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Rhys's Wingspan

Get your heads outta the gutter. 😂 I’m talking literally here. Cuz, let’s be real, Illyrian wings cannot be smaller than their bodies other wise they would not be able to even leave the ground.

Let’s use Rhysand and the little brown bat for reference.

Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus): 3-4 inches long, with a 9-11 inch wingspan.

I’m going to go with a roughly 1:3 ratio with the body size compared to the wingspan.

And based on opinion, we’ll say Rhys is 6'4. Therefore:

6*3 = 18 ft.
4*3 = 12 in. = 1 ft.

Added together, that means Rhys’s wingspan is probably around 19-20+ feet. To compare that to something, that’s about the height of your average giraffe.

This has been a PSA for SCIENCE in the acotar fandom.

Astrology And Physical Appearance

Part 1 
Rising Sign 

 Your rising sign affects 50-60% of your look 

Aries:  Aries ascending usually gives extremely masculine traits (Thick eyebrows, high cheekbones, wide forehead, pointed chin, Strong bone structure, fierce eyes,  etc.). Their height tends from medium to high. They are usually slim without curves. Their hair may be red or blonde (sandy blonde or platinum blonde). Aries Rising may be with a darker/tanner skin coloring and there may be scars or marks about the head.

Taurus:  Taurus ascending usually gives harmonious facial traits (full sensual lips, the lower lip is full and may stick out a little, the nose is round-shaped or turned up, button nose, great skin, the eyes are often dark and rounded, long lashes, delicate bone structure, etc.). Their height is usually average and their body is solid (not necessarily plump or fat) with pleasing proportions. Their hair is thick and shiny, usually wavy and tends to be in darker shades of blonde or lighter shades of brown. The calf muscles are nicely sized and well defined and the neck is  noticeable (thick or long yet elengant).

Gemini:  Gemini ascending usually gives expressive facial traits (Well shaped high forehead, the nose is often very long and straight, sparkly and small eyes, usually dark colored, puffy eyes) , thin lips, bony face, etc.). They are tall and slender. Their hair is usually curly and may be dark brown. They have long arms and legs. The skin is a pale color, but can tan. They have beautiful hands with long and lean.

Cancer:  Cancer ascending usually gives very feminine, doll-like facial features ( Dreamy big wet eyes, round face with apple cheeks, high cheekbones, moony look, arched thin proeminent eyebrows, small mouth with full lips and wide smile, upper lip is fuller, beautiful skin, etc.). They are are often medium height and nicely curved. They have a beautiful large breast with long limbs compared to the trunk. Feet and hands are delicate and small. Their hair is usually dark and thick and their skin is pale and light. They may be fat.

Leo:  Leo ascending usually gives strong, feline-like facial traits (thick and long aquiline or flat nose, thick proeminent eyebrows, almond shaped eyes warmed colored, cat like look, wide forehead, wide face, large mouth with thin lips, etc). Their height tends to be average and their body is strong with regular legs. Women may have big breast. The skin may be tanned and the hair tends to be red or blonde and thick.

Virgo:  Virgo ascending usually gives gentle, delicate facial traits ( petite delicate nose, clear and bright eyes, delicate and symmetrical lips, teeth like pearls, wide forehead, narrow V shaped chin etc.). The height is usually average and their body is remarkable and slender with regular legs and they may have big or flat stomach. The skin tends to be darker and the hair is usually dark colored and straight.

Libra:  Libra ascending usually gives great, regular facial traits (well defined long and narrow nose, long face usually heart shaped, heart shaped lips, defined cupid’s bow, soft eyes, facial dimples, etc.). They are usually tall and slim. They may have small, pretty hands and feet. Their hair is smooth, light, wavy sometimes curly and their skin is usually light. The women are usually flat, but sometimes they may be curvy.

