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Rhys's Wingspan

Get your heads outta the gutter. 😂 I’m talking literally here. Cuz, let’s be real, Illyrian wings cannot be smaller than their bodies other wise they would not be able to even leave the ground.

Let’s use Rhysand and the little brown bat for reference.

Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus): 3-4 inches long, with a 9-11 inch wingspan.

I’m going to go with a roughly 1:3 ratio with the body size compared to the wingspan.

And based on opinion, we’ll say Rhys is 6'4. Therefore:

6*3 = 18 ft.
4*3 = 12 in. = 1 ft.

Added together, that means Rhys’s wingspan is probably around 19-20+ feet. To compare that to something, that’s about the height of your average giraffe.

This has been a PSA for SCIENCE in the acotar fandom.

Astrology And Physical Appearance

Part 1 
Rising Sign 

 Your rising sign affects 50-60% of your look 

Aries:  Aries ascending usually gives extremely masculine traits (Thick eyebrows, high cheekbones, wide forehead, pointed chin, Strong bone structure, fierce eyes,  etc.). Their height tends from medium to high. They are usually slim without curves. Their hair may be red or blonde (sandy blonde or platinum blonde). Aries Rising may be with a darker/tanner skin coloring and there may be scars or marks about the head.

Taurus:  Taurus ascending usually gives harmonious facial traits (full sensual lips, the lower lip is full and may stick out a little, the nose is round-shaped or turned up, button nose, great skin, the eyes are often dark and rounded, long lashes, delicate bone structure, etc.). Their height is usually average and their body is solid (not necessarily plump or fat) with pleasing proportions. Their hair is thick and shiny, usually wavy and tends to be in darker shades of blonde or lighter shades of brown. The calf muscles are nicely sized and well defined and the neck is  noticeable (thick or long yet elengant).

Gemini:  Gemini ascending usually gives expressive facial traits (Well shaped high forehead, the nose is often very long and straight, sparkly and small eyes, usually dark colored, puffy eyes) , thin lips, bony face, etc.). They are tall and slender. Their hair is usually curly and may be dark brown. They have long arms and legs. The skin is a pale color, but can tan. They have beautiful hands with long and lean.

Cancer:  Cancer ascending usually gives very feminine, doll-like facial features ( Dreamy big wet eyes, round face with apple cheeks, high cheekbones, moony look, arched thin proeminent eyebrows, small mouth with full lips and wide smile, upper lip is fuller, beautiful skin, etc.). They are are often medium height and nicely curved. They have a beautiful large breast with long limbs compared to the trunk. Feet and hands are delicate and small. Their hair is usually dark and thick and their skin is pale and light. They may be fat.

Leo:  Leo ascending usually gives strong, feline-like facial traits (thick and long aquiline or flat nose, thick proeminent eyebrows, almond shaped eyes warmed colored, cat like look, wide forehead, wide face, large mouth with thin lips, etc). Their height tends to be average and their body is strong with regular legs. Women may have big breast. The skin may be tanned and the hair tends to be red or blonde and thick.

Virgo:  Virgo ascending usually gives gentle, delicate facial traits ( petite delicate nose, clear and bright eyes, delicate and symmetrical lips, teeth like pearls, wide forehead, narrow V shaped chin etc.). The height is usually average and their body is remarkable and slender with regular legs and they may have big or flat stomach. The skin tends to be darker and the hair is usually dark colored and straight.

Libra:  Libra ascending usually gives great, regular facial traits (well defined long and narrow nose, long face usually heart shaped, heart shaped lips, defined cupid’s bow, soft eyes, facial dimples, etc.). They are usually tall and slim. They may have small, pretty hands and feet. Their hair is smooth, light, wavy sometimes curly and their skin is usually light. The women are usually flat, but sometimes they may be curvy.

Scorpio:  Scorpio ascending usually gives hypnotic facial traits (magnetic deep dark almond shaped eyes, fixed look, roman or concave nose, proeminent eyewbrows, long lashes, etc.) The height is usually above average. Their body is strong, muscular type and women are usually curvy. The skin and hair is usually dark. The hair is sometimes curly or wavy. They may be fat.

Sagittarius:  Sagittarius ascending usually gives androgynous, youthful facial traits (Wide forehead, sparkly bright eyes, aquiline nose, narrow V shaped chin, thin lips, high cheekbones etc.). They are tall and their body is usually lean ( sometimes women have curves ). They have long legs and their skin may be problematic. Their hair is dark and thin. They may have great, big asses.

