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Hello! I go by Clay here on tumblr. I’m unemployed, gay, autistic, clinically depressed, and in chronic pain even as I am typing this, thanks to some dandy damaged nerves in my neck.

Me and my wonderful mum have been just barely scraping by for some time, but she was recently fired for requesting compensation after she was attacked by a patient at her work due to security failings on their part.

Now our situation is dire, and we are constantly behind on making rent. We also currently don’t have a car because we haven’t been able to pay for repairs to make it legal to drive after it failed its MOT.

In light of this, I’m opening up for writing and editing commissions! Something I’ve previously been too depressed to manage, but seem to have the energy for now - thank god.

My skills

I have a BA in Creative Writing and History, and an MA in Creative Writing. Writing is about all I can do, so this is all I have to give in exchange for help.

The plus side for you is that I am, actually, pretty good at it. I have many people who can vouch for that, and some awards and recognition including:

  • A full studentship in 2011 to cover my MA, based on the quality of my work
  • A Literature Wales Bursary Award in 2015, which covered the cost of three months off work in which to write my first novel
  • A bunch of publications, which I’d be happy to link you to for evidence and examples
  • I wrote some popular fanfics about Klavier Gavin being sad
  • I wrote some popular fanfics about Thomas Barrow being sad



I will write any kind of fiction for you, fanfiction or original, to whatever specifications you might have. Fiction may take 1-5 days, depending on length. No topic is off limits.

  • 500 words: $5
  • 1k words: $10
  • 1.5k words: $15
  • 2k words: $20
  • 2.5k words: $25

The two main fandoms I can confidently write fanfic for are Ace Attorney and Downton Abbey, but I’m also familiar with MCU and Netflix Marvel, and willing to try almost anything given a little time to familiarise myself with the source material.

My main areas of experience in original fiction are modern fantasy, magic realism, dystopian sf and fairytale / folklore retellings.


I will write blog entries, technical copy, web copy, ad text, dating profiles, letters to loved ones, ebook blurbs, cover letters, resumes, personal statements, email templates - anything you want, except your essays (for ethical reasons). Just give me the details of what you’re looking for, and I should have something back to you in 1-2 days.

Prices are the same as for fiction.


I’ll proofread, copy-edit or beta edit anything you need edited, whether your school assignment, fanfic or original fiction.

  • 500 words: $2.50
  • 1k words: $5
  • 1.5k words: $7.50
  • 2k words: $10
  • 2.5k words: $12.50

Because of the emergency nature of our financial situation, I will need to ask for all commissions to be paid in advance. I am trustworthy and if, for any reason, your commission can’t be fulfilled, I will notify and refund you in full.

Just drop me an ask or a message with the details of your commission and we can chat about your requirements. I aim to have most commissions complete within 3-5 working days, and will let you know if there are any delays along the way.

Thank you for reading, and if you could please reblog and share I’d be super grateful!

If you don’t want to commission me, but would like to help me, my is here:
Newfoundland MP Nick Whalen apologizes for 'eat less fish' comment on methylmercury issue
St. John's East MP told his tweet was 'ignorant' and a mockery of Indigenous people

A Newfoundland MP who tweeted that people concerned about methylmercury should “eat less fish” apologized Monday evening with a written statement.

The MP for St. John’s East, Nick Whalen, posted the tweet Sunday challenging a comment by NDP leader Earle MCCurdy who said all soil and vegetation should be cleared from the Muskrat Falls reservoir.

“If we can’t afford to clear the reservoir, we can’t afford to do the project,” McCurdy said in an interview with NTV.

“That is ridiculous. Just measure MeHg [methylmercury] levels, eat less fish while MeHg are too high, and compensate,” Whalen responded in his tweet.

However, Monday night Whalen posted a statement on social media, acknowledging his words were inappropriate and asking forgiveness.

“I would like to apologize to the people of Labrador and all Canadians for the insensitive comments I made on social media and regret any offense I have caused,” the statement read.

“I am encouraged that the premier will be visiting Happy Valley-Goose Bay and meeting with community leaders to try and make progress for the people of Labrador in the days ahead.”

Continue Reading.

For this Asexual Awareness Week I would just like to take the time to point out some asexual things that people should be aware of

- we can possibly like sex
- we can possibly not
- we can be romantically attracted to people
- asexual =/= aromantic
- but at the same time acearo people do exist. be wary of them.
- all of us like cake of one kind or another. if we don’t like cake, we accept monetary compensation or small bits of string.
- this one may just be me, but Pringles are the greatest things invented. like original pringles, in the original can, not these new small cans. I would like to also raise awareness that this asexual hates new Pringles.
- oh yeah We Aren’t Robots. Except the ones who are.
- we are not a hive mind I swear
- allhaillordmegatronrulerofthedecepticons
- At least 50% of us chose the Destroy ending at the end of Mass Effect.
- None of us like the colour mauve. Have you ever met an asexual who likes the colour mauve? No? See.
And finally
- Every single asexual has at one point been an extra in a Star Wars movie. This is the Asexual Privilege that the discourse warns you about.

Thank you for reading this list of 100% true Ace Facts that we all need to be aware of.

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I'm sorry for disturbing. Do you think I should buy the unlimited calling cards and 300 hourglasses? I really want to, because I need it to play the full story and also in case I miss some convos, but they add up to around 40+...

Hello here (we’re not here to give you guys advice. This is an IMAGINES blog. So this will be the first and last advice / suggestion you will ever see in your life) 

Honestly, you don’t have to go on every single chatroom to get a good end. (You can ask other blogs about it). And you should only get the calling cards for the characters you really like, because it’s not really worth it (to me, at least). 

In addition, sometimes cheritz gives out compensations (and so now I have random 200+ unused HG in my acc even though I’ve finished all the secret routes). 


Libertarian redistribution is just because it employs voluntary or rectificatory means and because it is undertaken by non-state actors. It does not require any sort of global consequentialist justification. And it serves to empower ordinary people and compensate them for injustice.

Statists might reflexively dismiss libertarian redistribution because it isn’t undertaken by the state. But, if they did, they would owe us an explanation: why should they be concerned primarily about means? Statists ordinarily argue for redistribution either as a means of reducing economic vulnerability or as a way of fostering economic equality, understood as valuable in its own right. But libertarian redistribution would certainly achieve the former goal and would likely promote the latter, too. So statists opposed to libertarian redistribution would seem to have fetishized statist means—and to care more about these means than about the purported ends of statist policies.

Libertarians rightly reject statist redistribution as a variety of slavery. But they have every reason to embrace solidaristic, transactional, and rectificational redistribution. A libertarian commitment to redistribution helps clearly to identify libertarianism as a species of genuine radicalism that challenges the status quo, undermines hierarchy, exclusion, and poverty, and fosters authentic empowerment.
—  Gary Chartier - Libertarians for Redistribution

lets normalize bald women. whether its genetics, medical reasons or for fashion, bald women are awesome. fat bald women are awesome, butch bald women are awesome, bald woc are awesome, bald trans women are awesome, sick/disabled bald women are awesome, non binary bald women are awesome. lets just embrace bald women ok?