anonymous asked:

So I scroll down your page for a good twenty minutes and fail to find a single tattoo done by you, yet you have the audacity to insult Sasha Unisex's tattooing style when there are examples of her healed work (1 year healed fish tattoo in comparison to the fresh product shows almost no difference) that prove her tattoos can withstand the aging process?

One year is nothing as far as aging is concerned. Try 10-15 years. That’s number one. Number two, I am in the process of moving from California to Virginia right now, so I haven’t done a tattoo in a couple weeks. Number three, I prefer Instagram over tumblr for sharing work. Nice try though. Also I didn’t insult Sasha’s work, I just said that I don’t agree with the hype, that’s all. My work isn’t for everyone either I’m sure, and I’m okay with that. At least I know it’ll age well.