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Newt x Reader

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Anonymous requested:  Newt bringing his muggle!girlfriend back with him to New York after his book is finished.

-Newt being really excited and nervous for you to meet Queenie and Tina

-”You’re going to love them darling.” he tells you, is hands moving in every direction as he packs.

-You are to afraid to tell him that you are not afraid that you won’t like them but if they like you.

-when you arrive in New York the city seems large and advanced even compared to London

-when you arrive at Queenie and Tina’s apartment Newt forgets to introduce you in his haste to hug the two sisters

-”Now Newt is this that lovely girl of yours?” Queenie asks, pulling you into a hug

“Theres no need to be nervous,” she whispers in your ear, using her legilimency skills to see your thoughts.

-You realize halfway through dinner that you had no reason to be nervous in the first place. The sisters are wonderful and you think you’re going to become great friends

-After dinner, you and Newt are sitting, together on the couch, as the two sisters insisted you sit down while they clean up

-Your eyes are just starting to close when you feel a slight pressure against your lips.

-”what was that for?” you ask, sleepily.

-”I’m just very happy you got along so well with Queenie and Tina.” he smiles down at you shyly.

-”I love you.” you murmur, falling asleep.

-”I Love you as well, darling.” he says, arms circling you tighter as you fall asleep.

Anon asked: Can I have a Nash imagine where you just moved from London England to LA to visit your cousin and they’re friends with him and they like laugh about your accent but you get on really well and yeah you can take it from there 😊

Los Angeles was in a sense way different compared to London. LA was the famous “land of opportunities” and it was a much warmer climate change, which is perfect for me because I’m more of a swimsuit type of girl. I’ve lived in London literally half my life and decided to come to LA for change and to be with my cousins. I feel like I’m already home and I’ve only been here an hour. I hopped in the awaiting uber and let my cousins know I was on my way, I was pretty excited taking in that I’d be living here, with my cousins but also quiet nervous on how much adjusting I’d have to do and how many new friends I’d have to make. We driver drove and I admired the palm trees, the height they stood was a spectacular sight to see. I watched buff juice monkey guys work out on the beach, and beautiful girls strut what they have. Occasionally I’d see a skateboarder and wave, you could say I have a special love for skateboarding.

Within 30 minutes we were at the address of my cousins place, the driver beeped and my cousins came running out, “Y/N!!” They screamed running into my arms. I was loosing oxygen rather quickly “woah woah woah, I can’t breath” I chuckled. “My bad, we miss you so much” my cousin Yasmine said smiling. “You need help?” The youngest cousin Jonathan said, “that would be great” I sarcastically smiled. They brought my bags in, as I tipped the driver. As I turned I bumped into this tall long haired boy, “oh crap” his deep voice exclaimed, “oh my, I’m sorry” I chuckled, his eyebrows furrowed together as if he was trying to take in what I said. “No bigged” he smiled as he walked up the steps of my cousins house, “you know my cousin?” I ran up the stairs catching up, “yeah” he chuckled, “she’s a close friend of mine” he smiled, “your the cousin she talks about all the time” he smiled brightly, “I don’t know weather to take offense or be flattered” I chuckled a bit letting my accent flow out, “you should be greatly flattered I’ve been dying to meet you” he smiled as we headed inside. “SURRRRRPRISEE” I was flustered with cheers and sudden flashes. I held to my chest being caught off guard, “oh my gosh, what the hell” I caught my breath trying to laugh.

“Our bad, we just had to throw a party for you since your permanently living with us” Jason the oldest laughed. “JASSSON, you bastard I thought you were in Chicago on your "BUISNESS TRIP” I ran into his arms, you could say me and Jason get along more than the other cousins do. “I had to lie, or I knew you’d think something was up” he laughed running my back. Everyone dismembered doing their own things, Yasmine called me over to a group of boys. All of which handsome and included the young fellow I bumped into earlier. “This is Nash,Hayes, Jack, Jack, Sammy and Nate” she gestured each. The guy I bumped into earlier was Nash, I smiled brightly “Hello” I waved. “Ooh nice accent” the young one named Hayes chuckled. “Wait wait wait, say where are you’re shoes” this blonde hair boy, I think his name was Sammy chuckled. “Why?” I furrowed my brows together, “I wanna see if your accent matches with this movie I seen” he chuckled, “where are your shoes” I said it clearly with my accent present, “DUDE IT MATCHES” Nate laughed.

