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Can you make a compatibility chart for the Hogwarts houses and the other wizarding schools please??!?! It would be v. helpful in life

So you want me to make a chart with the other wizarding schools and houses? Yeah I can make that happen! I’ll work on it.

simple compatibility

Opposites attract!

Leo x Aquarius, Aries x Libra, Pisces x Virgo, Taurus x Scorpio, Cancer x Capricorn, Gemini x Saggittarius

You understand each other ‘cause you’re the same

*same sign couples* 

example: Aries x Aries

Soul mates

*same element signs* 

example: Pisces x Scorpio, Pisces x Cancer, Scorpio x Cancer

You complete me

*water signs + earth signs, fire signs + air signs*

example: Pisces x Capricorn, Aquarius x Sagittarius

Some conflicts along the way, but ok!

*air/ fire signs + water/ earth signs*

example: Pisces x Aquarius, Virgo x Leo

It’s hard

Aries x Cancer, Capricorn x Aries, Aquarius x Taurus, Leo x Taurus, Gemini x Virgo, Pisces x Gemini, Cancer x Libra, Leo x Scorpio, Virgo x Sagittarius, Libra x Capricorn, Aquarius x Scorpio, Pisces x Sagittarius

To honour my 100th post, I thought I’d finally finish my compatibility chart!

I get so many questions about how a relationship would be between two signs, so I figured I might as well make one of these as kind of a FAQ. If you have any questions on the chart or if you want me to elaborate on any of these feel free to ask, though! 

In case some of you don’t know the signs by symbol, from left to right or from top to bottom they are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces 

Also, keep in mind, your sun signs don’t determine everything.  Two people may not be compatible if the rest of their chart doesn’t match up.  You can find out your whole birth chart here.  

And all relationships can work out if you really care for each other and are willing to have patience and put some work into it, despite your signs.  Every sign has their good and bad qualities.

What each colour heart means:

Pink: the colour of romance.  Adoring relationships.  Most people would agree that people these relationships are the perfect fits!  You two are the most compatible, that’s pretty much all there is to say. 

Red: the colour of passion.  Fiery relationships.  These relationships may be a little harder to maintain because of how opposite the signs are.  If you manage to get past that, though, they’re bound to be some of the most intense relationships you’ll ever be in!  Don’t we always say opposites attract?

Yellow: the colour of joy.  Lively relationships.  You two might not be the absolute perfect match, but that’s okay!  You don’t need to be to be happy together.  You two find you own way to work things out and have fun along the way.

Green: the colour of balance.  Harmonious relationships.  These matches are just alike.  You two really understand each other and work well with each other because you think and act so similarly.

Blue: the colour of stability.  Serene relationships.  Like yellow relationships, you’re not necessarily a perfect match, but you two wouldn’t have it any other way.  You fit well together and always feel comfortable, safe, and at peace around each other, which makes for some great relationships.

Purple: the colour of loyalty.  Devoted relationships.  These relationships may start off turbulent because you and your partner are different.  Almost too different.  Staying together through all those obstacles will only make your relationship stronger, though!  If you two can stick with each other, you’ll have some of the most devoted relationships ever.

The Astrology of finding Soul Mates

In mythology, Zeus desired to vanquish humanity in some form, and he split them to destroy the power of unity. The result was that two pieces of the soul lost each other, and forever wander in search of reunion and oneness. The spirits that inhabit these two bodies can seem coincidentally similar, like their souls play the same music. How can astrology help find this person, the place where the counterpart of your divided soul rests? Probably not through synestry charts, compatibility factors, or consciously searching for the sign that magazines tell you that you have most potential with. These satiate the needs of the ego, and not the soul, that which reflects something greater.

Astrology refreshes consciousness with divine spiritual agreements. It points to potential brilliance, talents, obstacles, and resilience qualities. This is a personal journey. It requires looking into the self through a lense that society never revealed to you. It writes a manual for the personality and the deeper needs of the spirit. Astrology radiates the individual’s most pure Truth. When they are walking the map of the natal chart, whether this be by astrological knowledge or trusting intuition, bliss overrides the spirit and soul, the co-creator is creating with God, as God. The soul is vibrating to it’s highest frequency, exuding the cosmic talents that comprise the individual’s spiritual heart.

