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Hello~ Can I have a headcanon with Hidan beeing jealous? With a s/o female. Her ex or starts talking with she, asking if she wants hang out with he. [I hope my english is understandable~] I think her ex could speak pretending not to see Hidan and speak with she pretending a genuinely conversation like "LETS GO TO MY HOUSE JUST THE 2OF US BUT ITS JUST MY HOUSE" this type, you got it? Thank you~~

I gotchu. And your english was understandable :) Thanks for requesting! (I hope this is okay!!!) Warning: Slight NSFW at the End.

HC’s on Hidan’s Girlfriend Getting Hit On by Her Ex + Hidan’s Jealousy

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  • I should really start off by saying that Hidan is a bitch when he’s jealous. I cannot think of anyone else who compares with him on the jealousy scale, he’s just so…extra. And what’s worse is that he gets jealous very easily, so THAT’S always a good time. When he gets jealous he becomes very clingy to his girlfriend, either wrapping an arm around her hips or waist. He then begins to verbally roast the person that is making him jealous. His roasts are spot on, seriously, they’re not even funny, they’re hurtful. Then when that’s done he spews a string of cuss words at them and then kills them. He doesn’t sacrifice them, they’re not worth it to him. And then he’ll take his gf back to the hideout and show them “who’s boss” *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
  • So knowing all of this, Hidan’s girlfriend tries to desperately avoid situations where she knows he’ll get jealous. Which is VERY hard, but not impossible. 
  • Anyway, so here’s what happened: The two of them and the rest of the Akatuki went to a local bar, club-thing because they’re people, they deserve breaks. And Hidan would be with his girlfriend, sitting in a booth, hand around her waist - almost pulling her to his lap. He would be scanning the crowd to see if anyone is giving his wonderful woman the snake eye. Hidan’s gf is looking off into the distance like she’s on The Office because this happens every time the two of them go out together. 
  • To give herself some space she’s going to ask him to go get her a drink, which will cause him to say, “get it your fucking self” but then he realizes that potential “threats” if she does get the drink by herself, so he goes and gets her drink. 
  • And now she’s alone in the booth - the other Akatsuki are doing their own thing. Kakuzu is gambling; Itachi, Kisame, Pein, and Konan are playing pool; Toby is by the jukebox busting a move; Sasori is alone in a different booth; Deidara is with him drinking and debating different art styles; and nobody knows where Zetsu went. So Hidan’s s/o is alone…until she and her ex (which she had no idea was there) spots her. The two make eye contact but she quickly hides her face and prays to Jashin that he actually did not see her and that he is not going to come over. But he does come over and Hidan’s girlfriend is face palming. This is not going to end well. 
  • Her ex is going to try and talk to her:
    • “Hey (name)! How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while”
    • “Get out of here, now.” - She’s going to look around and see where Hidan is. 
    • “Oh come on, don’t be that way! I’m really sorry about how things ended between us, it shouldn’t have gotten so ugly.”
    • “Yes yes. I forgive you. NOW GO.” 
    • “But I’ll be honest, I haven’t stopped thinking about you and I think we should get back together. Or at least talk about it.” - He’s going to reach for her hand, but she’s going to ultimately smack it off.
    • “No. We’re done, now get out of here.” - She’s getting scared because she can’t see Hidan and it’s all about to go to hell.
    • “She said get lost.” - Oh look, Hidan’s back. He’s going to slam the drink in between his Gf and her ex.
    • The ex plays dumb and refuses to acknowledge Hidan, “We can leave later, so (name) tell me what you have been up to.”
    • Hidan’s girlfriend is going to look up at him and see the pupils dilated, the nose flared, and the murderous aura. She doesn’t reply to her ex.
    • “Well I’ve been up to a lot. You know that garden I always wanted to plant? Well I did it and now I have tomatoes!” 
    • Are you fucking deaf? She’s not interested, now get the fuck away from her.” - Hidan is not having any of it. You can hear his teeth grinding out of anger from miles away.
    • Hidan’s gf mouths the word “run” at her ex, but he doesn’t listen. 
    • “It’s pretty loud in here don’t you think? We should go back to my place to catch up, just the two of us.” And then he winks at her which is the final straw. 
    • Hidan’s girlfriend lets out a deep sigh, says “Well you’re fucked.” and then throws back her entire drink. 
    • That’s it!”
    • Cue the record scratch. All the other Akatsuki members stood back to watch and they all said a silent prayer for the bastard who pissed Hidan off.  
  • Hidan roasts the ex into oblivion. There’s no coming back from it, the ex will have to spend years rebuilding his pride. Hidan knows the ex from what his girlfriend told him and uses everything he knew against him.
  • He then rips the guy out of the seat and takes him outside. Toby turns up the jukebox to drown out the guys screams. Hidan’s girlfriend continues to chill in the booth, rolling her eyes at Hidan’s possessiveness. She knows he means well, but does he really have to kill everyone that comes into contact with her that’s not the other Akatsuki. 
  • When Hidan comes back he’s covered in blood and breathing heavily, nobody winks at his beloved and gets away with it. His gf is definitely not going to complain about the sight of him all riled up, seeing him hot and bothered makes her hot and bothered.
  • At this point in time the Akatsuki went back to buisness as usual, leaving Hidan and his lover to their own devices. I can imagine that Hidan would go over to his girlfriend and just jam his tongue down her throat. Primal instincts will kick in and he’s going to want to “claim” his partner - if that makes sense.
  • After the make-out session in the booth, he’s going to throw her over his shoulder as if they’re nothing but a sack of potatoes and take them back to the hide out. He needs to show her who she belongs to ;)

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Heh, I had a conversation with my friend about Laith. I like because I can legit pronounce it without remembering how it's actually said (and also because I can't make a joking tying how I say it with Ke|th only existing to lock |ance's heart). She doesn't like it because Laith is awful. Like, friend, I love you, but VLD can't make ship names. Have you seen some ship names? We don't need to go far, look at k|ance. It's just k in front of |ance and accurate for who is given all the attention.

