The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative

Three Questions that Destroy Most Liberal Ideas

1) Compared to what?

2) At what cost?

3) What hard evidence do you have?

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It's because Louis has said it makes him uncomfortable, not because we're brainwashed by him

Let’s set aside for the moment the conflicting things that Louis does in person via what he says online and in print. We know those quotes are manipulated and at times manufactured. We’ve seen that happen very explicitly when you compare to what was written in their autobiography to what was said on tape. But, disregarding all that, if we were to say that every quote attributed to Louis was actually said and agreed by him…

If we’re going on the premise that you fundamentally disagree with anything that makes them uncomfortable, which is a platform I 100% support (Again, my reasoning for not condemning Larry runs parallel with the points outlined in the first paragraph, but let’s talk about some other topics.): Do you think that bringing signs that are very sexually explicit in nature and throwing underwear on stage makes them comfortable? Do you think that is something that they want to see? And if not, then why do many people continue to do so? Do you think that being stalked around a city, chased through the streets in a car, and having cameras shoved in their face without any sort of preamble makes them comfortable? Do you think that’s a situation they want to be? And if not, then why is that behavior so rampant in this fandom? I fundamentally don’t think that those things mentioned are okay, because I do feel as though it makes them uncomfortable and crosses a boundary. But, that behavior is not shunned by the majority of this fandom, and people who do those things largely get a ‘free pass’. Why is that?

If we’re going on the premise that gay rumors make Louis uncomfortable, then why are Lilo, Zouis, and Nouis shippers given a free pass? I have had several people come into my inbox and tell me that Louis and Liam are together and going to come out of the closet soon. If Louis was so uncomfortable with the thought of being gay, why are they not overwhelmed with hate in their inboxes? Why is it okay to talk about Louis with Liam, Zayn, Niall, Greg James, Nick Grimshaw, etc. etc. but not with Harry? Why are those sorts of blogs not inundated with hate? Just because Larries are 'annoying’? I’m not shoving my opinion in anyone else’s face. I express my thoughts on my blog. There’s no reason for you to see the content I create if you disagree with it. I’m not trying to convince you of anything. But, if I want to express something that makes me happy, without contacting Louis or anyone associated with him, then what am I doing wrong? It’s just a blog. I’m not @'ing Louis on Twitter. I’m not messaging him. I’m not contacting him at all. I’m just typing things I think and expressing happiness over things I see. How is that hurting anyone? How is my happiness hurting you?

What makes it okay to send someone a message that says that they should go kill themselves, or that they are disgusting human beings? I certainly have never gone onto someone else’s blog - even if I vehemently disagreed with them - to send them a hateful message. I don’t go seeking things out that make me angry or uncomfortable. I don’t go onto your blog asking you to justify your position or tell you that you are wrong for thinking the way that you do. I let you do whatever you’d like to do. Whatever makes you happy.

Whether or not you acknowledge it, the violent disposition of people against Larry shippers was created and condoned by @Louis and quotes attributed to Louis. This environment did not exist before that. This type of environment is not normal. I have NEVER seen a band react to gay rumors like this. It’s INCREDIBLY odd. Most often times, they play them up. I find it hard to believe that the same Louis who went on a whole tangent about who tops and who bottoms is so fundamentally offended by gay rumors that he would bully people who interpreted his own words and actions. He wasn’t bothered.

If you don’t think Larry is real, that is entirely fine. No one is sitting here trying to convince you of it. But, Louis is a person that makes choices of his own free will. He didn’t need to stand next to Harry. He could have declined taking Harry’s hand. Even if he was the raging homophobe that his comments seem to suggest he is, I don’t think he lost any sleep over it. The violent outrage and outburst is unwarranted and uncalled for. But, it’s the way that this fandom has been conditioned to behave at a very deep level, whether or not you want to acknowledge it. It’s not 'brainwashing’. But, if SeaWorld gets more hate from an offhand Harry Styles comment versus a documentary that was talked about globally in regards to the abuse of their animals, I think we need to acknowledge that this type of psychological response is deeply ingrained within this fandom.