Capricorn: Capricorn ascending usually gives mature, goat-like facial traits (big ears, nice serious eyes, really bony face, high cheekbones, thin and flat lips, usually crooked teeth, wrinkles or fine lines, etc.). They can be short to tall. They are lean and their body is flat. They may have crooked legs or scoliosis. Their skin may be dark and dry and their hair is thin and very dark, often black.

Aquarius:  Aquarius ascending usually gives distinct, lovely facial traits ( bright big eyes, really long lashes, proeminent square shaped eyebrows, great skin, upper lip is thin, wide smile etc.). They are usually tall and lean. Women have nice small breast. They may have beautiful long legs and their hair is usually thick, straight, smooth and light, often blonde.

Pisces:  Pisces ascending usually gives dreamy facial traits (really large round or bulging eyes, often light colored, nice shaped often thick eyebrows, delicate skin, arched forehead, big or flat nose, wide mouth, etc.). The height tends to be short to average. They may have short limbs, big breast. Their hair is fair, often dark and smooth. They may be pale and silky. They may be fat.

Daily Notes

Summary: The one time Bucky decides to go get coffee, he finds you, a feisty barista, along the way. Strangely enough, you’re the exact reason he continues to keep coming back.

Word Count: 1,324.

A/N: After many visits to my local Starbucks, I’ve gathered up some inspiration for this fic and I really loved how it came out! Big thanks to my friends @heaventide & @galaxayy for helping me come up with these sweet notes included. Hope you guys enjoy, and as always feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

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The retail apocalypse has officially descended on America
More than 3,500 stores are expected to close in the next couple of months.
By Hayley Peterson

“According to many analysts, the retail apocalypse has been a long time coming in the US, where stores per capita far outnumber that of any other country.

The US has 23.5 square feet of retail space per person, compared with 16.4 square feet in Canada and 11.1 square feet in Australia, the next two countries with the most retail space per capita, according to a Morningstar Credit Ratings report from October.

Visits to shopping malls have been declining for years with the rise of e-commerce and titanic shifts in how shoppers spend their money. Visits declined by 50% between 2010 and 2013, according to the real-estate research firm Cushman & Wakefield.”

Tiny - Zach Werenski

Originally posted by werenskiz

Notes: So of course, here’s me messing up the queue and moving people around because I just had to post this one. It’s super fluffy and cute and I literally just adore it so much. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am!!

Warnings: None!

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Up Next: Jakob Chychrun

Teaser: “I can’t believe I never noticed how small you are compared to me, like (Y/N), don’t get me wrong, I knew you were like… basically a midget, but have you grown since kindergarten?” 

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answer adoration

fuma kotaro x mc (unnamed)

a/n: so this took way longer than i meant for it to, but an anon requested number 47 - “who did this to you?” @jemchew @pasunny @naerial @demon-princess-anastasia

Seeing her is, without exaggeration, the single greatest joy in his life. He knows this because he now understands what joy is—and it correlates directly with her, so he can equate them with each other. She is every single happiness.

It’s really as simple as that.

He tucks flowers into his palms as he makes his way to her, light on his feet compared even to his usual gait (which is more of a float than a step).

There is danger waiting for him in Kai. He knows that. But also in Kai is the most beautiful girl in the world, and she’s waiting for him—for him! His steps quicken on their own.

The camellias are bright this time of year. The road to her smells sweet; his heart flutters like a child’s.

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So I was casually judging Ozzie Ed Barbra Tabs and Butches outfits in the promo of them all together and I noticed that A. Ozzies wearing boots rather the dress shoes and B. He has really fucking big feet compared to everyone else including Butch.
that’s great for Ed I suppose XD

okay I know SU has been wildly inconsistent with heights but…

here’s YD’s first appearance (tbh when i first saw her I was expecting her to be bigger)

and here’s her latest appearance

Not only did she switch outfits for seemingly no reason, but the pearls got 3 times smaller than their first appearance. The YD in the first image would have to hold pearl in her arms, she would NOT fit in her hand. Even from shot to shot, at the height above, they’d be a head smaller than when YD held them. And in another scene, they fit in her hand comfortably.

If we take this image:

As their most recent heights, if we lie both YD’s hand flat, and pearl is flat, then she’d go up to roughly half of YD’s forearm.

So, if we compare:

Pearl either shrunk to roughly her mid thigh, or YD gained the equivalent of 2 and a half heads’ worth of height. 

