5 Ways to Make Your Life More Organized

1. Organize your email. As students, we are constantly being sent emails from classes, work, professors, announcements, etc. The possibilities are endless. It can be so annoying to have to trudge through millions of emails just to find the one you need, so if you organize your email into folders, it makes it much less of a chore.

2. Keep your classes separate.  Different colored folders and spirals are a must. Also, I like to keep my classes organized into different compartments of a plastic drawer set. You can even just get a simple desktop divider, but make sure you have a set place for all your different classes. Nothing is worse than showing up to class with the wrong day’s schoolwork in your backpack. 

3. Make To-Do Lists. I for one will never accomplish something unless I write it down. For whatever reason, seeing something listed with a blank box next to it just gives me that much more motivation to get it done knowing I can check it off at the end of the task. Tip: Use colored pens and pencils to differentiate tasks (i.e. blue for school, green for work, pink for appointments, etc.) 

4. Clean/do laundry once a week. Every Sunday (or whatever day works for you) clean up your room and do your laundry. Nothing is worse than having to do multiple loads of laundry in one day because you’ve let it pile up for so long. Also, cleaning up in intervals makes your life less stressful and chores way easier! I’d take 20 minutes once a week over 3 hours once a month any day. 

5. Organize your files. Digital clutter is the absolute worst. Just take a minute out of your day to sort through all those pictures on your phone, deleting the ones that are duplicates or blurry or just plain useless. Do this on your desktop as well. Make folders for your documents, organize photos by dates and times, and create a reasonable system that you will be able to keep up with.



Hoy quería compartir con tumblr, ya que lo compartí ayer con Twitter y estoy intentando que Willy lo lea, un texto tratando de explicar cómo puede sentirse Willy, porque como fans decimos estar y que hemos estado y estaremos, pero, ¿cuál es la verdad? ¿Realmente estamos cuando nos necesita? Sí, pero tal vez no de la manera que a él le gustaría.

Hacía tiempo que quería escribirle algo así, y bien sabemos que a Willy le gusta los textos, imágenes o vídeos que le hacen pensar y reflexionar.

Os dejo aquí el link del tweet por si queréis darle RT o fav, o no sé :)

Recuerdo que es un texto mío para Willy, me gustaría que no se copiara, pero también me gustaría que lo leyerais :)

No lo he escrito porque le pase algo a Willy o no, simplemente quería escribirle algo así ^^

Season 5 "A" endings in order

5x5 “A” sends the liars and Alison a text after the explosion at Toby’s house. “A" is seen in the new lair with the black widow outfit hanging on a mannequin. "A” listens to police call the explosion in.

5x6 Black Widow sends a bouquet of flowers to the parents of Bethany Young.

5x7 “A” goes through Emilys mail and opens an invitation to Ella and Zacks’s engagement party. “A” seals the envelope back up.

5x8 “A"  through Spencer’s room caressing Spencer’s riding hat. flipping up a hidden panel under a couch cushion ultimately opening up a secret compartment.

5x9 "A” at Spencer’s eye doctor’s office is seen listening to Alisons fake kidnapping story

5x10 “A” folds clean laundry. He is seen pulling out a black hoodie and a nurses outfit from Radley

5x12 “A” replaces Emily’s baby jesus with a Mona doll. “A” puts the baby jesus in the trunk with Mona’s unconscious body. “A” also makes a snow globe witg tge

5x13 “A” sends an “A” message to the girls on Christmas

5x14 After Alison is arrested for Mona’s murder “A” sends the girls a message through fireworks

5x16 “A” goes into Detective Holbrooks office and knows exactly where he keeps his sweets. “A” signs into his files with the correct password.

5x17 “A” is seen in an abandon ice cream factory. Monas bloody clothes are seen In evidence bags and “A” flashes a blacklight on the door which reveals handprints of the liars

5x18 “A” enters Monas room to get the recording she left in the book. When “A” realizes its not “A” slams the book down in anger

5x19 “A” has samples of Aria, Hanna, and Spencers blood. Emily didn’t donate blood because of her trip to Haiti. “A” is watching a recording of Hanna and Caleb planning to sneak into the storage unit. “A” drips Hanna’s blood onto Mona’s bloody garments.

5x20 “A” goes into Mikes room and lifts weights. “A” pulls out a wrench and loosens the bench.

5x21 “A” reads a quote from the bible and places a 20$ on that page in all of the bibles for the womens correctional facility.

5x23 “A” shreds Paul Varjacks identity.