This frequency becomes like a radio signal. One that is true, pure, and genuine. At this point, the constant referral to astrology does not even have to be present. You are the Solar and Lunar, shining the way you have for centuries. This radio signal plays a song of its own. It has played this beautiful song since the very beginning, through many galaxies and lifetimes. This is a secret signal, a channel that can only be tuned by the other half of the soul. When the music is being played, the other soul can hear, it receives the signal. Through the noise, the chaos, the pain of the world, they will find each other, where two oceans meet.


Chart Overlay Series (Pt.3)

Venus in Your Partner’s House

Other than synastry compatibility based off aspects, and of course planets and asteroids, astrology has much more depth in compatibility. In a synastry chart overlay, one person’s natal birth chart is layered on top of another person’s chart to show how your signs, planets, and houses work together. Especially where their planets are in your chart. It’s this that explains why rising signs are so important, you can still use this if you don’t know their time, but you’ll need to know at least one person’s time. You of course will have more understanding with both rising signs. The point is to see where their/your planet falls in your/their chart and the specific house, to see the influence it has on your relationship and bond. Remember to take both combinations of yours and theirs together. If you don’t know their rising and therefore their houses, look at their planets in your houses for now. These are the characteristic of their/your venus, in your/their house (where the qualities of Venus shine in your relationship):

Your Venus in their First

This may suggest that you guys have plenty in common, making your partner feel beautiful and confident. For the house person, it feels like they’ve met a good match when you two become invested in each other. The attraction for the house person is strong as for the Venus person, they’re spoiled by all things Venusian. It helps build confidence, as you guys will want to look like a power couple. The house person will be deeply attracted to them, especially if their Venus is close to their ascendant, and the problem is you may idealize the house person. You have to be careful because you guys may only like each other for how they look and how they look beside you. 

Your Venus in their Second 

With this overlay the house person will admire the Venus person not just physically like the first but also for who they are inside, in return they make the house person feel talented and appreciated. The house person will shower gifts and fortunes to the Venus person. In fact the Venus person will make them feel so talented, they can discover new income or have a material growth. Their materials start to blossom, it’s to the point that their creative energies can form and they can make money together. As long as the house person doesn’t have a lot of inflicted aspects to their Venus, then they won’t under appreciate the venus person.This is a really good place for Venus, not only will you prosper materialistically but physically. Romantically. You both will take out sensuality in each other, along with other desires. Little tip- don’t take the Venus person for granted or posses them too much. So yes, this may be a protective love after all.

Your Venus in their Third

This is such a communicative and blossoming match, there’s a possibility of love letters, and sultry words whispered in ears to become produced with this overlay. You guys respond to each other with grace and vitality. Communication is extremely important in a relationship and as this house is ruled by Gemini (a Mercury-ruled sign), and paired with Venus, you communicate with compassion and love. The problem is that you guys may act like a Libra mercury together, avoiding conflicts, as you guys rather keep things sweet. The Venus person will stimulate the house person’s mind, as they’ll make them feel appreciated as well. 

Your Venus in their Fourth

There’s a nurturing presence about Venus in here, after all it’s the house about home and family. Living together will be pleasant and you guys will feel a soul-level connection. Both of you can relate to each other in terms of the childhood, there will also be mutual love and an emotional connection flowing between you two. Both of you will have an aesthetically pleasing home together as well, and often tone down the “Wild” side of each other if you have it. They’ll want to spend lots of time with you at home. It calms the house person and steadies them. You guys find home with each other and are capable of having a harmonious life together. 

Your Venus in their Fifth 

With the nature of the fifth house, Venus tends to live happily here. The house person adores the Venus person and will always try to give excitement and fun in the Venus person’s life; after all this is a fire house. There will be lots of fun, romance, and enjoyment flowing between you two. You guys help each other express yourselves and become more creative. There’s playfulness and flirtatious behavior here, it’s very affectionate. It adds warmth unless one of the Natal chart struggles with that. There’s a sexual and romantic attraction between you two, you guys tend to enjoy when pursuing each other. It adds some comfort to express yourselves in a more “loving” way. Since this house also views children, you guys may even want children together. This is a really, really nice place for Venus to be in because Venus blossoms here. 

