I love Joseph Paxton because he was just a boy who liked plants a whole lot, he seems like he was really chill

He started learning how to be a “garden boy” (swoon) at 15, and because his passion and enthusiasm for plants was contagious, a Duke that didn’t seem to care much about his garden was mvoed to ask Paxton to be his head gardener at age 23! And there, at the Chatsworth gardens, Paxton did a bunch of cool shit like build one of the first modern Greenhouses to help a South American Lily live and bloom! Apparently because he studied the Lily’s structure, he was inspired to create architecture following a similar structure– Biomimicry! And then what he’s famous for which is also pretty neat is designing the Crystal Palace. After more than 200 entries were turned down for the London Great Exhibition of 1851 space (one of the architects of the top 2 plans which were still rejected threw a fit and asked for compensation for no being picked..) Joseph Paxton heard about the need for a building long after the competition started, and he was like “oh, would something like this work?” and they loved it and he drew up all of the necessary plans in 9 days. BAM the Crystal Palace was born.I feel like he wasn’t trying to butt heads with anyone or make a big deal about himself, he just really liked plants and knew how to get shit done. <3 

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i love this new murtagh au, so about one of him seeing Claire after she comes back

Murtagh sat at the table watching the door, waiting for Jamie. The lad was overdue by near an hour. There were details they needed to get straight so he could bring them to Fergus before the next shipment arrived. It was possible that Jamie had been held up by a demanding customer––it had happened before with last minute orders for broadsides coming in and irresistible sums of legal compensation in play; Jamie couldn’t refuse when the print shop was so necessary to keeping up appearances.

A familiar voice caught Murtagh’s attention. He looked up to find Jamie’s assistant Geordie blathering to anyone who would listen about stinking Papists and how he’d never work for one again.

Murtagh stood so fast his legs bumped the table and moved it several inches across the floor, upsetting patrons on either side of him.

If Geordie was at the tavern then it wasn’t likely Jamie was printing up broadsides for an order.

Geordie didn’t see Murtagh as he approached and so continued to whine until Murtagh’s shadow fell over him. His complaints cut off immediately at the scowl Murtagh gave him.

“What’re you doin’ here at this hour? Are ye no supposed to be workin’?” Murtagh asked pointedly.

Geordie seemed inclined to cower but made the effort of keeping his head raised and steady as he addressed Murtagh’s general direction rather than look him in the eye. “I quit,” Geordie informed him. “He was at it wi’ some whore when I got back runnin’ an errand and I refuse to be subjected to such inappropriate displays.”

Murtagh frowned at Geordie––who finally began to tremble––but then brushed past the useless man to exit the tavern.

If Madame Jeanne was showing up at the print shop it could only be bad news. Could something have happened to Fergus? It was possible the lad had been arrested. Or something might have happened to the shipment.

Murtagh hurried along the Edinburgh streets until he came to the print shop. The door was locked but a light still emanated from somewhere inside. Murtagh pulled out the extra key Jamie had insisted he take for emergencies and let himself into the shop. There was a small mess near the press in the back––something had spilled on the floor and tools for fixing the press remained out, the task unfinished… but there didn’t appear to have been a struggle… and the door had been locked…

“Mr. Malcolm!” Murtagh called loudly, his ears straining to catch a response.

There was a creaking of boards above his head and Murtagh moved to the stairs calling in a loud whisper, “Jamie! Jamie, lad!” before raising his voice to a more normal volume as he approached the door to the room where Jamie occasionally slept. “What in blazes is goin’ on wi’ ye? I came across that blowhard Geordie while I was waitin’ on ye. He said ye were––”

Bursting into the room, Murtagh found Jamie seated on the edge of his bed, a woman practically in his lap and his arms wrapped around her tightly. Her face was hidden from Murtagh’s view but he felt the heat rush to his face and looked away, unwilling to look too closely at whatever it was he’d interrupted.

“Apologies, ma’am,” Murtagh sputtered, turning hastily to leave them in privacy. “Jam––Mr. Malcolm,” he corrected. “If ye could meet me down in yer shop when ye have a moment.”

