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September, 1980

He wouldn’t tell his mom how much he’d hated the summer.  It felt like a betrayal to do so after all the sympathy trips out for ice cream and extra free time granted our of guilt.  She knew summer was his favorite season, but not for the beating sun or even the freedom from school.  Summer was Dustin Henderson’s favorite season because of the friends coming in and out of his front door, the countless water balloon fights staged on the freshly mowed lawn, and the bike races that left him sweating and often in last.  But Dustin didn’t even mind that he was last as long as there was a stream of friends on all the bikes ahead of him.  And that’s what Waupaca had plenty of- friends.

The first half of summer saw a smattering of friends at his house, but it was much weaker than previous summers because from the moment his family announced their plans to move he had an expiration date stamped over his chest.  He was like a gallon of slowly spoiling milk to them and they acted as if they could smell it on him.  But after he thought about their stiffness, he understood it well enough to forgive them.  After all, he’d been on the giving side of the coldness before he had to receive it.  People left all the time, and now it was his turn.

But that’s not to say he didn’t fight it.  He glowered at the brown boxes capturing all his belongings and he raved about how wonderful their current situation was whenever his father was in earshot.  He even went on a brief fast from all food just to worry them into canceling their plans, but he couldn’t hold out past the pot roast on day one.

“You can still keep your friends here,” Mom attempted, squeezing his hand for good measure.  “You can write letters to all of them like they’re your pen pals,”

But Dustin knew how that scenario would pan out.  He’d seen it with Dave Coiler, who left for Maryland with hopeful hugs and address exchanges in the third grade.  Everyone meant to keep the friendship going, at least half-heartedly, until the new school year started up and Dave’s chair was filled with another kid and his letters puttered to a stop.  Now Dave was someone you had to squint to even remember, and Dustin knew he’d fade out in a similar fashion.

So the second half of summer saw no friends at all.  Just boxes and bills and a moving truck that Dustin secretly named the nastiest curse he knew.  And then of course, the new house.  The new town.  Tinier than the one they’d left and less…everything.  The bronze faded off his skin as the sun blared onto asphalt his tires wouldn’t touch and the stiffness settled into his limbs as his gaze skirted around the blank walls of his rooms.  His mom tried to supplement.  She did everything, scouting out the neighborhood for potential friends, who she claimed were all over the place.  So he wouldn’t tell his mom how much he’d hated the summer.  But he did not have the highest expectations for September.

Pressing his trademark baseball cap against his curls, he made a firm decision before leaving the house.  I don’t need friends.  There wasn’t much point to them anyway, if they didn’t last past a certain amount of miles.  So he accepted the kiss and the good luck from his mother, grabbed the lunch box from the kitchen counter, and threw back the kickstand on his new bike to pedal.  The bike moved smoothly down the street, being the newest model and having freshly pumped tires.  It was a compensation gift, another useless thing his parents thrust at him to make him happy.  But he felt horribly selfish riding on it now because for the longest time now he didn’t feel happy at all, not even a little bit.  Here he was riding into new territory without a friend to his name and he was supposed to spend the school year and then an indeterminate amount of time after that in this dead end of a town.  And then a thought hit him so hard in the chest that he almost pulled a U-turn to race back home.  His teeth.  Kids in Waupaca knew everything there was to know about Cleidocranial Dysplasia and didn’t care about the gaps where other kids had teeth.  But here…

I don’t need friends.  But he would prefer for his classmates to leave him alone, and looking like an overgrown baby was plenty cause for meanness in a place like fourth grade.

He made his way to his classroom and sank into the first available chair.  Already he could feel the gazes of curious kids poking at him, but he refused to give them attention.  He clamped his mouth shut tight and waited for the day to begin.

I don’t need friends.  The teacher tried to calm the chattering in the room and Dustin knew with a sinking feeling in his chest that everyone else did have friends.  But he wouldn’t let that bother him.  He wouldn’t.

It took a few hours of sitting and focusing on only the teacher (and keeping his mouth shut) until one voice stuck out over the mill of babbling: “Mom said we could bike to the VHS store after meeting up at my house and we can pick out two movies when we’re there,”

Dustin didn’t know there was a VHS store in biking distance.  Maybe his mom had tried to mention it at some point.  Slowly, he twisted around to see the source of the information- a skinny boy with dark hair contrasting his pale skin, talking animatedly to two boys of similar stature.

“Is she going to let us watch both movies today?” This came from the boy in the faded flannel with wide eyes and a pronounced brown bowl cut.

