People need to calm the fuck down about Belle. Y’all act like she personally insulted you. Don’t act like you’ve never been angry over someone blaming you, your family member, or friend for something that wasn’t entirely your or their fault. Don’t act like you don’t compare what you feel is an unfair situation to the situation of others. She never said it was Neymar’s fault for Brazil’s loss and she never denied Thiago’s role in that. All she basically said was: I hate how differently my husband’s mistakes are being treated in comparison to someone else’s.

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Hello! Do you know of other blogs similar to yours, but with other biases? Like, with your NDP bias but only for the Conservatives, Liberals, etc.? The information is fine and good, but sometimes, it's extremely skewed without perspective and I would like to see more of the other sides of the argument and compare/contrast before deciding whats right for me. Or even a blog that tries to be impartial as possible would be wonderful! Do you or your followers have any suggestions?

fycanadianpolitics But they’re even more left wing then me in general.

consumervoter is more centrist/not as left leaning as my blog.

I don’t know any outright conservative political blogs of any quality.

If anyone else knows any, let me know.

So I watched the sunrise today, stuck my head out of the window for at least half an hour, if not more, all the while admiring the sunrise and thinking this; “There is not a camera in the world that is better than the eye. For what we see with these eyes will never compare to what we can capture with a camera. As the recognition of beauty lies in the eyes and not in a camera. I try and I try to capture the beauty of the sky but even a million photos do not suffice because it is only through these eyes that He colours my black and white world with its hues. And it is whilst the rest of the world is sleeping, I search the shade of the sky for answers.” It is one of those times when you take so many photos but nothing compares to what you can actually see with your eyes. A camera can only capture part of the beauty, not all of it, in its entirety.

I have a dream for Audrey--

Audrey was one of my preseason favorites.  I expected serious gameplay from her.  I expected ruthlessness.  I expected cunning and strength.  What I did not expect, or want, was a messy, transparent game that keeps her name in everyone’s mouth.  Audrey’s game, so far, has made everyone suspicious of her and is pitting houseguests against each other.  The latter is only a good thing when it can’t be linked back to you, and you’re not doing it to half+ of the house.  If you liken it to juggling, she basically has a few dozen balls up in the air, that are on fire, and she can’t possibly catch them all; she’s asking to get burned.

Audrey’s biggest problems are that she’s talking too much and she’s doing too much.  Both situations open her up to people comparing notes, not only about what she said and to whom, but also about where her loyalties lie.  She is a strong, smart woman, and if she could just pull back and learn to listen and observe instead of talk and orchestrate, she wouldn’t be on everyone’s radar.  Yes, as of now, she is misting people and managing to talk her way around things and out of situations; however, she can’t keep that up indefinitely.  Eventually, people are going to become immune to her word games, probably sooner rather than later.  In that case, she’ll be lucky to make jury.

We’ve seen strong, smart women who talked game and were serious competitors who managed to fly under the radar.  Do you think Danielle (BB3) or Neda (BBCAN2), both amazing players and strategists, would have been as successful as they were if they had been running their mouths like Audrey has been?  I sincerely doubt it.

I like Audrey as a houseguest, but right now, I don’t like her as a game player – which sucks because I want to.  My hope is that Audrey will stop what she’s doing, take a step back, regroup, and play a game that isn’t so overt so that she can actually be a contender for final two and not just someone we get good reactions pics/gifs from.


Can someone name me?

Give random names.

I don’t think I’m happy with mine.

“Ayden” feels weird.

I don’t know if I want it to be long-term.

So if you don’t mind, give me a name I could use to compare with what I have now. 

This is serious…My college classes are about to start back up and I really don’t want to be misgendered or let people use my real name.

Thanks c:

Stay rad x.

