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Tips To Make Your College Experience Cheaper

Textbook websites

  • List of websites where you can find free ebooks, specified by subject.
  • (to compare textbook prices)
  • (price comparison)
  • (offers textbook editions, like unbound ones, that are cheaper than retailers)
  • (shipping is free, as well as the shipping back to the warehouse)
  • (free e-books)
  • (searching shows the lowest price for a book)
  • (find the highest buy back site for a book)
  • (Good for English majors, discounted books shipped around the world)
  • (free digital copies of books)
  • HERE is a huge list of textbook PDFs.

Textbook tips

  • ALWAYS check to see if textbook websites have online coupons. Check outside websites like but also sign up for their email listing. They often send you a coupon for just signing up and will continually send you other coupon deals.
  • Amazon has good deals on books sometimes and they offer college students temporary free membership. Here’s a link explaining some of the details.
  • Amazon and other retailers, like Barnes and Noble also offer textbook rental. You get the book for a certain amount of time (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc., then mail it back to them.) Much cheaper than buying.
  • Some professors put textbooks on reserve in the library so you can check them out for an hour or two instead of actually buying them.
  • If your class textbooks are at the library and you need them for longer than allowed, you can always photocopy them.
  • Look for Facebook pages/groups with your school name and year, people are always posting online to get rid of their textbooks.
  • If your books are older/literature type books they are often available as e-books for free or easy to find at used bookstore or thrift stores.
  • Ask your professor after hours if you can borrow and make copies of the class textbook.
  • Many colleges use the Link+ library sharing program or something similar. If the textbook you need isn’t offered in the library, another school within the program can deliver the book for free. Ask you school’s librarians about it.
  • If you have a class that requires a “reader,” which is just a bunch of articles, you can usually find them at the school library or online.
  • Keep your textbooks in the best condition possible, so they sell for higher when you no longer need them.
  • If you can access your class list and the emails of your classmates early, ask if anyone would like to share a textbook. Split the price and share it or just ask to copy the chapters needed.

General tips

  • If you get financial aid, set it up to deposit into your own checking account because FAFSA ATMs are frustrating.
  • Check out the dollar stores for some college supplies. They have pens, notebooks, planners, etc.
  • Find upperclassmen who are moving out of their dorms/apartments, they often sell/give away items they are no longer going to be using.
  • Find out if your department offers free printing to undergrads. If yours doesn’t, find a friend whose department does.
  • Pretty much every school offers a MS Office license to students for free. It may not be well advertised but make sure to find out before paying for the programs on your own.
  • Bulk supply stores are usually cheaper.
  • Use your phone’s planner and alerts for assignments.
  • If you need energy boosts, it’s definitely cheaper to brew your own coffee and tea, then use a travel mug. But if you need to go to places like Starbucks, sign up for the Starbucks card so you can get free refills on certain items and get discounts for members only.
  • Find out what free courses your school offers and go to them instead of paying for a tutor.
  • At many universities there are conferences and talks almost daily, which often offer free lunches and dinners.
  • Some colleges offer free cab services so make sure to look into that.
  • Most school health care places give out free condoms and they are often given out at events too.
  • Besides math, older editions of textbooks are usually just fine and much cheaper.
  • Thrift stores are great if you need items for your dorm or apartment, they have appliances and offer testing areas in a section of the store.
  • Specific to Seattle: There’s a place called Seattle ReCreative and you can get school supplies for extremely cheap.
  • Check when stores offer back to school sales and get supplies then for cheaper than usual.
  • Get your syllabus as soon as possible so you can photocopy all the needed pages in textbooks.
  • Look for websites that offer similar information in the textbook, sometimes it’s explained better online, gives examples, or just generally better worded.
  • Buy school supplies during tax-free weekend.
  • Apply for as many local scholarships as possible and do it every year in college, not just freshman year.
  • Ask absolutely every place you go if they offer student discounts. Many places don’t advertise this, but will offer some kind of discount if you show your student ID.
  • Find out if your school has assistance options for lower income students.
  • HERE is a list of food budget tips, recipes, and websites to help.
  • Some classes have extra fees for whatever reason, for example they will charge more if certain equipment will be used. If it’s not a course you need, sometimes it’s better to find cheaper elective classes.
  • Consider community college to save money, and then transfer to a 4 year school. Or attend community college classes during the summer but make sure to always check if the credits transfer.
  • If you need to use a credit card, try to get on with cash back rewards. Also check which banks offer perks for students, like free checking or a no-free policy for low minimum balances.
  • Check out your college newspaper and signs around campus. You will often find information about free events or find coupons with discounts on near by businesses.
  • School supplies that don’t sell at stores like Walmart and Target are extremely discounted during the last week of August.
  • Always check if stores price check.
Bulk Film: 101

What is bulk film and why should you use it: A guide to saving money while shooting more film!