Scorpio:  Scorpio ascending usually gives hypnotic facial traits (magnetic deep dark almond shaped eyes, fixed look, roman or concave nose, proeminent eyewbrows, long lashes, etc.) The height is usually above average. Their body is strong, muscular type and women are usually curvy. The skin and hair is usually dark. The hair is sometimes curly or wavy. They may be fat.

Sagittarius:  Sagittarius ascending usually gives androgynous, youthful facial traits (Wide forehead, sparkly bright eyes, aquiline nose, narrow V shaped chin, thin lips, high cheekbones etc.). They are tall and their body is usually lean ( sometimes women have curves ). They have long legs and their skin may be problematic. Their hair is dark and thin. They may have great, big asses.

Capricorn: Capricorn ascending usually gives mature, goat-like facial traits (big ears, nice serious eyes, really bony face, high cheekbones, thin and flat lips, usually crooked teeth, wrinkles or fine lines, etc.). They can be short to tall. They are lean and their body is flat. They may have crooked legs or scoliosis. Their skin may be dark and dry and their hair is thin and very dark, often black.

Aquarius:  Aquarius ascending usually gives distinct, lovely facial traits ( bright big eyes, really long lashes, proeminent square shaped eyebrows, great skin, upper lip is thin, wide smile etc.). They are usually tall and lean. Women have nice small breast. They may have beautiful long legs and their hair is usually thick, straight, smooth and light, often blonde.

Pisces:  Pisces ascending usually gives dreamy facial traits (really large round or bulging eyes, often light colored, nice shaped often thick eyebrows, delicate skin, arched forehead, big or flat nose, wide mouth, etc.). The height tends to be short to average. They may have short limbs, big breast. Their hair is fair, often dark and smooth. They may be pale and silky. They may be fat.

okay I know SU has been wildly inconsistent with heights but…

here’s YD’s first appearance (tbh when i first saw her I was expecting her to be bigger)

and here’s her latest appearance

Not only did she switch outfits for seemingly no reason, but the pearls got 3 times smaller than their first appearance. The YD in the first image would have to hold pearl in her arms, she would NOT fit in her hand. Even from shot to shot, at the height above, they’d be a head smaller than when YD held them. And in another scene, they fit in her hand comfortably.

If we take this image:

As their most recent heights, if we lie both YD’s hand flat, and pearl is flat, then she’d go up to roughly half of YD’s forearm.

So, if we compare:

Pearl either shrunk to roughly her mid thigh, or YD gained the equivalent of 2 and a half heads’ worth of height. 

I’m taking some very broad estimates here, and I’m by no means an expert at anatomy, but assuming pearl is 6 feet tall at best, and YD is only a little under three times her height here, that puts YD roughly at 15-16 feet tall. If we take the most recent Pearl measurements, meaning she shrunk to roughly her thigh, that would put her at 2 ½ feet compared to her usual 6. This would put YD at 20 feet.

tl;dr: Pearl has either shrunk 3 and a half feet, or Yellow Diamond grew 5 feet since we last saw them, because Sugar wanted a cool shot and fuck continuity. 

Surreal By TEN


If you though just dating your favorite idol was surreal, you should try becoming newlyweds. After dating Mark for well over 4 years, and him popping the question, You spend a romantic night by the sea after a wonderful family filled ceremony and an adventurous reception. who knew that after so long, his touch could still be this effective.

Mark x Reader (Romantic Smut)

Chapters: 1/1 ( A long ass one-shot)

A/N: This is really cheesy

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Would you make a gif reaction masterlist, please?

idk what you mean by gif reaction masterlist because it’s rarely separated by member… but i guess if you’re looking for a specific reaction so that you don’t re-request it - then here you go! i have no problem doing this haha

All members react to:

Chicken anon requests

Seokjin reacts to:

Yoongi reacts to:

Namjoon reacts to:

Hoseok reacts to:

Jimin reacts to:

Taehyung reacts to:

Jungkook reacts to:


Some Figma Zero Suit Samus Comparisons

Some things I haven’t seen in any reviews that you might want to see! Figma Samus can’t quite pull off the amiibo pose without lower neck and waist articulation, but this will show you how the two designs compare. Some Power Boot feet and wrist bands would be a cool addition eh @dauntingmountain or @mast3r-sword?