5x24 “A” drives a toy bus full of dolls with orange jumpsuits on to a castle. There is a blonde doll placed in the window of the castle. “A” takes a brunette doll out of the bus and places her behind the castle walls. “A” then holds his corsage up o his tuxedo for prom


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i deactivated my twitter for the rest of the day+maybe tomorrow because being grossly self-loathing while silently staring at twitter, and getting MORE angry with myself is abso-fucking-lutely useless 

if anyone on here who is also there cared

it’ll pass

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Any Sabine Head canons?


Okay, so I’ll do my best here.

  • Sabine’s room may look like it has some sort of order to it, but all the compartments are full. One half has art supplies, while the other half has artwork in various stages. She finds it hard to let go of any of her art because she goes back and gets ideas from older sketches.
  • After a long or difficult op, she usually has a hard time falling asleep. Too much stress makes for a busy mind, but it also means it’s harder to get an idea for art. So most of the time, Sabine will grab a sketchbook and draw aimlessly until she starts to get tired. It gives her time to think about how the op played out and to flesh out her ideas, even if they’re not in words.
  • While she prefers to be alone sometimes, Sabine really actually does love having the crew around. She finds Kanan frustrating a lot of the time, but he’s the first one she turns to if she’s extremely worried about something. He’s really good about listening, especially since Sabine starts to ramble when she’s worried or upset and doesn’t need to have any barriers up.
  • Sabine and Zeb have an amazing brother-sister relationship. As soon as Sabine joined the crew, they hit it off really well. Zeb would sit in the Common Room for hours and watch her sketch as she got more comfortable with the crew. Eventually, Zeb came to Sabine and asked her to draw the design on his shoulder padding. As she worked, Zeb explained that most of the Honor Guard would have some kind of decoration on their uniform. Knowing that, Sabine stole the uniform and worked on it for three days to insure that the design would stay, even through all the wear and tear.
The Techsorcist

The room was dark, lit only by dim lumen strips recessed into the ceiling overhead. The little light that managed to filter down through the gloom was tinted a sick pale yellow.

The workstations were typical of a lair of a member of the Adeptus Mechaincus. Tools and spare parts littered benches and sat cluttered on the floor in irregular piles. But there was more beyond that. Dataslates and cogitators were stacked in corners. Those that were on flickered with an eery light, the information scrolling across their screens offered only weird clues as to the full extent of their contents. The only thing that was clear was whatever servant of Mars called this compartment theirs was atypical of the Machine Cult.

Rebeckah sat on one of the long metal work benches. Regis had left her there under Radcliffe’s orders some time ago. Since then a handful of Enginseers had come and gone but none had offered her a reason as to why she was there. They had silently restrained her malatek dendrites, cuffing them so they could not move and linking them via interface wires to a cogitator that sat nearby. Then they had left her again, alone in the near dark, the only sound the thrum of the Rampant’s warp drives.

The door hissed open suddenly, letting in a brief stream of bright light from the corridor outside. A robed figure stood framed there before it shut again. Metallic footfalls clanked along the grated decking along with the muffled sweep of long robes. Red eyes, bright and piercing surveyed Rebeckah from underneath a deep hood. Metal fingers clicked against each other inside wide sleeves.

{Greetings.} The voice spoke in Mechalogue, the cant hissing from the vents in the tech priest’s rebreather. {Magos Rebeckah Lethivan, correct? My name is Oleander Thatch. I am here to help you.}


A Million Years - Sirius Black Imagine

This is my first Harry Potter world imagine, so I really hope I didn’t fuck up and that you guys like it. And, if there are any mistakes, I am truly sorry, I didn’t have time to reread it.

Word Count: 1,781 (I’m sorry for it being so long)


I saw Sirius Black for the first time on the Hogwarts Express, during my first year at Hogwarts. I was sitting alone in one of the compartments when he opened the door and asked if he could join me, due to most of the compartments being completely occupied. He was nice, and very polite, which made him extremely fun to talk to. Later on, James Potter joined us, saying that almost every compartment was full as well, and we all started talking about what house we wanted to be in.

James immediately spilled about how he wanted to be sorted into Gryffindor, just like his dad, and gushed about how great he thought it would be. Sirius and I were both listening his thoughts with all our attention, he sounded as he had been there already. Sirius had a glimmer in his eyes while clinging onto every word James said and I could see how amazing being in Gryffindor sounded to him, at least according to James description.

After James was finally finished talking, I followed his lead and told them about how I wasn’t sure where I wanted to be – for my mother had been a Ravenclaw and my father a Gryffindor, both of them wanting me to be sorted into their house. They both simply nodded, understanding why I was unsure of where I wanted to be.

