Ichigo. Rukia. Destiny.

I always believed Ichigo will end up with Rukia. I’ve spent last week on mourning the end of Bleach, I strongly refused to accept the ending. I’m still so unbelievably angry and irritated and don’t actually care if I’m being salty, this ship is something I believed for at least 13 years and I’m going to do the same now. Ichiruki is the core of Bleach. This manga is ABOUT Ichigo, Rukia and Destiny, that’s the story. 

I would like to thank the IchiRuki fandom for being here, with my broken heart and mind, this is the best, kick-ass fandom I was ever in! Let’s stay strong, because the truth is on our side, and IchiRuki is and will be the strongest ship in Bleach.

Also, Kubo needs to provide me a HUGE compensation for my mental, intellectual and other damages, caused by this FUCKED up ending.

Seungri Wins Case Against Reporter Who Claimed He Was Drunk Driving!

On August 21, a Seoul Central District Court judge ruled in favor of BIGBANG’sSeungri, who sued a reporter for writing articles that claimed he was drunk driving. According to a legal source, the judge pronounced that the reporter, Mr. Kim, would receive a fine of seven million won (approximately $6,300) for damage compensation.

The issue for the case arose two years ago, when Seungri attended a party at a club. After leaving the party to drive home, he ended up overspeeding and hitting a car in front of him. When the police arrived, they gave Seungri a breathalyzer test, and found that he was not in a drunk state.

However, a reporter who attended the party heard someone claim they saw Seungri consume alcohol, and so he posted an article on Twitter stating that BIGBANG’s Seungri was drunk driving.

In response, Seungri sued the reporter, saying the articles and Twitter posts were considered defamation and slander. At the time, he asked for 50 million won (approximately $44,800) as damage compensation.

In the end, the judge ruled in favor of Seungri, saying, “The witness’s testimony may have been dishonest or it could have been an assumption, but Mr. Kim treated it as if it were true and wrote the articles as such.”

Source: Sports Seoul

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Why Communism Collapsed

My favourite teacher in boarding school was notoriously prone to digressing from the subject he was supposed to be teaching. He once told us the following story: His parents were devout Catholics and were punished for it by suspicious party officials. In turn, his parents were not enthusiastic about waving flags at parades, which led to more retribution from the state.

When he was twelve years old, he was forced to do something that got him excommunicated. A vindictive bureaucrat had threatened to fire his father, unless he would do this minor and harmless thing that nevertheless ran counter to catholic doctrine.

He was lucky: During a shortage of science teachers he got the permission to study at the university.

15 years later…

The state had decided that citizens growing fruit in their gardens was a sensible thing. If you had surplus fruit, you could sell give it to the state - up to five kilograms of it anyway, don’t get your entrepreneurial hopes up. In line with Marxist philosophy, the compensation was not determined by the market or resale value of the fruit. You were compensated according to the value a fruit picker at an orchard would have earned for the same amount of fruit.

The state also decreed that nobody should go hungry. Bread was cheap, even when it was in short supply. You had to be quick if you wanted to get food before it was sold out. Foreign fruit sold out notoriously quickly, if available for sale at all. Domestic fruit was more common, at least when it was in season.

My teacher’s father had small a plum tree in his garden. That gave him plausible deniability. Every year he went to the supermarket, bought 5kg of cheap, state-subsidised plums, put them in his own baskets, drove over to the other side of the city and sold the plums back to the government.

The profit he made was miniscule, but once a year he got his petty revenge.

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Could you give me some info/links about Estonian or other Baltic liquidators during the Chernobyl disaster? I took a peacekeeping course and our Russian presenter said non Russian liquidators weren't an issue/barely existed insofar as compensation.

What he said was blatant lie - Soviets forced around 5000 men around ages 20-39 from Estonia to go to Chernobyl, of whom around 3000 are alive today. It was military order - no one asked for your opinion. The men were just loaded to animal wagons, told that they were going to “military exercise” and off to the Chernobyl they went.

The official site of Estonian Chernobyl veterans says that about 85% of the men spent 3 to 4 months there, even though no one should have had been there over 2 months maximum. Most of them received double of the radiation dose most of the people will never get in their lifetime.

me when i realize i am not even a remotely likable let alone lovable person and i pretend that i am popular among people on tumblr to compensate for the fact that i know inevitably i will end up dying alone

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I'm still thinking about that apple picking Drabble. It was SO amazing, I love the relationship between William and river and how they bicker yet it's clear he would do anything for her! What would happen if he saw river getting bullied at school? How would he react? I love the idea of him being a super annoying yet the best overprotective brother ever! Love you writing ✨✨✨

can you write a drabble where river gets bullied or something so Harry, Eden and William try to make her feel better by throwing her a party but she’s still really upset so her and will or her and Harry have a heart to heart or something? 

