Day 1 vs Day 848 on testosterone. Sometimes I think I haven’t changed at all, I can’t see the progress as it happens day to day, and I get frustrated thinking I’ll never get where I wanna be – then I put two pictures like this together and am amazed at the strides I’ve made and the growth I’ve experienced. What a journey. 🌟 #transformationtuesday


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pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: smut, angst, punk!jungkook

word Count: 14,241

description: It was everything, from his tattoos, to his touches, to the way sweat rolled down his neck as he strummed into his guitar on stage; everything about him completely enthralled you. So why are you now, two and a half years later, on a train to Seoul, telling a complete stranger the recollection of how you became fated to forever have scars on all of your future hearts due to the happiness, but most of all the pain, that came along with falling in love with Jeon Jungkook. 

note: inspired by the anime/manga “Nana”

The icy breeze whipped across your face as you started your approach towards the building. The speed of your heart was increasing with every step, your legs began to weigh you down like lead, and your breathing became harsh and ragged. Nerves were infecting your body, intensifying as you finally reached the automatic doors. You closed your eyes, taking in a deep breath before finally stepping forward. The doors opened for you, and the bustling Busan train station was revealed.

Noises echoed in every direction, you watched as people quickly rushed towards their trains, and you suddenly figured that you should do the same. You shook away your wonder as you started to go through bag check, but your eyes still managed to drift around the building that you remembered all too well.

It was quieter back then, or maybe it wasn’t. You might’ve just been so numbed by all of the pain you were feeling that you couldn’t sense anything else. Your eyes glided across the path that had been etched into your mind for the past year and a half.

“I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I love you so much. I really fucking do.”

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Cockyboys Connection - Addendum

First, a warning: as in the first post, the websites mentioned here are not safe for work; these images have been cropped to be on the safe side.

Ok, we’ve seen these tattoo comparisons - Asher Hawk and Louis Tomlinson (collar)

Jake Bass and Zayn Malik (hand)

and Kennedy Carter and Harry Styles (birds)

I had thought that was the end of our One Direction / gay porn tattoo comparison fun. But why should Liam be left out?

Here is Landon Moore.

He’s Dutch; he has not worked for Cockyboys as far as I am aware; he has worked with a number of companies including with and

Here’s his tattoo

Yes, that’s Logan, not Liam.

Here’s another one cropped from menatplay

another one just for good measure

 So now we’ll add


That means it’s your turn, Niall.

AU where once you fall in love with someone, that exact moment, a tattoo appears on your skin to represent them. A physical mark to represent the impact they’ve made. And since it’s only the moment you fall in love with someone, you can get a tattoo before the other person does, or you might be the only person who ever gets it if it’s unrequited. When they die, the colors go black and white.

(for my aromantics, don’t worry: platonic love tattoos are a thing too. The moment you see someone as family, that you love them as family.)

Now, let’s step away from Ace Attorney land for a minute and go to Overwatch. To be specific, the McHanzo dumpster. Hi friends. I’m back. Let’s rock and roll.

So McCree. McCree has a lot of tattoos over the years, his family stitched together from comrades and others. Most of them are platonic, being an Overwatch Agent doesn’t leave much time for grand love affairs, and his two tattoos that related to love are long grey (one, a rose from a mission in Siberia, a fling with a local woman who died too young, another a man from the Deadlock gang who he first lost to differing ideals, then a bullet. He only knew he died when he woke up to feel the old tattoo burning on his left arm. When he lost said arm years later, it seemed fitting to get a replica of the mark he once had on the metal). And to be honest, he’s cool with that. He’s done a lot of good over the years, he’s met a lot of good people and while he’s lost too many of them too (a falcon on his left shoulder, a crown on his right), he’s managed to keep some as well.  

So when Overwatch starts up again anew, part of him wonders if he’ll collect new tattoos along the way. More family. And sure enough he does. He makes friends with Lucio, Lucio (music notes on his ankle) who is smart as a whip and passionate about his cause. He grows to respect Mei (her blizzard machine his foot), hopeful for the future and willing to throw herself into a fight to save others. 

Hanzo is another story. Because while Hanzo is his friend, understanding of his path for redemption, helpful on the range, and clever enough to be dangerous, McCree’s tattoo hasn’t filled in for him yet. 

No. It’s just an outline now, a outline of a dragon up his spine. It’s frankly kinda huge in comparison to Genji’s tattoo (a green little memento of family made around his right wrist) and when McCree sees it he knows what it means, he knows he’s fucked because shit, if this was a family mark it’d be colored in by now, but if it’s something else, something meant to represent love, well it’d explain the feeling he’s been trying to ignore for weeks on end.

Two things become clear in that moment. 1. He has a terrible crush and possibly something more if that tattoo starts to fill in and 2. He’s so fucked because there is no way in hell he has a chance here. 