The strain of embarrassment and disgust in his voice was impossible to conceal and Murtagh was only half surprised when he heard laughter from the pair on the bed––or were they sobbing? The question was enough to turn Murtagh around again.

Jamie was rising from the bed but his hands found those of the woman sitting beside him, pulling her to her feet as well, unwilling or unable to let her go.

Murtagh squinted as the woman freed one of her hands to wipe at her face, Jamie following suit. There was something familiar…

“Claire?” Murtagh’s question was quiet with awe and disbelief. Jamie had mentioned having visions and dreams of Claire on any number of occasions. Murtagh understood the power of yearning and mourning, himself. But with Claire being whatever it was she was, could the lad have… summoned her, somehow?

Claire had stepped forward to embrace the startled Murtagh. “You’re looking well. I was afraid… when I finally went looking for Jamie… I hadn’t thought… but of course, how else would he have lasted this long without you watching out for him,” she rambled.

“Careful Claire,” Jamie cautioned stepping forward to take her hand again when she released Murtagh. He pulled her to his side again, keeping her close. “Ye’re like to knock him over, ye’ve given him such a fright.”

“If he falls, you’re picking him up,” she told Jamie as Murtagh’s speechless face glanced back and forth between them. “I’ve had my fill of fainting highlanders today. I thought you were supposed to be a heartier bunch?”

“What’s a man supposed to do when a ghost walks into his shop?”

The playfulness drained from both their faces and was replaced by an all too familiar pain.

“I’m sorry. I… I know that I’ve interrupted… well, I’ve interrupted whatever it is your lives have become,” Claire apologized.

“Sassenach,” Jamie murmured, turning her so that she faced him and then lifting her chin so that she looked at him properly. “Ye were and always will be the most welcome interruption in my life.”

Jamie’s thumb rubbed lightly along Claire’s jaw and Murtagh began to feel that they’d forgotten him so he cleared his throat loudly.

“I uh… I did come here for a reason,” he reminded the couple. “Jamie, lad, ye were supposed to meet me for supper and to discuss…” He trailed off, looking at Claire, uncertain what––if anything––Jamie had told her.

“Discuss what?” she asked, looking warily to Jamie.

“Murtagh’s right. There’s much to discuss, but it’s best handled over food. Ye must be hungry, Sassenach,” Jamie said, offering her his arm.

She took it and leaned briefly against his arm, then let him lead her past Murtagh and down the stairs.

Murtagh watched them move past him and noted how different Jamie already was; the way he moved seemed less encumbered; there was more life in his eyes; something passive and accepting in him had been brushed aside by aroused action and purpose.

It had been a long time since he’d seen Jamie look and act so young as he was now. Feeling a bit younger himself, Murtagh smiled.

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top 5 marauder era headcanons (if you want :p)


1. james made the other marauders come to EVERY single quidditch game he played in; sirius was commentator til fifth year, when he made the team as beater. until then, sirius was commentator (a poor decision on minnie’s part), and it went a little something like this:

“and potter scores again, the prat. and you heard it here first, this gryffindor chaser is single and ready to mingle!” (james: “go fuck yourself, padfoot”)

“slytherin scored. fuck you slytherin.”

“and it’s yaxley with the ball, which is a very large quaffle, i might add. is he trying to compensate for something?”

“aLRIGHT WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT MULCIBER YOU CHEATING SON OF A-” (minerva: “you’re supposed to be unbiased, black.”

after he made the team, remus and peter would hold up signs saying stuff like “move your arse potter, lily’s watching” or “mckinnon is better than potter”

2. one year, they didn’t pull a single prank on april 1st. in years past, the day had been regarded as the “day of doom”, so their inactivity left everyone on edge. dinner was a hilarious affair; everyone just stared at them shiftily, and the marauders had the time of their lives.

and on april 2nd, all hell broke loose.

3. once, james got frosting and cake in sirius’s hair. sirius didn’t talk to him for a week.

