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I Am Divine
Directed by Jeffrey Schwarz

I Am Divine is the definitive biographical portrait of legendary drag queen Divine. It charts the humble beginnings of Harris Glenn Milstead, a bullied and teased young man from Baltimore who rose to become an internationally-recognised drag superstar. The ultimate outsider turned underground royalty, Divine subverted preconceived notions of body image, gender identity, sexuality and beauty in the face of many emotional complexities, blurring the line between performer and personality and revolutionising pop culture in the process. This compelling documentary features fascinating insights from Divine, John Waters, Ricki Lake, Mink Stole, Tab Hunter, Sue Lowe and Pat Moran.

Winter's Scars

Based on the Winter preview chapter, I believe that Levana scratched Winter’s face after learning that Winter wanted to hide her face behind a veil like Levana did. Levana, who wears her veil because she has really bad scars, was enraged by how unfair and backwards this was, and gave her the scars as a “favor.” The fact that those scars make Winter even more beautiful pisses her off to no end, but so far everyone has assured her that they find the scars to be a flaw, so he hasn’t gone completely off the handle yet.

It’s possible that someone will make the mistake of telling Levana that Winter’s scars are her most compelling feature in the last book, which may contribute to her decision to have her stepdaughter killed.