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Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Gajevy.
Setting: Modern.
Requested by: @dragonfoxroar7​.

Summary: Levy had always been a lover of the written word; large words, small words, fancy words, simple words. Each held a special place in her heart. There was a time when she’d thought nothing could compare. She’d been wrong. What could compare to the written word, and what did each and every night, was the alluring pull of Gajeel’s voice as he whispered sweet words in her ear. 

“Read it again,” she insisted. “Just one more time.”

Gajeel rolled his eyes. “ I have for the first time found what I can truly love–I have found you.” He glanced up from Levy’s eldest copy of Jane Eyre to check that she was listening. “ You are my sympathy–my better self–my good angel–I am bound to you with a strong attachment. I think you good, gifted, lovely: a fervent, a solemn passion is conceived in my heart; it leans to you, draws you to my centre and spring of life, wrap my existence about you–and, kindling in pure, powerful flame, fuses you and me in one.”

Levy wriggled on her side of the bed, curling her toes in sheer pleasure as voice carried forward words she’d surely read a thousand times before. There was something to be said for the sound of her inner bookworm trying to break free. His former friends once likened her to a nerd, a geek, as though the stigma of what she loved might inhibit him in some way. He didn’t agree. It was as harmonious as the beat of an Angel’s wings and yet, somehow, was as chaotic as a violent wind escaping through a valley of treetops. She was beautiful and her wisdom glowed like the big, round moon beyond the bedroom window. 

“Why did you stop?” she asked, throwing her left leg over his right. “It was getting good.”

Gajeel dropped the book on the bedside table and caressed her exposed thigh with his newly freed up hand. Summer was his favourite time of year. It was the year Levy McGarden shed her inhibitions, and her clothes. He captured the frilled ends of her shorts, brushing her soft skin with the backs of his fingertips. 

She noticed. She always noticed.

When he captured her gaze, Gajeel noticed that she had now become flustered. Not by touch alone, of course, but by the resounding echo of his voice after he’d finished reading. She always ended up like this whenever Gajeel read to her, or whenever he surprised her with a fairly difficult word. It wasn’t that she found him stupid, oh no, Levy McGarden was simply smitten, literally, with the sound of those words wrapped in his voice. 

“My, my, Miss McGarden,” he teased, leaning in to press a kiss to her neck. “That’s a rather lascivious expression you have there.” 

She let out a moan that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Snaking an arm around her waist, Gajeel pulled her over until she was straddling his lap. He leaned back against the headboard, studying the wisdom in her eyes. Her smile warmed his soul. 

“That was a mighty big word, Gajeel,” she giggled. “Do you know the definition?”

“I looked it up,” he shrugged. “That and another one.”

“What’s the other one?”

“Coitus,” he said quietly.

Levy stifled a laugh. “And what does that mean?”

Gajeel wouldn’t give her an answer just yet. Oh no. He wanted to savour this moment. Leaning in to capture her lips, Gajeel kissed her fervently, excitedly, as though he’d never kissed her before. The taste of her tongue when it occasionally brushed his made every other sense come alive. His nerves tingled when she snaked her arms around his neck. She squeezed her thighs against his legs as their kiss proceeded, the occasional wriggle spurring a groan from his lips. When he was ready to take a breath, Gajeel pulled back, but not without biting her bottom lip first.

Levy traced a fingertip across that same lip and offered him a flash of lust in those big, brown eyes. “Gajeel…”

“Now, about that word and what it means,” he said, hooking a finger beneath the edge of her pyjama top, “how about I give you an example?”

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Sans how do you feel about your Frisk being so short compared to you? What if your heights were reversed?

* i think it’s pretty cute.
* i can pick ‘em up like nothing.
* it’s funny how they flail when i toss them over my shoulder.

* reversed, huh?
* that would be interesting….
* (boob hugs…..)

Seeing people

Most of what I know about my mom is from offhand comments and I’ve always compared myself to what I heard. I know she liked to read (me, too!). I know she would talk to anyone anywhere anytime (not me). You went to her with English homework questions and my dad with math. You could find her standing in the closet helping someone with a problem because that’s how far the phone cord reached so she’d be able to hear over the children.

I only had one conversation with my aunt about my mom being sick. I was somewhere in my 30s when I asked her what it was like, how Mom was. And my aunt got so angry. She said that the entire time my mom was in the hospital, she wouldn’t let anyone come see her except for my father. My aunt said everyone wanted to go visit but my mom just refused. My aunt said they were all upset because they were worried and wanted to help her and make sure she was ok. And I remember thinking, “Of course she didn’t want anyone to see her. I’d be the exact same way.“ Fuck me, now I am the exact same way.