Next it was Sirius’ turn, which made him scratch the back of his neck awkwardly. He talked about how everyone in his family was a Slytherin, so they would want him to be sorted there as well. He added that, after James’ description, Gryffindor sounded like a much better place and that he would probably have much more fun there, but still he would probably be sorted into Slytherin.

But he wasn’t. To his surprise, Sirius Black was sorted into with Gryffindor along with me and James Potter.

I remember how he mumbled, over and over again, about how mad his mother was going to be. I felt incredibly sorry for him, no one should ever have to fear being sorted into a house that was not their parents’ – I sure wasn’t, although my parents wanted me to be in their house, they always made sure it was fine if I was sorted into Hufflepuff or even Slytherin. And it was awful that someone, especially Sirius, seemed to be completely terrified of how his mother would react to him being placed in Gryffindor.

When we reached the Common Room, I stopped him from going up to his dorm. I was not planning on staying way past my bedtime on the first day but I couldn’t just let Sirius spend the whole night afraid and full of worry. So we stayed behind and sat on the couch, I repeatedly stated that it would be okay and that he shouldn’t worry about it every time he groaned about how his mother would yell at him. I made sure he got over the fact that his mother would be irritated and that he understood there was nothing he could do, so he might as well enjoy it and make friends – “Of course you’ll make friends, Sirius! You already have me and James!” I cheered quietly when he asked if I thought he was going to make any friends. He smiled, one of the biggest and happiest smiles Sirius Black has ever given, and hugged me whispering a thank you.

That’s the story of how I met Sirius Black, and ended up only going to sleep at 2 in the morning on my first bloody day of school. It was all worth it, Sirius and I became best friends and along with him came James, Remus and Peter. I absolutely adored their company and always got to see their mischievous ways up close, which brought a lot of fun and a lot of problems, but it was all worth it.

The only problem was that now, in our 5th year, I had somehow managed to fall head over heels for my best friend. James knew, Remus knew, and Peter knew – I hadn’t even told them really, they found out on their own and confronted me about it. Which only made me question if Sirius knew as well, they always said he was too oblivious to know, but so where they and they knew. I wasn’t surprised that I had fallen in love with Sirius; he was a gentleman when he wanted to, incredibly funny, very smart, trustworthy, caring, brave, loyal, adventurous, and bloody hell was he attractive. I wouldn’t really be surprised if every girl in school had a crush on him, I knew a few that did, but I never intended to end up on that long list of names. He was my best and I was his, that’s all we were, and I was going to end up ruining it if I didn’t stop this madness.

“You know what I think? I think you should tell him,” Remus remarked, while him, James, Peter and I were sitting outside under a tree.

“Sure, I’ll do that. After I go out with you during full moon in my human form,” I muttered under my breath.

They all exchanged looks before turning to me, they only did that when they were hiding something – I knew them too well.

“He knows, doesn’t he?” I buried my face in my hands and James laughed loudly.

“Merlin, trust me, he doesn’t.”

“You should just tell him. Remus is right, Y/N,” Peter joined in. It wasn’t fair that they were all ganging up on me.

“He barely even talks to me anymore. He isn’t even here with us today and, besides, don’t forget he’s been very friendly with that Ravenclaw girl. And, in case you don’t know, she fancies him.” They started laughing, once again, which annoyed me.

I wasn’t going to simply tell him. Not when everything was so weird between us lately, not when I could make it all even worse, not when he was too busy probably snogging that damned Ravenclaw girl.

“You’re completely jealous,” Remus marveled. I could’ve said I wasn’t, but there was no point in lying to them. “He’s not being friendly with her, she’s been trying to make a move on him but he’s not really interested, plus he’s not here right now because he’s avoiding her. He’ll join us soon, don’t worry.”

“Well, he’s still been acting weird around me,” I responded sadly. We hadn’t a real conversation in about a week. I looked down at the grass and grabbed some of it with my right hand. “Look guys, I know you’re trying to help when you say I should them him. But never in a million years will I tell Sirius freaking Black that I’m completely in love with him. He would hate me, our friendship would be ruined and I just can’t lose him,” I sighed and looked up again, all three of them were looking behind me with wide eyes.

I followed their gaze and my eyes met Sirius’. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, oh please no! Was all that was going through my mind, at the moment. I could’ve died right there on the spot, Merlin knows I was wishing I did. This was going to ruin everything, I was going to lose him. I felt tears form in my eyes as I got up, I slowly walked towards him not really knowing what to say.