“What’s wrong with her accent, i find it cute” the Nash boy smiled at me, “thank you” I warmly smiled back. “I’ve always wanted to go to London” One of the Jack said. “Yeah, London is such a beautiful peaceful place, nothing compared to LA” I smiled, “my names Jack, but call me Johnson” the same Jack replied “and yeah, I dig the more quiet places, like I’m a guy that likes to be up and moving but it’s nice to be chill” he smiled, “yeah, I’m more of a adventurous type of girl and don’t get get me wrong i love London, but it’s nice to be in LA with people I know I’m meant to be surrounded with” I chuckled, “yeah that’s fresh, maybe when we go to LA for our tour, you could come and show us around?” He smiled, “I’d be delighted too” I smiled back. “Tell us about yourself” Nash flirted, and I flirted back. I kept leaning from leg to leg because I was tired of standing. “You look tired, wanna sit where I’m sitting” Nash offered, I denied his offer, “no your sitting there, I’d feel bad taking your seat” I smiled. “Who said I was talking about sitting in the seat” he winked, “gwowwww, we have a flirt over here” I chuckled, he got up slightly pulling me by my arm to his lap. “Now that, that’s settled. Tell us…mainly me about yourself” he smiled placing a hand on my lap.

I told them everything, from my singing to skateboarding and even my smoke places in London.
“Me and you are definitely gonna smoke one day” Nate laughed, “I’m down” I smiled, “ooh tomorrow we got a studio sesh, care to join and show us what you got” Jack J smiled, “I’m hella down for that” I chuckled, “care to go on a skateboard date” Nash whispered in my ear as his head layed relaxed on my shoulder, “i look forward to that” I smiled down. He pulled his phone out and handed it to me, I typed in my number and handed it back. “Future Girlfriend” he smiled, “yes future girlfriend, future boyfriend” I winked back.


Teen Wolf | Jackson Whittemore 

Jackson’s POV 

Honestly, compared to Beacon Hills, London sucked pretty bad. Yeah my good looks got me a girlfriend and the bite gave me everything I had wanted, but it still wasn’t good enough for me. Back at Beacon Hills, there was atleast purpose. Whether it be proving that I actually am better than McCall, or just dominating everyone. 

There’s no action here, every day is the same routine. The school doesn’t even play damn lacrosse! 

Narrator’s POV 

You had moved to Beacon Hills a few weeks ago, and joined the school during the second semester. You weren’t conceited, but you knew that you looked pretty good. Not that everyone was showering you with compliments however. 

Whispers had started going around Beacon Hills High School that someone had returned to the school. Girls were gushing at his beauty, and the boys were looking pretty sour. Currently you were in Coach’s Economics class when a boy that you had never noticed before walked through the door. Coach turned around and looked at him in shock. 

“Jackson! Great to have you back! Are you going to be joining the lacrosse team?” He asked eagerly. 

Jackson replied with “Of course I am.” and a confident smirk. 

He walked to the only empty seat, which was behind you.Yours eyes had been following every step of his, and every smirk he was giving. Jackson leaned forward and whispered into your ear, “Well this is going to be fun.” Your heart started beating rapidly, and you shifted in your seat. 

Throughout class Jackson had been pestering you, poking you with his pencil and whispering in your ear as if he had nothing better to do. As soon as the bell rang, you dashed out of the class and Coach grumbled “I get that nobody likes Economics but do you really have to run?” 

It was two weeks later and Jackson has still been continuously pestering you. At first it was poking your back with the end of his pencil and tugging on strands of your hair. Then, it had escalated to flirty comments that left your cheeks tinted red for a majority of the class. 

At the end of the class you had gathered your books and was walking out the door when Jackson stood besides you. He was silent, only making you even more uncomfortable. 

“Is there anything you want, Jackson?” You asked him, getting irritated by his silence. 

“Well, Y/N, there is a party tonight. And I want you to go with me.” He stated, giving you his confident smile. You saw an opportunity to get something out of it for yourself, and took it. 

“I’ll go with you to this party under one condition- you stop pestering me during class.” 

“Sure thing princess, here’s my number. Pick you up at 7:00?” 


Over the course of the next few weeks, you found yourself getting roped into dates with Jackson. Not that you minded however. He always had an excuse for asking you out and you always found an excuse for saying yes. You found that Jackson was actually bearable on the dates, finally being somewhat chivalrous. This was the start of your epic love story, one that had taken you both by surprise. 


Suit ensemble

This fawn-coloured coat and matching waistcoat (c. 1765-1775) are made of broad cloth, a woollen fabric woven on a wide loom. Broad cloth was not always of exactly the same width. The Universal Magazine recorded in 1764: ‘Burstall is a little town, noted for the manufacture of a Broad-cloth, so called to distinguish it from kerseys, druggets, & though the cloths of this country are all called narrow at London, when compared with the broad-cloths made in the West of England’.  