If there’s one thing film shooters know, it’s that film is expensive. It’s not as much as buying a Phase One medium format DSLR, but it’s still far more expensive than it used to be in the days or yore. Of course developing your own film at home can save you heaps on lab processing fees, but what about saving on actual film?

One of the easiest ways to save money when shooting 35mm film is to invest in bulk loading equipment. While it may technically be possible, bulk loading 120 film would not be practical for multiple reasons, particularly spooling and backing paper. However for 35mm, the process is quite simple and helps you get a lot more bang for your buck.

What is bulk film?

Bulk film is a massive roll of 35mm film that you load into empty cassettes and cut on on your own. It usually comes in 100 ft rolls, allowing you to spool between 18-20 rolls of 36 exposure film. The actual number of rolls you get from a bulk roll will depend on the type of loader you have.

So just as an example, as of February 2016 a 100ft roll of Ilford HP5 Plus 400 runs around $69. If we go on the lower end and divide by 18 rolls, that means you pay $3.83 per roll of 36 exposure. Currently, Ilford offers a 5-pack for $29.99 or $5.99 per roll, and single rolls at $8.99. Now let’s look at a 100ft roll of Ultrafine 400 black and white film, which currently sells at $35.95; again on the low end of 18 rolls you’d now be paying $1.99 per roll of 36 exposure. That’s literally cheaper than film was in the 80s and 90s - no joke.

As you can see the savings add up quickly with bulk film, even after taking into account the supplies needed to to it.  A home darkroom or complex equipment isn’t necessary to load your own bulk film. The process is surprisingly easy and economic, which is why it’s such a great option for saving money if you shoot a lot.

Here’s what you need to roll your own bulk film:

To take the above price comparisons further, let’s say you buy a set of empty cassettes for $19.95 and a bulk film daylight loader for $59, plus two 100 ft rolls of the aforementioned Ilford HP5 Plus 400, you’re still only paying $6 per roll and that will continue to go down the more you shoot since you already have the loading equipment. (Side note: you can also use a regular bulk film loader with a dark bag or a light-proof room if you happen to have one.)

Canister vs. Cassette

There can be some confusion for new film shooters between canisters and cassettes, particularly because both are available in bulk. Cassettes, pictured above, are the metal containers that hold the film. You’ll absolutely need these to roll your bulk film and put it in your camera. Canisters, however, are the plastic containers that hold your film cassettes. They can be practical for storing your film, protecting from moisture and organizing. While they are recommended, they are not essential for rolling or shooting bulk film.

Black and White Vs. Color

While it used to be possible to find some types of color film available in bulk, most have been discontinued. Black and white is far more common - making it both easier to find and easier to deal with. If you get your black and white film developed in a lab, they can keep your cassettes and return them to you with your negatives and contact sheets (or scans.) If you do manage to find some bulk color film, more power to you!

Have a look at this awesome video from Matt Day on How To Load Bulk Film:

*Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through those links, ISSF receives a small commission. This in no way affects our editorial decision making process.

omg okay so

I was sick the week of my birthday, so I postponed my get-together with my local friends to tonight

so we went out and I am drunk but we get home and Firework tells me I have packages waiting for me??

my REI stuff wasn’t supposed to be here until Monday but they’re already here!

so I just want you to picture drunk me in a brand new rain jacket with a headlamp and a Black Diamond Moji hand lantern and a tea kettle walking around my house in the dark (after midnight??? oops) showing my new stuff to my boyfriend and my dogs

Day Forty-Two

-A woman brought up two items, one she wanted, one for price-comparison. I am used to this. However, she insisted I give her the lower-priced item for the higher cost. I think I see where she is coming from, but this is not the place for oneupmanship. 