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Hello! I'm going to be a freshman in high school soon, and I wanted to start a tumblr/studyblr to keep me motivated throughout the four years that I'm going to be there. I have two questions, a) what was your first year of HS like? And b) what are some things to try to avoid throughout the years? btw, I love you blog so much! x

  1. so my first year of high school was rly good! im in marching band so i already had over 100 friends from other grades and i got p good grades through freshman year ~ i stressed out wayyyyyy too much i rly miss 9th grade bc it was not that much homework compared to what i have now
  2. avoid
    1. procrastination
    2. laziness ~ u will have more free time in the end if u get things done as soon as u can

hope that helps!

darumin replied to your post: i saw a post comparing steven to usagi…

what would the sailors gems be, tho? your thoughts?

well, i meant the crystal gems as sailors, but the other way around is also good and actually…. now im interested. hmm

i dont have any concrete ideas atm, im not super versed in gemology but i guess i could hammer some stuff out

usagi as moonstone is probably cliche, but since moonstone seems to be associated with lovers and a lot of usagi’s attacks have to do with love it might be alright. chibiusa could be peach moonstone?

ami would probably be a stone associated with water, but i think aquamarine is more appropriate for michiru. maybe larimar or lapis

rei: pyrope or cinnabar, both of which evoke fire? perhaps. cinnabar apparently stimulates the third eye, and since rei tells the future it would be appropriate for her.

makoto: tempted to say black opal right off the bat because it comes from lightning ridge and is associated with lightning. maybe also turquoise?

minako: perhaps imperial topaz? it has to do with charisma as well as money, and is about the color i would associate with minako (sort of a golden yellow.)

haruka: perhaps fluorite or labradorite. both are associated with the sky, and fluorite is associated with concentration and decisiveness.

michiru: aquamarine because duh. aquamarine is also associated with mirrors, which are michiru’s weapon

setsuna: tough. setsuna is associated with time, but the only references i find to a time-associated gem are amber (for obvious reasons). then again, setsuna has the garnet rod, and garnet is associated with love and compassion. so i guess i’d go with garnet.

hotaru: i honestly have no idea. hotaru as sailor saturn represents silence, death and rebirth. emerald represents rebirth, but i feel like it doesnt really g with her. amethyst is also a stone associated with saturn and represents healing, protection agains deception and some other stuff.

there’s also apparently a few gemstones associated directly with the planets but i am getting disoriented from the fireball im drinking maybe ill make a list of those gems later???

To The Boy That I Will Love,

I don’t know that we have met, or if you will come later. I don’t know if life will be less complicated than it is now or if, somehow, this will be a walk in the park, when compared. What I do know is, it won’t be easy. Nothing in life that is worth it ever is, that is the way that it should be and that is the way that I want it. I want to work to have you be mine and I want you to give chase. I don’t want games but at the same time, I don’t want to be underappreciated. As much as I want to say I have grown up, I want that fairytale but with the twist of reality thrown into. You may think me crazy but I can promise you this: you will never want for affection.

I will always make you feel treasured and reassured and that the world is yours. You’ll have the occasional, unexpected breakfast in bed of burned waffles because let’s be real, I can’t cook to save my life. I’ll try and the kitchen will be a mess but there is always pizza, lots and lots of pizza. Oh and 24 hour Denny’s who make the best pancakes in the world. We’ll always find a solution to the hunger issue and who knows, that trip to somewhere could be the adventure that we’ve always talked about. Not to mention the times that I will wake you in the middle of the night because I either had a bad dream that makes me want to hide, or the hormones that make me want to be a harlot, or just that need to hear your voice and know that you exist.

I want to feel your skin and listen to your heartbeat. I want there to eventually be a day when I call you my husband, just not to soon because I don’t want it to be rushed. I’m not sure I can ever give you kids because when I was eighteen I made a stupid decision but there is adoption. There is always a solution if you are willing to find one with me. I want there to be the porch swing that we sit on every night in our seventies as the sun sets and another day is over but it was a day worth living because it was a day that my heart belonged to you. I want us to fight and never lose our passion. We won’t be perfect, of that I am positively certain but it is those imperfections that will make everything worth the stupid fights over the right pie to have at Thanksgiving (apple, of course).

I don’t know if we have met or if we will have our reunion. However, before either are happening, there are three important things you need to know. I’m not easy to get along with but you will work with me on it. I have issues a mile long but you’ll love me for them anyway. And finally, I’ll push you away and you’ll be tempted to go but you’ll stay, pushing me against the wall and making me forget why I wanted things to dissipate in the first place. I’ll love you, the only thing to matter. The only thing I ask of you, don’t make me wait too long for you, okay?

