Stop hating on Amethyst

I’ve said this. AJ Universe has said this. Other people have said this. People agreed with this. I’m going to say it again. This Amethyst hate has gone too far. Now people are comparing her to an abusive parent. Like wtf. Amethyst isn’t abusive. Sure she shouldn’t of done what she did, but she isn’t abusive.

Like compared to what Lapis did in Barn Mates and what she did in Catch & Release, this is nothing. Amethyst did this out of love and caring. Am I saying she did nothing wrong? Hell no. Amethyst shouldn’t of took the tablet and threw it. Like I’ve said billions of times, she was doing it out of love and caring.

Lapis broke Peridot’s tape recorder for no reason. She did it out of hate. She had every right to be mad at Peridot but she had no right to destroy something that belonged to Peridot. (Also, I think Lapis was to the point where she wanted to literally destroy her)

So please stop comparing Amethyst to an abusive parent.

okay this is all I’m gonna say on the matter but: I don’t even really get where Eliza was coming from there? I feel like the Bellarke fandom has been scared into submission when it comes to asking the cast and crew about Bellarke for like, a year or so now. Even after season 2 ended the Bellarke fandom was discouraged from asking about them romantically to the point where I feel like it’s really just not something we do anymore? So I don’t really see what Eliza was even talking about. She said herself she likes them as a team, but hey, my guy, so do we! That’s all we’ve been saying lately! Give us more Bellarke working together instead of separating them, that’s all we really want! That’s all we’ve been asking for for months now. Honestly, if Eliza was telling the truth in that clip, we want the same thing she does, and I wish she would realize that instead of writing us off as crazy shippers.

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how do u feel abt ppl being mad abt ppl calling kate transphobic after all this time for playing fitzwilliam on tbgss

I think that ten years ago non-trans people’s level of education re: trans issues was at about 0 compared to what it is now.  Kate certainly didn’t seem to (or ever mean to!) invalidate trans people with her fitzwilliam sketches, but the language and portrayal could have been improved upon to avoid harmful stereotypes (though I doubt that she and her fellow cast members were at all educated on those nuances back then).  She did the best with what information she had, and I think we can all agree that she would do the sketch differently in this decade.  However, I do think that the show should have had at least one trans writer and cast member for how many trans sketches it produced.  As for what some people are saying about Kate, they are entitled to their opinions, of course, and I think that she accidentally did trans-insensitive things with the fitzwilliam sketches, but I do NOT think that she, herself, is transphobic or would ever intentionally harm trans people.  That was also a full 10 years ago, let’s all remember.  There is NO reason to believe that she does trans-insensitive sketch work now. :)  I’m glad that you asked this question!  It’s important to remember that inclusive comedic art requires a community-wide learning process, and that even our most beloved comedians make mistakes (and learn from them!) :)

i obviously agree w/ fanart/fanfic positivity posts but so many of them also give me like

intense second-hand embarrassment

you don’t gotta compare what someone’s doing to painting the sistine chapel or the mona lisa to make it a valid use of their time y’all, sheesh

like @konora do you know what terfs are? do you know what terfs are capable of?

terfs are nasty transphobes who love to continuously equate genitals to gender. they love to berate, hurt, and have even murdered trans women all in the name of being women. terfs have tried to convinced trans men that they can’t and shouldn’t “identify as” men. terfs are violent cissexists.

and to compare us, a side that has a lot of trans women and people in general, to terfs, is nasty. to compare us to the people who love to uphold cissexism and hurt and murder trans women is disgusting. lgbt people making a few posts on Hellsite.Com about how being ace isn’t inherently lgbt and discussing this in the discourse is no where near comparable what terfs do, and to tell us we’re just as bad as them for it is transphobia at it’s finest.

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how do you not compare yourself to others?

what’s the point? they’ll never be me & i’ll never be them. lots of people are beautiful and talented in their own ways and i think the rawest form of beauty is from being your true self, whatever that may be. comparing yourself to others will never help you grow

17. lighter

Laughter bubbled up in his throat and he threw his head back; Steve wasn’t even sure why the words had sounded funny to him, but he didn’t want to fight off the feeling. Warmth and bliss coursed through his veins with the strong liquor – a parting gift from Thor that proved how the Asgardians liked to party and that booze from another realm definitely worked for super-soldiers. A pleasant surprise Steve had discovered when he got tipsy at one of Tony’s parties a couple years before.