A/N: You’re Calum’s sister (not Mali but she’s goals) and you join 5SOS on tour

Request: yes

Trigger: no

You got off the plane and looked around, searching for a familiar face in the terminal. Finally, you saw a large man jumping up and down and waving at you frantically joined by another large man with dyed, blonde hair. You had a large smile as you waved at the two idiots. You walked as fast as you could with the large suitcase in tow. Your brother ran to you and attacked you in a hug that would’ve made you fall over if you hadn’t been held by him. He let go and you turned to Michael, giving him a short hug compared to what Calum crushed you in.

“Calum, you need to learn that I’m still a weakling and you’re a pile of muscles.” You said, rubbing your upper arms.

“Sorry, I just missed you.” He said with a large smile as he grabbed your bag and started walking. You and Michael followed closely behind until you got to the exit where you saw Dave waiting. You smiled to him who returned it before escorting you all to a black car.

“I’m so happy you’re here. We promise to behave and stuff.” Calum said.


“Guys! Y/N’s here! Put on pants if you haven’t yet!” Michael shouted as he opened the bus door.

“It’s five pm, I’m pretty sure they’re wearing pants.” You said to Calum who just shook his head before walking in in front of you.

You walked inside to find Ashton pulling up his pants and turned around immediately.

“Oh wow, sorry.” You said with wide eyes at the wall.

“Okay it’s safe.” Calum said and you turned around to see everyone fully clothed.

“Hi!” Ashton said before walking over and hugging you.

“Hey.” You said as well. When you stopped you expected Luke to come over and hug you as well but you saw a curtain being drawn instead. You looked at the other three confused but they just shrugged and shook their heads.


“So,Y/N, when are you leaving?” Ashton asked as you sat down and ate pizza with ¾, Luke still hadn’t exited his bunk.

“In about two months.” You said after swallowing.

“So soon.” Calum said with a frown.

“Yeah, you should know that Calum.” You said, lightly punching his bicep.

“I prefer not to think about my baby sister leaving and focus more on the fact that she’s here.” 

“Baby? I’m one year younger than you.”

“Yes and when I was a kid you were still a baby so you are my baby sister.”

“Cal, that logic makes no sense.” Michael said and you and Ashton nodded in agreement.

“Just eat your pizza.” He said, shoving Michael’s slice in his face.


About a month had passed and still, Luke hadn’t said a word to you.

“Do any of you know why Luke is ignoring me?” You asked the other three as Luke stormed away when you arrived at rehearsals with drinks.

“No, he’s been acting strange ever since I mentioned you were coming.” Calum said before taking a gulp of the water.

“It’s weird, I thought you two were friends.” Michael said confused.

“I thought so too, guess he doesn’t.” You said with a shrug a you tossed Ashton the third water bottle before putting the last one next to Luke’s mic stand.


Your last day with the boys had arrived and you had barely even seen Luke let alone talked to him. You decided to corner him off.

You saw him walk into the venue and head to the bathroom. You decided to wait outside of there to corner him off.

When the door opened you managed to take him by surprise and push him up against the wall.

“What the Hell!” He shouted before he noticed it was you.

“Why the fuck are you ignoring me?” You questioned but he stayed silent. “Luke, I’m fucking serious. Why are you ignoring me? What did I do? I’m sorry if I did anything just tell me what the fuck it is.”

“You can’t apologize for it.” He muttered.

“What? Was it that bad?”

“No, you can’t apologize because it’s not your fault.” He muttered through gritted teeth.

“Then why the Hell are you punishing me by ignoring me?”

“Because I’m not! I’m not fucking punishing you!”

“Then you could’ve talked to me months ago!”

“No! I wouldn’t have been able to help myself!”

“What the Hell is that supposed to mean? Couldn’t help yourself to do what?!”

Instead of answering he pressed his lips to yours taking you completely by surprise. When he pulled back he looked at you for a second before walking away. You stared at the wall dumbfounded for a second before hearing your name.

“Y/N! There you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Calum said as you turned around to face him, still in shock. “You okay?” He asked worried. You shook your head to regain mobility.

“Yeah, why were you looking for me?” You said after clearing your throat.