Here’s how she compares to some other Smash Bros. Figma. Since she was advertised with an official height being a quarter inch shorter compared to Link or Lucina, you can bet I was a bit worried. Luckily she comes out taller than both by about that much, yet shorter than Snake as she should be!

Prince Jonathan

Something fun for today! Happy Valentine’s Day :3

Come one! Come all! Where we watch men fight over the hand of the Prince Jonathan Glades, the wealthiest of all other kingdoms combined, now 21 is ready to be wed by a knight that survived the deadliest challenge! And now for the worst of all a fight! To the death! How clique.
Jonathan was still in his room, fixing his cape like robe, and crown, looking presentable for once since he’s always in rags when home. Hearing the bell of the church he knew it was 5, meaning the challenge was about to start. Shutting the door behind him, he ran off going up to his seat where his father,mother, and older sister were waiting.

“Oh great your here, the jester’s jokes are brutal, but his acts weren’t bad” Sylvia groaned.

“Yeah… I was just trying to look presentable” Jonathan told her as she fixed his crown up. While doing so, his father had ordered the jester to stop. As he walked off to the side he made eye contact with Jonathan and waved. He waves back and smiles.

“Welcome all to the final challenge! To see which knight takes my son’s hand in marriage” Jonathan’s father voice booms as the crowds cheer.

“Evan Fong! from Nulia!” Jonathan’s mother said as the man came in riding a white horse. He stops the colt and steps down. Removing his owlish helmet, revealing his short, spiked black hair. He smiles and bows down to the royal family.

“And Luke Hunter! From Merlirid!” His father said as Luke came in with a black mare. He steps down throwing his helmet off fixing his patch on his eye, smirking and bowing as well.

“These two were the only ones to survive! And now a fight to finish it all” Sylvia said.

Evan and Luke pull their sword from their scabbard. Circling around each other as they wait for a signal.

“I’m amazed you got this far Hunter”

“Same to you Fong, thought you would have died by the first challenge”

“Well I had some encouragement from the prince, see we knew each other since we were twelve” Evan smirks.

“Let the battle begin…”

“How cute, I knew him since we were in diapers” Luke smirks back stroking his beard.

“NOW!” Jonathan yelled as Luke threw off Evan.

Stumbling, Evan still blocked his hit.

“Not too shabby Fong”

“Same to you Hunter, thought you would of choked up during a challenge”

“Thought the same from a pretty boy like you, styling his hair every five minutes” Luke told him, angering Evan.

Evan’s blade was close to cutting him, but missed when he heard another horse’s winnie. They stopped and turned around to a man in a pig like mask. His horse kept running off as he jumped off.

“Who the hell are you?” Luke asked.

Throwing off his helmet, he whispers something to the jester.

“He is Tyler Gates! From Etivia!” The jester shouted as loud as he could from where they were. He scurries back to his spot,Tyler continues on about him

“I am from Etivia as the jester said! and I am here to take the handsome Jonathan’s hand in marriage!” He yells out, removing both swords from their scabbards.

“Even if it mean killing you two" he smiles

Luke and Evan turn to each other and nod.

“Well then I hope your ready for us” they said.

“I’ll be ready to take down a boring ass wise owl and a wannabe pirate who’s gonna need more than vitamin C after I’m done with you” he boasts.

The boys are both angered, while Tyler stands there and smiles, waiting for their first hit, which would be hard since he’s probably 10 feet tall compared to the two.


Jonathan watches from his seat bored out of his mind, sure a new player but it’s gotten a bit old, he could probably take all three down himself. He keeps watching the jester running and walking around making some laugh.

“I’m guessing your not liking your husbands to be?” Sylvia asked sitting next to him.

“I mean I like them, yeah maybe a little more, but I think someone else stole my heart” he told her.