4.  in their seventh year, they started freaking out about “oh god what about our legacy who’ll pull mischief once we’re gone” so they literally held auditions for “next-gen marauders” for kids in their fourth year or under. no one made the cut

5. sometimes they shared a bed. because why not. 


I’d take all discomfort
As long as you sleep soundly
I’d wish to have my heart broken
If that’s what it takes for you to love again
I’d sing all the love songs
To compensate for all the words I fail to deliver
And I will love you
For as long as my lungs don’t give out




Not a Child (Daryl Dixon x Blind!Reader)

Prompt:  A blind! Reader x Daryl with Daryl realising they’re actually a really good asset to the team because of their heightened other senses to compensate

Author’s Note: Thank you for this! I enjoyed writing it, and I hope that I wrote what you wanted. If you have any questions or want to request something, shoot me an ask. This one is a bit longer, and I hope to continue keeping these requests that way. Once again, thank you! Also, if I ever write anything that is offensive or wrong, tell me. I want to know for future reference.

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Blind!Reader

Words: 1097 words

Warning: Cussing, slight gore (very little), slight ableism

There was a sickly sweetness in the air, hidden beneath the horrendous stench of rotting flesh. You tipped your head back and sniffed, a grin teasing the corners of your lips. Somewhere to your right, you heard a grunt and a thump of an arrow lodging into the brain of a lone Walker. Leaves crunched beneath the boots of your grumpy companion as he reached for your arm, his fingers curling around your bicep.

There were many things you had learned about Daryl Dixon, and the first was that he lacked a gentle grip. He spoke in hushed curses and strange noises, ignoring almost everyone and their suggestions. Out of everyone that talked to him, you were the one he treated like a lost child. To him, your inability to see the world around you made you a liability.

And you were already proving him wrong.

Daryl had done nothing but complain since Rick asked him to bring you along, shoving you around the woods. However, it was beginning to show just how much he relied on his sight, and you couldn’t help but love how quickly you managed to notice any approaching danger.

“Walker. To the left. No, my left, Daryl,” you said.

He scoffed, turning to fire his next arrow, and the Walker went silent. Wearing a smug grin, you waited for a word of gratitude, but he walked past you, muttering something underneath his breath.

“Don’t know why I had to bring you.”

Rolling your eyes, you followed him, keeping your ears open and your nose ready. At any second, the both of you could be cornered and torn apart, returning as a mindless corpse.

You couldn’t remember the last time you saw the world. If you remembered correctly, you lost your eyesight when you were barely seven, and it had devastated your parents. They spent years trying to find a way to fix you, ignoring the fact that you had managed to adapt and learn. You were forced to rediscover every dip and curve in the sidewalk on the way to your school, listening for the rumbling engine of the bus, and you had succeeded in mastering the other four senses you were born with.

A whole new world had formed, and it was beautiful in its own way.

“Keep your eyes ahead,” Daryl grumbled.

Turning your head, you frowned in his direction, sticking your tongue out. However, you were used to the sarcasm he used frequently, and it no longer bothered you like it used to.

It didn’t take a pair of eyes to know that the both of you were terribly lost. Daryl would huff and turn in the opposite direction, cursing at the sky when it took him nowhere new, and you had to swallow the laughter in your throat. You could smell the sweat that dampened his skin, the afternoon sun beating you both down.

“If we turn right, we’ll be on the road back to— “

“Really think I’m gonna take advice from someone who can’t even see their damn hands?”

You stopped in your tracks, your nails biting into your palms, and you furiously chewed on your lip. Since losing your eyesight, you had only dealt with a handful of hateful people, but their words didn’t sting like his did. When they came from someone you considered to be a friend, it made your blood boil, especially since you had been through Hell and back with Daryl.

“You don’t know a damn thing, do you? We all have shit that holds us back, Daryl. However, some barriers are more visible than others. My blindness doesn’t make me any more of a liability than your stubbornness does. Don’t act like you’re better than me because you can see where you shit and what you eat.”

In the next moment, you were storming through the woods, visibly shaking.