-I will never forget the advice that one elderly woman gave another in regards to buying clearance Halloween items. Whenever I am making a decision, her voice will echo in my head, whispering, “do it, because of YOLO.”

-I was asked to double bag $80 of Halloween decorations in the largest bags we had in stock so that a woman in her sixties would be able to hide them from her husband in the car. For my next heist, I will undoubtedly be in contact with her to plan our seamless getaway.

-A kindly, sweet man in his seventies paid for his purchase with money from a large, studded, jet-black, leather chain wallet. This man keeps Hot Topic afloat.

-A man sat on my register, setting the example for two other men to sit on adjacent registers. The trendsetter remarked, “Why stand like a chump when you can sit?” My response was almost to suggest manners as a reason, but then I realized I would be playing directly into his hands and revealing my true nature as a chump.

-I was informed by a guest that, due to the fact that the counters on the registers were just slightly taller than the carts, I was guaranteed to be a VP someday. He told me that it could be for Nickelodeon, or possibly the Bahamas, but the where does not matter when this man has so much faith in me.

-Making faces at a baby strapped to their mother’s chest resulted in the infant excitedly jumping up and down as much as one can when confined to a living straightjacket. Despite all of the fun that young one was having, the warden was having none of it.

-Entering the store, a man threw his arms out and shouted, “Hello, Target,” and I aspire to take after this man and star in my own movie at every minute.

-I asked a man if he wanted me to bag his bottle of Mountain Dew. He looked at it intensely and told me not to, as he had plans for it. I hope beyond hope that his plans involved drinking it.


Chloe Price Voice comparison | Life is Strange Before the Storm NEW VOICE

MM I don’t like this


All of the designs I’m selling (with their respective files)! Individual posts can be found here with their respective pricing comparisons (i.e. the art included amounts to $x).

Once purchased, you have all rights to the character. You don’t have to credit my art, just don’t say you did it!

If you are interested please message me here or email me at

I can’t be the only one who thinks Final Fantasy XII manga did no justice to the game? There’s so much wrong with it, I get a little nauseous just thinking about it… 

Ashe’s character is slaughtered, it’s like she’s not the same character. She goes from being in a spot of trouble, to being completely helpless. She knows what she needs to do, she just lacks the resources to do so. You probably could spend ages talking about how ooc she is. 

Vaan just…the poor boy is just a little naive, he did nothing to deserve this. 

Vayne, well what happened the stuff that made him a more likable villain, like his charisma and his justification for his actions?  In a single speech he managed to change the people Rabanastre’s opinion on him, he’s just that good. 

Bathier feels really flat, it’s like there’s something missing or off about his characterization, but I just can’t articulate it. In game he always had an air of mystery about him, like you know there’s more to him than the persona he projects. 

Fran’s just kinda there, to do magic shit and sex-up the panel as needed. 

Penelo barely deserves a mention, because she’s practically non-existent.

And I don’t get why Ashe and Rasler were still kind of awkward around each other after a month of being married. C’mon let’s be realistic, they probably spent most of their time together and boned.

All that godforsaken unnecessary fanservice that appears that the most inappropriate times and adds literally nothing to the plot. Actually it takes away from the story, because it fucks with the tone.  A character is getting fucking stabbed in the stomach, and there’s a FUCKING PANTY SHOT in the same panel. WHAT THE FUCK?? WHY WOULD ANYONE THINK THAT’S ACCEPTABLE!!!  WHY??? THE MOTHERFUCKER WHO MADE THAT PANEL NEEDS JESUS!!!!  

The art style feels really disconnected from the game’s aesthetics. IDK how to describe it, but you know how FFXV: Brotherhood feels like it belongs with FFXV, even though it’s a different style it’s like that but the opposite. 

There’s a few bits and bobs of interesting info, like they elaborate on the invasion of Nabradia and how it was basically a proxy war between Rozzaria and Archadia, but aside from that it’s pretty meh. 

There’s probably more that’s wrong, but I’m tired and out of fucks to give. It could be worse, but supplemental materials should add the the narrative as a whole. 

anonymous asked:

What meerkat?