I’m taking some very broad estimates here, and I’m by no means an expert at anatomy, but assuming pearl is 6 feet tall at best, and YD is only a little under three times her height here, that puts YD roughly at 15-16 feet tall. If we take the most recent Pearl measurements, meaning she shrunk to roughly her thigh, that would put her at 2 ½ feet compared to her usual 6. This would put YD at 20 feet.

tl;dr: Pearl has either shrunk 3 and a half feet, or Yellow Diamond grew 5 feet since we last saw them, because Sugar wanted a cool shot and fuck continuity. 

jererich concept based off an rp that i might make a fic out of:

rich and jeremy are screwing around after school outside and then it starts raining and rich is like “dude this is ass” and jeremy’s like “well my house is like down the street across the football field, we can make it if we run” so then rich fucking bolts across the field without slipping or anything because you know sports but. but jeremy, oh boy, he tries his best to to run but this boy is so clumsy and accident prone that he steps on the grass and immediately slips and slides like five feet in front of him and when he gets up he’s like “fine gross whatever” and continues running and by the time he catches up to rich, rich has already been waiting for jeremy under the extended roof of a building on the corner. when rich catches a glimpse of jeremy he starts cracking up because this tall, lanky beanpole is soaked through his clothes because he fell in the wet grass

the laughing doesn’t last long because this time jeremy takes off, getting a head start towards his house and rich is like “wait hold on” and rich stops at a corner right before jeremy’s house because there’s a car coming and the car speeds through a giant puddle and rich gets drenched with road water and jeremy straight up fucking wheezes when he sees this because now they’re even and both cold and laughing their asses off

jeremy almost drops his house key into the bush by his front door but eventually he gets it open and thank god his dad’s not home because he would ask a billion questions without any pants on and jeremy really wasn’t in the mood for that. jeremy thanks whatever higher power thats up there that his floors are hardwood so nothing would get too wet as he leads rich back into his bedroom and digs rich out a change of clothes

rich is like “not to be picky but do you have any tanktops” because he’s Ripped even though he’s super freezing cold and jeremy tosses him this baggy black tank top that he’s fully embarrassed about because it says ”you can’t sit with us” in curly pink lettering and he can’t even remember why he has it, michael probably got it for him as a prank and he never got rid of it

rich snorts and calls it gay but he puts it on anyway along with a pair of old sweatpants that he had to roll up the pant legs because jeremys like 80 feet tall compared to him. jeremy offers to wash his and rich’s wet clothes (because he’s a good friend and host and also he does all the laundry Anyway) so jeremy grabs an outfit out of his closet as well as the laundry basket with the wet clothes and he leaves the room for about ten minutes and rich looks around the room, it’s pretty plain with nothing but old movie posters and video game cases, but he gets a chuckle out of it all when he spots the tissues and lotion next to jeremy’s computer

when jeremy comes back into the room rich has to take a double look at jeremy because he doesnt look like jeremy because he’s wearing black jeans and a faded pink the 1975 sweater (god, jeremy was edgy) but what really got him is the fact that jeremy had pushed back his wet hair with a thin, black headband and rich had never seen jeremy without his hair in his face and he takes a Hot Minute™ to realize that jeremy has a Really Nice Face and then he realizes he’s blushing and he’s like “lol im not gay” but in reality he is (though he’s bi but shh) and he tries to ignore how nice jeremy actually looks right now so they tell dumb stories to each other until the rain stops and rich May or May Not actually kiss him super quick 



Approx 4-5 weeks. Dumbo ate some junk yesterday he shouldn’t have but seems it went through without damage, inshallah. Still gonna keep a keen eye on him for another day.

He’s weaning off milk, getting on solids, though doesn’t like kibble yet, just mushy chicken pockets :) (Which means I get about 6 hours of sleep in a row now!) Fully potty trained, very playful, and in a constant quest to walk right under our feet.

Compared to two and a half weeks ago, when he gave up on life—

icynovas  asked:

152, strifentine. or 39, teraqua.

39: “I wish we could stay like this forever.” -  Terqua 

First and foremost I just wanna say… the (considerably shorter) Strifentine fic response to your other prompt suggestion is also coming, I just figured this post was long enough already without it and I felt bad for making you wait forever for anything as is.  So, super sorry for the delay… the more I wrote the more emotionally invested I got in this thing, and the more important it became to me that I did it right.  The prompt felt like it fit really easily into the rosy lens of pre-canon, so of course I had to frame it with horrible angst not helped by the fact that my most recent encounter with Terqua content was 2.8.  Oops. Either way, hope you like, and here you go:

In the realm of darkness memory was a tangible feature of the environment.  The long years spent submerged in that chaotic abyss had done little to teach Aqua anything about its function, but she had learned that much at least.  Sometimes she found she’d walked unknowing into others’ memories - shards of old worlds long forgotten by those who lived in light, pockets of existence where bell-towers tolled on endlessly and fires burned on loop without ever going out. Sometimes she got lost in them, turned around in city blocks that had twisted into mazes after an eternity of floating in the corrosive ebb and flow of the shadow.

