compass and the square

Developed emotional natures

Developed emotionally

Moon Conjunct/Sextile/Trine :
Sun (sensitive, decisive, understanding)
Venus (social graces, etiquette, diplomatic, cultured)
Jupiter (spiritual, tolerant, patient, broad minded) 
Saturn* (wisdom, structured, patient)
Neptune (compassion, idealism, insightful)

Maturity Issues

Moon Square/Opposite/Inconjunct (possibly)
Sun (issues with own needs, can send out mixed messages, internal contradictions, frustrates others, focus issues, directionless, flip flopping)
Mercury (inconjunction causes issues expressing ego, trouble expressing needs, asking for what they want or expect from others)
Venus (inconjunction issues expressing what is wanted from others, troubles expressing graces, acknowledging needs)
Mars (overly competitive, aggressive, hot and cold nature, conflict ridden, impatient, angry, tantrums)
Jupiter (unrealistic, empty promises, gluttony, responsibility issues, unreliable)
Saturn* (depression, unresponsive emotionally, rigid, too structured, trouble unwinding, judgmental, critical)

Moon in any aspect to Uranus can cause erratic emotions and immaturity issues.

Moon in aspect to Pluto can either cause mature or immaturity depending on the same of the chart and how someone chooses to use Plutonic energy.

*Saturn* Saturns conjunction can produce better maturity with time, but can also swing both ways for better or worse

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you could explain what a libertarian socialist is? My understanding of libertarians was they they were masked conservatives! I'm not trying to disrespect your political view point at all, I'm just curious :o

yeah np! libertarian socialism falls under the libertarian left square of a political compass (ignore for the time being that political compasses kinda suck and cant accurately map out all ideologies). libertarian socialism itself is also a broad thing but most libertarian socialists advocate for a limited or nonexistent state under socialism, workers control of the means of production (rather than state ownership), etc. basically the opposite of “authoritarian communism” ppl think of. libertarian was orignally a leftist term used by anarchists and socialists DECADES before the modern usage, which conservatives and capitalists coopted from us, which is why people associate “libertarian” with conservatives. again theres a lot of more specific ideologies under the umbrella of libertarian leftism (anarchism, council communism, luxemburgism, and what have u) but thats like a basic idea of it. libertarian socialism is really good and u should look more into it if u want

Notice Mary Magdalene with her three children at the bottom of this picture, flanked by two women of the Jerusalem Church, representing the sacred feminine in the forefront of Jachin and Boaz, with dozens of masonic symbols, including the beehive, square and compass, spring of acacia, plumb, level, scythe, Jacob’s ladder, lamb, rough and smooth ashlars, point within a circle, anchor, cable-tow, ark of the covenant, lost key, past master symbol, noah’s ark, trowel, vitruvian base, venus (pentalpha/pentagram), mercury/alchemy star (star of David/Jewish star),  The Hierophant Tau Cross, mosaic pavement, three steps (degrees), the Sun, and the Divine Shekhinah in the center of the Holy of Holies, the inner chamber of Solomon’s Temple; this represents the Venus/Mercury conjunction with the Sun.  There are more symbols here, but these are just off the top of my head and what I can recognize. One of my favorite paintings, for various reasons. 

- Richard E. Gordon III 32 PHA, Knight Kadosh and Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

Brain: hey, you really want to write that fic in which Bucky and Seb get magically swapped into each other’s universes for a day and inadvertently solve each other’s romantic problems, right?

Brain: here, let’s start right now, instead of grading these papers!


No time, no time, and Steve wouldn’t hear him—communicator damage—

Bucky threw himself off the parking structure. Let himself fall. Sunlight skittered off his arm as he dove. Like wings.

He caught the flying blue orb just before it would’ve collided with Steve’s ridiculous rippling back. Landed squarely in the palm of his human hand; he himself landed in a breathless bruised-rib heap at Steve’s feet, and then took out a supervillain goon with one low deflected shot from the metal hand. Not a kill. Incapacitating.

Steve spun around. “Buck—where’d you even—oh shit, Bucky, you’re hurt, your leg—”

Hadn’t noticed. Pain not so much registering. Not a Hydra remnant, just the simple plain truth that Bucky Barnes would run on a broken femur to make himself into a human shield for Steve Rogers, who never watched his own damn back.

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we dont even know what he looks like and yet here i am with a human!tad strange


1 August 1971: The day George and friends bought peace, love, compassion, awareness and colour to Madison Square Garden, and in the process, contributed to ending an ignored war and liberating a fledgling nation. Not a bad day’s work. 

“The main thing was, we spread the word and helped get the war ended. Little Bengali waiters in Indian restaurants still come up to me and say, “When we were fighting in the jungle, it was so great to know there was someone out there supporting us.”