Your Venus in their Sixth 

The Venus person will almost act like a Virgo Venus, trying to help the house person a lot. Especially in routines, health, and other improvements. You both find pleasure in doing daily activities together, working together, and even doing chores together. It adds harmony and love in being teammates together, which also makes sense because this is the house explaining the workplace too. In fact, you guys may have met each other at work. The sign in which Venus is in may show where the Venus person assist the house person. Even though the house of work habits and health sounds a little useless for Venus to be in, it’s not. The house person can feel supported and someone who has similar ideas about diet and exercise, you guys help each other a lot and make each other be able to build a life together. It builds stability. 

Your Venus in their Seventh     

The house person feels like the Venus person is their ideal partner, after all this is the 2nd place Venus is at home in. Love, appreciation, and support flows between you guys peacefully. If you guys don’t have hard aspects, this can help build a long-term relationship; both of you treat each other equally and the house person can very much so see a life with you. You both will take the relationship seriously. The chemistry clicks between you two as you guys have harmony perfuming your relationship since you guys tend to have the same views about love and relationships. The Venus person has an area in which to discover their love nature more. It’s overall a very beneficial place for Venus and a healthy place too, it builds a sense of adoration. 

Your Venus in their Eighth 

Both of you find each other alluring, magnetic, and mysterious; The attraction is most likely not one-sided, you both feel it. It’s intoxicating and almost obsessive even possessive. Especially for the house person and perhaps the Venus person (depending what sign their Venus is in). The sex will be very mixed between the axis of Taurus-Scorpio, it’s emotionally and physically bonded. Very intense, passionate, sensual, and lusty. Both of you can open up to each other in a ways you guys never thought you’d be able to. It can be very overwhelming at times but you guys can trust each other with your dark secrets and share a physical sense of yourselves that is endearing. 

Your Venus in their Ninth 

Love is a constant adventure together, sharing some of the same ideals and beliefs. There’s a lot of honesty between you two as you guys help each other to grow and expand, it’s very supportive. The Venus person feels the same and will stay interested with the house person. As I’ve said with the house overlay series a lot with this house, you guys will enjoy traveling together. The house person will feel like the Venus person is lucky to them and might actually be. It’s a very nice place for Venus to be in because it constantly grows.

Your Venus in their Tenth 

This relationship may be very public as you guys make each other look good, the house person really adores the Venus person as well. You both tend to glamour your relationship, possibly idealizing the relationship even to your own eyes which can go wrong. If the Venus person is a women, the house person “will admire you and treat you like a goddess.” You both are highly supportive of each other and tend to help each other a lot in each other’s careers. 

Your Venus in their Eleventh 

This is really nice for not only love, but even friendship. The two of you get along so well that fun and communication fits in really nice. The problem is the house person may see the Venus person only like a friend, but nonetheless like a best friend. This can either add to the romance or lessen it, it depends on the house person. You both may have met by a circle of friends and are even capable of being affectionate in front of your friends, your friends can see the chemistry. Try to see if there are other overlays or aspects that bring more passion and so forth. 

Your Venus in their Twelfth 

You guys may have a very hidden relationship or a very private one but the house person may not trust the Venus person right away because of the nature of the twelfth house. There’s no doubt that there will be a very physic connection between you two and the Venus person increases the house person’s confidence. Both of you are very attracted to each other and the Venus person finds the house person mysterious, which may cause them not to trust you right away too. Even though it’s hidden, it has that Pisces nature of your relationship to make it very compassionate. This is an indicator of perhaps a hidden love affair, even if it’s not you guys find each other very attractive. The chemistry is “haunting” and consuming. The house person may resist there feelings for them because the idea of “not trusting” is more strong for the house person, but if they give in, the venus person has to have good intentions. No manipulation and so forth should happen, especially in this house or even for any. 

This is zodiac compatibility chart by Carl Gustav Jung, based on his own observations and research.  Ha, I had no idea that he was into astrology too! :D

Source: K. Konaszewska-Rymarkiewicz „…Czy to jest przyjaźń czy to jest kochanie? Wprowadzenie do astrologii porównawczej”, Studio Astropsychologii, Białystok 2002.

