house on fire with every single cast she’s been placed with (particularly the secret circle, of whom she’s still good friends with to this day, and teen wolf) that tells you something about how lovely she must be to work with
  • the very first full length film she did (unfriended; i know ouija was released first but unfriended was actually filmed prior to this!) she was cast as the lead and she literally shot the movie in one take. they would sit and do 90 minutes of acting, an entire script run, going through every emotion under the sun - and who suggested they do this? shelley. she’s always ready to push herself and sink her teeth into a challenge. it’s also important to note that while the movie was not critically acclaimed, shelley’s performance was, and she was called the saving grace of the movie by many reviews
  • she’s the first female in the teen wolf cast to win an acting award which is pretty damn cool; she got choice female summer tv star at the teen choice awards
  • when the louisana floods happened, she was a great voice in promoting aid and also put her money towards feeding people in denham springs
  • she made a lot of noise during the election this year also which i’m proud of her for, telling people to vote and being very clear about where her support lay, without outright trying to pressure people into voting hillary
  • she’s beautiful, she’s funny, she’s extremely down to earth, she’s so good at promoting self confidence (i know i personally am very self-conscious about acne, and i’ve seen instagram posts and snapchats from shelley being like ‘i’ve got a zit but i still look flawless screw it’ and that helped me a lot) and she always promotes the message to be yourself
  • she’s a big advocate for girl power! both in how malia is and her relationship with other women
  • she’s always been supportive of LGBTQ; she and phoebe tonkin were both extremely supportive of fans who wanted ‘fayana’ (a ship between their two characters on the secret circle) and still support it to this day. she’s also been vocal about making malia bisexual #givemaliagirlfriend
  • she’s loyal to her roots, and that shows in her love for her family (see her relationship with her niece, especially over this past year, which is adorable!) and her loyalty to shows such as days of our lives where she begun, which she is planning a return to next year. it’s lovely to see how humble she is and how thankful she is to her origins
  • she deals with anxiety, which i don’t think anyone really knows because she never draws attention to it (and hey, is probably partly fuelled by how badly the fandom treats her), but it’s obvious she’s really tried to work on that and has attended far more fan conventions this year to try and give back to her fans
  • overall shelley is incredible. she’s worked so hard to get to where she is, has had great success along the way with even more success to come i’m sure, and has remained so humble. just watch literally any interview where she talks about teen wolf; she’s so thankful and grateful to the show even though she doesn’t get half the credit she deserves. she really gets her head into her characters; 6x01 with the hair flip which was supposed to show malia looking up to lydia and copying her mannerisms is such an example of this. she puts her heart and soul into her work, but never comes across as egotistical. and she’s so damn funny that she needs her own comedy show somewhere! shelley deserves so much more attention and i’m sure one day, with her talent, she’ll get just that

10 Diverse Love Stories for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are 10 stories about love, starring people of color and/or LGBT characters. Book descriptions are from Worldcat.

He Said, She Said by Kwame Alexander (HarperCollins)— When a popular football ‘playa’ and ladies man and the smartest girl in school lead a school protest, sparks fly as their social media-aided revolution grows.

Naughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman (Simon & Schuster) — In a world where the pale-skinned Naughts are discriminated against by the politically and socially powerful dark-skinned Crosses, teenagers Callum—a Naught—and Sephy—a Cross—test whether their love is strong enough to survive their society’s racism.

Between You & Me by Marisa Calin (Bloomsbury) — Phyre, sixteen, narrates her life as if it were a film, capturing her crush on Mia, a student teacher of theater and film studies, as well as her fast friendship with a classmate referred to only as “you.”

Romiette and Julio by Sharon M. Draper (Atheneum) — Romiette, an African-American girl, and Julio, a Hispanic boy, discover that they attend the same high school after falling in love on the Internet, but are harrassed by a gang whose members object to their interracial dating.

When the Stars Go Blue by Caridad Ferrer (Thomas Dunne Books) — Soledad Reyes decides to dance Carmen as part of a drum and bugle corps competition, not knowing if it will help or harm her chance of becoming a professional ballet dancer but eager to pursue new options, including a romance with the boy who invited her to audition.

Born Confused by Tanuja Desai Hidier (Scholastic Press) — Seventeen-year-old Dimple, whose family is from India, discovers that she is not Indian enough for the Indians and not American enough for the Americans, as she sees her hypnotically beautiful, manipulative best friend taking possession of both her heritage and the boy she likes.

My Most Excellent Year by Steve Kluger (Dial) — Three teenagers in Boston narrate their experiences of a year of new friendships, first loves, and coming into their own.

Street Love by Walter Dean Myers (Amistad) — This story told in free verse is set against a background of street gangs and poverty in Harlem in which seventeen-year-old African American Damien takes a bold step to ensure that he and his new love will not be separated.

Mismatch by Lensey Namioka (Delacorte) — Their families clash when a Japanese-American teenaged boy starts dating a Chinese-American teenaged girl.

The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler (Simon Pulse) — Jude has learned a lot from her older sisters, but the most important thing is this: The Vargas brothers are notorious heartbreakers. But as Jude begins to fall for Emilio Vargas, she begins to wonder if her sisters were wrong.

4/4 - You’re Ticklish

Request: Yes 

Hi! Can u do a 5sos 4/4 where he finds out you’re extremely ticklish?