In here, she had nothing else but time, so eventually she always found her way back out.

But the most dangerous memories to be lost in, by far, were her own.  Most often, in the rare hours she stole of sleep, she sunk deep into dreams so real she woke still feeling the ghost of another’s touch on her skin, still tasting the almost-forgotten flavor of her favorite foods on her tongue.

And sometimes the dreams crept into her waking hours.

First, the featureless darkness around her would shift and mold, just on the edges of her vision where she wouldn’t notice right away.  As she wandered onward it gradually took familiar shapes and forms and the dread in her heart would grow.  Then she’d see a movement, turn around, keyblade crystallizing beneath her fingertips, ready to fight off another of the endless horrors that stalked her every hour, and find instead that she was in a place that couldn’t possibly exist - either not down here or not at all anymore.

Sometimes, she couldn’t even tell the difference.  Sometimes, when the landscape shifted and shed its oppressive lack of color, taking on vivid hues now so bright to her eyes that they all but blinded her, she couldn’t be sure if she’d just wandered into another pocket, or if her weariness had overcome her will at last and dragged her into slumber somewhere between footfalls.  

This was one of those times.

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I can’t stop thinking about Emma lying in bed that night, without Killian there, with far too much room for her feet and comparing it to that night she thought he left and she couldn’t sleep cause she didn’t know where he was.

Except this time, she’s got a ginormous fucking smile on her face and she can’t sleep because she’s excited because tomorrow is the day she gets married to her motherfucking true love surrounded by her other loved ones AND I CAN”T

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it snnoys me how people hate domesticated rats... They are good boys

They’re like tiny puppies!!!! So smol and smort! ^ ° ^ I love how tiny their hands are compared to their feet

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Would you make a gif reaction masterlist, please?

idk what you mean by gif reaction masterlist because it’s rarely separated by member… but i guess if you’re looking for a specific reaction so that you don’t re-request it - then here you go! i have no problem doing this haha

All members react to:

Chicken anon requests

Seokjin reacts to:

Yoongi reacts to:

Namjoon reacts to:

Hoseok reacts to:

Jimin reacts to:

Taehyung reacts to:

Jungkook reacts to:

Surreal By TEN


If you though just dating your favorite idol was surreal, you should try becoming newlyweds. After dating Mark for well over 4 years, and him popping the question, You spend a romantic night by the sea after a wonderful family filled ceremony and an adventurous reception. who knew that after so long, his touch could still be this effective.

Mark x Reader (Romantic Smut)

Chapters: 1/1 ( A long ass one-shot)

A/N: This is really cheesy

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Some Figma Zero Suit Samus Comparisons

Some things I haven’t seen in any reviews that you might want to see! Figma Samus can’t quite pull off the amiibo pose without lower neck and waist articulation, but this will show you how the two designs compare. Some Power Boot feet and wrist bands would be a cool addition eh @dauntingmountain or @mast3r-sword?

Here’s how she compares to some other Smash Bros. Figma. Since she was advertised with an official height being a quarter inch shorter compared to Link or Lucina, you can bet I was a bit worried. Luckily she comes out taller than both by about that much, yet shorter than Snake as she should be!

Justin and Zac waited in the green room at the Tonight Show and he could hardly believe his luck.  As if his career wasn’t spectacular enough, he was now here to promote his first big budget movie starring himself along side Zac Efron and Brad Pitt.  He was playing Zac’s younger brother in a remake of the film At Close Range originally starring Sean Penn and Christopher Walken.  He looked across the couch at Zac and shifted slightly uncomfortably thinking of how his friendship with Zac had begun on set.

The whirlwind of activity that lead Justin from ending his sold out world tour to being on location with Zac Efron and Brad Pitt was still mind blowing.  The fact that he’d always had a bit of a bro crush on Zac wasn’t helping his nerves. Justin had done some acting before but nothing on this level.   He had so much to prove to all the people he know were out there waiting for him to fail.  When he got a text from Zac saying Let’s run lines bro.  Room 10.  His heart jumped!  They were staying in a small motel in the middle of nowhere Tennessee.  It wasn’t exactly superstar accommodations but it was only for a couple weeks before filming moved to LA.  Justin made his way across the small courtyard and was hit by how humid the night was.  He knocked on the door marked 10 and felt a trickle of nervous sweat run down his arms and back.  