“Because you’re leaving. We need to go. Like now.” He said before pulling you out of the venue and to the same car that had brought you from the airport the first day.

The ride to the airport was silent. You kept thinking about the kiss. Was he ignoring you because he had feelings for you?

A/N: Boom done! Hope this is good enough and thanks to the anon that requested. You guys can request, ask me questions or anything else here. Like literally anything except for self harm, depression, smut and such you can request. I’m here to talk whenever. I don’t romanticize anything that is as serious as that anymore. Stay strong beautiful! xx

the prisoner of municipal cell #586 // remus & sirius

[Sirius Black had worked very hard over the years to cultivate a certain reputation for himself; this much was no secret. He liked the kick he got out of coming off as a badass, he clung to his punk rock records, and he was able to laugh it off every time one of his friends cracked a joke or one of his relatives muttered under their breath about him ending up behind bars one day–– just like war, all of it was like a game to young Sirius Orion Black. 

Not tonight.

It wasn’t Azkaban. It wasn’t some torture cell dripping basement. It wasn’t the corner of his father’s study, which had become synonymous with punishment in Sirius’s mind–– it was just three walls and a row of bars closing him into a dingy and dim little portion of a room of the muggle county jail. It was mild, compared to what it could have been…and Sirius was terrified out of his mind. 

Things, unsurprisingly given who he was, had gotten out of hand. A few too many drinks at the pub, a misplaced comment, a punch thrown and…well, he’d like to say that it was all a blur after that but as he sat there staring at the floor and still not sobered up properly, he couldn’t. He remembered all of it: every twisted, ugly detail of the way he’d acted and the way he’d be shoved (none too gently) into the back of a policeman’s car when it was over, blinded by a swirl of red and blue lights that made his eyes ache. 

He was caught in some hazy and headache-filled state between still tipsy and starkly hungover, and it felt like there could be no lower point to his week than this: a minor arrest record that wouldn’t really ever matter in his life or career, not with all the worse things he was up to in conjunction with that. It had never once even occurred to him to apparate out of the back of the car, even though it was something he’d joked about more than once with James–– the truth was, the whole situation was like a terrifying slap to the face. A wake-up call of ice-cold sobriety that left him, instead of with clarity, terrified and useless and hoarse and exhausted. 

They kept him there overnight, making it clear that they weren’t thrilled and wouldn’t be giving him any special treatment; this was a place where his name meant nothing, his smirk meant nothing, his recent loss meant nothing. Even the strange gold coins in his pocket meant nothing as far as the muggle police were concerned. It wasn’t until the sun was just poking pink out of the corner of the sky that a gruff looking woman arrived at the door to his cell and yanked it open with no sensitivity to his headache, telling him he could make a phone call now–– it was akin to being locked up at Grimmald, but the bars here were visible. 

He stalled as long as he could, holding the reciever of the phone in his left hand and closing his eyes as he rested his forehead against the cold painted-over bricks of the station wall. He only knew one number, so there was no question about who he was going to call…it was what would happen when he actually did call that was causing the painful grinding sensation in his stomach. He knew he had messed up; he knew he had messed up so many times over and over and over again, and couldn’t bear to fact that music on top of everything else. Finally, though, he punched in the numbers of his own flat, feeling oddly criminal under the scrutiny of the watching officers. He didn’t even wait for an answer; as soon as he heart the click of the line, he spoke


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I totally think Tessa+Scott are in love and will end up together. The loving looks, touches, kisses and public I love you, I think they're nervous about being a real couple bc if anything were to happen, they'd both break and never be the same. Just to be sure, 18 yrs is a long time, they are trying other people out-fair enough. The feelings are there! T even said it might be boring if they were together. If 'it' wasn't there, she would've said so. Nothing + non one can compare to what they have

….if we can just keep this up for more years to come…were good <3

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Hey! I just have a question, ok so is it me or did Preston and Cammie have a summer thing in out of sight out of time?? Like wut? U feel wut I'm saying? Hahah also I love ur blog.

Holy crap, I’m so sorry I didn’t see this message until now. I didn’t mean to ignore you! And thank you!