“I don’t know,” the first boy admitted.  “But maybe she’ll let us if we start them soon enough and it’s not too late,”

“Even if she doesn’t,” the third boy with the dark skin and clear voice added, “You can rent those movies for five days max.  We can pick one for today and save the next one for tomorrow, since no teacher gives out homework on the first day,”

“Where’s the VHS store?” Dustin heard his own voice breaking into the conversation before he could remember the fact that he was not getting friends from this place.  “Sorry, I’m new here and I didn’t know,”

The dark-haired one seemed unfazed by Dustin’s interruption.  “It’s past the general store if you know where that is.  You take a right on Hay Street and- hang on,”  He dug through his pack and ripped out a leaf of paper.  “Here’s Hay Street, and there’s the general store and the building that used to be that fast food place-”  He drew a rather bumpy line across the page and added two lopsided boxes beside them.  “And if you take the road on the right-”

“And not the road that goes towards the old folk’s home.  Mike forgot to draw that in, and it’s a dead end,”  The third boy interjected.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, Lucas!” Mike protested.

“Boys in the back!” The teacher had noticed the pocket of disruption coming from their row of seats.  They quieted, Mike tucking his map back into his backpack.
But as the teacher continued, Dustin felt a gentle prodding against his shoulder.  He turned to see the wide-eyed one, looking particularly flushed from being called out by the teacher.  “If you come meet us at lunch, I can have a map of Hawkins drawn out for you.  A good one this time, although Mike tried his best,”

“Okay.  Thanks,”  Will responded with a shy smile, and Dustin had to catch his own grin before it exposed his mouth.  As he turned around, he reminded himself for the hundredth time since arriving in Hawkins: I don’t need friends.  But in that moment, he thought he might want them.

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Bonnie & Clyde - pt 17

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Silas was busier than usual but when he finally sat down at the end of he table, you swam up to him and smiled like the pet you were supposed to be.

Yoongi had to remind himself to focus on Silas and his buddies. He needed to know what they were celebrating, what all of this was about.

You gave him lover’s eyes and served him his drink, the other men requesting your service as well but Silas ordered the waitresses to hurry up.

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Wait yall are accepting headcanon requests?? Am i reading that right?? Bro,, what about stuff for TanaKage? Or TanaKageTsuki? I need fic ideas tbh - osprey


>Tanaka confesses first. He’s a third year, Kageyama is a second year. They’ve been getting closer lately since Tanaka is now the ace and Kageyama wants to perfect his tosses to him. They’re the last ones in the locker room, it’s raining outside and Kageyama was talking about something, Tanaka doesn’t remember what it was, but he had an excited smile on his face, blue eyes bright and looking directly at Tanaka with delight that he couldn’t help but just tell him he likes him. 

>Kageyama is silent for a while and Tanaka panicks thinking he messed something up but Kageyama just says he’s never had a boyfriend before so he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to end up disappointing Tanaka. Tanaka says he’s never had a boyfriend before too but they can work it out together. They end up sharing an umbrella home that day. 

>They’re pretty shy with each other at first. The team doesn’t catch on until Ennoshita catches them sharing a shy kiss at the storage room one day. He promises to keep their secret until they’re comfortable sharing it with other people.

>The team finds out after their last game that year. They lost and the whole ride home had a gloomy atmosphere. Kageyama ends up sitting next to Tanaka and they fall asleep leaning against each other, holding hands. 

>Noya and Hinata are their number 1 supporters. They’re really supportive and Noya keeps helping out with Tanaka’s plans on getting Kageyama to smile more and Hinata helps Kageyama pick out date ideas and gifts and such. 


>Tanaka often has to get in between them whenever they fight. Kageyama and Tsukishima may not listen to each other but they listen to their senpai at least. 

>Tanaka is a proud, supportive boyfriend. He goes to a uni near home so he goes to all their games and loudly cheers on them with Saeko and the newly-formed Karasuno traveling oedan. 

>Kageyama is really blunt with his feelings and his affections. He’ll just kiss and hug them out of the blue and Tanaka and Tsukishima can only blush. Once, Kageyama just kisses Tsukishima on the cheek in the middle of a practice match after a nice block and he couldn’t move properly for the next minutes. 

>Tsukishima isn’t as open about his affections as his boyfriends. He feels kinda bad that he doesn’t show how much he appreciates them often so he tends to compensate with gifts–meat buns, sports tape, exercise stuff, melon pan, milk, flowers. He likes spoiling them too much. 

1st stage of the bowl: research

i have learnt

1) write like you’re in an English class. - These men are surrounded by educated rich people all day and most likely his job requires a lot of “proper” emails. Dont stand out by being the dumb poor gold digger. And most say they want someone “intelligent”.

2) You have to be very patient, determined and ruthless. - A LOT of sugaring is establishing an emotional connection, through lots of talking and emotional support ans stroking egos, so that hopefully only THEY are seriously attached to 

3) concentrate on your own hustle - its nice to see success stories but everyone has different experiences. some SBs may never have excepted below 5k allowance, some are platonic, some take months to find a SD and some like splendas around to help out a lil extra. your experience is going to be your won, noone else.