“Oh really? Who then if not them?”

Jonathan mumbles.

“Who is it Jonny?”

“It’s m…” He mumbles again.

“Jonathan?” She asked trying to coax him.

“It’s the jester! Okay? We’ve been talking and dating for a while, and now I have to marry one of these three buffoons” Jonathan pouts, slouching. Sylvia laughs.

“What’s so funny?!” He said as his cheeks grew red.

“Jon, you know ten minutes into a fight you can choose who you want to marry right? It doesn’t have to be them”

“B-but mom and dad…”

“That was before this is now! I mean I married a villager from Glade, so why can’t you?” She cuts him off.

Jonathan shuts his mouth and looks back at the jester that’s
making others smile. He sighs. Getting up from his chair, he stands in front of his parents and cups his mouth.

“STOP!” He shouts, everyone stays quiet and the three stop hitting each other. With Tyler’s blades on their necks almost cutting them.

“I HAVE…. I have made a decision!” Jonathan states going down to the battle field. He cleans off his cape. They get out of their position and get on one knee. Jonathan scoffs and runs over to the jester.

“J-Jonathan? What are you doing?” He asks as he shakily looks back at the king.

“Come with me to the battle field, because I’m naming my husband,” Jon smiles, he nods.

They walk together and stand a few feet away from the Knights.

“All three of you served a magnificent battle, but I have made my decision” he said taking off his crown.

“And now the soon to be prince of EverGlade will be…”

The Knights hearts are pumping, waiting who will be picked. The crowds and even his parents are quiet, while Sylvia nods and smiles at Jon.

“MARCEL! From the Village of Alunis!” Jonathan shouts as he takes off Marcel’s goofy looking hat and replaced it with his own crown.

“WHAT?!” The Knights shout in Unison.

“Marcel has won my heart, meaning he’s won the throne next to me” Jonathan smirks.

“Your crazy!” Luke shouted.

“He’s fucking Delirious!” Tyler yells.

“Jon, I can’t take this crown, or the throne…”

“Oh come on Marcel! You are worthy of this! I love you!” Jonathan told him.

“No I was just saying that this kingdom isn’t ready for us!” Marcel said taking back the crown and placing it on his head, Jonathan laughs. Marcel grabs Jonathan and dips him.

“Shall we deal our love Jonny?” He asks wiggling his eyebrows.

“You’re so cheesy” Jonathan told him locking lips with Marcel.

“A hand please! For my son in law Marcel!” Jonathan father shouts as the crowds cheer. They stand up now and look at the Knights.

“So does that mean we lost?” Evan asked.

“I mean, you guys are aloud to come in at any time, y'all are still my friends” Jonathan smiles.

“Well if it means anything, I am happy you found your love Jonathan” Evan told him.

“Thanks Ev”

“Stop being so modest Evan” Tyler shoves him.

“I’m serious!”

Jonathan shakes his head.

“So when our wedding, because I wanna be all over you soon” Marcel winks.

“Soon, hopefully” they chuckle, leaving the Knights to yell and fight with each other.
Word count: 1251

I hope y'all enjoyed :3 this was fun to write, and hopefully more Fics after words.
But as always~
¡Stay Fresh!


I planned it as cute strip were Naruto and Hinata compare their feet and their friends watch them but when I imagined a complete picture there were no place for Sai and I was: What? No place for Sai? In my comics?
And when I added Sai… all strip has dramatically changed.
Because Sai makes everything betterxD

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I see there's a lack of love for DK on here and I wanna change that. Can I request a picnic date with him? You can choose what happens during the date ^^

Thank you for this request! ;w; Lmao this is really fluffy and cheesy but I hope you like it! ❤︎

You looked at your bag intently, mentally checking that it had everything you were supposed to take with you. Strawberries, check. Some drinks, check. Blanket, check. With also some snacks and a warm scarf packed in your bag, you concluded that you were good to go.

Feeling your phone vibrate in your hand, you took a quick look at the screen and smiled to yourself upon seeing who it was.