My fondest wish Is to never see anyone I love again for the first time. It’d be so amazing if we could just start at the 4th or 5th visit so you don’t have to really look at me to see if I’m ok. The tiny disconnect of emails and texts and whatever other internet messaging there is make me feel encouraged and empowered and loved. You get to picture me as I’ve always looked: young, slim and with such beautiful hair you’d take my picture to your own stylist and try to copy it. And I get to say I feel good, even if I feel good but bleh. Or good while I stay perfectly still. Or good but I have never been this tired before. I swear I always feel a version of good, but I haven’t exactly felt great. And I’m so glad you guys don’t have to actually be here to see that.

Except I wish you all could have been with us at Benihana last night. Do yourself a favor and take your 6 and 8-year-old girls there for the first time ever to celebrate their dad’s birthday. They will get a kick out of the show and eat food you never thought they’d touch. And they may also get embarrassed by their mother really laughing when the chef goes around the table confirming orders and says to their dad, "And you have the Quarter Pounder with Cheese.” Honest to God it caught me so off-guard I really laughed. I’m a good audience.

So when I do get to see you all again eventually, at whatever step in this process I’ve gotten to, let’s talk about all the stuff we’d normally talk about. Like what a pain homework is. And where you’re going on your next vacation. And how we think Bake McBride celebrated his birthday. That’d be amazing.

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If the security were kids and there parents told them they ate all of there Halloween candy.

This has actually happened to Scott.  Scott’s dad hates Halloween, and when he found out Scott went trick or treating, he got angry and threw away all his candy.  His mom made it up to him and let him pick out whatever he wanted at the candy store the following day.

Spencer wouldn’t be bothered by it.  Compared to what he dealt with on a daily basis, being told he didn’t have any candy would be nothing.  He had very low expectations as a child, and in most cases, having nothing was better than the alternative.

Fritz would have been pissy about it.  He knows his parents are fairly wealthy, and knowing they took something that was his rather than buying it themselves would bother him a lot.

Jeremy would have been sad.  He wasn’t allowed to have candy very often, because his parents wanted him to be healthy; so taking away candy one of the few times he was allowed to have it would have been cruel to him.

Mike didn’t like Halloween candy very much.  He was a shy kid, and always thought it was uncomfortable to take candy from strangers.  It would bother him more that his parents took something of his without asking permission first.

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The 1d guys networth is about 20M I believe. That's a shit ton, but it's still very little compared to what the label and others got thanks to them. Like it was said before, the endorsement deals and the merchandising stuff make them more money. And those houses are almost always flipped sometime later. In the end, the smaller artists are the ones fucked over the most since they don't have those deals.

yup! i think its super hard for up and coming artists 


Compared To What - Roberta Flack (First Take, 1969)

Paradise Lost, or Updated VIII Predictions

- Luke will train Rey as a Jedi on Ahch-To. She will have been training for months by the time VIII begins.

- Rey has questions about her family and background that Luke can’t answer. This makes her become increasingly frustrated and resentful - she suspects he is keeping secrets from her.

- Kylo and Rey are connected through the Force, and Kylo seizes on her emotional turmoil, planting further seeds of doubt in her mind.

- At a crucial point Kylo reveals the truth to Rey - her family abandoned her at Luke’s Academy when she was too young to remember, meaning Luke enabled her separation from her family by accepting her as a student. Kylo stresses how weak and inadequate Luke is, saying he’s no fit teacher for her. Rey, as much as she struggles with it, begins to think he might be right. Kylo tempts Rey by promising to help her find the family she never knew so she can get her answers from them.

- By choice or by dint of a slip of concentration, Rey reveals the location of Ahch-To to Kylo.

- Kylo travels to Ahch-To and confronts Luke, his uncle and his hated teacher. When faced with Kylo in person Rey is afraid and torn again, her loyalties uncertain. Luke is wounded badly during the duel, and Kylo is preparing to deliver the killing blow when Rey enters the fight. Rey goes to battle Kylo but, as before, he refuses to fight her offensively. Seizing on her confusion, Kylo tells Rey that he ‘saved’ her by taking her from the academy and leaving her on Jakku for her protection. He deactivates his lightsaber and tells her to think back, to draw upon all her skill, and see the past that had been hidden from her. She falters and closes her eyes, thinking. Kylo presses his palm to her forehead, and she feels the fog lifting from her memories - she remembers being a Jedi learner at the academy, recalling that Ben Solo was her friend - her only friend - when she was a child. She’s emotionally overcome and distraught, her questions more numerous than they ever were before. But she knows now that Kylo has the answers for her that Luke does not, and so she chooses to go with him. There is no mention of Snoke, the First Order or the Dark side - only the two of them. 