“I’m sorry, Sirius,” was the only thing I managed to say. Whispered, actually, I was so worried that I had apparently lost my voice.

“You’re sorry? You’re sorry that you’re in love with me?” he inquired, a smile growing slightly on his lips. “Have you got any idea how long I’ve been in love with you? I’ve fancied you since our 3rd year, Y/N!”

Once again, I had no idea what to say. I blinked a few times and simply stared at him with my lips slightly parted in complete shock. He loved me? How could he love me? I wasn’t really that bad but he was Sirius Black, how on earth could Sirius Black love me back?

“You’re in love with me?” I questioned quietly, a smile threatening to form on my lips. He nodded slowly, grinning happily, and locking his stare with mine. “I’m in love with you too.”

I didn’t really know what else to say. He already knew, he heard it just seconds before. But I felt the need to say it again, to tell him myself and not simply have him listening accidently. His smile grew, it was the same smile I had seen many years ago, on that night I spent telling an 11 year old Sirius that everything would be fine, except this time he looked much happier. He was glowing with contentment, just as I was.

“I thought you just said that never in a million years you would tell me that,” he sent me a provocative look, what else would be expected from him?

But I was too happy to care, suddenly this wasn’t just a sunny day – this was the best day I ever had at Hogwarts. I will never find the words to describe how my heart was set on a incredibly pleasant fire when he told me he loved me back, how electricity seemed to be running through my whole body but with a tickling sensation instead of a painful one. I can’t explain how happy and loved I felt as he was staring at me with such affection in his eyes but, somehow, still managing to look like a complete asshole, as usual.

“Guess I just changed my mind.”

I don’t really know what came over me next, all I know is that I took a step forward and he did too. His hands found my waist, pulling me closer to him, and I grabbed his face, kissing his lips as soon as they touched mine. I felt as if I was floating but I knew I was standing firmly on the ground, completely safe in between Sirius’ arms. I wasn’t too long before the three boys, who had simply watched us in complete silence until now, stared cheering and yelling in pure happiness. I separated myself from Sirius and slowly opened my eyes, he was already staring at me, a full smile adorning his face.

“I love you,” he whispered in pure bliss.

“I love you too,” I replied, delighted that I as an alternative to never telling him this in a million years, I could now tell him this for a million years instead.


No digas nada, sólo comparte

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#1 and/or #57, McShep! Or combine them for BONUS POINTS

1. “Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”

The system’s second planet had proven to be devoid of anything but large, carnivorous predators bent on ramming anything in their path and a crater where an outpost might once have been, and the Stargate, orbiting the barren sixth planet, is still hours away. The autopilot had been damaged on the planet, so Sheppard’s flying manually. It’s a simple flight–just straight on til morning–but he has to keep the jumper pointed in the right direction. It’s the sort of mindless that nonetheless requires constant attention. The boredom would have been bad enough, but between the flight out and the time spent planet-side, Sheppard has been awake for nearly 24 hours, and he’s not nearly as young as he used to be.

Teyla and Ronon had retired to the rear compartment hours ago, so it’s just Sheppard and McKay upfront. They’d bickered conversationally at first, but as the hours wore on, McKay had gotten more and more involved in first working on the computer propped up in his lap and then napping.

Sheppard leans on the jumper’s dashboard, his chin propped on his hand, and stares out into the inky blackness of the viewscreen. P2X-444 is a distant ball of sandy brown, still so far away. His eyes have narrowed to slits, and it’s taking all of his concentration to stay awake.

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Hola señorita, me permite decirle algo? Estuve leyendo su blog y bueno, a mi parecer le duele mas la idea que usted tiene de el, viene de un hombre que tuvo un romance a larga distancia y me averguenza admitir que cuando ella me amaba mas, yo la quería menos, y pues puedes fingir sentimientos por que palabras bonitas que lleguen al corazón cualquiera las puede decir, y si tal vez era un patan por fingir amor, pero no quería lastimarla, bonita noche

Buenos días, casi tardes, anónimo. Creo que tiene un poco de razón, a mí me duele una idea, pero no la idea que tengo de él, sino del amor. No me refiero al amor en general, sólo al amor que compartíamos él y yo, esa idea me duele mucho.

Por otro lado, lo que hiciste ha sido una de las cosas más cobardes, que el arrepentirse no importa. Ahora muchas personas no creen en lo de enamorarse, porque como dices, palabras bonitas y hasta sentimientos hay personas que las saben utilizar muy bien; hay personas que saben fingir muy bien todo un “amor”, pero la pregunta es ¿Por qué? ¿Para qué? ¿Tan miserables se sienten para no poder ser reales? ¿Sin tantas cosas y mentiras?

