compass poem

I want to love you more
Than you have
Ever experienced
Love before this. 
I want to love you in
Profound ways
That demonstrate to you 
What is good and pure 
And worthy about you:
I want to hold up 
A mirror to your inner self
That shows you why
I love you.
—  “A deeper, truer love” by Radha Kistler 
Peace of Mind

As you go to bed starving darling

I pray you find some peace of mind

and as your falling darling

I pray you stand up alright

I know these days get harder

with all these sleepless nights

but as your world gets darker I pray you find some light

and as the demons haunt you

I pray God lifts you high <3

🔥Mercury : A Poem

I am the voice in the back of my mind
Scattered and lost, words at a loss
Struggling, breathe breaking and tossed
I cut my tongue with blades
I swam in secre
I hid in caves.
That was all Her,
She stole my peace and gave me Fear
Capture the flag
But I’m down here
Four walls around me and no where to step
I’m back in high school
I crawled, I crept
Into a vision
A dangerous decision
Flailing arms and voice uneven
Senses lost, vulnerable and taken
Words on a page took me light years away
From what I needed
But I heeded
The voice in the back of my mind
Scattered and lost
Alien in a frost
Frozen over on an earth that doesn’t suit me
I’m still searching for some meaning
I’m still looking for som
e way
Give me a sense of purpose
I’ve gone astray
And I hope it’s not too late


Why do people play so many games

When the truth is brighter than the sun

Commitment and communication

Are worth more than any crown

Everyone wants the throne

Diamonds aren’t the only expensive mineral

They can choke on their vitamins

Because all of that temporary

All of their shortcuts through the use of toxicity

Will only lead to more misery

The plastic desperately throwing the real away

In hopes of being recycled

Stepping on the innocent like stones

To get to the top

Further breaking the broken

To heal their self-inflicted mess

Clinging like leeches to the wings of butterflies

To not appear lonely or desperate

Oh the irony

It’s almost hilarious

But this way of thinking is sad and dangerous

Opinions do not cancel out facts

They would rather watch those they “cared” about

Wade in polluted water

Than accept that they were wrong

And sacrifice their champagne

To them, the good life

Is gossip, getting drunk on bitterness, and lying

To protect themselves

All while insisting that they’re good people

Life is meant for going with the flow

Each lesson is a river

Emptying into the ocean of human connection

But if you never make the effort to learn those lessons

What’s so special about you?

Acting like you’re above others

Won’t make you beautiful

Acting like a saint

Won’t erase your sins

Acting like a hero with a victim complex

Won’t change the reality of your hypocrisy

You’re not unique

For following the crowd and fitting in

You preach all the right words

Until your actions render them meaningless

You’re not an outlet of positivity

When you profit from negativity

You bask in your selfish, undeserved glory

And think you’re adored by many

So many are tired of your bullshit

But you love it

After all, it’s publicity

It’s attention

The fantasy that society has created for us to live in

You expect respect

While being disrespectful

You expect to be rewarded and praised

For doing the bare minimum to nothing

You smile in the face of confrontation

Yet, run away when the time arrives

To own up to your mistakes

There is a limit

On how much the intuitive will feel sorry for you

Because your apologies are hardly thrift store worthy

And your tides never change

So, how trustworthy are you really?

After every storm,

The tar stain on your heart remains

You speak your mind online just fine

But if every fish in the sea you’ve ever hurt

Were standing in front of you

Would you stay or leave?

Who’s laughing now?

Who’s drowning now?

Bragging about your materialism and opportunities

And the genuine, authentic souls

That you manipulated into your corner

Won’t make you less insecure

Considering yourself to be an esteemed figure

In high demand

Because of your popularity or follower count

Doesn’t make you less pathetic

Empathy and honesty

That’s the power of love

Flaws are part of human nature

But love is true power

No amount of fake

Or compassion with a hidden agenda

Will make you real

There is no filter

That can hide or wash away

The type of person you are

Moon of Change

She’ll hit you like a ton of bricks
Such a plain gal upon first glance
Such a fiery goddess the second eye contact is made
The word buxom springs to mind
Right next to the word vivacious
She’ll sweep you up in a whirlwind of conversation
All while knitting you a colorful sweater

Her hands are quick
Her mind is keen
Her compassion knows no boundaries

Once you’ve heard what she has to say
There won’t be any turning back
You can choose to fight her
Although you’ll soon discover
It’s better to embrace her
She honestly doesn’t care if you love her or not
She’ll always come back around

Azuki Lynn

♇The 12th House♇

I am a Healer
In my heart of many hearts
In these chambers, these many chambers
In my soul, my whole Soul,
I am yearning, I am learning,
Compassion is stirring and it’s
Too much,
These feelings….
Suffocate my heart
Yet resuscitate me part by part,
And once again,
I return from where I came,
I awake,
And I am ready for a new dawn, a new day,
These feelings…
Birth me, guide me, pain me, kill me,
And resurrect me until I learn
What it is, what I want, what I need,
My path is free.


“we can build a tree house in the pine trees, we can keep our secrets buried underneath. wild flowers crash between your fingers, clinging to the wild things that raised us”


The people I work with

Use the words:



Occasionally mad.

The people I write with

Tell me it’s my work ethic.

The people closest

Say, with a smile:


Beautiful inside

And out.

But I…

What do I see?

Only these flaws;

Demons on my shoulders.

Though, perhaps,

Perhaps my mother’s borrowed compassion.

It feels like the need to help others is in my bones, at my very core, the thing that keeps me going. I’ve always held kindness and compassion above everything else. But it’s so easy for people to take advantage of these things. They see positivity and it’s their instinct to leech off of it. I want to continue trying to help as many people as I can but this cycle of giving everything I have and still being asked for more is so exhausting. I don’t want this world to turn me cold because I know there’s so much good but there’s also a lot of bad and I’m just so sensitive.
—  /Emily

She felt his waves
gently pulling
ever lulling
a melody rendering
glistening upon her shores
igniting her siren’s song
entangling his heart’s throng.

He felt the longitude
of her life lines threaded
through his veins
weaving and binding
navigating along the lunar pull
of their tender force.

Thru passages of time and tides
drawing together their intimacy
a mystical magnetic attraction
their delicious distraction
her gravitational moon
erotically descending
his undulating tides
sensually ascending
a midnight dance
in oceanic intensity.

Golden Compass // Rhapsodyinblue45


My life used to be a game
until I was hit with harsh reality.
Experiences started molding my heart,
and lessons started hardening my emotions.
My ideals changed and my priorities improved.
I started to understand what family really is,
what true friends are all about –
My mother’s screaming & tears.
My brothers’ opening their eyes to life.
My father’s condition on his deathbed.
It all hit me and shattered me,
yet reconfigured me in bliss.

My bruised heart keeps learning.
My love is being set free.