I combined these two, hope you both like it! This took some time didn’t it? (that was a rhetorical question, this ask has been in my inbox for nearly two months i think) so there’s something extra at the end for compensation??? Happy reading! 💕  😘

[mature !! 🔞 !! - don’t ask me how i managed to fit smut into this one because i seemingly always manage to.]

“See what happens when m’gone!’ 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

word count: 12.4k

[i couldn’t find the owner of this edit so if that’s you let me know and i’ll OF COURSE give it the proper credit.] 

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Sendak’s cybernetic arm is both very heavy and entirely weightless; the bulk of it is almost entirely solid and thrumming with power, though it is held in place weightlessly via the plasma (which gives him a very strong ozone scent) from the pauldron on his shoulder. The only times in which weight is relevant is when he’s utilizing the arm to cross distances, much like a grappling hook, grabbing on and pulling himself over.

He has a tendency to lean somewhat more towards the left because of this to compensate for the lack of even weight. (So when he relaxes from a straight posture, it usually just looks as if he’s cocking a hip somewhat to the side.)

after 21 hours as reinhardt and playing a lot more winston lately, i’ve come to a realization:

i much prefer playing off-tank to regular tank.

reinhardt is a ton of fun but he relies so heavily on at least 2 other members of his team being even slightly useful to get anything done, otherwise he gets overwhelmed by the enemy. that, or he’s forced to not shield because his team isn’t behind his shield/providing enough damage and he feels the need to try to compensate… then gets yelled at by his non-stop flanking team for not shielding.

but when i’m playing an off-tank (i play zarya or winston, but and roadhog fall into this category too) i can support the main tank or go off and disrupt the other team and come back to my team as needed. it’s especially fun to disrupt as winston as long as your team is around to help mop up. as zarya i feel good about dropping a shield on the reinhardt when he charges in, or on an escaping ally, or whatever. and if i die as either of those it’s not an instant win for the enemy like it can be with reinhardt.

there’s just so much more freedom when playing off-tank, i guess, and i feel way more useful.

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ESFP (Se-Fi-Te-Ni) + ESTP (Se-Ti-Fe-Ni)

Potential for Conflict:

  • Se: Both types value spontaneity, enjoyment, and adventure, however, they might not share the same kinds of interests. Both can be evasive when confronted with problems. Being extraverted and relatively outgoing, they might not take enough time for introverted activities.
  • Fi v Ti: ESFPs are more people oriented and focused on personal or moral issues, which might strike ESTPs as overdramatic, self-centered, or insecure. ESTPs are more calculating and strategic, which might strike ESFPs as insensitive, neglectful, or overly critical.
  • Te v Fe: ESFPs can use Te defensively to deflect criticism or compensate for insecurities, which might strike ESTPs as irrational or demanding. ESTPs can use Fe defensively to be manipulative, placating, or deflect responsibility, which might strike ESFPs as unreliable or phony.
  • Ni: Both types tend to undervalue the need to set meaningful long term goals for self-development, which may lead to lack of mutual commitment or inability to set good relationship boundaries.

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When I first started following you around 2013. I thought you were intimidating because on Ig you never really spoke¿ you just posted a picture and that's it. No caption or reaching out to followers. But NOW you're more open and I like that.

lmaoo my awkward beginnings on IG, I was somewhat convinced that everything had to be aesthetic and that not talking was aesthetic 
ples , i am an over-compensating try-hard //weeps

I’m glad that you think I’ve become more open and reach out to followers! 

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                            ❝ Sounds like a PLAN to me, Dazai-san. Though if there are no snacks in his desk, I will be expecting generous compensation from you. ❞
Graduate Students Clear Hurdle in Effort to Form Union - The New York Times
The National Labor Relations Board ruled Tuesday that students who work as teaching and research assistants at private universities have a federally backed right to unionize.

Finally overturns the bullshit ‘04 Brown decision.

The decision reverses a 2004 ruling by the board involving graduate student assistants at Brown University. The ruling held that the assistants could not be considered employees because they “are primarily students and have a primarily educational, not economic, relationship with their university.”

The current board disagreed, arguing that Columbia students could be deemed employees if they perform and are compensated for work that the university oversees, even if their relationship was substantially broader.