- Luke is left bleeding on the ground - he has failed his students again. But somehow, despite everything, he senses that there is hope that was absent before.

I don’t really expect this to be followed, but it’s something to chew on and consider. I certainly think it’s plausible, though I’m being REALLY evil to Luke with this forecast - I’m excusing it because there’s been so much stress on how dark and heavy VIII is going to be. I think it’s going to be the darkest episode for several characters, and I think showing Rey being lured to the Dark side like this would go a long towards explaining the incessant stress on the darker tone. And I accept that there’s a bit of a plot hole with Luke just being left - it would probably make sense for him to be taken prisoner, but I would buy Kylo and Rey becoming so entirely absorbed in each other that they simply forget him. It would be the ultimate sign of their selfishness.

(And yes, I’m totally thinking of Kylo as Satan a per Paradise Lost with this. I’d love to see them go down that kind of road.)

But what do you lot make of this? Would you buy something like this going down? What direction do you see VIII going in?

Free him.

Why did Louis look dead inside here.

His mouth is smiling but his eyes tell a different story.


Free him.

I don’t even recognise him anymore.

His eyes are shooting literal daggers, I would never want to be on the receiving end of that look, ever.

This post is a mess just like me right now I apologise.


Les McCann and Eddie Harris: Compared to What

Here’s a surprise: a video of the original hit performance of Gene McDaniel’s Compared To What, by Eddie Harris and Les McCann, with Benny Bailey, at the 1969 Montreux Jazz Festival. Festival promoter Claude Nobs knew a hit when he heard one, and sent the Swiss radio tape to Atlantic. The result was a major hit, that became an anthem for the times. Very cool – and still powerful.

-Michael Cuscuna

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fucking stop comparing what bellamy was willing to do to save clarke to what lexa did

first of all bellamy blake is just a boy and he can do whatever the hell he pleases, he has done it multiples times since s1, (dont get me started about this) and he may have some responsibilities placed on his shoulders but it will never be as big and as heavy as the responsibilities of someone in a position such as lexa’s. he can ignore his duties and leave his people (like what he did in that cave) to do whatever he wants, and someone would easily fill in for him.

but lexa can’t do that. she can’t just up and leave and drop her role as the commander just to save one girl and she once said that her priority is her people. (yeah ok i know that sounded harsh bc it’s clarke we’re talking about but you get my point) she can’t afford to look weak in the eyes of her people and so she did the one thing she can think of to save clarke; send someone else to find her and bring her to polis where she could be safe. lexa wouldn’t risk the fact that if the ice nation saw her saving clarke herself, they’d know this woman is important to her. the ice queen already wants clarke dead to be the commander of death. what would happen if the ice queen finds out about the extent of lexa and clarke’s relationship? we all knew what happened to costia.

so just stop comparing them and their actions and shut up

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Do you have any tips for finding a style of your own?

Anonymous said:

Hi, hello, i was just wondering, but how can i improve my art style? I’ve tried a lot of styles like realistic but i find nothing that suits me. My art still looks like a 10 year old weeaboo drew a failed anime picture.

OK THIS GUY!! he does SUCH good videos and answers this exactly how i would:

this is such a technical and preferential kind of question. it’s literally all about exaggeration and what you prefer. that’s why i thank myself for starting with realism, because it helped me understand how to distort things. in order to understand how to distort a feature, i needed to know how to draw it in it’s undisturbed state.

best of luck!

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I doubt my grandfather would enjoy the fact that many American conservatives actively compare the holocaust to abortion. Abortion doesn't compare to what his friends and family had to go through and the torture they had to suffer.

The Holocaust is DISGUSTING. I hate it. I want to cry every time I think about it.

The reason people compare the two is because everyone wants to be on guard against anything similar to the Holocaust so that we don’t allow history to repeat itself. Abortion has killed millions of innocent people just like the Holocaust did, and those of us who see the similarities between the two are trying to speak up against this injustice. That doesn’t suddenly makes the suffering of Holocaust survivors irrelevant.