Zac opened the door wearing a tank top and a pair of very worn looking jean shorts.  His feet were bare.  This did nothing to help Justin’s nerves.  On top of having a man crush on the older actor he’d secretly always gotten very excited around other guys in their bare feet.  Zac’s, as he’d seen on many blogs before were perfect.  It was part of the reason that Justin took such good care of his own feet.  ”Hey dude.” Justin said trying to keep his eyes on Zac’s face and not his feet.  They’s met before so there was no reason for the nerves he was feeling.  ”What’s up?” Zac replied with that perfect smile a million girls would kill to have directed at them.  ”I’m great, nervous, this is so cool.” Lame Justin thought as he stepped into the room.  The ancient air conditioner in the window wasn’t doing much to help cool Zac’s room.  Zac’s smile spread into something almost mischievous but quickly disappeared.                  

Justin took a seat in one of the two chairs around a small table in front of the air conditioned window.  Zac’s script was on the table next to several highlighters and a package of sticky tabs.  ”Zac, dude I forgot my script, i’m sorry, I can go get it!” Justin stammered.  Zac picked up his script and took the chair opposite Justin.  He put is bare feet on the table and crossed them.  Justin felt himself go instantly hard in his jeans.  He tried to remember who he was and why he was there.  He couldn’t take his eyes off Zac’s toes.  ”Justin?!’ Zac said in a slightly raised voice.  Justin hadn’t heard Zac tell him he could share his script and he also missed Zac repeating his name several times.  ”Sorry Zac” said Justin. “I think i just got a little distract…err nervous you know?” Justin said blushing.  Justin thought he saw the ghost of Zac’s earlier smile as Zac said, “Look dude, it’s ok, you’re going to do great and i’ll help you anyway I can.”  Justin visibly calmed down but it did nothing to help the fact that he had 7” of teen pop star dick throbbing in his basketball shorts.  ”Pull your chair over and share my script.”  Justin heard him this time but there was no way he could stand up now.  When Justin didn’t move Zac got up and sat on the table placing his bare feet on the arm of the battered motel chair Justin was sitting in.  ”Justin.” Zac said.  ”We are going to be working together for months.  We’re playing brothers dude.  It’s important to the film that we can be totally honest and trusting with each other.” Zac’s bare toes brushed Justin’s arm as he spoke.  ”Is there something that will stand in the way of us running these lines? Anything at all I don’t already know about you before filming starts?”  Zac said.  He was now obviously stroking Justin’s arm with his bare left foot.  Justin sat frozen for a moment not sure what to do.  He could feel the evidence of his excitement leaking out of the tip of his dick as it bobbed in his shorts with each stroke of Zac’s foot.  

Justin stood up and turned his chair to face Zac.  He sat back down and took both of Zac’s feet in his hands, held them together and pressed his face into the soles of Zac’s feet.  He inhaled deeply and could smell, leather, sweat and Zac.  He was in a frenzy as he started licking both of Zac’s feet from heels to toes.  He used his teeth and tongue to lick, suck, and bite on each of Zac’s toes in turn.  He sucked on both of Zac’s big toes together and could feel the hair on top of them on his lips.  Justin slurped on the second toe of Zac’s right foot as he started running his hands up Zac’s hairy legs.  He licked the hair at Zac’s ankles and rubbed his face on Zac’s legs.  Justin’s dick was leaking so much he almost felt like he’s already cum.  This whole time Zac hadn’t spoken.  He’d just leaned back on the table as Justin indulged himself. Again that look of mischief played on his lips.  It was only when Justin’s hand slid into the waist band of his shorts that Zac said ” No, don’t!’  He sat up on the table and pushed Justin back with his feet.  He put both feet on both of Justin’s knees and started working his feet up to Justin’s crotch.  Zac’s feet were still wet with the pop stars spit when they found his pre cum covered dick.  Zac used Justin’s spit and pre cum as lube as he put Justin’s rock hard 7” dick between the big and second toe of his right foot and stroked up and down.  Justin couldn’t breathe.  He had no idea how Zac would react to his assault on his feet.  Compared to some of the things he’d done or people claimed he did this seemed tame by comparison.  Zac’s foot picked up speed as he stroked up and down Justin’s cock.  Justin gripped the arms of the chair as he finally, blissfully came all over Zac Efron’s foot.  He tried not to scream out loud since the small motel was filled with production crew and entourage.  Zac removed his feet from Justin’s shorts and wiping the cum off as he did.  He stood up and said, “Don’t forget your script again.”  Justin stood as well on shaky legs lost for words.  Zac pulled Justin close to his body, Justin was shocked as Zac kissed him!  Justin was about to pull away in shock but Zac caught his bottom lip in his teeth just hard enough to hurt.  Justin felt a surge in his dick again as Zac released him and said, “Welcome to the movies bro.”

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