Yet it didn’t compare to what he felt that night with Yasha. It was just the two of them, so he didn’t mind letting loose and celebrating those two lovely weeks he’d spent in Moscow. He’d saved the silver flask until then and now they were taking turns downing the liquor, lounging in bed. Steve was shirtless due to the surprisingly hot room – or maybe that was just his body warming up too fast. Either way, he felt light-headed and happy, not a damn care to the world.

“This is good, very good.” He commented with a hum, words a bit drawled out as he blinked up at the ceiling. “Makes me feel like… before but better.” He chuckled. “I was such a lightweight. Literally light, actually.” Biting his lip, he tilted his head towards Yasha. “And you have my picture in your wallet.”

earlier i was all hype that i get to start working on pixel vn pretty soon but then i remembered yuri jam is happening

once kaima is out i’ll be working on getting rd2 to an acceptable state for an incomplete release, which will go out by the end of august. i’ll talk about the whole thing in more detail when it drops.

september-october is yuri jam game. it’ll probably be pretty short compared to what i can usually get done for a game jam game because this is the first one im trying to do while working full time. should be enough time to finish something though!

THEENNNNN i can devote all my free time to pixel vn…… right now im prioritizing it over starting on treat rpg 4 but we’ll see how i feel in november? im a slave to whatever im inspired to work on in the moment so. YEP. MY REST OF THE YEAR IS ALL PLANNED OUT LOL

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are you kidding me with that zika post? yes hope was being insensitive but comparing the virus to what's happening in the states with respect to systematic racism and blacks being killed just because they're black is really ignorant and dangerous. get out with that shit. you can't compare the two at all. as a poc that post makes be so angry lol

but she didnt say anything about the killing of black ppl lol? its mostly the stats related to lack of gun control in the us and how easy it is to get a gun and start shooting ppl even if its an accident?

…….but like imagine being brazilian and having your country treated as shit by the ppl who come here to spend their money, sleep with our women, be treated as kings and then they get to leave after having had fun their fun in brazil and we have to stay here and deal with this bullshit everyday

also there’s a great correlation with zika/dengue/chikunguya infections and the poor/slum areas in brazil with mostly black ppl living there but y’all dont care about that right, only that the athletes and the tourists get to be safe and have fun


deaths by zika virus related diseases in brasil since 2015: 4

deaths by firearms in the us in 2016: > 7000


So in the promo of 7x6, we can see someone talking to Hanna with a British accent. Well the only one I can think of is well Wren. Duh. So i REALLY think he’s coming back. Also did you see the writings on the wall in the promo when someone was attacking Alison. Well compare that to what happened in the previous seasons. Remember when someone left “nosey bitches die” on Dr. Sullivan’s wall. Well there were theories about how it was Wren did that as he is the only one who is British and that’s how nosey is spelled. Also slight chance that Wren will come back as Marlene is just adding everyone back like Sara Harvey, Jenna, Noel, and now and 7x7 Jason is coming back, so why not?

P.S. Aria don’t be a fool and say yes to Ezra. #ezria

P.P.S Sara Harvey is back. Ew.

P.P.P.S Omg don’t make Jenna and Sara happen. Its not going to happen.

So this was my theory. I just hope it made sense. Like and reblog!👑💯💓


A robot… AU…?

One was built to replace a dead yet unrequited love, one was built to take the place of a beloved granddaughter who may never wake, and one was built… just because

I wonder which is which? :’D

  • Mercy:alright i have the perfect hero-villain couples costume for the Halloween party
  • Pharah:okay
  • Mercy:we will for sure win the costume contest
  • Pharah:mm hmm
  • Mercy:we'll completely crush any competition
  • Pharah:i feel like you're taking this a bit too seriously but okay
  • *at the party*
  • Tracer:wow. fareeha jones and angela schneider. how original
  • Mercy:at least we aren't amelie-mega-mind and roxanne ritchi-oxaton
  • Widowmaker:touché

Compared To What - Roberta Flack (First Take, 1969)