“Where’s Y/N?” Rick asked as Daryl sauntered past him, breathing heavily and trembling.

“Ran off like some damn child.”

Cursing underneath his breath, Rick took hold of Daryl’s arm, yanking him back before Daryl could get away.

“This isn’t how we work, Daryl. We don’t just leave each other behind because they make us mad. Go ou—What?”

Daryl turned his head as Rosita called out from the lookout post, your name falling from her lips. A few of the survivors crowded around them as you limped through the open gate, a severed head gripped in your bloody hand. Greasy locks were twisted around your fingertips, and a rusted crowbar shot out from the front of its rotted skull. You were hunched forward as you tossed the head onto the ground, letting it smack against Daryl’s boots. However, it was when you threw him an overfilled bag of supplies that he felt the tension melt away from his shoulders.

“Still think I’m a child?”

It was no surprise that Daryl was waiting for you when you walked outside that night. Having just showered, your hair was soaking wet, the strands plastered to your forehead. You offered him a weak smile before dropping onto the porch swing, feeling it sway underneath you.

“Didn’t have to risk your damn life to prove me wrong,” he said.

The swing dipped beneath his weight, and you savored the warmth that radiated off his body. Shrugging your shoulders, you sagged against the back of the swing and closed your eyes, stretching your legs out. Your bones cracked and groaned, and you yearned for something that would ease your aching body.

“You shouldn’t have said what you did, Daryl. Besides, you gotta admit that I was right. Being able to see doesn’t make you any better than me.”

You almost didn’t realize he had touched you until his hand covered your own. Your stomach flipped, and you turned your head, feeling the heat of his gaze on your face. When his lips finally touched yours, they were chapped and tasted of dust, but it didn’t keep you from scooting closer to him. Your hands found his face, mapping out every bump and scar that marred his skin. His hair tickled your fingers, and you took hold of his damp locks, never wanting to pull away.

One, two, three seconds passed before he leaned back, your fingertips still touching his cheeks. There was silence for the next minute, the sound of your breathing mingling with his own. You knew it was coming before he even opened his mouth, and you wanted to yell at yourself for not stopping it.

“Didn’t see that comin’.”

“I swear to God, Dixon.”

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Just wondering- why are Dan's eyes entirely brown in the elf!phan au? Is it just the way he was born, or does it have some kind of backstory? Do they do anything? I think it looks awesome, and I love this au!!! 💗💗💗

Honestly, I just think Dan looks really cool with those eyes. I feeeeeeel like it’ll come into play when he’s exposed to a lot of sunlight (via Phil and their travels), but yeah honestly I just thought it looked cool lol. It also might have something to do with how, at night, your pupils dilate to compensate for the lack of light.. Dan lives mostly in darkness, so biologically, those eyes would make more sense. 

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I dunno if you did yet , but if no , pls we need some more SF bros relationship fluff. I just can't have enough.

* Hey hey hey wassap homie I got that goods right here
* You say not enough?
* Let there be more then.


He’s not the best with words so he compensates with material items. He works extra hard, to the point of exhaustion sometimes, so that he can get his bae the things he thinks they deserve. He wants to treat them like royalty.

He’s an “insist you eat the last bite of the dessert” kind of guy, even if he really likes it.

He’s got a very good grasp on his S/O’s likes and dislikes, being able to discern exactly what to choose for them be if food, clothes, gifts or others. He’ll always remember that one time they said they wanted something and he’ll get it.

He’s an excessive show-off, often exaggerating stories of things that he did when recounting them. If you date him long enough though, you’ll learn the truth behind each of the fantastical stories and sometimes it’s even better than what he portrayed.

He is very active on instagram, taking typical White Girl Model Wannabe shots against cool backdrops and artsy places. His S/O will be his photographer.


He makes secret playlists of songs that remind him of his S/O and listens to them whenever he misses them/ is thinking about them and they’re not around.

He’s a lowkey artsy guy so a lot of dates will be to niche hipster cafes, museums, art collections and shows.

