So, the meet went really well.I went 47/67, which is what I knew in the back of my mind was an ideal scenario. That was also 5/6. 

I went 45 47x 47 for the snatches. I would have wanted to get 47 in my second attempt so I could have had a shot at 49, but it’s ok. The second attempt wasn’t even close, so I’m proud of myself for coming back and making it look super light on the third one.  I can tell people were like yeah she’s probably not making this (because I like didn’t even really pull in the first 47), and they all cheered a ton when I made it on the third one. 

Then I went 3/3 in the clean & jerks at 62 65 67. My legs weren’t feeling particularly strong for me to go higher, but 67 was a clean and jerk PR :) 

So that gives me a 114 total which is a 5kgs meet PR. I am very happy! I also had so much fun meeting everyone in the team and talking to them. Getting to see them lift was super inspiring and I’m really motivated to keep working hard and getting stronger. eternalathlete was also super nice, so I’m glad we got to finally hang out in person :)

I am excited to do a strength cycle now and get stronger. I am also going to keep working on fixing my snatch pull so it’s vertical and there’s less banging. 

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This is a great song, and a great entry into Pogos competition!

Mellow Brick Road - Competition entry for Pogo’s new music piece. (by SavvySilvi)