Little truths of the Composite Chart

There’s many layers of compatibility, a.k.a synastry. One of them, which is obviously my focus for this entry, is the Composite Chart. Now one of the things that you need to understand is the Composite Chart does not feel, you don’t feel the placements and aspects. The relationship isn’t a person, it does not feel it. Just like a lamp does not feel cranky or would not feel Venus conjunct Saturn. The composite has very important elements that you can’t just whisk of with a broom and hide under the rug. Nope. It’s a pretty important document in the relationship. I’m going to shake up a few points, some things that I would like to share, perhaps make you see the importance and help with your synastry. I also need to say, composites aren’t only for love, but for family, friendship, business, and more. This is a long post so I highly suggest you read this from my blog on a computer so it’s laid out wider and easier. This will also show you that yes look at Synastry aspects and even the Davison, but the Composite is important too. 

From the moment we laid eyes on each other 

Wrong! The composite does not say when a relationship start because it’s always existed. You can make a composite with a celebrity, it does not mean you’re in a relationship with them (unless you’re dreaming so). I will say the transits in the composite are a “chained event,” they are connected to the past. They can lead up to the events you guys met with each other. In some, fated way, the stars can use the composite progressions and transits to align you guys together. I can also imagine it to even push you guys away from meeting, which you guys would never know because you guys never met. Yet those transits/progressions don’t happen right away, it’ll manifest years if it happens to. It creates events leading to you two meeting, therefore it does not give a birth date but a little path. 

The luminaries and rising 

Composite Sun shows the purpose of the relationship, what’s its function and value of the relationship is. It’s not a feeling but a symbolic image. It’s the potential of the relationship and the highest place it can reach. (a.k.a, the rising sign of both partners will be extremely important for that).For example, Composite sun in 10th needs to be a public image couple and needs to contribute to society. They’ll seem that way because the relationships vitality comes from being a “contributing couple.”They gain respect from the public but that’s not what this composite sun wants, it wants to do something together. Something ambitious. Composite sun in 7th need someone else with the partnership too, just like a natal 7th sun does. Even if it’s a group of friends or other work partners, anything alongside this couple. Even if the composite ascendant ruler is in the 7th. These relationships rely on feedback or even validation. Like I said, it really shows the life source and growth of the relationship. It kind of makes me think where you need to grow the plant and take care of it throughly so the roses blossom. The house it’s in and even the sign says a lot. The Composite rising like the Natal, describes what the relationship looks like even if you don’t identify with it or agree with it. “Usually, when a planet is in the 1st but in a different sign from the Ascendant, it takes time for it to show itself.” For instance an Aquarius rising with Venus fifteen degrees away. It does not seem like a romantic, lovely, Venusian relationship. It seems odd, interesting, unique, confusing like Uranian. Than when outsiders stick around long enough with this pairing, they see the Venus especially when it aspects a Natal planet from an Outsider’s chart. Keep in mind, It says nothing about how you feel in the relationship. The composite Moon is the “emotional coloration” of the relationship.

You matter so much to me 

When the composite sun touches any of your/their natal planets or angles, it sheds light and connects to their own Natal Chart. It affects them and creates a sense of purpose but this isn’t common,remember you’re looking for a conjunction. When we feel like the relationship matters, the composite planets and angles land on our Natal planets/angles. Usually the tighter the orb, the stronger and the wider ones don’t make it weaker but more flexible. This is only for opposition and conjunction, and for this situation, the tighter orb is what you’re looking for. 