Seokminnie ❤︎

“Don’t tell me you just woke up,” you giggled when you answered the call and merely grinned to yourself when Seokmin rushed to deny such a thing happening. “I was kidding. What’s up?”

“The thing is” Seokmin began on the other end, but before he was able to continue you raised your eyebrows when your door was knocked on.

“Hold on, there’s someone at the door,” you mumbled, completely oblivious even when Seokmin snickered on the phone, and let your jaw drop when you opened your door and were met with Seokmin, clad in a white T-shirt, a cream-colored cardigan and dark blue jeans and carrying a basket.

“You should see your face,” he grinned and leaned down to kiss you sweetly while you let your hand holding your phone slowly fall down from your ear and your lips stretch into a smile. He pulled away slowly, a smile lingering on his lips as he stepped into your apartment and noticed your bag. “Are you good to go?”

After you had gotten over your initial surprise, you finally nodded excitedly and put your phone into the back pocket of your jeans, reaching for your spring jacket. Once you had gotten your bag over your shoulder and had exited your place and entered the street instead, your hand linked with Seokmin’s, you shot a curious look at the basket he was carrying.

“So, what’s in there?” you asked with a grin and felt your heart melt at the sight of the wide smile on Seokmin’s face. No matter how much you’d see that smile, there was no way you’d ever get enough of it. Every time felt like the first time, when you had thought he had been a friend of yours and suddenly slammed your hands on his shoulders, suddenly met with an unfamiliar, surprised face that soon turned into a grinning one that nearly had your knees giving in.

“I made us a little bit of something,” he said mysteriously, pleased with himself, and you nodded happily. You couldn’t wait to see what he had in store, because knowing him it’d be nothing less than amazing. “I also bought us something, but that’s not the main thing.”

Giggling, you got a bit closer to Seokmin and held his hand a little tighter. “I’ve got a little something for you, too.” You felt his gaze on you, and even without looking you knew his lips were slightly parted and his eyebrows raised. With a grin on your lips, you looked at him briefly - and indeed, that was the exact face he had on. “My love.”

Seokmin laughed loudly at that. “I’d like to think it’s not something ‘little’, but whatever you say.”

You nodded cheerfully and were glad to notice that the park you were on your way to was now visible, and from what you could see, there was a perfect spot for you.

Some minutes later you stood at that exact spot and you pulled your blanket out of your bag, spreading it open before laying it down on the grass. Seokmin put his basket down and looked at you with a smile. It was amazing how his love for you only grew stronger with each passing day, and it had been that way since day one.

While he was more or less lost in thought, you took a comfortable seat on the blanket and looked up at him. From that perspective, he looked even taller than he usually did. You reached for his hand and held it loosely. “Come down.”

Seokmin blinked a few times as you dragged him out of his thoughts, and gave you a quick nod before moving his basket next to your bag and taking a seat next to you. With him now by your side, you leaned in to steal a quick kiss from his lips - so quick that he was left a bit confused, his lips still a bit puckered after you had pulled away.

“So,” you began after you had cleared your throat and clapped your hands a little in excitement, “what shall we have first?”

Seokmin grinned at you while reaching into his basket. “Are you here for me or the food?”

You looked as thoughtful as you could before snickering. “Both.”

“Fair enough,” he said and brought out two lunchboxes and two pairs of chopsticks. You raised your eyebrows in awe, having expected him to make something simple - the last thing you had expected was a beautifully made lunch with a bunch of little details, such as the two of you made out of cheese, and tiny pieces of seaweed forming an “I love you” on top of the rice. You turned to Seokmin with an expression that had his eyes widening a little; you almost looked like you were about to cry.

“It’s so lovely,” you finally mustered, your heart full of affection as you let your eyes fall back down on the lunch box. “Thank you, Seokmin.”

He had a faint blush on his cheeks as he scratched the back of his head. “I went a bit overboard, didn’t I?”

