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player [lack of] support: an epic told in receipts

hello friends, man do i hate that i am actually typing this post BUT the people have spoken and also im fuckin annoyed

backstory: the choices app crashed last week and none of us could play the chapters or even open the app. once this was reported, PB compensated affected players with diamonds and keys (175 and 25, respectively)

ok so with that established, me (a bich with a crashing app) found out this was happening via tumblr and i was like oh hey! that’s so chill of PB to do since the glitch was annoying af especially when ur ~tumblr brand~ is built around being able to use this dum app

oh sweet, naive sarah of two days ago……. u really thought!!!!!

so, like everyone else, i sent in my report on the app. and i got this in reply (sorry i don’t have screens of my original message because i didn’t realize i would have to do a CALLOUT POST and they’re deleted now which i’ll get to later):

im skeptical because like…. how am i supposed to report ur app is crashing… on the app… while it’s crashing

um ok cool so i now know this, but the fact of the matter is not being addressed which is that others were able to report via the app after the fact, so i bring it back around to the point (i dont have the screen of the sent message but this is what i sent):

notice my ass had to send TWO (2) MESSAGES!!!!! and then lo and behold, when i open the app to check for a response next, i am only greeted with this:


bro!!! cy pls dude do u not know that i keep tabs on this shit!!!! wow

anyway so proof that it’s a LIE that they were only compensating players who reported during the crash and before the update (which was released on october 17):

note that all the time stamps are october 23 & 24, just like my conversation. the only difference is apparently i got the one player specialist who 1) doesn’t sign off with a friendly greeting and 2) did not operate consistently with prior policy

in conclusion: this was super fucking annoying, god forbid i ever have to contact player support again and get stuck with cy who i guess has it out for me??? and also the only True Homie is naomi our #1 girl who deserves a promotion (preferably above cy)

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Hey I don't mean to be rude but when you look it up on google it says that some doctors make like $200k a year... Is that true? It sounds kinda high and I'm Not asking how much you make I just was wondering if that's accurate.

$200K is actually on the low end for most doctors except us primary care folks. And of course the average numbers are going to be for docs who are well established in practice. Pay is a good bit lower when you’re just starting out, and salaries will vary with cost of living and location.

Medscape does a survey of several thousand doctors a year to get an average physician compensation report. There’s also a separate one for residents. It’s got some great charts and graphs, so check it out. Honestly, some of the numbers (like for family medicine) look a bit high to me, but that’s the nature of survey response. 

Also take into account gross salary vs. net salary / usable salary. Many of us have significant student loan debt. I live off of about 40-45% of my salary (which comes to about the same thing I made as a resident) after taxes and student loan payments. 

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Do you / your colleagues make a comfortable living? What would you say to someone who's passionate about architecture but concerned about income / work prospects / being able to make ends meet?

Like with any profession you have different salary expectations according to your experience and location, I will let this report give you the news regarding salaries: Compensation Report by Architect Magazine.

I have been very lucky to always have work and to make enough to make ends meet. When I started as an intern I made $3.15 an hour (the Federal minimum in 1987). Now I make a bit more but I live and work in a VERY expensive city (Washington DC). You won’t make as much as a lawyer or doctor but for some of us there was no choice, we had to make architecture our life.

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Hi friends. I’ve been a little busy. Anyone who’s met me knows I’m an extrovert. I process largely by discussing everything with other people, especially when there are a lot of things going on, but since there has been so much going on I haven’t had a chance to really digest it all and put it into words. Right now It’s 3:50 AM on January 3rd. I’m awake watching Antique Roadshow and processing my life. Remember that marathon that was such a focal point for this blog? Well, shortly after, in early October, I started seriously looking for a new job. I feel like that’s really the starting point for this story. The whole story is extremely long, so I’m going to put it after a break. Those of you on mobile, so so sorry.

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I fucking hate hate hate how those articles where a police officer is reported being nice and doing their job gets like thousands of shares on social media

One testimony of one officer doing their job as it should be done doesn’t compensate for the countless reports and evidences of police brutality and murders. Stop fucking sharing those as if it absolves the others of their crimes and abuses of power