competition bikini

‘Being active’ does not mean you have to be a 300 pound body builder, triathlon runner, or highly competitive bikini model. You don’t necessarily have to run, lift, play tennis, football, soccer, or do plyometrics.
'Being active’ simply means doing what you enjoy doing; what ever that may be. If you don’t enjoy strength training, then you don’t have to do it! If swimming is more your thing, then go for it! Do what feels right, and have fun with your physical fitness!


I have been making protein pancakes for YEARS (honestly- since 2008!) and I think I’ve found my perfect recipe. I like my pancakes a little cakey but not too thick and fluffy- somewhere between a traditional one and a crepe or Swedish pancake. 

I did not use any protein powder in this recipe because I’ve yet to find a whey protein that doesn’t taste grainy or dull when it’s cooked. If you have a suggestion for me please let me know, I’m always on the lookout for great new whey protein to try.

Powder-free Pancakes


  • 5 egg whites (I used actual eggs, you can use ones in the carton too)
  • 20g oatmeal (0.25 cup)
  • 35g applesauce (1/6 cup)
  • 27g plain greek non-fat yogurt
  • 0.4 cup of soy milk (I use Soy Slender Vanilla- it’s delicious with great macros!)
  • 1 tsp (3g) of baking powder
  1. Put the oatmeal into your food processor. Pulse until oats have a flour consistency with some flakes (up to 1 minute).
  2. Mix egg whites, greek yogurt, apple sauce and soy milk together with a whisk. Blend until combined.
  3. Mix baking powder with oats. Add these dry ingredients to the wet ones and whisk until combined.
  4. Coat non-stick pan with butter or olive oil 0 calorie spray. Make sure it is warm enough for the mixture to sizzle when it hits the pan (but not so hot that it’s smoking!)
  5. Carefully pour pancake mix into the pan. You can do three small per batch or large pancakes. Spray the pan between each batch. Watch the mixture closely as bubbles will not form like they would with ‘regular’ pancakes.

Enjoy with maple syrup, whipped cream, greek yogurt or fresh fruit! The pictures above have syrup and fruit on them plus a little greek yogurt/cream cheese mixture. 


Macros for the pancakes only (no toppings):

252 calories/ 38g Protein/21g Carbohydrates/3g Fat/ 4g Fiber

What I didn't know about competing

When I was first really looking into competing, I did A LOT of research. I wanted to assess my own commitment to this because I knew the training would be hard and the eating even harder. But I was not prepared at all for the giant mind fuck that goes along with the preparation for this event.

My boyfriend and I spent the day driving around hanging out with friends and family. We saw a lot of people we haven’t seen in a while which was nice, but the questions were just non stop.

We ate out at almost every meal, and being on a very strict keto this week, I had my tupperware in tow at every restaurant. At each place I had to explain to the waitress that I’m on a strict diet and I hope it’s ok that I eat my own food in their restaurant. Everyone else was dining so it was never a problem, but I felt like a giant weirdo for having to explain why I’m not ordering anything.

Follow that with SO many questions.

“Do you at least want a lemonade?" 

"How about a salad?" 

"We could grill up some vegetables for you!” 

When I tell people I’m training for a bikini competition they instantly think  WOOO Spring Break Bikini Contest!! So I explain that yes I’ll be in a bikini on stage but it’s more of a fitness thing and I’ll be judged more on physique.

Follow that with SO much “advice.”

“You don’t want just an order of veggies? You can eat vegetables can’t you?”

I try to explain no, not really right now because I’m doing this special low carb diet for this week, but next week I’ll be going back into a more regular eating where I can have more vegetables….

“Well if you really want to lose weight you should be eating this (meanwhile they are in no position to be giving weight loss tips) and I watched this infomercial once and it said this, so you should really do that. And not eating vegetables is not healthy I mean you’re vegan and if you aren’t eating meat and you are not eating vegetables then you are just starving yourself and you don’t need to be doing this you are already so skinny!!!!!”

I don’t even want to talk to people about it anymore. I know they mean well and I’d be excited if they wanted to talk fitness with me because obviously I’m passionate about this, but no one ever wants to exchange ideas, they only want to tell me about what they did when they “were in really good shape” (I want to say, so what’s happened since? Because it obviously didn’t work out for you.)

And the loneliness. I was not prepared for the sensation of feeling like such an outsider for what I’m doing. 

“We could all go to that winery we like and have pizza for lunch!”

“Well Katherine can’t drink wine or eat pizza.”

Me: It’s fine! Really! I’ll just go hang out with you guys and you can eat/drink.

“No, if you can’t eat anything there than we just won’t go.”

But I can’t eat anything anywhere. That’s why I brought my food. :/

And now I’m feeling guilty for holding everyone back. And embarrassed that I have to bring my little containers everywhere and everyone asks me 80 million questions about it. Or my alternative is to stay home and not go out for the next 8 weeks until competition day.

My boyfriend is very supportive and tries really hard to explain to people- “Yeah she’s been working with a trainer for her workouts and she’s really dedicated. She wakes up at 5am when I’m still asleep to workout before work and even more recently she’s been going after work too!" 

He means the absolute best. But while he’s saying this to his friends I can’t help feeling like some privileged superhuman because I have "all this time” and “all this energy” to work out. I work 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. I wake up at 5am to get to the gym by 5:30 so I can squeeze in my hour morning workout. I don’t have time, I make time. And you bet I bust my ass.

And then my least favorite comment of all “Oh I could NEVER do that!”

(“That” being: waking up at 5am to workout, or giving up meat, dairy, eggs, being on stage in a bikini, bringing tupperware into a restaurant, turning down drinks at the bar and opting for water while everyone gives you a hard time, etc.)

You could. You just don’t want to. And if you don’t want to that is absolutely fine. I know some people don’t want to give up their steak and eggs. And some people want to sleep in until 2 in the afternoon. And that’s cool. Do your thing. But stop acting like you are helpless to change your situation for yourself if you really want something.

I really want this. I bust my ass and endure the loneliness and embarrassment because I want to step on stage knowing I gave it everything I’ve got. I’ve got my goal in mind and look to it when I’m pushing for those last 10 minutes on the stairclimber, or when we’re out at dinner and everything on the menu looks good but I can’t order. There is not a decision I make these days without thinking about how it will affect my goals, and I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about this and how bad I want it. My friend told me last night: “It’s not about being superhuman and not wanting to eat chocolate and pancakes and to sleep in and skip workouts- It’s about wanting something else so much more.

And I do. And it’s all going to be so worth it.