You shook your head and placed your hand on top of Seokmin’s, squeezing it gently. “It’s absolutely perfect.”

Seokmin smiled brightly at you and took a good hold of his chopsticks. “Let’s hope it tastes as good as it looks, then.”

And oh, it did. You could practically taste the love the meal had been made with, and although you were a bit sad to ruin the masterpiece (after you had stolen a quick picture of it, of course), the delicious taste made up for it, and you made sure Seokmin knew just how much you liked it. The blush on his cheeks was even more noticeable now, with all of your praises going straight to his heart that by now felt like it could burst.

When you were both done, you leaned your head on his shoulder and clasped your hands together, sighing contently as your eyes looked into the horizon. The weather was great; it was sunny but there was a bit of a breeze, and with your blanket being in the shadow, it was more than you could’ve asked for. Naturally, having Seokmin by your side only increased the happy feeling inside of you, and all the food was a nice addition.

Lucky for you, the weather remained good throughout the day. Seokmin had bought you some snacks, and eventually you brought out the strawberries, all beautifully red and shiny. He got one between his thumb and forefinger and had you raising your eyebrows in surprise when you felt the fruit poking at your lips.

“Open your mouth,” Seokmin said with a smile that only got wider when you parted your lips and got the strawberry between your teeth, biting a piece off it with your lips slowly dragging away from around it. He kept his eyes intent on you as he got the rest in his mouth, and you both nodded at each other at how delicious they were, bright smiles taking over your features. You had certainly chosen well.

While playing with your feet, comparing their size to Seokmin’s and fiddling with his fingers, you let your conversation go from one topic to another, all the way from how your studies were to what plans you had for the future. Seokmin held your hands gently in his and stroked the back of your palm with his thumb.

“We’ve made it through a year now, so…” he started a bit hesitantly and cleared his throat, a surge of confidence running through his body when you looked at him with loving eyes and a fond smile, waiting for him to continue. “Would you like to move in together? We already sleep over at each other’s places a lot and see almost every day, so…”

You bit your lower lip in excitement and nodded without thinking twice, freeing your hands from Seokmin’s in order to wrap your arms around his neck and hug him tightly, bringing him to lie down on the blanket in the process. Laughing, you placed your chin on his chest and looked at him while his arms wrapped around your upper body, too.

“Let’s move in together,” you said cheerfully, your mind already playing with the thought, and you loved every bit of it. You loved falling asleep and waking up next to him, loved seeing him at his best and his worst, loved making and eating food with him… You wanted all of it, at all times, whenever possible.

With similar mental images taking over his mind, Seokmin nodded and leaned up enough to rub your noses together a little. “I can’t wait.”

You sat back up soon when Seokmin said that he still had something for the two of oyu, and much to your surprise, he presented you with a small strawberry cake that looked handmade and absolutely gorgeous.

A happy, proud grin took over your facial features in record time as he took in your reaction. You let out an amazed gasp. “I can’t believe I, out of all people, got this lucky.”

Seokmin snorted while placing the cake down, looking at you from the corner of his eye. “I should say the same. You’re amazing, Y/N.”

With a soft hue of pink running up to your cheeks and pursing your lips, you nodded a bit hesitantly. “I feel like I’m lacking, though… You’ve done so much, and yet–”

You blinked when Seokmin placed his forefinger gently against your lips. “I did it because I wanted to, not because I expected you to do the same. As long as you’re by my side, being yourself, I’m the happiest man on earth, let it be now or whenever.”

Blinking your tears away from your eyes, you let out a short laugh. “How are you so sweet?”

“I was born this way,” he grinned and pinched your cheek lightly after you had smacked him playfully before cutting you a piece of the cake, which, much like the earlier lunch, turned out to be delicious. (“What can’t you do?”)

Day was starting to turn into evening and the sun was setting when you finally pulled your scarf out and got it around the shoulders of you both, cuddling closer to Seokmin with one of his arms around your shoulders and yours around his waist.

