comparative geography


Location: The Region of Norvik

“Norvik is the only island in the Eldris continent. The people here often think of themselves as independent from Eldris’ politics.’


Leaders: High Lord Darian and High Lady Caitlyn

Governing Clan: Clan Golwren

Factions: None

Emblem: Ram horns, divided between black and white, with a diamond as its head

Demonym: The Norvik people


Region: Norvik

Capital: Daelach

Main Towns: Westwatch, Rennington

Points of Interest: Whiteflow Forest

Native Beasts: the Great Beasts, the Sea Monsters


Norvik is influenced by Scandinavian countries.


Norvik is the only region in Edris which is separated from the mainland. It is a large island to the west and is one of the coldest locations in the continent. The majority of its geography is made up of snowy forests and snow-topped hills. It becomes especially mountainous towards its northern regions. It is a land of brisk winds, fierce storms and cold rain.


The Norvik people have always thought of themselves as separate from the other Eldrissians. Norvik is a colder and wetter land than the mainland, and rears stronger warriors in the eyes of its people. They call Eldris the ‘soft’ land because they believe its rich, green lands spoils the people with an easier life than they experience in their icy homelands.

Some people may call the Norvik bitter because of their island’s harsh surroundings, but the Norvik would fervently deny this and instead say that their lifestyle only strengthens their resolve to remain true to their people’s ancestry. The Holy Light religion is not popular in Norvik. They are still very much devoted to the ancient ways of the Fenarious and views the new Holy Light faith as an example of Eldris’ growing weakness and corruption.

The Norvik are known to be a blunt people who don’t waste time mincing words; they simply say what they intend to say and move forward. They do not dally into the Game of Clans and the shady, political games like those from Dawnstar, Carn or Morellin like to indulge in. Despite being thought of as a rude and straightforward society, their critics have to admit that the Norvik are very loyal to their own and the concept of ‘honour’. But they are very superstisious. Their desolate forests and mountains are frequented by phantoms, ghosts and the undead. They also have a deep respect for their ancestors and the afterlife, and the passage of death is one of the most important traditions in their lands. They return their people’s spirits to the Whiteflow Forest in fire and ash.

The Norvik people are stereotyped to being suspersitious, traditional, bitter, blunt and strong.


The heavily fortified capital of Norvik is a sight of tall, stone walls, firm and solid gates, and a strong presence of alertness around the city’s sentry towards. For thousands of years, this ancient city has stood against undead armies, dragon fire and even the Rifting. Each century, it grows only stronger because Clan Golwren always insists on a consistent maintenance on the city’s defences. Inside the city, it is separated into five outer circles to the inner core. Each circle is walled and fortitifed too so even if the city is invaded, the enemies would have to breach many different levels and hurdles to reach Daelach’s heart where the great stone castle dominates. The road from Daelach’s docks to the city are flanked with tall, unwelcoming walls and the ever watchful eyes of the patrolling guards.

No-one may enter or leave the capital hooded. Some phantoms are clever enough to hide their features and pass off as the living to enter the city for a feasting. The guards are extremely vigilant and will demand people to be unhooded.


The Westwatch Fortress was created as an outpost to watch for any invasions as the western coast is the easiest location for ships to land and unload. It has gradually grown into a town and has a tall, spiked wall to surround the greater town which was built around the fortress. 

The smells of a blacksmith’s fumes mixed with the fishermen’s daily catches are frequent smells in the city, and the Westwatch tabac which is famous throughout Eldris.


Norvik’s smallest island to the east is called Rennington; named after the Rennington Estates that were built by the Golwren Clan. It is surprisingly green and flat compared to the mainland’s geography, and is famous for its beautiful woodlands that are frequented by small, blue flowers known as the Mylrhyn flower. It acts as a popular retreat for the Golwren family and other rich families from Norvik.


The majority of Norvik is dominated by mixed forests. The area is called Whiteflow Forest and is a place of wondrous sights; snow topped pines, rare, colourful flowers surrounding streams and rivers, and ghostly clearings where the undead frequently dance to lure outsiders into their grasps. Many forgotten items and places of old, magical times are within these forests but even the nearby natives do not dare venture into its territory to retrieve such riches - the dead are always waiting.

The famous flower - Aeltau - only growns in Whiteflow Forest and is the most powerful plant for healing. It is an extremely expensive and prized export of Norvik, and it is one of the main reasons why escorts venture into the deep part of the forests to make their fortune.

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