You know what I wanna see next series

I want to see Shelagh alone at the dinner table at Nonnatus. Just a regular visit, not a grand occasion that requires all of the family. Just her having lunch with her friends.

I want to see Shelagh hanging out with the nurses more and maybe even got out with them.

I want to see the nurses at the Turners flat and just having a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst playing with Angela who calls them all Auntie.

I want to see Delia and Shelagh having a casual chat about moving from a different country to be a nurse in London and compare the regional differences.

I want to see Patrick being goofy around the Nonnatuns and become friends with them instead of just a colleague who’s banging the ex nun.

I want to see letters from Jane and Jenny.

I want Shelagh and Sister Julienne become buds again.

I want the white top, green skirt combo that Laura was wearing in the good luck message to the rowers to be one of Shelaghs outfits.

I want to see the friendship between Patrick and Phyllis develop.

I want to see Shelagh and Sister Mary Cynthia to discuss religious life after the novelty of it wears off.

What else do people want to see happen?


London Day & Night

We absolutely love this gorgeous video comparing London in the day and at night. When is your favourite time in the city?

C is for Compare…

London’s Gagosian Gallery brings together the work of modern masters Richard Avedon and Andy Warhol (above) in a new exhibit. See more great cultural highlights in the month of March on Tory Daily here.

Tina Freeman, 1975, by Andy Warhol, Private Collection © 2015 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Vasiliki Millousi

Here are the main points from the interview she gave right before she departs for Rio

  • She will only compete on balance beam, which is the only event she’s been training in the past month. She could do AA but she felt that she should focus on beam
  • She (FUCKING FINALLY) changed her double pike dismount into a gainer layout
  • She has added new skills and combination and she’s going for a 6.4 routine. She says that it will be at least 6.2 with missed connections
  • Qualifying into the finals is her main goal but of course her journey has been the most important thing. She thinks she can be in the top 8 but she knows it’s very difficult and she believes that there are 12 athletes (including herself) fighting for those 8 spots
  • She says she’s lucky she’s in one of the last subdivision, compared to London, where she was in the first sub where the judges are more harsh
  • She doesn’t really have many memories from Sydney because she was so young and so nervous but she felt all the magic of the Olympic Games in London. She says it may be like every other competition in theory, but the way she experienced it was completely different and special
  • She’s never been in an opening ceremony she will once again miss it in Rio but it’s very hard for a gymnast to be there and stand around for so many hours, when they compete the next day. However she hopes to be there and enjoy the closing ceremony and she’d love to be a gymnast being the flag bearer
  • Those will definitely be her last Olympic Games but she’d love to comete in 2017 and fight for good results at euros and worlds if she’s healthy.
  • She’d like to thank her coaches, her family, the Greek gymnastics federation and her sponsor
  • She hopes to see Vlasis Maras performing like he used to in the past and fighting for medals while she hopes to see Lefteris Petrounias winning the gold medal.


People called this city the City of Angels but Mikah believed it was the City of Fallen Angels, the Home of the Devil. Los Angeles was a very different place compared to her native London in everything but what people held in their homes. She focused on the homes closer to the rich and famous, knowing they had the best things. Until Mikah built a reputation and could slip in and out of the secured houses, she wouldn’t take a client. She stole for herself, selling some of the goods for a small profit and keeping the documents and some jewels for herself. With the money she stole and some of her own, Mikah managed to purchase a small flat of her own, using it as a base camp. 

What the young thief had found was that the famous didn’t care about the small things she stole…but she had heard that they reported the alarms not working. For people who sold their freedom for a price, they really cared about their privacy. Mikah had taken a small contract by another young famous woman, someone who demanded some jewels her husband gave to his lover. She thought it was odd but Mikah didn’t say anything. After all, the check was fat and she loved it. Mikah smiled as she watched from an old oak tree as the lights turned out in the house. 

Sticking to the shadows and avoiding the cameras, Mikah found her way into the house through an open window. She hated the rich and famous and she felt like some twisted Robin Hood every time she stole from them. Mikah hoped this would be an easy steal until she realized she wasn’t alone. Another shadow caught her attention and she watched it for a minute. She needed to find the jewels before she was caught. 

the mayor of London’s comparing of egg-smeared Conservatives to the systematically eradicated victims of mass pogroms is so blinkered, insensitive and distasteful that it demonstrates perfectly why Johnson himself is scum; and why the calculatedly crumpled operator should be chained to a rock and have hot eggs pounded into his pie face for all eternity, waking each new morning to find yet more egg leaking endlessly into his eyes, discharging directly from the smelly anuses of perpetually hovering hen harriers, like some slapstick Prometheus of low-rent legend.
—  Stewart Lee