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cómo saber si quieres a alguien de verdad, y que no es por simple soledad o por simple frustración

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Menciones México Urbano del 12 de Febrero del 2016.

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Compartmentalized Sofa Turned Into An All Inclusive, Dog-Friendly Family Furniture With Modern Touches

Studio Deesawat has finally introduced a dog-friendly furniture with both functional and visual appeal as a modular sofa which can be compartmentalized according to the owner’s preferences. Deesawat is a leading furniture company that thrives on creating diverse furniture pieces with unique concepts.

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though beautiful, these fluorescent blue patches of water are an indicator of a harmful algal bloom created by noctiluca scintillans, single celled organisms which become abundant when levels nitrogen and phosphorous from farm run off increase, and which proves toxic to the marine life that consumes it. the noctiluca also serve to deprive the water of oxygen, creating dead zones that are difficult for oceans to recover from.

while the evolutionary reason for their bioluminescence is still debated, varying from defensive purposes to communication to predatory strategy, the cause of this so called sea sparkle is better known; as the noctiluca float, movement in the water sends electrical impulses around a proton filled compartment inside the microorganisms, triggering a series of chemical reactions which ultimately activates luciferase, a protein that produces the neon blue light.

most marine bioluminescence is in the blue and green light spectrum, as these wavelengths pass furthest through seawater. interestingly, no known fresh water dinoflagellates have ever evolved bioluminescent abilities.

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Road Manager: @malifornia *calls him* Aye…man I don’t know how this happened but someone got I tot he compartment at the side of the bus and ruined everything in it. You and your friends clothes are all ruined, sneakers are stressed with a scissors* I-I don’t J wow Jay to say man.

Greece, Idomeni : A migrant or refugee sleeps in the luggage compartment of a bus parked at a gas station near the northern Greek village of Idomeni as they wait to cross the Greek - Macedonian border on  February 3, 2016.
A bottleneck of around 7,000 refugees and migrants built up along Greece’s border with Macedonia on Wednesday after a protest by Macedonian taxi drivers hampered their crossing, local police said.  / AFP / SAKIS MITROLIDIS                        


ESTADOS UNIDOS PUEDE AYUDAR A PUERTO RICO SI LE DA LA GANA - Aquí algo que puede hacer mañana mismo si Obama quiere. Vean esta información y dale share y like para que el mundo sepa que los demócratas y Obama sí pueden hacer mucho por Puerto Rico si lo desean.
Conoce al Robin Hood de la Ciencia, descarga todos los artículos científicos que quieras gratis - Cerebro Digital
El 5 de Septiembre del 2011 Alexandra Elbakyan una investigadora de Kazakhstan, creo Sci-Hub un sitio web que permite a cualquier persona traspasar los pag

Consigue cualquier artículo científico de JSTOR, Nature, Springer, Sage, y Elsevier, que usualmente te venden entre $20 USD y $200 USD, totalmente GRATIS.
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¡EL ROBIN HOOD DE LA CIENCIA! De esta manera podremos alcanzar objetivos colectivos más fácil y rápido. COMPARTE

one time whenever I was younger I got this really big bag of starbursts and I brought them on a plane with me and I ate all the yellow and orange ones first because I imagined having just red and pink left would be a brilliant thing because they are my favorite ones so I ate so many damn yellow and orange starbursts like stuffing my face I don’t know why I didn’t just save them for later or give them away or alternate flavors more or idk just not eat them in one sitting… anyways I finally finished them and then I left all the red and pink ones on the plane by accident