4) put yourself first. - knowing your worth, not easily distracted with money, taking a break or not getting to deep to save your mental health

5) some men will think of you as a whore anyway - men  on SA, a POT, society, or even some close “friends”. dont let them bully you accepting less then you deserve.

6) SUPPORT YOUR SISTERS - TEACH THEM TIPS ON GETTING THE MOST FROM SDs. TEACH THEM SAFETY. do not deny your sisters, you are a SW, even sex is more than sex and involves a whole dance and game that we get paid for even if its platonic.

7) a closed mouth doesnt get fed - ask and you receive. (i feel like a just blasphemed lool) do not be afraid to ask! you wouldn’t have gotten this far if you didnt deserve MORE. know you deserve more than what your getting and like will attract like.

8) PRECAUTIONS - turn off your location, tell someone where you’re going (vanilla or tumblr) different pics from your social media, fake name (optional) self defence (weapons/ fighting, compulsory) etc…(please look up)

9) do NOT fuck on a first date/ without allowance - you are not a product, you are not to be tested.

stuff im still stuck on

1) asking to be compensated money/gift on the 1st date

2) do SBs have a look?

3) is it against code (lol) to rinse a POT knowing you’re platonic

4) is sugaring a gateway to escorting

Title: Departure

Pairing: Ladybug/Adrien

Syn: After finding him alone and unconscious on the street, Ladybug takes a tired, drunken Adrien home. When he begs her to stay with him, she finds herself conflicted, to say the least.

He was completely out.

Alone and nearly anonymous, Adrien Agreste was collapsed and unconscious in the streets of Paris. Ladybug observed in wonder and concern, bells of alarm ringing in her head.

She knelt down to check his pulse. Normal. Thank god.

“Adrien,” she called, her voice clear and startling in the otherwise quiet alley. “Adrien, can you hear me?”

His eyes fluttered for a moment, but didn’t open completely. His corners of his lips turned upwards dreamily as he took her hand.

“Marinette,” he murmured, and then knocked right out again. Ladybug nearly dropped him in shock.

“Are you- you’re not awake, are you?”

No response. His hand had fallen limp, as well.

Partly anxious and partly relieved, Ladybug sighed, “Let’s get you home, then,” slung him over her shoulder, and tossed her yoyo out, gripping its line in preparation.

Luckily for her, his window happened to be open. She hoped he didn’t make it a habit to leave it that way, but was thankful, nonetheless.

She was placing him in his bed as gently as possible when his eyes opened, once more. Every inch of her body was paralyzed.


“Y-yes,” she answered. “Hey. Hi. You alright?”

He nodded, smiling. “I’m fine. Thank you.”

“Are you sure? I found you passed out on the street, so-”

His hand grabbed ahold of hers. Her skin jolted, and though his grip was loose, she didn’t make a move to free herself.

“I’ve had a bad night,” he murmured. “Bad, bad night.”

Ladybug then realized that he wasn’t entirely coherent. As a matter of fact, now that she thought about it, he had been within walking distance from the nearest club.

Well, that explained it.

Her attitude shifting, she held his hand in both of hers. “Well, you’re safe now,” she told him. She began to move away. “Get some rest, okay?”

“No.” His grip tightened.

She turned back to look at him, blinking in surprise. “Did you need something else?”

And gently, but definitely, he began to pull her toward him. She obliged, and found herself mere inches from his face. He held her cheek with his free hand, his eyes burning.

“Don’t leave me,” he whispered, his voice thickening. “Please, don’t leave me alone.”

And, though she wanted so badly to give him the answer he desired, Ladybug’s morality trumped her empathy.

“I really have to go, Adrien,” she said.

“No, no,” he begged, “please. Don’t leave me alone, like she did. I just need someone.”


“I had a bad night.” His eyes reddened; she was sure he was going to cry, now. “I just wanted to stay home, and then Nino came and made me go, and it was too loud and Chloe told me to swallow this pill-thing, and now I keep having weird spasms in my head, and I can’t be by myself, ‘cause I’ll go crazy.”

She wished he hadn’t told her that.

Ladybug sighed, taking a seat near the foot of the bed. “I can stay for a little while.” She hoped to god he’d fall asleep again.

“Can you lay down with me?” he asked. She glanced away.

“I don’t think that would be appropriate-”


God, that word. He said it with eyes that could melt.

“Okay,” she surrendered, if only for the fact that she knew she’d have to be gone in a few minutes’ time. With caution, she moved to the head of the bed and lay on her side, facing him. The smile she received as a result was more than worth it.

“Thank you.”

“It’s no problem.”

“I love you.”

She froze.

Then, after a moment, relaxed, shaking her head. “I think you need some sleep,” she told him.

“I’m not tired,” he insisted. “You’re beautiful.”

She resisted the urge to laugh. “And you’re high and drunk at once. Try to go to sleep, Adrien.”

