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honestly? the significance of the mai.ko ‘reunion’ in the finale is completely negated by the fact that zuko just took a bolt of lightning for another girl

No art form should have a definition or a way to be.

Disappointment comes because you’ve already decided what it should be, you’ve already set expectations and therefore have categorised it.

Sometimes before even its existence.

Let it be pure as it was designed , whatever it needs to be.

No comparisons, no expectation.

About the mun!} long post

I keep having to remind myself that I’m playing a ‘hero type’, after playing a [mastermind] ‘antagonist type’.
About the previous:
I played a villain that had 0 ethics at all for about five years.
He was a pretty face known canonically for being fake as a devil.
He was a  (private) courtisan, with quite a lot of smut on his profile. Was he into guys? Not really.
But he would do one if it got him where he needed to be. Innuendos were his forte… if that was what the other party wanted.
If not? He would change his attitudes to fit the needs of the individuals he played.
He did that until his own father was forced to recognize his look-alike son and bring him into the family- of which he was a bastard.
He obsessed over one woman because he had nothing else to tie him to the person he used to be. He put her on such a high pedestal that he couldn’t even properly love her. He couldn’t fathom what love was.
He screwed over his best friend and tried to destroy the world because in his brain that seemed logical after she was destroyed.
Minor detail: best friend had only this character left to relate to, and it was his job to make sure the world didn’t fall apart. This villain, after watching this best friend commit mercy killings because of what he’d caused, also mocked him for the ‘horrible thing’ he’d done.
Sure, in the end because someone actually talked to him straight and didn’t try to lie to him, he gives up. But until then? Absolutely vile. With the face of an angel.

About the present:
I started writing Shiva in December 2016.
She was considered noble, peaceful, hopeful- everything the previous character wasn’t. I could relate to her easily.
She was written based on a belief I’ve held on to for quite some time, but it is unwelcome in these communities so I will simply let the writing speak for itself.
Shiva allows me to visit the sweeter, more honest sid of the character spectrum. She isn’t perfect, and she does adapt to situations. But there is a difference between adapting and rehashing yourself.
She will adapt to speak other languages, and assimilate with the people she loves. It seems strange to me that she doesn’t speak more similarly to the people she is surrounded by 24/7.
Shiva muse also allows me to feel a bit less guilty for refusing smut (of course if you are playing villains but want to remain suggestive as well, that is 100% your call. Don’t let anyone guilt you into it. You’re awesome, ilu Oh, she can be suggestive as heck. A leftover from the other muse, and her saucy personality from what we’ve seen in her body language.
She might even take a character she’s known for a long, long time to bed.
But it is suggested versus explicit. Which I am 1000 times more comfortable with.
She is extremely nurturing and ‘wills the good’ of everyone she meets.

Basically, I’m adjusting to a muse that isn’t trying to use/screw/impress everyone. Shiva’s kind of, as sacredrubylight put it, a saint-like character.
Jack Vessalius was a monster.

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what do you mean it's still not great for female muses if i can ask

alright, before i start, i do have to say that i really do have it a lot easier as someone who rps a good amount of female muses. in comparison, it’s far more difficult for characters that are trans or of color. my friend and i just fled a fandom where her female oc, who was of color, was horrifically treated; her character was literally called “sneaky” after no interaction or base because she was a person of color. i have it REALLY easy compared to a lot of rpers and i want to make that very, very clear. tumblr rp needs to do better on a lot of different levels. 

with that being said, tumblrs has come a very, very long way since i’ve been around. when i had my first female oc in 2012 following the release of a popular fandom film, it took two weeks for a canon character to interact with me. i had several anons tell me that i didn’t know what i was talking about/that i didn’t have a good sense of lore, etc. i literally was paid by the company behind the film to do marketing on my personal blog for the third installation of this series. i absolutely knew what i was doing but because i was a female character, it was more or less like i had the plague. 

clearly, things are a lot better now and please, this is not a reflection of the dragon age fandom bc honestly, you lot are incredibly welcoming and inclusive, but rather a reflection of my experiences with other blogs and fandoms. truly sincerely i’ve been speaking elatedly to one of my bffs convincing her to make a blog because you all are wonderful. 