Anyway, I get what you’re saying, but I don’t think that they did. Or, okay. Preston, getting to know Cammie like he did between OGSY and OSOT after seeing her in DJAG, was probably attracted to her at one point or another during this time period. BUT he’d never actually do much about that because:

  1. Two words: Macey McHenry. Both Preston and Cammie know how hard it is to gain her trust and they would never dare do anything to harm that
  2. Preston knew Cammie was on the run and so that just wouldn’t be appropriate
  3. Their chemistry/attraction would have been much more shallow compared to what they had with Macey/Zach 

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I'm American and I say lilac the same as you I've never heard anyone say lie-lack??? (I live in the southern US Though maybe it's a northern US thing)


we should make a map of who says lie-luck and who says lie-lack and figure out tf is going on i mean. my datemate is also english and they say lie-lack but they’re much more southern than me so ???? is it like ??? reversed in england compared to america ??? What Is Going On 

[SNS] 150831 Yonghwa Weibo Update 

朋友们!41周的第一真的非常感谢!!!其实我只是非常享受与大家的沟通!!! 比起排行榜,我感受更深的是大家对我的真心!!!! 以后也会通过微博努力与大家沟通的!一直都心存感激!

Dear friends! Really thankful for 41 weeks of champion!!! Actually I’m just enjoying communicating with everyone!! Comparing with the Gaon chart.
what I’m deeply touched is everyone’s sincerity! In future I will continue to communicate with everyone diligently at Weibo! Always sincerely thankful!
trans cr cnbyonghwa

“What lies before and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when you bring what is in within out into the world, miracles happen.”

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I read your 'giving birth' experience and you said it hurt like hell. (paraphrasing). What would you compare the pain to? And what do contractions and being in labour feel like?

I can’t compare the pain to anything, because it’s a unique pain. And it’s also unique to every person. My pain wasn’t the same as my friends’ pain. I will say that my epidural didn’t take very well, and I had back labor, which meant I was more uncomfortable than many women who get epidurals. I have heard that if the epi works it really helps with the pain. 

Contractions, to me, felt like the worst period cramp I have ever had multiplied by a thousand, added in with the pain you get when you need to poop really badly.

And that’s what labor feels like, ladies and gents. That, and the burning and tearing pain as the baby is actually pushed out.

I am not a Proverbs 31woman. I am not a collection of characteristics of someone who has walked this earth just as humanly as I have. I am not a woman who will strive to be the image of one woman in one chapter in the entirety of the bible. I will not be measured up to, or compared to Proverbs 31 and what it entails, no matter how deeply other woman idolise it and live by it. I am not called to solely live up to it, fulfil it or prescribe to it, and I am certainly not going to allow my heart to obsess over ‘the perfect wife list’ or ‘the ideal woman list’ that western society has muddied up Proverbs 31 to be. Whilst it’s a wonderful example of wisdom and a kind heart with hands committed to serve, give and love - it is not the heart beat of who I am or who I will long to become - nor who I was created to be. Will I fear the Lord? Of course. Will I aim to speak with wisdom, and live a life of strength and dignity? Yes. Will I open my arms to those in need? Forever. Will I provide for my household? Always. But I am not a Proverbs 31 woman… I am a Jesus woman, a Godly woman. I am not a woman who designs her life around the sketching and outline of a noble wife. I am not her and she is not me, and I will not build steps of my identity out of a longing to sculpt myself into her likeness because social media has fluffed it up to be what everyone wants. I am a woman who aims to reflect the image of her Maker, and waft the essence of her Saviour. I am a woman who longs to encompass the entirety of His character - of which the wife of noble character in Proverbs 31 only speaks mildly, timidly and reservedly of. I am not a Proverbs 31 woman, in the same way that I am not Esther, Ruth, Rahab, Mary, Martha, Deborah or Elizabeth. I will not hold back, step down, pull up or restrict my character to a small list of wholesome capabilities, descriptions and definitions, because He has not called me to idolise a piece of His word, He has called me to consume every page of it. He has raised me up to be a woman with a heart that beats for what His beats for, not forever longing to complete a check list of requirements. I am not a Proverbs 31 woman - I am ever so much more…

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