So that’s a thing and sure enough as time goes on, every time he things something fond a scale on the dragon tattoo gains a blue tint. It takes three months for them to fill out almost entirely, each scale a bright and brilliant blue, and when Jesse looks at it in the mirror he decides that it’s both beautiful and a pain in his ass, cus no one is gonna see that tattoo and think “there’s a platonic love mark right there, absolutely”

(Angela proves it for him when she sees the tattoo and a sly smile crosses her face. McCree resents the angle wings that are near one of his many scars at comment of “how beautiful.”)

So he covers it up. It’s not a big deal, this shit is supposed to be private anyway, your own marks are your fucking business. And look, if Hanzo has a family mark for him or something, that isn’t McCree’s business either. He’s not gonna look for a romantic mark that ain’t there. He’s Hanzo’s friend; he can live with that.

And then the explosion happens. Because missions go wrong and shit goes sideways and McCree wakes up surrounded by rubble with half his uniform torn off Hanzo shaking at him to wake up.

They stumble back together, beaten to hell. And that’s when McCree notices it, because Hanzo’s top in in tatters. The pattern on the edge of his serape perfectly replicated down Hanzo’s arm.

Hanzo notices the dragon too, stopping in mid step. He stops. Raises an eyebrow. 

“I see you only have one dragon, not two. Shame.”

McCree can’t help but smile.

“Nah, I got two. One for Genji on my wrist. And isn’t quality better than quantity?”


On McCree’s back, the remaining uncolored scales turn a brilliant blue. 

OVER HYPED: Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments

When Maybelline was launched loose pigments the beauty blogger in mean had to purchase them straight away. I’m a huge fan of pigments, their intense colour pay off, huge shade range and blend-ability never fail to win me over, so it’s a shame Maybelline’s didn’t… I found the colours sheer (not much pigment here, definitely not enough to be called pure!), sparkly, hard to blend and they had a horrible dry, gritty texture. The staying power was also a let down. I found that these faded on the eyelids very quickly and are nowhere near in comparison to the Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows. I did purchase the more colourful shades (Brash Blue and Pink Rebel) and have heard nothing but praise for the neutrals but overall I’m not a fan.

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As i started to change and my breast started to form i experienced a variety of emotions. I was happy to the point that the soreness and pain that came with growing made me happy. I became numb to it but at the same time i worried. I was told that at the age of 30 i would be lucky if i grew an A cup. I stayed hopefull in my spirit and soul that what i was meant ro have will eventually fliurished with in my body restraints. Today after 907 days since starting HRT my body still continues to grow. I am at a full (34B) . I am so happy and gratefull. This is a before and after comparison. My tattoo is an illustration by artist Zoe Lacchei @tattoosga @tattoome @tattoos-org @transisbeautiful @transgooglesearches @transbodypositivity @transtipsfortranspeople @trans-positivity @inkedgirlstattoos @inkedandbeautiful @inkedskingirls @inkedmag @inked–sexy


Cullavellan Week Day 6: Soulmates/AU

I don’t have much time to draw but I wanted to try! Flower shop/tattoo parlour AU. Cullen doesn’t have much cause to go to the tattoo parlour across the street, but the new tattoo artist Leithianel stops by his flower shop to buy plants for her little corner of the parlour and her apartment. Eventually Cullen decides he wants a little tattoo, and Leithianel might have had something to do with it (tattoo of what? you decide).

He probably also mentions that she doesn’t have a lot of tattoos in comparison to the other artists, and she just tells him that her clothes usually cover her other tattoos. She doesn’t understand why he blushes.

this is how you raised us–
you brush dreams into our hair, press them into our cheeks and foreheads at night before we sleep, tell us that we are princes and kings, princesses and queens, presidents, superheros, anything that we want to be.

this is how you raised us–
you spoonfeed us your definitions of success (rich, beautiful, perfect, loved), lace our fingers with comparisons, tattoo magazine spreads along our ribs and tell us to count the inches around our waists, our thighs, tick off weights we can lift along our spines, and drug us with so called truths and lies and tell us to keep going. listen to us–chin up, love, and keep going.

this is how you raised us–
in a dying world, crying with problems you’re too afraid to own up to and so you tell us it’s our responsibility to clean it up, all the while you spin our doubts into weaknesses, our insecurities into life-defining faults and force us to drink down the poisons you all call reality and then you take our hands and tell us that we can’t be anything other than mediocre, that normality is all that we should aspire to be.

this is how you raised us–
to be dreamers, to have wings, to want and desire, but then you shackle us down to a crumbling earth with these responsibilities. you feed us the opium of happiness (by your definition and convince us it’s the only way), take it away, rip off our wings and watch us scream.

this is how you raised us–
and you have the gall to sit across the coffee table, ask me what i want to be, and when i say “a dreamer”, you laugh like it’s the most ridiculous thing.

—  and still, we dream, don’t we?

Okay here’s a comparison of jakes tattoo and the nude he supposedly sent a girl and the tattoo is proof that it’s his. BUT.. If you clearly look at it good enough you’ll see the tattoo on the left is on the inside of his calf, not on the front of it like Jakes. If you even look at the bottom of the tattoo, they don’t look the same. Sorry but I don’t think this photo provides any significant proof.