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I understand I’m really late on posting this but remember when I posted the pictures of me working on a print from art class? Well I finished it!
(And I’m pretty sure I managed an A or an A- on it! ^w^)

I was able to bring it back from school, put it up on the wall (with a side by side comparison to the original picture (but smaller)) and I haven’t really touched it since.. xP

But this goes out to my friend (Who I gave a copy to for her birthday) @elizabethtook and the one and only @therealjacksepticeye!
Hope you like! :)

(Dammit I forgot to post this to my art blog)


At the beginning of 2016 I drew this as the first drawing of the year.  Now that the year is almost over, I decided to bring it back and be it my last.  I’ll be posting a comparison picture on instagram but I just want to say THANK YOU!

I have grown so much this year as an artist and as a person.  2016 hasn’t been the best but one thing that came out of it was our little yet growing MANGO FAM.  This year I got to meet so many kind young artists from around the world and you all inspire me to be better.  The wonderful and kind compliments I receive from you all is so heart warming and I honestly don’t deserve such kindness and praise.  This year you all helped me realize that I’m not a bad artist and that I’m pretty good.  I haven’t been happy with my style for a long time but this year I was able to say “Hey, that’s pretty good!” to one of my own works.  You all helped make the artist I am today and I am so grateful!  

At this point I wish you all the best 2017!  2016 was a tough one to live through but we can make 2017 better.  Don’t party too hard and stay safe!  We’ve got a new year ahead of us and it wouldn’t be the same without you!  Talk to you all later MANGO FAM and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 



Hey everyone! Exciting news! I’ve been working on improving my Wayfinders and I’ve made a few changes, mainly:

  • They are now a little bigger, closer to actual size while still working as a pendant. They now measure approximately 3.5″ (or 9cm) all around, as opposed to the old size of 2.75″ (or 7cm) all around. (You can see a size comparison in the last picture!)
  • A bigger size means a thicker wire too! So they’re a little more sturdy and less bendable than the smaller size!
  • I’ve developed a way to make the individual wire pieces that is a) faster, b) a little easier on my hands, and c) leaves me with nearly identical pieces every time. In other words: Much more uniform (shape and size) Wayfinders!!!
  • The Vanitas Wayfinder now features GEARS in the center instead of the mark of mastery symbol that the BBS Trio Wayfinders have, making it a much more fitting design for his character.

I’ve updated the Etsy shop listings too, so they’re ready to order! Be sure to get orders in early for Christmas, I tend to get swamped in December.

Single Wayfinder Listing: [link]

Set of 3 Wayfinders: [link]

… … … … … … … … …

“What is that Wayfinder in the last picture, that looks suspiciously like a Zexion Wayfinder,” you may ask???

Well, a long time ago, I had the idea to make an Organization XIII Wayfinder Set. Sadly, I only made Zexion’s, Vexen’s, and Lexaeus’s and no one else.

BUT!!! I do plan on finishing them and selling them eventually! They will all be in the old size, since I already have 3 of them done, but if there’s a demand for more, I will upgrade to the new size because the new size is honestly improved.

I’ll keep you posted!

// Sarai // Starlight Synthesis // <- New shop name!!!


I’ve been meaning to make this for a while, because every time I see my puppy, Denny, I think of Trico. So, I decided to do a little comparison taking pictures of Trico and Den, putting them side-by-side; I don’t know about you, but they look pretty similar to me. Denny’s a 20 week old Papillion puppy by the way.

@therealjacksepticeye I always hear you say a bird-cat thing to describe Trico, but I honestly think he looks more like a gigantic Denny with wings! :)

mmmmmmmmmmhmmmhmm lemme just. Continue my unhealthy habits whilst being fully aware of their consequences. Good idea.

anonymous asked:

Hi I know you're currently busy, Have you heard the Yuri on ice pair skate scene that brewing some controversy? Apparently the scene is copying Tessa Virtue & Scott Moit pair skate program...There's some article on まとめ Naver, along with some tweet from figure skater fans (most are either angry or disappointed). There's a comparison gif and picture too...

Hello anon! Thank you for your kind consideration :) sorry for the slow reply; today’s new years day so I finally got some time for asks.

And boy anon yes I’ve heard of that. The thing is, this is not the first time Japanese netizens have accused Yuri on Ice of plagiarism/tracing/copying- it’s been happening since early on. The only reason I haven’t mentioned them in earlier posts is because there’s enough to criticize about yoi regardless. I also admit that in the beginning I didn’t take these complaints as seriously because almost all anime use reference photos in some way, especially for locations. And YOI, being based on international competitive figure skating, would’ve used a lot of reference photos for research. But after recent developments, I’ve begun looking at these accusations more closely. And while a lot of them are in my mind not serious, this, the copying of Virtue/Moir’s ice dance routine, is definitely not something to shrug off and not something “other animes do”.

For those who are interested in following along here is the link to the article mentioned in the ask (

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