Compared to some fandoms I’m in the ship names in voltron are so lazy like I’m in the rwby fandom there are some fucking creative as hell ship names there and then we just have like…kl@nce…like ok

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I think if Clary wasn't the main character people would like her a lot more. She is a 3 dimensional character and a strong female,and she makes the best moral decisions compared to others who only follow orders. I don't get the trend about hating the main character.

Admittedly, I didn’t like Clary much in the books. I was kind of indifferent tbh. But I definitely think the Main Character thing is a factor to why people dislike her. I don’t know where the trend of disliking the main character started or why, but I just remember hitting middle school and suddenly you weren’t allowed to like the main character of something if they were female. It was weird. 

Clary on the show is a hardworking badass who is just trying to figure her life out and help other people at the same time. 

Who I was at the beginning of the year, is nothing compared to who I am now. Thank God for growth and self love and all of the opportunities that arose directly after I reminded myself of who I am and what I deserve.

- Meggan Roxanne


So when I first saw Genji’s new dancing emote, a lot of the moves reminded me of the Kinjaz, so I went to go investigate.

The original Kinjaz video

The scene on Endor is so important to me for many reasons but one of them is that in it, Han Solo apologises. Which marks one of the very few times that I’ve seen a male character apologising for getting jealous of his own volition, not because he got yelled at or anything, but because he realised that Leia was upset and that this was not the time for him to get petty and stupid over his own insecurities, and I love that.

Because jealousy is so often portrayed as a funny or even romantic thing, a sign that the guy is in love or whatever, when in fact, jealous behaviour is almost always hurtful or even controlling behaviour. As an instinct or reaction, it’s very human and understandable, but when I see characters acting jealously, I see them acting in a way that’s possessive, manipulative, controlling, hurtful, and ultimately, lacking in trust. No one ever does nice things out of jealousy.

Here’s the thing: who Leia falls for is her choice. Who Leia trusts and confides in is her choice. Who Leia has a relationship with is her choice. And Han knows this. He gets momentarily jealous and annoyed because he’s been away from her for a year and he’s scared of losing her and maybe she doesn’t care as much as he does, and they’re back to fighting, and he doesn’t know what to do about any of it. He tried asking her outright, and that didn’t work, and that’s Han out of ideas. Not like Luke, who’s good at this emotional stuff, damn him anyway. But then Han realises very quickly that Leia’s upset, and he’s being petty and unhelpful and making everything worse. Luke just left, and whatever he is to her, whatever they said to each other, Leia is upset.

Leia, obviously, doesn’t really care about love triangles right now. Leia has just had several major revelations, she has a brother, she has a father, they might kill each other, and she’s also in the middle of a life-or-death mission. What Leia needs right now is just someone to be on her side, not demands for answers or petty jealousies. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She needs to process it all first.

So then it’s Han’s choice whether he storms off in a huff because she’s not putting him first, or turns back to comfort her because he’s putting her first.

He chooses the latter. He chooses her. He puts his jealousy and his insecurities to the side, he swallows his pride, he apologises for losing his temper and being an idiot, and he doesn’t try to offer an excuse or explanation or justification for it, either. He just says “I’m sorry” and stands there, saying nothing, making it clear that he’s here for her in whatever way she needs. Putting her first. No expectations. Because he has no idea what Leia needs or wants right now so he’s decided to just give her a chance to tell him.

He’s also made himself vulnerable, because you know that between these two, an apology is a Big Deal, a major score for the other side. But what it also means is that Leia can now turn to him for comfort, because he’s being sincere, so she can be, too. You can tell it surprises Han, because of course he didn’t even realise he was doing it right, but unlike their earlier fights, this one ends well because what do you know, a relationship is about trust and consideration and putting each other first.

The point is: Han realises that he’s being an idiot, he apologises for it, he doesn’t make excuses, and he doesn’t demand any particular reaction to it. It’s a genuine apology and it’s given, with no expectations or conditions attached, for a behaviour that’s romanticised far too often. It turns the “jealous lover” trope around and puts the romance where it ought to be: in the apology, aka the act of genuinely putting the other person first.

You know what, I’m afraid. Afraid to lose you right here and now, afraid to never fall in love again, afraid to never forget you, afraid to always compare your lips to those who I kiss, afraid to give anything, or maybe even everything, just so I could be with you.
—  P.G.G

[What’s the first information you consume in the morning?] “It would have to be my alarm clock. That’s purely because my son has a tendency to sit on my chest—he’s not yet 3—and look me square in the eye and say, “Milk.” He’s a bit like the child from The Shining. And that’s around 5:30 in the morning.”


Somebody, save Jun from V live.


Throwback to that time James made Aleks laugh so hard he fucked up his progress