compass poem

I want to love you more
Than you have
Ever experienced
Love before this. 
I want to love you in
Profound ways
That demonstrate to you 
What is good and pure 
And worthy about you:
I want to hold up 
A mirror to your inner self
That shows you why
I love you.
—  “A deeper, truer love” by Radha Kistler 
It feels like the need to help others is in my bones, at my very core, the thing that keeps me going. I’ve always held kindness and compassion above everything else. But it’s so easy for people to take advantage of these things. They see positivity and it’s their instinct to leech off of it. I want to continue trying to help as many people as I can but this cycle of giving everything I have and still being asked for more is so exhausting. I don’t want this world to turn me cold because I know there’s so much good but there’s also a lot of bad and I’m just so sensitive.
—  /Emily


“we can build a tree house in the pine trees, we can keep our secrets buried underneath. wild flowers crash between your fingers, clinging to the wild things that raised us”

Omnipotent Anthem

This is a call to the selves
The breathless moments
The invisible neck kisses
Hearts wide open
Prepared to live and die for…

Throw your hands up in the air
Or don’t
It makes no difference to me
Don’t just preach
Don’t simply speak
Just be
If positivity, love, and justice
Are what you truly believe

You all matter
But you’re not all treated like you do
Stop blurring the lines with lies
And trying to give alternatives for facts
To make them suit you

Mother Earth is screaming
Why aren’t you listening?
Are her seashells too revealing?
Are her natural needs an inconvenience
To your business?
You won’t be living in a bubble for long
Science says it will pop soon
If nothing changes

Can you imagine the joyful noise
If for once, we were silent
And listened to understand
And used common sense
Instead of simply blasting a hateful opinion
And being done with it
Content and complacent with ignorance

Equality, happiness, and compassion
Are my aesthetic
You’re right about that part
But quit misinterpreting it
You’re ruining it

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

All of us have had moments,

When the judge, jury and executioner was none other than ourselves,

A trickle of time when we were so hedonistic and selfish

That the man in the mirror stood taller

Taller and better than us!

And it’s in these moments,

That we learn the most important lessons,

Where the mirror is the embodiment of our conscience

And our minds –

Are once again recalibrated to behave as a moral compass…

I have found more divinity
in the people around me,
than I have encountered in
any so-called book of truth.
I’ve encountered more love,
compassion, and beauty
in ordinary souls
than I have found in
any written description of an
all-powerful, all-seeing deity.
Everyone is entitled to their
own beliefs,
but why turn a blind eye to
the beauty, the majesty,
the undeniable divinity –
of the ones
with which we share the earth,
for reasons no other than
their refusal to share
an ideology?
—  Beautiful people, by M.A. Tempels © 2015