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😒? :D

Biggest pet peeve?

omg right okay so idk if everyone has these but we have like this thing in our cutlery draw that let’s you separate your cutlery into compartments so you got you got your spoons In the left one, forks in the middle, and knives in the one on the right, and that’s the way i like it, AND IT ANGERS ME SO MUCH WHEN PEOPLE PUT THEM IN THE WRONG COMPARTMENT. Like the other day I went to get a fork out of the fork compartment and you know what was in there?


I think I’ve mentioned on here before that Sammy’s favorite is Doc McStuffins.

I mean overall favorite. Of course he adores his Wubbanubs and reading various books and all of his other plushies, like the owl that’s almost as big as he is and his puppy that Kat got him and Yoda. But overall, toys and themes-wise, Doc McStuffins is The Shit, as far as he’s concerned.

Naturally, this has resulted in a great deal of Doc McStuffins merchandise around our house. We have a Doc plushy (whom he frequently kisses and cuddles), a Stuffy plushy (whom he carries around by the neck), and various books, including one that makes sounds and came with a bunch of doctor tools (like a syringe, reflex hammer, and thermometer).

Most frequently used, however, is the Doc McStuffins plate. This thing was a find. I got it on sale at the Disney Store Outlet right before his birthday, just $5. I love that it has little compartments for food (because I hate food touching food). I love that it’s got all of the characters on it. I love that it’s a nontraditional shape. 

And Sammy? Sammy just loves that it’s Doc.

So tonight, that’s the only one of his plates that’s clean when I’m making his dinner (dinosaur chicken nuggets, plus some cheddar cheese crackers, because he had no interest in peas or beans). I served his dinner to him with a flair, but I’d put the plate down so that Doc and her friends looked upside down to him.

He was confused, amused by the sight of colorful pictures on his dinner plate, but confused. After a little while of eating, I turned the plate around so that he could see the pictures better.

He proceeded to say, “WOW!” and pick up the plate, dump all of his dinner from the plate to the floor, carry the plate over to the corner haha I’m such a bad mom he’s never in his highchair, and plant a big ol’ kiss on the picture of Doc.

Fortunately, he came back and ate the rest of his food shortly thereafter, but man oh man. Don’t get between Sam and Doc, even if you’re dinosaur chicken nuggets.

Intex 3D Inflatable Boxing Punch Bop Bag Kids Outdoor Indoor Game Toy Choice From 5 Pob Bags Designs : Wrestler , Boxer , Dolphin , Crocodile or Tiger (Boxer)

Intex 3D Inflatable Boxing Punch Bop Bag Kids Outdoor Indoor Game Toy Choice From 5 Pob Bags Designs : Wrestler , Boxer , Dolphin , Crocodile or Tiger (Boxer)

  • Intex 3D Inflatable Bop Bag
  • In a choice of Wrestler, Boxer, Dolphin, Crocodile or Tiger
  • Water-weighted Base
  • Made of durable .20mm (8 ga) vinyl. Approx. size 34-38 inches.
  • Will always spring back up ready for your child to have more fun!
Intex 3D Inflatable Bop Bag in a choice of Wrestler, Boxer, Dolphin, Crocodile or Tiger These great quality 3-D Bop Bags made by Intex will give your child hours of fun. Easily inflated and has a seperate compartment at the bottom to fill with w

List Price: £4.82 Price: £4.82

¿Quién era Rubén Espinosa? Yo no lo conocí, y sólo supe de él cuando ayer lo mataron. Era compañero de profesión, tenia mi edad, quizá hasta compartíamos gustos si ya de por si el periodismo nos vinculaba. Pero lo asesinaron. El doceavo periodista asesinado en Veracruz, el 88 en los últimos 13 años en México. Si, nos están matando por decir y hacer no más que nuestro trabajo. Somos trabajadores bajo asedio por un sistema de violencia y corrupción política para el cual somos reemplazables, líquidables. No conocí a Rubén, pero me duele y encabrona lo que el país está haciendo con nosotros y nosotras. No sólo periodistas, 43 estudiantes en Ayotzinapa, 7 comunistas en Coyuca, 1 maestro en Tlapa, 21 vecinos en Tlatlaya, 2 niños indígenas en Ostula, 150 mil desaparecidos, 30 mil desplazados, más de 150 mil muertos ¿Hasta cuando le seguimos llamando democracia y no criminal dictadura?