He’s a lazy tease. There will be random butt pinches in public or at home when he’s just passing by and his S/O isn’t carrying anything fragile.

His favourite thing in the world is trying to balance random shit on his S/O when they’re just chilling. He’ll be like “Don’t move.” then start trying to see how many pencils he can balance on their head.

There won’t be many going out dates packed into a small period of time. Those are the special occasion ones. However, if his S/O is up for dancing to cheesy romance music at 3am, he’s down.

Despite not doing a lot of formal dates, he loves road tripping and would love to backpack across the world with the person special to him.

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Kishimoto's main problem is that he did his best to EXTINGUISH every one important and real conflit, turning naruto in a fairy-tale where love saved the day, again and again. the worse for me is that he turned Sasuke into an emo-kid who just wanted a BFF and a girlfriend to compensate loneliness. So his main drive was that 'he starved from lurv', not that the shinobi system wronged him.

Sasuke should have kept his ambition but in a less antagonist way if he had to absolutely be a good guy again. Now, he’s Itachi copy-carbon, have the hair cut of madara+ nagato, a naruto wanker, and he can’t even take care of his problems himself. Like, what is he doing about his dreams concerning his clan? ‘I trust naruto’… He’s just the shadow of what he was. Kishimoto watered down ever-fucking-thing.

That’s Kishi’s messages tho, all rebellions and challenges to authorities must be cracked down and annihilated completely. Sasuke is just one of them. This is propaganda. It’s not watered down writing, it’s intentional downplaying of real issues and purposely demonising anti establishment rebels. 

All antagonists in this series are portrayed as angry for not reason and filled with hatred, they’re told to fuck off, find love or whatever or just believe in narujesus. I personally believe this is the way it is NOT because of half ass writing, it’s actually because Kishi DID want to send a message to people who’re anti establishment/government. He’s telling them to fuck off and they’d be crushed every single time they oppose their government’s policy.

There’s never a chance this manga could’ve been good cos Kishi is simply a person with disgusting views on politics and social issues, on top of being a shit writer.

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Hey, ma' dude. Wanna ask, why in god's name do you sound so hunky and sexy?

Because I need to compensate for being an undesirable skinny dude with 90′s hair.

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Do you mean to tell me that Kageyama likes parfaits and thinks Oikawa has a nice boulder that Tendou wears a thong that Oikawa is like onions and that Ushijima is compensating for something because if anyone out there is good with photoshop PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE THESE EDITS


So someone is selling my designs on stuff on Amazon - so if you see any of my stuff on Amazon - it’s not me. And it’s definitely not worth buying either cause she put some sort of a filter over my art to compensate for her not having the original quality version to use and it looks ugly as fuck. Just saying. 

I’ve reported her and I’ve contacted her personally so I just hope it all gets sorted out. 

“’the penetrators’?” freja picked up the stray hoodie, an amused frown appearing on her smooth features. a small laugh passed her lips. “who’d even wear this? i bet there’s some extreme over compensating here…” 

Aka, the crossover Au where everything is the same but Shiro’s descended from the 10th boss of the shadowy Vongola family back on Earth.   I just wanted to draw Shiro dressed up again okay, and I thought he would look good in the Vongola gear.  I kind of mixed thing up, since that’s the First’s cape, but the Vongola X gear Tsuna has at the end of the series.  Though I altered it a little and made it more gauntlet like, so now it extends all thew ay up to the elbow.   I have a headcanon that Shiro wouldn’t be able to channel flames though is galra-tech arm, so the Vongola gear is attempting to give him a power-boost on the remaining arm to compensate.  I maybe have thought a little too much about the AU
He’s supposed to be float/flying because originally he was going to be using the Vongola gear to hover like Tsuna does, but I decided I wanted to show off the Shiro-version of the Vongola gear, so I flipped the drawing.
I actually think the cape is supposed to be all black, but I thought there would be too much black in the drawing if I did that, so i added some dark purple instead.  I was also experimenting with ways to shade metal.   The background is just…something simple I threw together. 

