Compa Back-To-Back Joe Nice (Live in Brooklyn, New York at Reconstrvct), 10/11/12. Download the recording now!

Special, special thanks to the Reconstrvct family for having me over to play for them. It was one of those nights that i’ll never forget. Emotional. Bigup the man Joe Nice, MC Twisty and MC Juakali.

compauk answered your question: Can’t decide

DMZ006 (& Dem A Talk)

DMZ006 is definitely worth the money! I’d pay that kinda money just for Goat Stare! aha and don’t worry, I’ve already bagged a copy of Dem A Talk! :) Massive remix! You should release your remix of Root with Anti-War Dub on the flipside. I would kill for a release that good!


Compa | To Me feat Björk

compauk said: yeah man, that music is up there now. i’m glad because it’s pushing my music, Dubstep, back into the underground. but how much longer will this house/techno fad last now?

Yeah it’s true, I’m really liking the general outlook on dubstep nowadays thanks to you and the rest <3

Although when I say that i’m into dubstep there always seems to be one bellend who says something like “Isn’t that really over, Skrillex isn’t even doing much nowadays” I find that I can’t say that I like dubstep without having to clarify things and give a brief history aha

And the house/techno hype will have died out within about a year I reckon


Floetry - Say Yes (Compa Remix)

this is stunningly beautiful