“I can’t sleep. That’s why I need you right now.”

“Sometimes, sleep comes easier than you think it will. Just relax. I’m not going anywhere.”

Then, quietly, he said, “Yes, you are.”

“I’m not.”

“You’re going to leave, just like she did.”

“Who is she?”

“The minute I fall asleep, you’ll be gone.”

Ladybug exhaled. “No, I won’t. I promise.”

“Then just let me tell you how I feel. If you’re going to leave.”

“Adrien, I swear, I’m not go-”

His lips were pressed against hers. Her heart leaped into her throat.

He continued to kiss her, and once her initial shock passed, she found herself kissing him back.

His skin growing hot, Adrien shifted his torso so Ladybug lay beneath him, his elbows resting on the bed on either side of her. Her hands gripped his hair as he rubbed his thumb across the skin behind her ear, his heart pounding.

Finally, after some time, he pulled away, resting his head on her shoulder.

“I love you, and you’re beautiful,” he told her.

“And I shouldn’t have done that,” she replied, squeezing her eyes shut. Something like guilt panged in her chest, while something like thrill sang in her skin. She stroked his hair, curling her lips in regret. “I really should go, now.”

“Please, just stay with me.”

“I can’t, Adrien,” she sighed. “As much as I want to.”

“I’ll go crazy if I’m alone.” He began to pull back, to look her in the eyes. “I need you…..Marinette?”

Oh. No.

With an increasing surge of panic, Marinette touched her face. No mask. She pinched the hem of her shirt. Cotton.

“I really, really have to go,” she said, scrambling out from under him.

She darted away, out of his bedroom, down the fire escape, and into the night.

Adrien, alone in his bed, stared after her. He then looked at his window- open, as always.

Maybe I do need sleep.

And he collapsed, heavy eyelids finally closing, once more.

Adrien? Dude, I am so sorry! I never meant to leave you alone with Chloe, man. And, you know, you were right, and I should have listened to you. I shouldn’t have made you go out with us. I just thought maybe you needed some fun, maybe a drink or two, to get your mind off of it all. But it turned out to be a total disaster, and I get it if you’re mad. I would be, too.

On the bright side, though, you got a personal escort from Ladybug! Talk about lucky!

Anyway, I’m glad you got home safe. Call me whenever you feel like. Hope your dad’s not mad.

Bye, dude.

Adrien appreciated that- Call me whenever you feel like. If nothing else, Nino knew his habits.

And, though that fact may have warranted more resentment than usual, Adrien found that he was mad with his friend at all. As a matter of fact, he was kind of thankful. As he’d mentioned, he’d gotten an escort home from Ladybug. Best compensation gift a guy could get, in his book.

Now, as for how that escort had gone. He wasn’t entirely sure. Even if his head weren’t still spinning from the aftermath of whatever it was Chloe had fed him, the memories themselves were hazy, and a couple of them were downright unrealistic- possible hallucinations, he assumed.

Most clearly, however, he recalled his pathetic pleas. His continuous cries of, don’t leave me.

He also remembered that, at least for a short while, she’d humored him, though he didn’t remember the attitude surrounding said humor. He cringed to think of her response. He must have made a complete idiot of himself.

But, all in all, she’d saved him. He smiled to himself; he could almost hear his mother saying, she’s a keeper.

He wondered if she could see him now- at least on this day, wherever she might have been. The anniversary of her departure, if nothing else, had to have some meaning, he surmised. If she couldn’t see him any other time, they had to let her see him then.

“I hope you like her, Mom,” he said aloud, hoping she was there to hear him in some way. “I wish you could meet her.”

His phone rang, startling him out of his daydreams. The screen read, Father.

He sighed. Time to get on with the day, he supposed.

AN: Clearly, in an AU where they’re all older. Or maybe, Chloe’s just got connections. Idk. You decide. 

And I heard it’s Miraculous Fluff Month? Since I’m on a writing kick, why not contribute? Though this isn’t quite as fluffy as I might’ve hoped…forgive me. Maybe more, later. Idk.

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A poor thing thrown to the unmerciful streets is a tourist – dependent on the kindness of strangers, like Blanche DuBois. 

All their best and worst moments happening mostly publicly, their vulgar joys and tragedies laid bare to the eyes of all. The comforting ease of following a guide’s lifted, unfolded umbrella across the confounding crowds towards the simple thrill of recognizable monuments. The melancholic misfortune of lost luggage, of missed trains and delayed flights, that still won’t prevent them from buying the ~I heart wherever~ t-shirt to take home. The baffling difficulties of the untalented with speaking languages and reading maps shall be compensated with the unexpected gift of a free city tour, a complimentary drink. The tiring waiting hours at crowded airports, lining at museums and boarding gates – are worthy if to find discounts on the mandatory duty free items. Getting lost, going the opposite direction, mentally busy with exchange rates and tight connections, yet all smiles at the rather plain compensation of finding the cliche picture spots.

