compass poem

I want to love you more
Than you have
Ever experienced
Love before this. 
I want to love you in
Profound ways
That demonstrate to you 
What is good and pure 
And worthy about you:
I want to hold up 
A mirror to your inner self
That shows you why
I love you.
—  “A deeper, truer love” by Radha Kistler 
Peace of Mind

As you go to bed starving darling

I pray you find some peace of mind

and as your falling darling

I pray you stand up alright

I know these days get harder

with all these sleepless nights

but as your world gets darker I pray you find some light

and as the demons haunt you

I pray God lifts you high <3

♇The 12th House♇

I am a Healer
In my heart of many hearts
In these chambers, these many chambers
In my soul, my whole Soul,
I am yearning, I am learning,
Compassion is stirring and it’s
Too much,
These feelings….
Suffocate my heart
Yet resuscitate me part by part,
And once again,
I return from where I came,
I awake,
And I am ready for a new dawn, a new day,
These feelings…
Birth me, guide me, pain me, kill me,
And resurrect me until I learn
What it is, what I want, what I need,
My path is free.

It feels like the need to help others is in my bones, at my very core, the thing that keeps me going. I’ve always held kindness and compassion above everything else. But it’s so easy for people to take advantage of these things. They see positivity and it’s their instinct to leech off of it. I want to continue trying to help as many people as I can but this cycle of giving everything I have and still being asked for more is so exhausting. I don’t want this world to turn me cold because I know there’s so much good but there’s also a lot of bad and I’m just so sensitive.
—  /Emily


“we can build a tree house in the pine trees, we can keep our secrets buried underneath. wild flowers crash between your fingers, clinging to the wild things that raised us”

Feelings , some feelings
are too long journey ..

I wrote it
in chaos
a long time ago.

What a journey ..
which has made me realize
my body needs not
a complete departure

But to stay here , in my heart
With the intensity of day after day
until I got to know , a new thing
I could give to me is existing ;


—  Miral
The Queen of Good

Deep inside the bowels of the wood,
surrounded by shadow and secrets
carried by widows living with willows
and a series of stones, standing proud,
an ancient, old thing; twisted and gnarled,
possessed of soft and gentle powers.

An old damp dowager, guide and guardian,
she lives where evil is blind, and dark cowers
before a bastion of truth, of coveted wisdom,
and, in our youthful hours, we found succor.
She was the one, standing over us, presiding.
The light of her grace, her face, almost blinding.

Those who know her story, as many should,
her kindness, her sadness, her sainthood,
call her mother, maestra, the Queen of Good.

In those moments
When they felt like they could share it,
Women would tell me:
“I do not have a child,”
With an air of the call
Or defiance,
Or as if it did not matter,
Oftentimes followed by
“I don’t necessarily think
It is good not to have a child
But I don’t have one—it so happened,”
“Never wanted to have a child,
And thankfully never had!”
“I wanted to, but…”

And I always
Tried to tell them something along the lines,
This is not needed in my opinion, to have a child,
I would not say it is necessary or even that desirable, for a woman especially,
Sometimes I would joke
“One is one too many,”
Not concealing
That I
Have committed that curious crime.
I did bring a child
Into the world which lacks compassion so badly.