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We just reached over 3,000 followers on tumblr! This is so awesome!

To celebrate this amazing accomplishment and show our appreciation for our follows, we’d like to invite you to join a little contest. The winner(s) will receive
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There will alsobe bonus rewards for those who go above and beyond what the competition asks for!

So, whats the deal here? What do we want from you?
It’s easy!


1. Submit, tweet, or share a story with us about what #musiceducation means to you. Whats it helped you accomplish? If you havent been fortunate enough to have recieved a music education, tell us about that too!
2. Be creative! Attach photos, videos, poems, songs, or anything else you feel contributes to your measage!
3. Include your age, name, and email address plus links to any social media sites if youd want us to follow you!


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The person and/or people who get the most people to donate (not who donate the most amount of money, but that earns bonus points as well)will be featured in the credits of our program! We can also discuss even more rewards depending upon how successful you are!

P.s. you can do this on an organizational level if youre a school or band. Schools/bands with the highest engagement can earn a slot to be featured in the actual program!

Make sure you get those who donate to note who it is that referred them somewhere on the kickstarter. Either wheb submitting their donation or in the comments section afterwards. They can also send us an email. You may also send submissions via email to

Goodluck! Thanks for following!

Don’t Stop the MuSic USA

As you all know, the pepe market is not doing very well right now. So, I have come up with a genius plan to quickly create many new rare pepes to feed back into the pepconomy. My plan is to host a pepe drawing competition, and the person who draws the rarest pepe will win X (I have not decided what the person will win yet) and everyone else’s pepes will be uploaded to the pepe database,…

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The feeling of being better at reading than most of my classmates followed me throughout middle school. It didn’t help that we were all required to read a certain number of books per semester. The total number was tallied and recorded on our report cards. A certain number of books got you a coupon for free pizza, but, even though pizza is my life, I wasn’t doing it for the free pizza—I wanted to crush everyone. I read all of the Goosebumps and The Baby-Sitters Club books we had in the classroom, as well as most of the American Girl books from my local library. The satisfaction I got from knowing I had read more books than everyone else was the same feeling I imagined other kids had when they won a soccer match or a prize at the science fair. Although no one really cared, when it came to reading, I was the competition to beat.

Of course, I enjoyed the books I read, but I loved the feeling of accomplishment more. I guess you could say it was an ego booster.

Splatfest is over…

And Dogs were ‘technically’ the winner. On the technicality that they were the ‘more popular’ choice. Mind you if that was going to determine the outcome I could’ve told you who would be the winner before this even started. 

I take pride in the fact that us Team Cat players are more skilled and dominated dogs though. So all you Team Dog players can go lick your battle wounds now.