The batch of shared memories of a crass herd.

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I've been seeing a successful man I met off of Seeking Arrangements for about a month now. When we met we agreed on the kind of relationship we were looking for and that he would be happy to "spoil me and help me out" if we clicked, but we never used the words "arrangement" or "sugar daddy". It's been a few weeks, we get along great and have an amazing time together. We get along, go out to fancy dinners, have good convo and the best sex, but I have yet to be compensated with gifts/allowance.

Because we don’t really use the title “sugar daddy” and I’ve never asked for anything before, I feel uncomfortable asking for an allowance. I’d like one though! I’m not sure how to ask/discuss money with him.

Closed mouths don’t get fed. If you’re too afraid to ask, you’re too afraid to get paid.

Get creative- talk about needing funds for something specific with a deadline (a sale ending, payment on your car coming up, etc) and see if he bites. If he doesn’t, he’s probably not going to take hints. So, ask. “I can’t come to see you if I’m always stressed about money. Are you able to help me cover some of my bills?” And if he doesn’t, then you’ve been wasting your time. 

Please check our “sugar baby” tag for more info on how to ask for money and finesse with confidence.

Sugar Daddy

harry misses being in a relationship and liam suggests an odd approach but harry doesn’t think its all that bad of an idea, especially when (y/n) tells him that she wants him to be her daddy. 

“…you just wanted me to be your daddy…”

part 2

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Can I have a headcanon of an AU where RFA has a crush on their cute neighbour?

AND ON THE FIFTH DAY SHE SAID LET THERE BE FLUFF. Well, idk I never really paid attention in catholic school hehe. I hope this is okay because it wasn’t too specific as to what you wanted D: BUT I made little minifics, AND IT WAS SO CAYOOT. I am still on the fence if I should make them into longer fics maybe like 2-3 chapters of when they finally star dating or nah. I will leave that decision up to you guys :D
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He saw her again, his new next-door neighbor. He only spoke to her once, when she asked him for directions to the University and he was smitten. It was love at first sight. He was kicking himself, why hadn’t he offered to walk her since they go to the same school. God if only I was as smooth as Zen I would have her number already.

           Now he saw her walking in front of him, he felt a bit like a stalker. He reassured himself that they were simply going to the same place but it still felt weird. He was admiring her, her light steps as she walked home. Her hair swinging as she walked with a bounce in her steps, hips sashaying from side to side.

           “God how on earth do I approach her, she is so out of my LEAGUE” he groaned. She must have heard, because he turned around and looked at him. Sheepishly he waved to her and apologized, simultaneously laughing at himself and kicking himself for being so lame. She laughed at him and he was floored, she was so beautiful and genuine. “UHM, I don’t know if you remember me, but I think we’re neighbors” he said, finding courage somehow.

           “Haha, I know, I can see you out of my bedroom window. You’re always playing LOLOL right?” This had caught him off guard, HOW DOES SHE KNOW LOLOL?

           Seeing his bewildered expression, she laughed, explaining that she currently held first place in the game, and was more than willing to include him into her alliance and even give him some tips. They began walking back together and she was going on about LOLOL, but the only thing going through his mind was, “Damn, I fell HARD,” as he smiled to himself, pleased that he was crushing on the most perfect girl in the world.


There she was again, rushing out of her house, arms filled with paperwork. Jaehee could relate, especially with all of the ridiculous projects Mr. Han had commanded her to complete, she looked at her sympathetically. The girl was beautiful, maybe even more so than Zen, her face always looked so full of life and happy. Jaehee found herself thinking about her often, her next door neighbor.

           She went to leave the house when she saw the girl fall down, papers scattering everywhere. She rushed over to the girl and saw she had scraped knees, “Are you alright?” she asked cautiously. She was startled by the girl laughing, “Oh my goodness! I am such a klutz! Ugh what kind of loser falls like that,” she claimed, giggling to herself. Jaehee gave her a small smile and helped her gather the papers that were now flying onto the streets.

           “Your knee looks pretty bad, would you like to come into my house to get cleaned up? I live right next door.” Jaehee asked cautiously, wondering why on earth she was doing so.

           “I apologize for the intrusion but I would love to. Thank you so much, my name is MC.” The girl said smiling widely.

           She was so full of life that Jaehee couldn’t help but smile. “You can call me Jaehee” they began walking. The girl made herself comfortable in her living room while Jaehee went to grab a first aid kit. She came back to see the girl wide-eyed looking at her Zen collection. “Oh no, she probably thinks I am some crazy fan, I should come up with something to say” she thought to herself, trying to find a scapegoat.