female muses are consistently, even if subconciously, required by a lot of blogs to more or less “prove” themselves, whether this be by way of name dropping canonical things, lore, understanding of any given universe, etc. until a female character “proves” themselves, good luck getting any interactions. this is not the same with male characters, canon or oc. i’ve played better of both and it’s a fundamentally different experience, almost laughably so. 

furthermore, female muses are treating tremendously differently in terms of shipping. i really don’t think i need to say that much because i feel as though we’re all of aware of it, but it’s a pressing issue for a lot of female characters. (similarly, don’t get me started on female characters being twisted to be villains to break up ships, a whole other talk for another time.)

lastly, tumblr rp tends to praise male characters for certain traits and finds frustration for female characters for exhibiting the same. i almost always rp chaotic good characters, i’ve rp’d female and male characters (both canon) alike in this. when a male character exhibits stereotypically chaotic good traits, in particular being clever/sarcastic, it’s something people tend to enjoy and celebrate them. in female characters, it’s far too often considered “annoying” or “unfriendly” or, quite frankly, “bitchy”. it’s obnoxious and the gender disparity in how tumblr values chaotic good characters is….mind boggling. 

TL; DR: treat female muses well because chances are they’ve had to roll their eyes and keep silent on more than a few things. 

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I’m cursed to forever be called Gaston while dressed as LeFou. My horrible curse.

I also hit my head on things a lot– and smack my arms and hands on the ceiling of my tiny apartment. ;;;;;

It’s not easy being tol

muse comparison meme.

rules: choose TWO OR MORE of your muses to compare and contrast! try to answer each question to the best of your ability; if it’s truly a tie between two characters, feel free to put them both! once you’re finished, tag FIVE friends.

muses: ( list them here! )


• are you the most like?
• are you the most different from?
• is the most educated?
• has the most positive attitude?
• has the worst temper?
• is the most financially stable?
• has the most friends?
• is the most morally sound?
• swears the most?
• is the most vain?
• has the best fashion sense?
• is the best at cooking?
• is the most selfish?
• is the most selfless?
• is the most sensible?
• is the most artistic?
• is the bravest?
• has the best sense of humor?
• would be the best parent?
• would you choose to be your lawyer?
• would you rather spend an entire day with?
• is most easily scared?
• is the most superstitious?
• is the most motivated?
likes animals the most?


• each muse’s best & worst memory.
• what each muse’s fears are.
• each muse’s relationship with their parents.
• how each muse acts around children.
• each muse’s job (if applicable).
• each muse’s favorite food.
• each muse’s hogwarts house.
• each muse’s favorite place to be.
• each muse’s political stance.
• how each muse feels about religion & spirituality.

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RWBY fic project: Bumbleby AU part 7.

Link to part 6:

Link to part 1 if you’re new:

After the last part I thought I’d write a far more fluffy- oh wait.. Haha nope here comes angst!


“Hello my darling” He growled, voice low.

Blake couldn’t speak. Couldn’t think. Hell she couldn’t even breathe at the sight of Adam Taurus. But this wasn’t like the stunning effect Yang had on her. No; this was pure fear.

Why was he here? How was he here?

Because Blake couldn’t voice these burning questions, Adam decided to take matters into his own hands.

“You wouldn’t mind if I came in would you? I mean I’m more then familiar with the place anyway.” Adam asked. Well more like stated.

Blake tried to keep the taller man outside, but he easily overpower the smaller doctor.

Once inside, Adam made a beeline for the lounge, where he turned and looked out the large window that spanned the wall. Since they were on the second floor of the apartment complex, they were high enough to look down on the bustling world below.

“I always did like this view. From here, everyone just seems so small in comparison to me.” Adam mused, running his filthy hands down the window.

Blake was still speechless, but managed to get out one squeaked word.


Adam turned to her, an eyebrow raised.

“Yes my love?” He said, sounding genuinely confused. He looked back at the window and nodded in apparent realisation. “Ah! Insignificant compared to us!” He emphasised.

Blake could barely hold back the gag at his words.

