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I'm sorry but I really don't get why are you all happy that Louis is mia instead of doing his promo? Is him being supportive boyfriend really more important to you all than him concentrating on his own career?

I want to make this quick because I don’t have the patience when it comes to purposefully missing the point. 

Louis being there with Harry for two nights has nothing to do with him missing promo. It’s not like he skipped his own obligations in favour of supporting his boyfriend. If he weren’t mia at Harry’s concert, he’d have been out there pretending to be casually spotted by a stalker just to prove that he wasn’t anywhere close to his arch-enemy Styles. Would have that made you happier? This is what we’re celebrating, what we’re so happy about: Louis having the chance to attend something that’s surely important for himself, too, instead of partecipating to the usual, pathetic parade he’s been forced into since Middle Age. Louis supporting Harry the past two nights has literally nothing to do with missing his own promo, there’s no logical connection. Was Niall missing his own promo, too? There IS an issue about promo, and that issue is related to the poor quality of the job his team is doing. To rise a debate for once that Louis did get something good at least on a personal level is just so out of this world to me. 

Support your friends you guys!! Admire their artwork, listen to their music, watch their videos, read their writing. Tell people about their business, buy their work. Give them feedback, look for the bits of their personality in the things they create. Just make that effort to show that you’re proud and you’re eager to see more. It makes all the difference in the world.

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i just listened to key's covers of today and i'm a crying mess, i really love his voice

i hate that i KNEW he was going to sing since he posted on instagram about it but he really blew me away with what he chose to perform. it was touching, especially with wake me up when september ends, that he would choose to bring up such a vulnerable part of his life with us (his grandma’s passing), which i thinks speaks volumes of how safe he and shinee feel with shinee world.

Oh my god. Going back to Critical Role after TAZ is a trip. The tone is sooooo different. I never realized how legit Matt is as a DM. Griffin is amazing, obviously, and TAZ took my heart and ripped it from my chest before stitching it back in with rainbow thread and unicorn bandaids, but fuuuuck I never thought I would think Vox Machina was a group made of careful, deliberate individuals. 

On a serious note, though, we are getting to the end of this campaign and I’m really concerned that we’re not going to have any more serious character moments. TAZ by the end was less of a D&D podcast and more of a semi-improvised radio play, but still. I need my children to talk to each other before they all die. 

Also they’re definitely going to die and after TAZ I think that might kill me?

kajgkesjneasjgf it’s finaly done!

This is my masterpiece! one of my best lineless works.

started as a wip on december 2016, i’m so lazy :,D but it turned out pretty grea i thinkt~

Please do not use or repost in any sites without my permission and credit. Do not remove my caption or my signature.

this is the order of my favorite tullycraft albums btw

  1. the singles if it counts (it counts) (1995-1999)
  2. old traditions, new standards (1996)
  3. disenchanted hearts unite (2005)
  4. beat surf fun (2002)
  5. city of subarus–this used to be a lot higher and it’s the only one I’m still conflicted about, I consider it a floating variable (1998)
  6. every scene needs a center–I know a lot of you love this one a lot and I’m still willing to have my mind changed but it hasn’t happened for me yet (2007)
  7. lost in light rotation (2013)

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"i accept her despite her bad taste in music" oh my god. ITS A FUCKING DOG, YOU CUNT. WHY DO YOU THINK YOURE BETTER JUST CAUSE YOU LIKE DIFFERENT THINGS. PEOPLE LIKE YOU USED TO BE HOMOPHOBIC. "OH, I AM MAN, AND I LIKE GIRLS SO IM BETTER." "OH, I LIKE THIS KIND OF MUSIC. IM FUCKING BETTER THAN U". You're not better. You would be better if you stopped being as stupid as this bye, hoe.

…………can u look up what a joke is and also calm down a bit


Flower Shop AU where Viktor keeps buying a new plant everyday and Yuuri thinks the plants keep dying on Viktor so he gives him a catcus.

Yuuri: “Now you don’t have to come back so often” :D :D 

Viktor: *sound of heart breaking*