            “YOU LIKE ZEN?” the girl asked, saying each word, slowly. Jaehee simply looked at her feet and nodded. She felt arms go around her and the girl jumping. “I cannot believe it! I FINALLY HAVE SOMEONE I CAN FANGIRL WITH” MC shouted ecstatically. Jaehee felt her heart skip a beat, and began talking to the girl about Zen and all of his work. They began regularly meeting up and fangirling about him and going to events together. As much as she tried, she realized that her heart was hammering for MC and that she was crushing hard on her sweet neighbor and she had no idea what to do. 


Zen had stepped out onto his roof, to relax and distress from rehersals. He had been coming outside more frequently lately, to his amusement he saw his new next-door neighbor, dancing to his songs, in her room. As creepy as it may seem, he couldn’t help but watch, not only was she incredibly beautiful, she looked so cute dancing to his songs.

           He looked forward to seeing her tonight as well, and was waiting expectantly when he saw her, tears rolling down her face. His heart plummeted, he felt heartbroken seeing her tears. All he wanted to do was run and hug her, take her away from everything that was making her sad.

           These thoughts were running through his mind and he was shocked to say the least. “What is wrong with me? Am I some creepy old man now, stalking my next door neighbor? Do I have like a crush on this girl or something?” His thoughts were interrupted, as he heard a window open and some sniffling.

           His heart pounded in his chest, even when she was crying she looked so pretty, how was that even possible? She wiped her tears, and pulled her phone out and began playing one of Zen’s songs; he felt a blush creep onto his face. He was honored that his songs were making her feel better. Then his jaw dropped.

           The girl began singing, and he swore that he could hear a chorus from the heavens. He thought that his singing was good? This girl was incredible; her voice was intoxicatingly sweet. She was a siren and he felt a pull to her. He wanted to know her, what made her happy, what made her cry, he wanted to protect her and support her. He was completely mesmerized by her singing he couldn’t help but sigh and like that the singing had stopped abruptly.

           Zen found himself making eye contact with the girl, a deep blush covering her face as she ran inside. Zen felt himself blush deeply too, groaning to himself, “Great she probably thinks I am the biggest fricking creep in the world because I couldn’t control my goddamn crush. Smooth move Zen.” The singer went inside, feeling light from the encounter that had occurred and hungry to hear more sweet sounds from his neighbor’s lips.


           “Where on earth is she” the corporate heir found himself lingering in the lobby of his home, checking his watch. He found himself waiting for his new downstairs neighbor. They had met when Elizabeth the 3rd had run out again, Jumin had found her nuzzling his new neighbor and naturally he had to thank her right?

           Perhaps that was simply an excuse, this girl had piqued his interest. She clearly saw that he was Jumin Han, but still treated him well. She did not try to flirt with him or try wooing him or gaining some compensation for helping his beloved pet. She simply smiled and denied the compensation, even delivering some gifts for Elizabeth later that day.

           Finally, Jumin spotted her, she was walking out, and he felt his heart clench, “Odd.” He thought to himself. She looked attractive, long luscious hair flowing as she bounced down the stairs to go to work, her face was beautiful and her mouth always held that genuine smile that he seemed to be fond of.

           He cleared his throat and got her attention. “Oh good morning Jumin, how are you today? How is Elizabeth?” he felt his heart swell, not only had she asked about Elizabeth but him as well. Jumin found himself wanting to talk to her endlessly and about everything. He wanted to know everything about her, he wanted to hear her laugh and wipe away her tears. Why was he feeling like this? He had never felt this was about anyone before?

           He offered to take her to work from now on, in compensation for helping him out with Elizabeth, she tried to politely decline but he was not taking no for an answer. Besides this compensation was more for his benefit than his, he needed to figure out his curiosity with this woman and why he was acting so strange.

           That was a mistake because the more he began to talk to her, the harder he found himself falling. He looked forward to their mornings together and even started inviting her out for meals. Soon they were spending quite a bit of time with each other. He found himself having romantic feelings for his neighbor and he was beyond nervous. He had no idea how she felt and decided to keep quiet which was much easier said than done. He found himself constantly restraining himself but he was happy. For once, in his life he felt happy, he would do whatever was necessary to protect these harboring emotions that he felt piling up in his chest.

707: (for the sake of this AU were going to pretend that his security isnt SO tight)

He shouldn’t be feeling like this. He knew he was no good for you, but he couldn’t help it. When he saw you in front of his door, he knew you were trouble. You were too beautiful for your own good, naturally, he wanted to make you laugh so he begun teasing you.

           To his pleasant surprise, you teased him back just as much, understanding his sense of humor. He felt himself falling for you. He denied it everyday, but even he couldn’t believe it. He felt himself constantly gravitating towards you. His bedroom window was across from yours and he found ways of communication with you. Cans with string, rocks, whiteboards, even walkie-talkies; he found solace in your laugh. He swore that he had never heard a sound more beautiful than your laugh. 