The Hidden Strings- (Progressed Composites &  Other Links)

Now usually composites get a rep. for being useless, but this contradicts that when you read everything above. What emphasis this and even gets more undermined is the Progressed Composite and even the Transits in the Composites. When the progressed composite conjunct/opposition one of the partner’s natal aspects, they tend to act out the progressed planet in the relationship. Example: So if a progressed composite planet triggers a Natal T square, let us say the moon, he may tend to behave a certain emotional way which isn’t evident in his chart. It activates his T-square, adding strain.You don’t notice it’s you or the reflection of your natal aspect. When a progressed angle reaches a natal planet, or vice-versa, it’s usually acted outHeavy transits aren’t always bad, for example a transit from Pluto over the composite Sun can be the birth of a new relationship. Also transits don’t end relationships, people do. A relationship can die but in a different form, and it can start a new relationship together. I also wanted to mention the Composite Nodes and transit connections can create events, synastry between composite nodes and individual planets can say a lot, and vice-versa. Also, progressed composite Nodes are sensitive. These are very few things I could share, but it’s obvious to say the Progressed Composite and Transits play a big role in a relationship. Also, just to quickly say Progressed Planets and Angles can interact with themselves as well, it doesn’t always have to be with a Natal or Composite. That point is especially important because a transit can trigger it.

The interaction

Now I think it goes to show the Composite does play a big role, and you won’t be doing yourself truthfully if you don’t look at all the layers but picking to look at only the good/bad and depriving the other side. The truth is, the composite chart can create feeling. I think a little of what I mentioned in the above section proves this element too. Not necessarily just from the Composite but when looking at it to the Natal. Also, the Composite gets split in half. Each person plays a role, even if there Natal Chart wouldn’t describe that they wouldn’t remotely play that part. A Scorpio or extremely Plutonic person can play the freedom-loving Uranian part subconsciously, it does not matter. In a sense you don’t really get to choose. After I heard about this method, I was a bit curious by it until I read a book that discussed this that made me jump into it more. The Composite and even Progressed Composite can trigger your placements as well, making your Natal aspect more alive. For example, Natal Uranus squaring composite Moon may deny the emotional layer of the relationship. The Natal to the Composite makes the Composite aspect more alive. 

Example (feel free to ignore but it can help you)

Firstly, I couldn’t share all my notes without drowning you guys but I shared enough and the world is out there for you to gain more knowledge. I put this at the end so you can skip it if you want, but I thought I should share an example of the few points I gave out… 

My best friend and I have Composite Sun in the 3rd, which is often to be felt like a sibling relationship to a lot of people and it really does. It’s something I don’t say easily but we’re extremely close to each other and she really is someone I could call a sister. That’s somewhere the full potential and vitality of our friendship is, a sister bond and good communication. It even includes traveling together, something I did not put together till now because we have all these plans to go places. 

We also have Venus-Moon conjunct in the composite, which activates both of our Natal Venus. The composite Venus also sextiles her Natal Moon, so I think it affects her more strongly than it does to me, even though sextile is a mild aspect. It’s also an aspect my Water Moon is grateful for. We have composite Neptune-Uranus conjunct, and square Mercury which activates the exact aspect in both of our Natal charts. My Natal Moon conjuncts our Composite rising, as her 4th angle conjuncts composite Jupiter. Her Sun and Moon conjunct the composite 4th angle. My ascendant conjuncts the composite 4th angle. This is just a little part of it, but voila. I have to say, these aspects both influence us greatly and since it does connect to our Natal charts, our composite does feel really alive. There’s a definite strong connection to her 4th and just the 4th angle in general, making her possibily feel at home with me. As my moon feels comfortable with her. 

I also wanted to point out something in our Composite and the emotional side in our relationship which is very ironic and explains what I said above about playing roles, even if it does not fit our Natal. I have a Natal Pisces moon and she has a Natal Gemini moon. In the Composite, the moon sextiles Saturn as that Saturn sextiles my Natal moon, triggering my Natal Saturn-Moon sextile (I obviously carry that role). Therefore even though there’s a very highly affectionate friendship, something she says no one has every brought into her, I think I play the odd role of being a little more emotionally controlled. It’s very odd because I’m extremely emotional but I see how that works. In a Venusian way I am extremely affectionate in the friendship, as she is too. Yet emotionally, I’m a tad bit more controlled than her when I want to be. It’s a sextile, being a mild but not a major aspect. It’s just a “fluff” and has more freedom, so it does not make me rigid but I do a little bit of a better job than her. It’s extremely odd because I have a Natal Pisces moon and she has a Gemini but like I said, the Composite does not care. Anyways, I hope the example helped.