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The Young Pope: Episode 2 vs. Episode 3

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A Werewolf Boy (2012) || Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

Did you know that in one episode of Cyborg 009, all mentions of atheism were completely removed in the DVD release? This wouldn’t be a surprise if we were talking about the English dub, but this censorship occurred before the show even got into Western hands! (Or so I’m assuming. Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

There are not one, not two, but THREE instances throughout episode 22 that got cut out.

1) At Chang’s restaurant, a couple of guys harass G.B. and demand to know whether or not he believes that the “god” attacking all over the world is actually a god. He says he doesn’t, and they declare that he’ll be punished for not believing and demand that he apologize to God. In the remake, this conversation is skipped and goes straight to Chang yelling at them to get out.

2) I watch the DVD versions first, so I was slightly confused at how Chang was suddenly flustered - and Francoise was terse with him - when Gilmore announced that the rest of the team would meet up with them later. What was there to be upset about? It really felt as if I had missed something…and I was right. The previous scene WAS missing.

Originally, Chang had claimed that the “god” that’s being seen on the news is simply an illusion. G.B. asks him if he’s an atheist, Chang answers “Of course” (Unfortunately, my Japanese isn’t good enough to make out the reason he gives for this and the subtitle is wonky), and Francoise gets pissed and announces that she believes in God. Chang tries to apologize and say he was joking, but Francoise just sulks.

3) This last cut is short. After the city gets destroyed and the crew is wondering what could have done it, Chang says, “Maybe it really was done by a god?”, to which G.B. responds, “Aren’t you an atheist?” In the remake, Chang’s line was kept, but G.B’s was removed.

So it seems that it’s okay to talk about gods, but it’s NOT okay to talk about not believing in any. Interesting. (Jet was allowed to say he doesn’t believe in God in one of the early episodes, though… Perhaps because the context was different?)


The Difference between THOR and SPIDER-MAN.

Between Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland.

Between Muscle and Agility.

Between Age and Youth.


Similarities in anime and manga

Has anyone else noticed that in chapter 66 (the Easter chapter) there’s a scene that’s pretty similar to a scene in episode 24 of the first anime season? I mean the scene where Sebastian fights Ash on the bridge (in the anime):

Sebastian changes into his true form and Ciel nearly falls down the bridge:

Sebastian then counts down from ten and defeats Ash during that time:

Now the scene in the manga: It takes place during the hunt for Elizabeth’s Easter egg right after Ciel finds it in the chandelier and Double Charles appear. Like in the anime Sebastian fights the Queen’s butler:

Sebastian is starting a countdown from 10 during which he “defeats” Charles Grey:

And Ciel is hanging down only holding himself with one arm:

It’s not such a serious situation in the manga as it was in the anime but, in my opinion, there are too many similarities for it to be just a coincidence. :D

Happy Easter, everyone!


A few storyboard to final picture comparisons from scenes that I worked on! These are from S4E23, “Tokka vs. the World″

This is easily one of my favorite episodes out of the episodes I worked on. If I counted correctly, I worked on 29 episodes, and this is probably in the top 5.  

Be forewarned, Bishop is one of my favorite characters, so my 423 posts are probably going to be pretty Bishop heavy.