Hyper Version under cut

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Inferno Hammer
When this card destroys your opponent’s monster and sends it to the Graveyard as a result of battle, you can select 1 face-up monster on your opponent’s side of the field, and flip it into face-down Defense Position.
Can Be Found In: Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Mosnter Coliseum promotional cards (CMC-EN002)

The card game always encouraged to being on the offense with our monsters, leading to their DEF becoming a weakness. Although there’s indeed monsters capable to defend against incoming attacks they’re few compared to the many which depend on their ATK, which will often compensate with a low DEF with no many uses if we are cornered. While players will rarely place these creatures in Defense Position unless they run out of options, there are options out there that takes advantage of their inconvenient low DEF to assure an advantage in battles.

“Inferno Hammer” is an easily forgotten monster which can cause lots of problems with the right assistance. When “Inferno Hammer” destroys a monster in battle and goes to the Graveyard, we are allowed to target an opponent monster and arrange them into face-down Defense Position. This is a very interesting outcome that can turn arround Duels in our favor, as while “Inferno Hammer” is already strong enough to take down monsters on its own, its ability can assure further disruption on the opposite field under the right circumstances.

As most monsters of its Level, “Inferno Hammer” has sufficient resources to be on the field when required. Effects like Frogs or “Battle Fader” as well Pendulum Summon are enough to bring out atleast one monster to use as material, assuring the arrival of “Inferno Hammer” on the right occasion. If instead we wanna keep our monsters from being tributed, cards like “Mausoleum of the Emperor” and “Sinister Yorishiro” will summon it without any other monsters required. Since the objective of “Inferno Hammer” will be to take down various monsters at once, we can begin our turn using “The Monarchs Stormforth” to use an opponent monster for the Tribute Summon. In late game not only can be revived by some basic options, but either “Recurring Nightmare” brings it back to our hand or “Masked Chameleon” uses it as material for other summons.

The ability of “Inferno Hammer” might seem odd if evaluated alone, as is an ability that works best along other cards. “Inferno Hammer” itself shouldn’t have many problems to take down enemies with its high ATK, as otherwise simple effects like “Shrink” and “Enemy Controller” can assure we defeat the opponent’s strongest monsters even during their turn. Once “Inferno Hammer” destroys a monster then we will rearrange another in Defense Position, in which we can follow with another monster to attack them if their DEF is low enough. While in many circumstances an enemy’s DEF is weak there might be some which can stand against our attacks, so in that case we can follow with the attacks of allies like “Drillroid” or “Sasuke Samurai” to automatically destroy them or use the effects of “Shield Crush” and “Nobleman of Crossout” in our Main Phase 2. Don’t ignore the fact that monsters affected by “Inferno Hammer” will be face-down, therefore nullifying certain effects temporarily like “Vanity’s Fiend” continuous effect or a responsive ability such as “Stardust Dragon”.

“Inferno Hammer” has potential to turn arround Duels under the right setup, and is not that heavy of an investment to pull it out. By simply following “Inferno Hammer” with other monsters, we can easily clear the opposite field of any threats with its attacks and other cards assisting us. It has some other interesting options to make its role a bit more flexible, going from nullifying annoying effects for the rest of our turn to working along “Masked Chameleon” as material in late game. But while “Inferno Hammer” has all the tools and advantages to get the best from its effect, cards like “Book of Moon” and “Enemy Controller” will do the same job without risking our Battle Phase and thus easily obsoleting its purpose. Still, with solid support from start to finish, “Inferno Hammer” is far from a lost cause as offers great assistance to be on the offense at all times.

Personal Rating: B

+ Rearranges opponent monsters into Defense Position when defeats another in battle
+ Highly dominant as works along other monsters and effects
+ Can take care of certain monster effects atleast temporarily

- Can become dependant of other cards and setups for its best performance
- There are easier methods to rearrange opponent monsters


a super hectic day today: speech writing, violin practising, French controlled assessment learning (as shown above)…so of course this has to be compensated for by copious amounts of tea drinking! ☕️

happy sunday everyone- I hope that yours is more relaxing than mine💗