There might be hidden messages in Trump's Person of the Year cover
Is Time secretly trolling Donald Trump with its Person of the Year cover? Some people think so. After the magazine announced the designation for the president-elect early Wednesday morning, Twitter users began to notice sneaky design choices that draw not-so-flattering comparisons.

Ruby’s worst memory is being held back by Slaking and screaming as his father leaves him. This being enough of a trauma to shape how he treats others such as distancing himself from people he cares about believing he will lose them and blaming himself for it. ~Losing his friend due to the Salamence incident did also play a part in that behaviour.~

After Norman dies in the final battle, Tentacruel holds Ruby back whilst Houndoom burns his fathers body. He can only watch helplessly as he calls out for his father.

Ruby is forced to relive his worst memory of losing his dad whilst being held back and watching helplessly.

“I loved you then but I love you so much more now. I thought I hated you, I thought I was ashamed of you. But I wasn’t, because I loved you enough to make the decision to be radical as well as revolutionary. I loved you so much that I knew you deserved to be happy, even if it came at a higher cost socially, financially and emotionally.” 2008-2016. I’m so happy.

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”In the old Zelda there is this image, this illustration that we started with and you kind of had to put that into your imagination as you were playing along. But now, you really don’t need that illustration. The vast world is ahead of you. It surpasses the illustration and now you can actually walk and do things in this world that has come to life.” (x)


I remember being told at a young age to put my shirt on at sleepovers, that I wasn’t one of the boys.
I remember trying to pee standing up at age 8 and making an absolute mess.
I remember the envy I felt and couldn’t explain over my guy friends’ Adam’s apples
And voices
And muscle tone.
While my body softened, though never became quite womanly, during puberty.
I remember my grandmother telling me to stop slouching
And never knowing why I wanted to hide my chest.
I remember starving myself to prevent any curves from staking claim on my body.
Looking back I remember these things, but it would be years until I came out.

I came out as queer (at the time, a lesbian) at 18 when I was out from under my parents roof.
I thought I had finally found my niche, my thing, my explanation to a lifelong unnamed unease.
I chopped my hair off, I loved women openly, and they loved me.
I was “happy” in my newfound confidence as a masculine of center person.
But I wasn’t.

Sometime around 20 I discovered that people could transition.
That gender wasn’t black and white
Or just what was assigned.
I came out as trans for the first time crying on my bathroom floor,
my girlfriend at the time tried to console me.
I never came out to my twin, she just knew
And though it took time, eventually she came around.
The first time I told my mother we were in Vegas
And I’d say it ruined the trip.
The first time I told a stranger my new name was at Starbucks
I was thrilled to hear someone call me Christopher
Even if they didn’t know any better.

It would take me the next two years to come out slowly
First to the my close friends
Then to strangers
And eventually a post on social media to address everyone else.
I had been going by Chris in private for about two years before the day I actually “came out” (again).
Some of us take time, and that’s alright.

Happy National Coming Out Day.