           He also knew about your problems at home. He would have never guessed it, seeing that you smiled so brightly and were so warm and genuine. He hated your step-dad for abusing you and beating you, if it were up to seven he would tear his limbs off and beat him over the head with his decapitated arm.

           He saw that you were in your room one day and normally, you would come to the window and chat with him, that was the highlight of his day. He looked forward to it. But he noticed that you were avoiding him and his anxiety settled in.  “Did they realize that I am no good, that they could do much better?” He tried to play it off with jokes but you weren’t looking at him, he found himself becoming desperate for attention and he began throwing things at your window, in hopes to gain your attention.

           That’s when he saw, the tears streaming down your face. “I am so sorry seven, I hate crying in front of people, but I don’t know if I can live like this anymore” MC cried. He felt his heart shatter, what on earth could he say? Feel better? No shit Sherlock.

           He just listened to her cry, and when her breathing became more normal, he began making her laugh. Her laugh was music to his ears, and he found himself swell with happiness. He never wanted to see her cry and for that very reason, he was going to keep this little crush to himself. There was no need for him to put her in danger with a man like him, she deserved the very best and he was simply not it. Besides, it’s not like he fell for her really hard…right?

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Way super belated Secret Santa gift for pentemychos who asked for the whalers giving Daud a present of some sort.
So I did the whalers giving Daud some genuine Serkonan wine because everyone misses home, especially Daud, considering he hates Dunwall.
So, I am so sorry I’m so late and I hope you like it!
Have a good new year since Christmas is already done, waaah. I’m sorry I’m so late, man!

KO now want a gift to compensate for what he dumbly thinks is his fault (try to tell me otherwise and you made an enemy for life) and can figure out what. AMong his thoughts he now notices a fight between… i think i’ve seen that villian in the Boxmore infomercial… VORMULAX! VS Shy Ninja who is adorable with their giggle

seriouslly that giggle <3 

… OH BOY… there’s our hijinx for most likely the rest of the episode…

anonymous asked:

Whats your mixed feelings and hc about for kara and clark??

ok so disclaimer: I know virtually nothing about the Superman mythos. I just know I’ve always hated him from afar because I thought he was patronizing and too God-like to have any real depth. SO. These are my head canons:

-Clark had virtually nothing to do with Kara’s life until she became Supergirl. He saw her twice a year during the holidays, they made stiff small-talk, he gave her a big but impersonal gift to compensate.

-Her second year on Earth she spends hours and hours making him a journal full of Kryptonian traditions and factoids. He does the patronizing ooo ahhh adults do when kids make them things and tosses it before he even gets back to Metropolis.

-To young Kara, Clark is a shining beacon of hope and her last thread of connection to Krypton. To Clark, Kara is a strange, unwelcome burden. Clark has a family and he’s really not interested in broadening it out, but he understands his duty to provide for her. 

-He helps supplement Eliza’s income after Jeremiah dies so she can afford to keep feeding a starving Kryptonian. He also made a few calls to friends in the journalism department of the college she wants to attend and helps her get into the program. He doesn’t go to her graduation.

-Clark never loved Kara more than he did the day Kara became Supergirl. Finally, he had a way to relate to her! This is when they started instant messaging, having calls. He likes to think of himself as her mentor guiding her towards truth, justice, and the American way. 

-her fourth year on Earth she asks him to participate in a holiday ritual from Krypton with her, one meant to honor the dead and celebrate the living. It happens on a specific day every year, and Dr. Danvers has helped her calculate exactly when it is. She says its important to her, that it helps settle the spirits of those in Rao’s light. He really does try to make it, but he’s got two deadlines coming up and Lois’ sister is in town and there have been four bank robberies this week in Metropolis, and could they maybe wait to do it next year? Her voice is very small when she tells him its fine, that she understands. He tells her he’ll come visit Midvale soon and take her out for ice cream.

-he never does visit. She never asks him again.

