comparing feet

this is what I meant by ‘hilarious situations can come from it’



I planned it as cute strip were Naruto and Hinata compare their feet and their friends watch them but when I imagined a complete picture there were no place for Sai and I was: What? No place for Sai? In my comics?
And when I added Sai… all strip has dramatically changed.
Because Sai makes everything betterxD


Some Figma Zero Suit Samus Comparisons

Some things I haven’t seen in any reviews that you might want to see! Figma Samus can’t quite pull off the amiibo pose without lower neck and waist articulation, but this will show you how the two designs compare. Some Power Boot feet and wrist bands would be a cool addition eh @dauntingmountain or @mast3r-sword?

Here’s how she compares to some other Smash Bros. Figma. Since she was advertised with an official height being a quarter inch shorter compared to Link or Lucina, you can bet I was a bit worried. Luckily she comes out taller than both by about that much, yet shorter than Snake as she should be!

L'appel Du Vide

Overlooking a vast array of land
Wind whipping at the soul
Flapping flags beat at silver poles
Laced with corrosion from rain

(I see myself down there
Broken, dead, battered
What’s a thousand feet
Compared to flight?)

Beautiful flowers whittle under the sun
Pouring acid upon distant mountains
Eyes cast ever glowing difference
Wherein lies a taunting snicker

Flayed men embarked upon dragnets
With pikes sewn indifferently through already broken bleeding flesh
Toxic water splashes away their gravely accumulated tears
With green smudges of filth as grub litter

(Stand there at the railing
Peer down years of denial
Freedom at the cost of a flash of impeccably imparting pain
And yet, at a moments notice
The urge rises within the gut
Drifting fluidly without hindrance
Into the brain
Thoughts of safety washed away
And only the need to fall
Becomes everything)

Children frolicking in grey gardens of ashes
Masses worm there way into the sternum
Break bones and destruct tissue
To devour succulent marrow seeping out fickle pores

Man, when enlightened towards Saturn’s gaze
Surpasses all for the greater good
Yet easily does arrogance turn into impassioned bigotry
Now sewage in the system created to stall impunity

Blanched face pulled by thin needle threads
Deeply embedded into now stricken pulled skin
That parts slowly in excruciatingly prolific agony rippling across the trembling nerves firing off
Turmoiled mind screaming and screaming into a vacuum unknowingly void

(How does it feel?
Repulsive? Or…disgustingly eye opening?
To know that one so bound to life’s ceaseless drive
Would in an instant suspend everything
In a fleeting second to drive oneself over the edge
And into the abyss devoid of warmth)

Pitiful, arbitrary words used to forestall movement
Collide have we with revolution stalled by passive substance
People withstand horror to be morally above
This only leads to more death and devastation, when we could all have ended it earlier

Human paraphernalia abandoned to scrupulously glutton vultures
And so the armies of change trample forth
Brandishing signs and chanting mantras
Into the underbelly where teeth await the feeble degenerates

The Important Difference between Cats and Dogs in BBC Sherlock

We’ve been given plenty of material to work with concerning dogs and their subtext in Sherlock, especially in terms of how their characteristics relate to humans. The Hound in THoB turned out to be a person, Redbeard is the only thing that calms a dying Sherlock down. Sherlock compares John to a puppy bouncing happily at Major Sholto’s feet. John compares Sherlock to a bloodhound at their crime scenes. The list goes on and on. Generally, the imagery we associate with dogs is positive: playful, skilled, faithful. Cats, on the other hand, are seen as nothing of the sort in Sherlock. Then again, they are usually seen as symbolically opposite - you’re either a dog person or a cat person. But how exactly are cats represented in Sherlock? They are almost always, if not always, deceptions. They are red herrings, there to fool everyone for a greater, manipulative purpose.

- “Sehkmet” Connie Prince’s cat in TGG was a red herring to us and John as the tetanus carrier.
- Kitty Riley posed as a super fan to try to get the scoop on Sherlock in TRF.
- The Lucky Cat was the name of the store that served as a cover for an international smuggling ring.
- T. Thompson asked Sherlock for help through his website asking for “locating his missing cat” when in actuality there was no cat, that was just a ploy for something greater.

So what can we deduce about the fact that Mary is a cat lover?


The Mighty Saturn V by William Franklin
Research on the largest and most famous rocket engine ever built began in 1953. A team of German scientists led by Dr. Wernher von Braun (1912–1977) developed the propulsion system needed to take America to the Moon from NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Part of a three stage design, the Saturn V stood 363 feet tall on the launch pad. Comparatively, that’s sixty feet taller than the Statue of Liberty, and one foot shorter than St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Once assembled on the crawler, the Saturn V cleared the doors of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) by only 6 feet when rolled out. Fully loaded, the rocket weighed in at 6.5 million pounds (3,000 metric tons) and contained over 3 million different parts. These five first-stage (S-1C) engines were built by Boeing. Each is 138 feet tall, 33 feet in diameter, and provided over 7.64 million pounds of thrust to get the Saturn V through the first 36 miles of ascent - enough energy to light up all of New York City for 75 minutes. They are arranged in a cross pattern; the center engine being fixed while the four outer engines could be hydraulically gimbaled to control the rocket. This Saturn V is one of the largest of the official National Historic Landmarks in the United States; it has been on display at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center since June 1969. This is the most complete of the three remaining rockets; the other two are located in the Johnson Space Center and the Kennedy Space Center.

  • None of them is straight. Al is pan, Rose is demisexual biromantic and Scorpius is bi as well as polyamorous.
  • Rose became very protective over them after their sorting, and she and James got a month worthy of detentions, for sending to the Hospital WIng some stupid bullies.
  • Rose. Hates. How. Short. She. Is. She’s actually an average height, around 5.3 feet, but compared to Scorpius’ 5.9 feet and Albus 5.11, she felt like the tiniest of the goblins between giants.
  • (She likes to steal their sweaters, tough)
  • Both Scorpius and Rose had huge crushes on both the Potter boys. Only that Scorpius actually got to date James for a while.
  • Once, both of them were very drunk and started to hit on Albus at the same time. He teases them untill this day for it.
  • They are all very good students, but if they got in their heads that they are going to do something big, then you can bet it will be big.
  • Scorpius amortentia smells like the Quidditch pitch (James), the library (Rose) and Albus’ shampoo. It’s a really good smell, but he almost fainted when he realised it.
  • Rose and Albus swear all. the. time. Scorpius hates it.
  • They all love over-sized sweaters.
  • Albus and Scorpius were each other’s first kiss. Third year, library, it was pretty sweat.
  • Albus didn’t cry as expected at Scorpius and Rose’s wedding. He didn’t cry when they announced she was pregnant. He cried when he watched the type of the wedding.
  • Scorpius and Rose basically act like if they’re both married to Albus as well as to each other, which ALa finds weirdly amusing. Lucy, Al’s wife, used to be a bit jealous, but she does find it hilarious now.
  • Rose and Scorpius had nine kids together.
  • Albus had three.
  • They hate it when people try to pit them against each other because of their parents.
  • Basically, they’re the cutest triio ever, and no one can convince me otherwise.

In addition to our lovely Christmas card and present from Waffles and Mango, we got a fabulous Christmas card and present from Littlefoot the Great! Littlefoot is Santa’s cutest box turtle reindeer! (With such a beautiful shell, too!)

Littlefoot is no longer so little of foot anymore–he sent us an ornament for our tree with his not so little footprint on it in a very pretty, sparkly green. I almost tried to nom it. Mommy and I compared my feet to Littlefoot’s footprint, and we can’t believe how big Littlefoot has grown already! What a champ! :}