Heh, good question.  Well, it turns out the spelling isn’t exactly the same anyway, but this meerkat.

Apparently he’s called Aleksandr Orlov, which I didn’t know until I googled him just now.  Basically, a few years ago, a price comparison website (for trying to get cheaper car insurance and stuff) had the fairly genius idea of advertising using talking Eastern European meerkats, who were a little bit annoyed that their website, Compare the Meerkat, was being overrun by people trying to find Compare the Market.  There was a series of adverts about it, which became very popular, and I think they ended up sponsoring Coronation Street or something too.

There’s Aleksandr, Sergei, baby Oleg, and a bunch of others that I can’t remember, and whenever you use the site, you get a meerkat toy, resulting in most houses in the UK being overrun by toy meerkats.

Because everyone in the country now has more meerkats than they know what to do with, they started giving people two for one cinema tickets instead, and called it Meerkat Movies, and then they started bringing out special edition meerkats dressed as movie characters, so that people would want to fill their houses with even more meerkats.  So for a while you could get one of them dressed as Superman, or Batman or whatever, and most recently they’ve started doing Star Wars ones, so we got this guy a few weeks ago when my mum got some car insurance.

It’s basically a meerkat cosplaying as Obi-Wan Kenobi, which is a concept so ridiculous that you have to love it.

But yeah, that meerkat in the image at the top and below, that’s Aleksandr the meerkat, and the spelling of his name makes a bit more sense than the spelling of Kallus’ because Kallus has an ‘x’ in his, and if you have that, it should make the ‘ks’ sound without needing that s after it.  But I guess Kallus’ name would never be written in English, not in-universe anyway, so he can spell it however  he wants.

Anyway, this whole thing has me wanting art of Kallus wearing Aleksandr’s weird robe and cravat thing.  I think it’d suit him

And that ended up being a much longer post than I intended to make.

Best-ish Places To Shop Online…

If you have a couple of sites you really love you should message them to me so I can add them to my lists. :D Some of these sites I dont use but I know they are good sites by reviews from friends and trusted bloggers. I add on this list as time goes on…

Sample Sites

Womens Clothing


Fun Gifts
Archie McPhee



The Curiosity Shoppe

Art and Posters and Prints

Frys Electronics




Unique Foods

Apple Refurbished
Amazon Warehouse
Dell Outlet
Newegg Recertified
Gamestop Preowned

DEALS! Sites


Daily Deals
TravelZoo Local Deals
Google Offers

Price comparison
Google Shopping
Cnet Shopper

Stupid joke-ish T-shirts

Kids Clothing

Mens Clothing

Garden / Flowers / Plants


Crowd Sourced

Health and Fitness

Nerd Links
Edmund Scientifics


JCrew Wedding

Bing Travel

Customizable Products

Etude House: Wonder Pore Freshner

So thanks to the lovely rivermoda, I have decided to stop being a lazy butt and do some reviews about my Korean skincare lifestyle that I’ve been keeping for over two years now. I have to say that it’s been an amazing experience and I haven’t had as close to clear skin as I do now in literally all my life. Granted, the occasional breakout still happens, but the overall quality (texture, brightness, etc.) has been so vastly different from the acne prone, combination-oily, dull, spotty and sensitive skin I’ve had since hitting puberty. So thank you, Korean skincare for that. Now onto the review!


Today we have the wonderfully amazing Wonder Pore Freshner by Etude House! Everyone who knows me is familiar with my obsession with this cute and fun brand, but I also love the fact that their products have worked really well for me and my skin type. I’ve been using my for roughly six months now (I know, I know, I should have reviewed before xD), I can say there have been true results. But before we get into that, what does the Wonder Pore Freshener do?

The Wonder Pore Freshner is a total solution for pore “troubles”. It is an astringent toner with antiseptic properties that removes oil, dirt, germs, and residues for clear, healthy skin.

It’s 7 effects are the following:

  • Deep cleanses pores

  • Controls sebum

  • Keeps the ideal pH balance (4.5±1)

  • Keeps the elasticity of pores

  • Refines/brightens skin tone

  • Minimizes appreance of enlarged pores

  • Moisturizes pores and facial skin

It is 6 free, meaning it doesn’t include: parabens, mineral oil, artificial fragrance, artificial pigments, talc or animal ingredients.