“Get out Adam. You’re not even supposed to be out of jail.” The cat Faunus growled, an ounce of confidence returning to her voice.

“On the contrary my dear, I got parol early for good behaviour! I thought you would be proud of me?”

“Proud? Proud?!” She fumed. “You’re a wonderful actor, Adam, but don’t think for a second that I believe that you’ve changed. I just have to lift up my shirt to be reminded otherwise.”

The bull Faunus’ eyes were drawn down to Blake’s left side, where (despite his ‘not-guilty’ claims) he knew a jagged scar would reside.

“Blake, my love, you know I’d never hurt you.” He took a step forward. “This is our time Blake. This can be our day..” Another step forward.

Blake couldn’t stand to see, much less hear, him anymore. With a rush of emotion, Blake’s hand met Adam’s pale cheek.

His head moved a little to the side from the impact. As he turned back to face Blake once again, a smirk stretched across his face.

This only angered Blake more, as she went to slap him again.

This time, however, Adam caught her hand.

“You’ll see Kitty Cat.” He brought his hand to grip Blake’s hair painfully. “We’re are fated, you and I. Just let it be, my kitten”

With this, Adam forced his wet lips upon Blake’s.

Blake’s eyes squeezed shut out of disgust and fear. But she was caught in his embrace as he pushed her through the doorway of the lounge, until her back met the wall in the hallway. Away from the window now, Blake could barely make out Adam’s form in front of her- but her cat vision allowed her the advantage. She reached blindly out for something around her, until her hand met something solid and cold.

Wasting no time, Blake smashed the object over Adam’s head.

What she now saw to be a vase shattered as it made contact. The hit forced Adam reeling back, as he clutched his bleeding forehead.

His already red hair growing darker in colour as the blood spread, Adam’s face morphed into a sadistic smile.

“You’ll regret that kitty.” He snarled. “If you won’t love me, I’ll be sure to take away everyone you do.”

With that, the Faunus stalked away, out the door, and into the cold night below.

Once he was gone, Blake couldn’t help herself from sliding down the wall, hugging her chest to her knees.

Her breath came out stuttered and uneven as she sobbed.

It took Blake ten minutes to calm herself enough to pullout her scroll to text Yang. She knew she couldn’t see the blonde brawler now.

Contact: Yang.

Blake: Hey Yang, I’m really sorry but I think I’m going to have to cancel tonight. Something came up that I can’t get out of, I hope you understand.

It was a matter of seconds before she got the reply.

Yang: Okay.


Yang couldn’t speak, could barely breathe as she watched Blake disappear from the view through the large window. Moving out of Yang’s line of sight, attached to a tall, red headed man as he kissed her.

She hadn’t even meant to see it, she just happened to be looking up at the apartment complex before she went up to the number Blake had given her.

But she did see it. And now she couldn’t even feel the cold as she walked away from Blake’s apartment back to Sun’s.

Everything felt numb, like it wasn’t real.

But Yang saw it. Saw her. Saw them!

While part of her mind remained logical, insisting Blake would be able to explain the whole situation. Her more reckless, her more angry, jealous side pushed her with heavy, fuming steps.

The pavement seemed to rattle under her feet. Or perhaps that was just the tremble of her body.

It was the final spark before the inferno when Blake’s message came through.

Contact: Blake Bellabeauty.

Blake: Hey Yang, I’m really sorry but I think I’m going to have to cancel tonight. Something came up that I can’t get out of, I hope you understand.

Yang couldn’t stop her mind from imagining Blake and the red head together. All night.

She quickly punched back her reply, almost cracking the screen of her scroll.

Letting out a roar, Yang decided to go do what she did best.

Fight, drink, and fuck her problems away.

Promise Me This

Synopsis: Taylor and Adam travel to England for their first Christmas together in December, 2015. 

Notes: Word count is ~7100. Special thanks to one of my readers who suggested a meeting-his-family fic to me a couple months ago (this is long overdue) and messaged me with some of the actual details. Oh, and it ended up being set in England instead of Scotland…bc I rewrote this a few times. The ending was my favorite part to write. I hope you enjoy it.

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