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“So what are we playing?” you asked sitting. You were currently hanging out at your best friend Michael’s house for the weekend.

“Whatever you want I guess, doesn’t really matter” he shrugged.

“Well we’re playing Call of Duty because I already put it in” you said.

An hour late and 6 games later, you and Michael were basically pushing each other off the couch. He was clearly much better than you from spending most of his teenage years playing but you were a competitive person and determined to win.

“STOP CHEATING” he yells

“I’m not, it’s not my fault you suck” you laugh

“Oh yeah because pushing me is so fair”

“Listen I understand that it’s hard to lose to someone as skilled, beautiful and talented as me but you can’t always win in life” you said pushing me again as the game finished.

“That game was bullshit” he added

“Do you want a rematch?” you questioned

“Damn right I do cheater”

“Oh touchy”

As soon as the next game started Michael slowly started to shift closer to you on the couch. You glanced over at him smirking in the corner of your eye but decided to ignore him and continue with the game. Suddenly Michael tackled you to the ground and started tickling you.

“Michael. Please. Stop. This is torture” you said in between breaths and laughing fits. You start flailing your limbs to try and get him to stop his attack. All of a sudden your foot comes into contact with something hard. And you see Michael fall backwards onto the ground. He slowly stands up rubbing his face.

“Fuck” he mumbles under in breath seeing the crimson on his hand.  

“Oh my god Michael I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it just happened and…” you rambled

“Y/N it’s okay but can you grab the first aid kit in the kitchen”

“You act like I don’t know where it is” you joked. He followed you into the kitchen and sat on the counter as you open the kit and treated his cut.

“Again I’m really sorry” you said

“It’s okay I’ll just have to get you back somehow” he said as he started to tickle you. You ran away from him quickly to avoid further disaster and being tickled…

“Did you not learn anything the first time Clifford”    


As you sat in English class you rolled your eyes as the asshole of the school walked in late as always. Seriously could he not be on time for once in his life? The girl who sat beside you normally decided to move halfway across the class to sit with her friend so of course the only seat open was beside you. You groaned internally as he sat down and glared at you; the class slowly went silent as the teacher started some lesson on poetry analysis. Your teacher handed out a poem to analyze and you immediately plugged in your headphones and tapped on the desk to the beat. It wasn’t long until you had a hand slapped down on top of yours to stop the drumming noise.

You pulled out a headphone to yell at the blond haired waste of space that sat beside you but before you could he interrupted.

“My god could you be any more annoying?” he questioned “Please just stop tapping for like ten minutes so I can concentrate.”

You smirked to yourself as you put your headphones back in and turned the music up. This time you began tapping your foot against the floor to the music as you continued to write down in your notebook.

Not even five minutes after Luke had spoken to you, he grabbed your knee to stop your foot from vibrating against the ground. You immediately shrieked and fell on the floor in a fit of giggles.

The whole class including the teacher turned around to see what hap just happened and you just sat there red-faced on the floor; Luke smirked at you from above now knowing one of your weaknesses.


The whistle blew and it marked the first goal of the game. You were on fire today. The breeze flowing your hair and grass under your cleats as you kicked the ball up and down the field. There was one, then two, then three goals all by you. You had passed the ball to one of your teammates as the slammed it into the net for the fourth goal of the game.

You glanced over to the cheering coming from the bleachers and wiped some of the sweat off your forehead as you saw your boyfriend smiling back at you and giving you thumbs up. This was the deciding game in the season; if you won this you moved on the championships. The final whistle signaled the end of the game and you ran towards the side of the field towards Calum. He grabbed your sides to try and lift you up and spins you around as they did in movies but, as soon as his hands touched your sides and lifted you up a bit you collapsed onto the ground.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay babe?” he asked as he offered his hand to help you get up off the grass. And you laughed as you got up.

“Ya, I’m fine that just really tickled,” you said trying to catch your breath from all the giggling and he smiled at you.

“So now I have a secret weapon,” he wiggled his eyebrows at you and tried to hold a straight face. Ultimately he couldn’t hold it and his adorable smile covered his face.


Back in elementary school…

You sat out with the other girls at recess practicing gymnastics and running after each other talking about ‘boy cooties’. You sat down after doing a few cartwheels so you didn’t get too dizzy and a boy from your class came and sat beside you. You looked over at him and quickly scooted away so you didn’t get teased by the other for catching ‘cooties’ but, felt slightly intrigued because you had never talked to him.

Your stomach started to settle from all the turning and running and you stood up to walk away from the oddly quiet boy beside you. As you started to walk away you heard shuffling behind you but, before you had a chance to look back your sides were hit with tickles and you instantly fell to the ground in a fit of laughter so hard you started crying.

One of the teachers on duty in the yard came over to see what all the fuss was about and you decided to get revenge on Ashton. “He tickled me and made me fall over” you with tears running down your face and the best puppy dog face you could make without smiling.

Ashton looked shocked at what you said and started to babble on about how it was a dare and how he didn’t mean for you to get hurt.

“To the principle we go with you,” the teacher said to him and started to take him away. He glanced back at you sticking your tongue out and laughing at him being taken away. A smile made its way across his face and you knew that this was the beginning to an interesting friendship.