“Seokmin?” you mumbled, your eyes closed as you relaxed against him. He let out a “Hm?” and held you a bit tighter. “Did you know that I love you?”

He snickered and you could feel him press a kiss on the top of your head. “I love you, too.”

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Daddy Luke (Fluff)

“Daddy? Cute?”

Luke looked down at his little 4 year old daughter, Skylar, who was staring up at him with her bright blue eyes. You, her mom, had gone out of town for the weekend, leaving Luke to take care of Skylar alone. You knew he was very responsible with her, but he had a show that night, which made you a little nervous.

“Daddy!” Skylar whined, tugging on his sleeve to get his attention back. He looked down at her outfit, which was an inside-out t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans that were on backwards, and laughed a little.

“You look super cute, Sky, but I’m just gonna fix you up a bit,” he told her, removing her shirt so he could put it back on properly, and doing the same with her jeans. “Hey! I know that shirt!”

She giggled at her silly daddy, because she had purposefully picked one of her many 5 Seconds of Summer shirts to wear. “This one’s my favorite,” she mumbled, smiling shyly.

“Well,” Luke scooped down to pick her up, planting a big kiss on her head. “I think you look incredibly punk rock.”

“Yeah!” She giggled, making the rock sign with her little hand. Luke carried her over and set her on the counter as little Hemmo babbled on and on about how excited she was for the show, and he nodded enthusiastically as he slipped her teeny Converses on her tiny feet. Compared to his, they looked like ant shoes.

A honk sounded from outside, signaling the van was there to pick them up to take them to the venue. The instruments had all been taken before, and Luke knew that Michael had installed a car seat for Skylar the other day, so Luke picked up the bag full of his and Skylar’s belongings and made his way out the door, Skylar in his other arm.

“Hey Sky!” Michael shouted as soon as they all got in the van. Luke buckled his baby into her car seat and laid back while he listened to Skylar give an incredibly detailed explanation of what her and Luke had done all day. Michael and Calum listened intently as she rambled on about her day with Luke, which she was making sound amazing when really the best thing that had happened was they both took a half hour long nap and he had made some great mac ‘n’ cheese.

“So, how’s it been taking care of little spit-fire?” Ashton asked lowly, nudging Luke in the side.

“Not gonna lie,” Luke smiled. “It was kind of easier when she was one and just slept all the time.” Ashton laughed at that. “But really,” Luke continued, being serious. “She’s so cute. We watched Disney movies all morning and then played outside for awhile. She kind of tired me out but it’s so worth it, you know?”

Ashton nodded, because he did know. He had two kids of his own -a boy that was 6 and a new baby girl- and absolutely adored everything they ever did. He loved being a dad.

“I get it. Who’s gonna watch her during the show?”

Luke shrugged. “She’ll probably fall asleep halfway through anyway, but I’m gonna leave her with Ben, he doesn’t mind.”

“I didn’t know Ben was coming!” Ashton said.

“Yeah, he hasn’t seen Sky in a bit so it’ll be nice to catch up with him,” Luke murmured, eyes fluttering shut. Ashton took that as a sign that he should be left alone, and the rest of the ride was filled by Skylar, Michael, and Calum having some conversation about donuts. When they finally got to the venue, there were already at least a hundred fans waiting outside the back entrance, and Ashton slowly nudged Luke awake.

“There’s a lot of people,” Ashton said softly, pointing to the crowd. Luke mumbled 'shit’ as he rubbed his eyes, moving to unbuckle Skylar as Michael hopped out of the van, screams erupting around.

It wasn’t that Luke didn’t like the fans seeing Skylar, because he really had no problem about it, and people had gotten pictures of them out and about before. He just felt like it was a lot of flashing lights and sounds for the little girl to take in, and even though she liked attention, she was rather shy when it came to crowds.

