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i know its irrational but im honestly afraid to treat my ocd because i cant imagine myself without it? like i can logically convince myself that if i get it under control i will no longer care as much if cupboard doors are left slightly open but im still worried about because if i dont care enough to close them then no one will and that would be a disaster.

also im convinced that a lot of personality results from it. i think a lot of my love for music comes from the fact that i can never get songs out of my head, and im constantly putting everything in my life to music, even if its only in my head. and its also what compels me to listen to songs so many times and learn about artists lives so………for lack of a better word obsessively.

and i know its a really common and really misguided fear to worry that medication will change who you are as a person, but i cant shake it and im sure that is in no small part because, due to my ocd, despite all of the exposure ive had in the last year i am still somewhat afraid of any and all medications.

this is a long post. i hope it makes sense


New York artist  - Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan born1982 in Salt Lake City, UT is a contemporary artist who creates large figurative oil paintings. She living and working in NYC.

The figure is simply the most compelling subject matter for me, it feels natural and with the ebb and flow of my style and maturity, I find new ways to approach the portrait. It has taken me years to break through walls that were developed when I was younger- ideals about the tradition of painting and the preciousness of realism. 

I have reached the point where I need to play around with the paint on the canvas surface just to keep myself interested and engaged in the process. I am exploring and “messing up” my realist hand by employing different methods of disturbing the surface through sanding and glazing.

The most intensely exciting portraits for me to paint as of late have been the people in my life that I know personally, but not intimately- if there is a spark of mystery to our relationship it leaves room for me to explore them on canvas.

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You. I have none to pick with you okay. So here I am innocently wondering around tumblr through people's tags and I notice your blog and think hm what an awesome blog let me check it out. I DIDNT NEED THIS. Ziam is so real what did you do to me. You're arguments are so compelling and defiantly made me see sense. Hope you're happy 🙈 oh and NB new album is out in 2016 so I guess he doesn't really need the promo now as much as little mix do? He tweeted it. Oh god Ziam is pretty. I regret nothing


They can sing their asses off, they write songs, and they donate to charity!  And yes, Ziam is pretty.  Isn’t Ziam pretty?

I wish that the passion for dance compelled me sooner because now I’m a senior lady and I feel as though I’m out of time