Weight/Amount – 250 ml


So there’s about three recommended ways for you to use this product according to Etude House, and I’ll admit I’ve only used two of those methods. But, for the purpose of being informative and helpful, I shall discuss them all.

  • TONERFirst, we have the function as a toner. This is primarily why I bought the item, since I needed a toner and a pore controlling one sounded right up my alley! For toning, I simply take a cotton ball or pad, pour some Freshner onto it, and then gently stroke my face with it in upwards and outwards motions. I don’t know how long I do this for, but my skin feels better when it’s absorbed in so I just know.

  • MIST Second, if you put the Freshner into a misting bottle (I own one from a previous product so I didn’t need to buy one. Etude House sells it’s custom sized misting bottle, but you can grab a quick one from the dollar store too), you’ve got a mist! I use this in rotation with my Etude House I’m Blooming Sebum Control Mist and The Face Shop Pure Water Facial Mist in Jeju Orange (a later review on those, promise!) and it’s super refreshing~! I like to spray this just before putting on my face cream if it’s in the sticky summer months, or during the day when my skin needs a picker-upper.

  • SHEET MASKThe third use, which I have not tried, is to soak a cotton mask in the Wonder Pore Freshner and use it like a sheet mask. I’ve been wanting to try this, but at the same time I don’t want to excessively use my miraculous toner, so I haven’t used it as a sheet mask. Maybe when I get the 500ml one, I shall. Basically though, you have one of those dime sized folded sheet masks, you pour the Freshner on it, let the mask absorb the liquid for I’d say at least 20 minutes, and then follow instructions of normal sheet masks. (If you have a sheet mask saved from an older one, like I do, gentle wash it so as not to tear it but thoroughly so it’s hygienic for use, store it in a Ziploc baggie until use, and then try this out!)


So I’m really stupid for not taking a photo of my pores before receiving the Wonder Pore Freshner and since I’ve been using this more than six months, the pictures below probably can’t explain to you how much better my skin has gotten with the use of this. However, for review purposes I tried. This is a before and after picture, where the left is a freshly cleansed “shower face” with my enlarged pores (if you could call them that anymore xD) and right after using my Wonder Pore Freshner. As I’ve said, that difference isn’t extreme, but I’ve also been using this miracle product for a long time and it’s shrunk my pores massively. There is a decrease in size, so can you image what my skin looked like before?

(Photo Warning – Extreme close up of face, please don’t get grossed out!)


  • Claims: It really does cleanse, moisturizes, tighten and prevent enlargement of pores. Those claims are 100% true from my personal testing of this product. It also is amazing at sebum control, yay! In conjunction with that, it’s been helping with my acne control, so I guess that’s five out of the seven claims confirmed? (I’m not sure how to test the pH of my skin at home so I can’t confirm or deny this claim, and I can’t say it has a brightening effect in the typical manner other Korean skincare products have so I also can’t say it does this?)

  • It comes in two sizes (250 ml and 500 ml) which are both great value for price when it comes to product.

  • Not crazy expensive. It’s great quality for price in comparison to the American brands I used to use for my skincare.

  • It has a clean, almost astringent smell? It’s kind of green and citrus-y, and though I’ve read a lot of people don’t like that smell, I really find comfort in it. The Skin Mal:gəm Fresh has a similar scent and I love that one too.


  • I bought the 250 ml because I wasn’t sure of the results this product would have, but was still expecting the press pump. Unfortunately, that feature only comes with the 500 ml version, so I was really upset about that. If you want the press pump (and who wouldn’t after results this awesome?), get the 500 ml size.

  • Difficult to obtain outside of the internet. (I wish Etude House had international stores :O )

Recommendation and Rating:

Should you buy it?

                      ☑ Yes

                       ◻ No

                       ◻ Depends

How do you rate this product (out of 5 stars)?


Repurchase (and where to buy):

I’ll definitely be repurchasing this so long as they make this superb product. I’ll also not make the frugal mistake of only buying the 250 ml. I’ll be getting the 500 ml version for sure.

I bought mine from W2Beauty, a great site run by the lovely Alice and recommend you get it from there. There are also tons of shops on eBay that sell Etude House products, so check out shops there!


