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National Park Service inauguration photos show Obama’s was bigger.

The National Park Service has released dozens of photos from President Trump’s inauguration. A comparison of Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration and Trump’s 2017 swearing-in show that the 2009 crowd was much larger.

(Photos: National Park Service, Terry Adams)


this first photo picked up so many notes (270 currently!!) and I received many compliments and a few people who even called me an inspiration! That means a lot! Having this bad of a breakout was an honest to god low point in my life. It made me depressed, anxious, and extremely insecure about being around people. I took photos with my shirt over my mouth. Uploading this was a way for me to hopefully help people who were possibly dealing with the same, if not, more acne! And it actually did help.

I felt the need to upload a recent selfie replicating almost the exact same pose to show my skin today, as you can see, it went down by a lot.

Acne passes, and you deserve to feel beautiful with it, because believe me please when I say that you are. Everyone of you is such a beautiful person that words can’t explain it, and I’ve never been happier knowing you exist.