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So when are the Kyurangers going to liberate the Therapy Planet? (Is it before or after they liberate the money planet?)

“Oh, come on, Raptor, gimme some credit! If either of these places existed, of course Therapy Planet would be first.”

“Well, good –”

“But nothing says we can’t make an itty-bitty visit to Money Planet afterwards, right~?! Or maybe along the way?!”


Happy B-day Eva Green!!! <3
She’s so inspiring, I love and admire her work and I decided to do some tribute to her; 12 characters from several movies/shows.
Thankyou for all your great works, Eva, can’t wait to see your new projects!! Enjoying her movies really inspired me and her acting is just so awesome and stunning. Really a muse.


The installation entitled Inflatable Refugee, created by Belgian artists Schellekens & Peleman,​ cast its anchor in the Yarra River, Melbourne Australia this weekend ahead of World Refugee Day on June 20.

The six-metre-tall figure in a boat has gone on display on the river bank to highlight the global refugee crisis and the harrowing journey millions of refugees make every year.

The artists say the artwork is constructed out of the same material human traffickers use for the boats that carry refugees across the Mediterranean Sea.

In which I attempt two different light sources and then release why I don’t usually do that.


Dragon Age AU in which templars in the Spire treated Cole like a goddamn human being, he grew into his magic, never died, became a spirit healer with the help of the same spirit of Compassion, and everyone lived happily ever after and nobody ever died ever again

Looks like I did get around to colouring it? That band at the front of his hat looked leather in some shots, metal in others: I started in leather, then made it metal, then stopped giving a damn. Mage!Cole just has metal in his hat then. Fine. It’s fine.
Ring velvet and plaidweave because yeessssssssssss

Anyway, far as I’m concerned mage!Cole has a staff that does spirit damage because dohoho *knee-slap*
He’d support allying with either faction (doesn’t want mages mistreated for magic, but respects templars for helping rescue him - result of shitty family life).
I imagine most of his other choices would remain the same as the canon Colepassion’s, seeing as he both works with Compassion, and would like a little (bloodless) justice for the weak done after his own personal history.