Till Another Time,

i hate my head. the fact that i can actually compare what kind of migraine i had compared to the last time, whether it was ore nausea or more headache, whether it was right lobe, whole frontal lobe or my whole fucking head on fire.


Although confused about the other being’s change of creation date, Chansik was still 90% amused compared to the 10% confusion. “What are you programmed to do? I’m programmed to research about human nature by interacting with humans.”

Taekwoon kept still, gaze fixed on the other. “I am programmed as a household synthetic. I will do chores and carry out the tasks my owner asks of me.” Despite his harsh looking appearance, Taekwoon’s voice was soft, something they’d designed to make him more desirable for a customer. If he seemed too harsh, no one would buy him. “I currently have no owner so I do whatever the factory workers ask.”

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Hey Ross, I'm currently 15, a Junior in high school, and love to animate. I don't think going to an art institute/university is the right move though when I get out of HS - financially or for many other reasons. Community College is a huge possibility though, as it's less expensive and would still teach me more things about animation all together. For the most part, I believe animation can be a self-taught experience, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

That’s great dude.  Don’t feel like you HAVE to go get an education in animation to succeed.  I tried it, but it wasn’t for me.  I found I wasn’t really learning enough compared to what I learnt just fiddling and making mistakes by myself.  I mean look at Arin, he didn’t even finish high school yet he taught himself  to be an animator.  Some people learn better being pushed by an education system, some are better left to figure things out for themselves.  If think you’re better going it alone then GREAT!  You’re an autodidact!

Here’s some stuff I’d recommend you focus on while getting started: 

  • Learn Flash or Toon Boom.  

  • Maya/3DS Max/Zbrush if you’re interested in 3D (I have a minor background with it)

  • Study life drawing and human anatomy.  Try this if you’re at a loss for material:

  • Keep an organized folder of art reference (find it by following art tutorial blogs or your favorite artists).  I have gigabytes of reference in my folders.

  • Get your head around cinematography.  Watch legendary films and figure out what makes the shots great.  One exercise is to take your favorite shots and make silhouette thumbnails of how things are placed, helps you  break it down in your head.

  • Composition!  It’s crazy and even those who get it sometimes don’t get it.. but just look it up online to get your head around it.  It’s all about placement and arrangement of shit.

  • MAKE FRIENDS!  Talk to other artists like yourself who are starting out.  I met Arin online through Newgrounds when I was 16/17 and we’ve been friends ever since.  It’s important to have like minded friends!

  • Keep a sketchbook, draw all the time.  If you prefer doing it digitally then that’s fine, but keeping a sketchbook is a magical thing.  Also helps with your line confidence, at least I think so.

  • If you want to develop your own stories to go along with your animations, consider the following books: Screenwriting 101 (I LOVE this book, really great read AND it’s written by someone pretending to be The Hulk), On Writing: A memoir of the Craft (Stephen King!  Haven’t read this one yet but friends recommend it) and also Save the Cat! (this one is more so about selling scripts and writing to a formula, don’t take it as gospel.. But it’s interesting).

  • Voice act! Shit man, just get a decent microphone when you can.  Make goofy voices, do imitations.  Get silly!  Lots of animators have at least some experience doing voice acting!

  • WATCH STUFF.  Seriously, I can not stress this enough.  Everything is derivative from other works and that’s okay.  Inspiration comes from everywhere and anything.  My late friend Monty also preached this, he even proudly told me some of his early influence for RWBY such as Black Rock Shooter.  Finding influence breeds passion.  You’re not slacking off watching cartoons, you’re researching.

  • ANIMATE! Do it however you can!  Stop motion lego, flipping paper.. I don’t care.  Just do it. Whatever you learn, It all translates across any version of the medium.

  • ANIMATORS SURVIVAL KIT.  This book is a must and most animation schools highly recommend it.  It was written by Richard Williams the director of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (among other things).  If you’re not big on reading, then you’re in luck because it’s MOSTLY pretty pictures.

  • Lastly but not least.. Just don’t stop.  The people you see online and on TV right now, they’re not kicking ass because of some god given talent.  They’re there because they didn’t stop.  They persevered through it all and kept going, no matter what anyone else told them. 

Good luck!