“Cal, can you take the bag?” Luke asked, handing their belongings to his friend. He stepped out of the van and his ears immediately picked up on the high pitched squeals, a sound that he loved but hated at the moment. He turned to get his baby girl from her seat, seeing her eyes widen at the abundance of sounds. “It’s alright baby, I’m here,” Luke mumbled as he brought her to his chest, holding her snuggly. He turned around, making a quick dash to the entrance and getting inside without too much trouble. His little girl peeked her head out from Luke’s neck as he walked into the dressing room with the other boys, all plopping down on the various furniture. Luke set Skylar down, but the little girl climbed back into his lap, nuzzling her face further into his neck. When she looked up, Luke saw tears spilling down her face.

“Sky, what’s wrong?” He asked softly, using his thumb to wipe the quickly tumbling tears. She shrugged and popped her thumb into her mouth, a habit that you and Luke scolded her for usually, but Luke didn’t have the heart to at the moment. “What is it? You can tell me.”

“I miss mommy,” she mumbled, crying some more and clutching at Luke’s neck tightly.

“Aww, I miss her too,” Luke sympathized, placing a kiss to her forehead. “But she’ll be home soon, and these next few days will be so fun you won’t even realize the time going by.”

She nodded again, wiping her nose on Luke’s shirt a bit, which he ignored for the moment. When she looked up at him, her eyes were slowly closing and opening, a sure sign that she was tired and probably could use another nap, especially if she wanted to see most of the performance later.

“Come on Sky, why don’t we lay down for a bit,” he suggested, moving on the couch so she could lay on his chest. She was out in seconds, her little mouth slightly opened as she slept. He quickly snapped a picture of his little angel, sending it to you in a quick text that read, 'we miss you :-( ’ before falling asleep himself, holding his baby girl tight in his arms.


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hello! can i request a gif set with bangtan react to gf comparing her very small feet to theirs? (i have super small feet and idk why i'm asking this lol)

Jin: “What are you doing with your little toes!?” *giggly*

Suga: “Keep your feet to yourself!!!”

Namjoon: *amused* he’s said he loves cute little feet hehe

J-Hope:  *is confused* “Wait, what are you-” *realizes* “Your feet are so cute!!! Ah!!!” 

Jimin: *starts playing with his feet against yours*

V: *gets ticklish and can’t stop moving*

Jungkook: *smiley* “You’re so weird sometimes, ________.” 

~ admin ariel

Luke and yourself were currently sitting on the edge of the beaten down dock with your legs dangling over into the lake. Your toes were hardly touching compared to Luke’s, whose feet were completely drowned in the dark blue liquid. His arm wrapped comfortably around your waist as you both stared at the array of stars above you, neither of you wanting to break the comfortable silence that had fallen around you two except the occasional wave that crashed against the dock. ‘Tell me a story.’ Luke whispered making you flinch, but you instantly relaxed as his warm lips left a few brief kisses against the naked skin of your shoulder. This place was your annual family vacation spot, and it was the first time that someone that wasn’t blood related was brought along. Soon enough you were engulfed on telling this story where your cousin left you stranded on a canoe with no paddle in the middle of this exact lake, but to be completely honest Luke wasn’t listening to the story anymore. He was watching how your lips would curve into a smile, or how your eyes would light up when you’d think about something in-particular, or how you’d push yourself into his side when you’d break out into laughter. Luke was too submerged in you to even notice that you stopped telling the story. ‘Luke are you even listening anymore?’ Your sudden change in demeanor brought Luke out of his small daze, and a wide smile broke out onto his features as he pulled you closer and closer to his much larger figure. ‘I’m just thinking about how we are going to make our own memories here one day. With a family of our own.’

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mOm im thirsty for Hank fluff help


The Many Sleeping Positions of Hank McCoy and His Wife

When your head is resting on his sternum, your right hand barely cupping the top of his shoulder and left arm under his torso, your hand wrapping over his hip, he can smell your favorite shampoo, green tea and cucumbers, in your hair. 

When you sleep like this, he can press small kisses to the crown of your head, he can wrap his arms around you, his hands interlocking over the side of your arm.

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