Hope you enjoyed my review and let me know if you have questions! I want ti start reviewing things more so keep an eye out for those on occasion~!

Okay, but

Compared to…

Come on, you know you can see it too!

Bonus: This would be Philinda

Tips for beginning Witches

1. Be skeptical — Do NOT believe everything you read online or in books for that matter. Do your research and come to your own conclusions. Debates are healthy but there is no need to put down others even if they are posting a bunch of fluff. Be aware of the fluff. People do post fluff online and they do sell fluff in books too. Even with the reputable sources, do not follow everything said as though you do not have a mind of your own.

2. You do not have to go out and buy all sorts of supplies to practice – If you feel the need or simply desire to have some supplies there are always places like Walmart or other grocery stores — I also recommend thrift stores and looking on etsy. Do some price comparisons and try to figure out what you will use rather than binge buying. 

3.  When reading the how to’s, please realize that it doesn’t have to be a step-by-step kind of thing. Magick is a lifestyle not a hobby. You will learn the way that you are supposed to. Sometimes things just kind of happen that help you along your path. 

I hope this post helped someone, I could probably add a few more tips. However, it’s getting kind of late over here. 

~Blessed Be

There is a woman whose business involves buying as many clear plastic Christmas ornaments as she can, as cheaply as she can. Basically she just fills them with shit and resells them. Woops, sorry lady. Your secret’s out. 

She called several days ago to ask if they were on sale. Our manager said no. 

Then she called the next day and got our florist, who also said no. 

And so she has decided that her best plan is to call every day to see if they are on sale. She has been calling for the past four days and the answer is always no. 

And today she got me. 

“I’m sorry ma’am, but they are not on sale yet.”

“Do you know when they will be on sale?”

“They don’t tell us when the sales are until the day of, but our sales run from Sunday to Saturday. I would try calling back on Sunday.”

“What about your daily deals? I’ll miss them if I wait that long and they went on sale!”

“We do not have daily deals this week. When we have daily deals, they are advertised in the paper or in our online ad. So I would keep an eye out for those.”

“You’re telling me I just have to KEEP CALLING every day?”

“No, I think it would cut out the middleman if you just kept an eye on our ads. That way you wouldn’t have to call. However, if you need a lot of them, might I suggest buying them wholesale? Many places will give you a discount rate if you buy them in bulk.”

“No, I don’t want to buy them in bulk. I just want to buy all you have!”

“Well, I’m sorry- but if you want to be notified of our sales, a much simpler route would be to keep an eye on the ad.”

Which is when she hung up. 

I hate this. I hate this so much. And its people who buy the entire stock of something that really fuck us up for the rest of the season. Us running out of something this early means that if someone along the line wants to make one for themselves, or their kids, or as a gift to someone else- they’re out of luck. And we are not a bulk provider. The people who are here for just one or two things are who we’re trying to cater to. 

Because business runners have the option and the benefit of ordering something in bulk. 

BUT NAW. You can’t just save .29 per item and let other people enjoy their fucking holiday activities. Naw, you can’t be arsed to do literally three seconds of research to do price comparison. Naw, you can’t make smart business practices. NAW. 

You gotta be the jerk that spends the extra dollars to make sure no one else ever does the thing that you do. Because you’re fuckin’ SPECIAL. 

Top of the World Prices

Here in Barrow, it’s literally the most northern city in the United States. it takes a bit to ship or fly things here as there are no roads leading to town. Because of this, goods cost a bit more than most of us might be used to. For instance, a gallon of milk costs $10.49

Here’s a few more cost examples below:

58 fl. oz. (1.75L) of orange juice costs $12.79

a 12-pack of Coke costs $12.95

a 1 lb 8 oz (686 g) tin of coffee costs $17.99

a 65 fl oz (1.89 L) container of grapefruit juice costs $10.99

a container of strawberries is $9.99, blueberries are $7.99

a head of iceberg lettuce is $5.49

a single 5.3 oz (150 g) Chobani Greek yogurt is $2.49

lean ground beef is $6.69 per pound

a loaf of bread is on sale for $5

a 9 oz (255 g) bag of Cheetos costs $8.33

a dozen donuts are $10.49