headcanons: Aoba introduces his boyfriends to his estranged parents
  • Koujaku: Promptly hits on Haruka without even knowing who she is, earning him a well-deserved slap in the face from the boyfriend. Aoba's like "that's my mom!" and Koujaku is like "oh my god i am so sorry" and feels nothing but guilt and shame for the next 4 hours until Nain teaches him how to waggle his eyebrows because they're both complete dorks. Haruka tells Koujaku she'll forgive him if he does her hair for free.
  • Noiz: Invites them to a fancy dinner at a like a five star restaurant. They both tell him constantly he doesn't have to spend all this money, but he's like "it's fine, I do it all the time for aoba and it's because I want to". He tells them how aoba helped him come out of his awkward teenage rebellion phase. Haruka does nothing but tell embarrassing stories of aoba's childhood and aoba just kind of cowers out of Noiz's line of vision but Noiz is just smiling adoringly at Aoba because the stories are hella cute and he wishes his parents had stories about his childhood.
  • Mink: Both Aoba's parents have trouble seeing the good in Mink at first because he's so gruff and stand-offish, not to mention way older and they think Aoba's just going through a 'bad boy' phase. Eventually they start to see how much Mink cares for Aoba so Nain takes Mink aside privately one day and tells him he's okay with him dating his son. And Mink just kind of smirks and pulls this old-looking turquoise trinket out of his pocket, handing it to Nain. Nain's like "what's this?" and Mink explains that in his culture, it's custom to present the father of a man's bride with a gift to compensate for her (in this case, his) chastity. Nain is like "....ok thanks I think" but then Mink has to go a ruin it by going "Yeah don't thank me yet I owe you like a million of those." and Nain just barely represses the urge to kick him in the balls.
  • Clear: Haruka LOVES Clear. She thinks he's the sweetest, cutest little button in the whole wide world. She actually pressures Aoba and Clear to get married because she's always wanted a son as kind and considerate as Clear. Nain has to butt in and be like "woah woah haruka it's aoba's decision" Eventually Aoba and Clear do announce their engagement and Haruka just appoints herself as Chief Wedding Planner. Aoba and Clear just want a small wedding with a few friends and family and Haruka's so ecstatic she's just like "FUCK THAT INVITE THE WHOLE ISLAND". Aoba and Haruka start getting into fights over who's in charge of the wedding and who it's for and Clear just steps in and explains to Haruka very calmly that he and Aoba love each other and they just want to celebrate with the few people in their lives that understand the beauty in that and how far they've come to get to where they are. Haruka is so touched by his little speech, she gracefully steps down and lets them take over. Of course, that doesn't stop her from bawling like a baby at the ceremony.

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Can I get relationship headcanon for Xanxus please?

  • Romance is a hard thing for him, even years after forming a solid relationship.  It took till your wedding day for him to finally say “I love you”
  • Physical stuff is something he is better at compared to the emotional side.  Though he will complain about it, he would much prefer you cuddling him than asking him about his feelings
  • You are the only person he would willingly share his alcohol with, he would prefer you don’t drink, not as much as him anyway.  Only one of you needs a fucked up liver.  
  • He tends to miss dates, mostly because he is working.  Believe it or not, he doesn’t forget the dates, they are there in the back of his mind.  But he isn’t good at planning ahead so he will accept a two week long mission not realizing until after that half way through it was your birthday or anniversary.  He does compensate with gifts and cuddling so you don’t stay mad at him forever.  

i think a lot of us agree that thrandul would spoil the shit out of the bardlings but can we discuss how much he would spoil bard

bard mentions his old coat is a bit ruined, three new coats appear in his wardrobe; he casually points at a bow at a market saying “that’s a nice bow” and boom the bow is delivered to his doorstep two days later; bard these boots would look great on you; bard your blankets are too thin i brought you 8434891 new ones; bard you should wear some jewellery, here’s a shitton; bard this absolutely useless green scarf would match your eyes perfectly;

if you wanna make this a bit angsty: thranduil feels guilty that he’s busy a lot so he tries to compensate with gifts OR he’s not very good at expressing feelings so he tries to show his love that way


Black. List.

Mark Sinclair. 1-805-540-1679. chefmark696 on Ashley Madison. Email is

We texted a LOT for a week. Went on a first date with him. Nice guy but slovenly and a very touchy. It was only $50 for compensation + a $50 gift card. HE IS ONLY OUT FOR SEX. After discussing that I am platonic, he seemed to agree with my terms. Set up a date for 2/14. Said he was there hanging out with friends, and to text him when I got off the highway. Said I would be “well taken care of” when I asked for travel expenses. (Would have cost me $33-44 one way. Which is almost $100 round trip had I taken Uber. I had my boyfriend drive me there.) He didn’t reply to any of my texts or call once I told him I was at the destination–I was at the restaurant for an hour. I would have left after 30 min but sadly I’m a patient person. Not next time.
What creeps me out the most is how he said, “sugar babies are there for whatever their daddies want them to do.”* He was very attentive through text to lead me on to make sure I showed up for our planned date.

Ladies, PLEASE stay away from him. He is currently jobless because “there’s no place in town paying enough to hire him” so he’s living off the 500k his old man gave him after he passed. Splenda out for sex. Be wary, and don’t be duped like I was. He is not looking for a sugar baby, he is looking for a cheap escort. He thinks $200-300 is what you would be paying for a high end escort anyway*

*both refer to the URL linked in the quote

edit: I just want to mention (since I figured it would come up), I EMPHASIZE that he is not looking for a sugar baby, which he claims to be. I do NOT think any lesser of escorts or prostitutes: they are just as valuable and respectable as any other human being, sex worker or not. I do not considering being a platonic sugar makes you any better than anyone one else.

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