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Imagine if Logan was an andoird made by Doctor Joan and Patton was an android made by Doctor Thomas and then they put them in a room alone together as an experiment

I got this forever ago. I finally got inspiration for it. I apologize to whoever this anon was for how long it took me to get to this and the fickleness of my artistic mind.

No warnings I can think of. As usual, let me know if I should add some.

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Excuse me- is this the customer service department? I'd like to file a complaint. There's this guy, you see, all decked out in tactical armor wearing your company's logo on it and he just won't leave my home. He came in with the heating and cooling guy (whom, I am assuming, is also from your company) but the job's done now and the other guy has left, and he's just... standing there... staring at me. I would like immediate action be taken or I'm afraid that I will no longer be using your services

Your call is very important to us… please hold… please hold…

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hey do you know much about creating icons? i was just wondering how i could make my own and how people get the cool mildliners and notebooks as their icons

I’ve been getting asks about how I make my icons, so I figured I’d make a mini masterpost on it. These are the basic steps I go through when making an icon

  • there are tons of different icons you can make: check out my icons tag for inspiration!
  • what I use: Adobe Illustrator canva. If you’re broke or too scared to torrent this is probably your best bet. You have to sign up, but it’s completely free
  • Create your document: any size bigger than 400x400px is probably fine, but make sure that it’s a square shape (do this by going to create a design → use custom dimensions)
  • a ‘lil note: canva does this annoying thing where if you’re zoomed in or out all of the shapes will be slightly off. Unless it’s at 100%, the preview you see won’t be accurate, which is annoying when you’re making something with a lot of shapes
  • find a reference image: whatever your icon will be, a pen, a book, a calculator, a reference image will help immensely with accuracy and amount of effort going into your icon (I used this photo for the leuchtturmicon)
  • background color: I usually start with a light grey so that it contrasts with al the color I’m using in the icon, then I change it at the end if i need to (do this by going to background → document colors)
  • create your icon!: easier said than done, obviously. canva doesn’t have a pen tool, so you have to take the shapes they give you and build on them. Notebooks are probably the easiest; just use rectangles, and you’re good. For more complex shapes, you have to take several shapes and put them together. If I was making a notebook with rounded edges on one side, I would use a rectangle for the base then put a rounded rectangle overlapping one side that makes no sense I’m sorry It’s often really tedious and a bit complicated to test with different shapes, so message me or send an ask if you have any specific questions. (shapes and things are in elements → shapes)
  • logos and things: because canva is so limited with shapes, theres basically no way to make company logos. What I do is google search the logos then drag them into the uploads box on the left side of the screen. Then I just add them to the icon (that’s what I did on the rhodia and muji notebooks in this and the kanken in this). If you can’t find the icons in the right colors or with transparent backgrounds, put them in LunaPic and go to edit → transparent background and adjust → color changer.
  • color scheme: I’m super lazy about color, and I usually use the extension Palette Creator to create a palette for my reference image and I use those. Tip for lazy people: light/low saturation colors are basically foolproof
  • add shadows: if you want to. Shadows add dimension, but they are also very tedious to do if you made your icon with lots of different shapes. There are two basic types of shadows you can make (these or the book icon in this).
  • add any other details you didn’t add before-compare your reference image and your icon
  • save your icon!!
  • and thats it! hope this helped at least some of you, and message me or send an ask if you need any more specific help
piece by piece

You own a bakery and before 2 days ago I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with a pumpkin pie

pairing: yoongi + reader
word count: 4943
part of the miracles in october collab with @neoworks

Yoongi can’t believe that Namjoon talked him into doing this. Granted, it’s not a completely ridiculous unreasonable request but it’s just barely enough to let the weight of responsibility sink Yoongi back to the ground where he just wants to spend the rest of the evening. But of course, Namjoon did not allow it, practically forcing Yoongi to drive to this bakery and pick up some god awful pie that Yoongi is sure to hate himself so what is even the fucking point?

He glares at the bakery, the shop wedged in the middle of this relatively busy shopping, entertainment, downtown intersection, the cars whirling in the background as handfuls of people walk around him either with a purpose or serving as a pastime in order to communicate with friends. The shop is innocent enough—small with more than enough windows to see through into the interior of the store. He sees fall decorations hung up along the walls, in the glass displays showing off the collection of pies they sell, hanging from the ceiling. He doesn’t see anyone behind the cash rep counter, but the sign hanging against the window reads back OPEN.

He takes in a breath, reassures himself that this will just be a quick pick up, an easy in easy out sort of situation, hoping the worker wouldn’t gush about the upcoming holiday and autumn season just to try and lure some sort of conversation out of him given he’s always hated people like that, and nudges open the shop door. The bell overhead rings, immediately making an announcement to his presence as Yoongi remains rooted near the door frame.

For a moment, nothing happens and he has half a mind to walk out and make Namjoon deal with the issue, when there is a noise from the back kitchen. “I’ll be with you in a second!” A voice chimes through the air, light and soft that Yoongi almost feels his heart drop at the sound. There is another second that passes, before you emerge from the kitchen, apron with the company logo wrapped around your waist, your hair tied up into a bun, and a bright smile across your lips. “Hi there,” You greet, approaching the counter and staring at Yoongi. “What can I help you with today?”

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Sugar on the Asphalt

bts x reader // fluffy angst, eventual smut // 3366 words

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4

summary: One night with these seven boys has you quickly losing the upper hand. 

Originally posted by enflorescence

You had read a quote somewhere once, “'I’ve never met a problem a cupcake couldn’t fix,’ and you thought it was so adorable it almost became the tag line for your bakery. Today, however, you were silently cursing the woman who said that under your breath. She obviously never opened her own bakery, because it seemed like cupcakes were the source of all of your problems. 

It was Tuesday, one of the slowest days of the week for Sweet Dreams, and you were manning the store alone. You had sent home your assistant when it begun to rain. For some reason, no one liked to buy baked goods when the weather was poor. You had tried posting a picture of the sponge saeng cream cupcakes you had made that day on Facebook with a cute little caption about how it was raining cupcakes at Sweet Dreams today, but no one was taking the bait. 

So you were hiding in the kitchen, trying your best not to lose your patience and throw the chocolate batter you had just mixed against a wall. Saturday’s special flavor was going to be sriracha chocolate, if you could ever figure out what was missing from the damn recipe. You had made three different batches already. Each time something was off and you just couldn’t seem to pin point it. 

You glared down at the bowl in your teal mixer before pushing yourself away from the stainless steel worktop. You looked through the spices and ingredients lined across your pantry while nibbling on your bottom lip. Obsessing over a new recipe until you got it right tended to be a problem. You were a perfectionist when it came to baking, so you wouldn’t settle for anything less than amazing. 

The bell above the door chimed you away from your brooding. You shuffled your feet as you fixed a smile on your face to greet the only customer you would probably see this afternoon. “Welcome to Sw-oh. It’s just you.

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Imagine the maknae line were alone at the dorm and decided to order some food. Jimin goes to open the door when the food arrives since it was his turn to pay and smiles friendly at the man holding the box. The man just stares at Jimin with wide eyes making Jimin a little uncomfortable but chalk it up to the man meeting a celebrity. The man didn’t talk but they finished the transaction before Jimin walk back into the dorm joking about how the male was starstruck. 5 minutes later the door rings again and Jimin goes to open it to see its that delivery boy, he shyly bows before handing a stuff toy with the company logo on it.

“I-I figured you might-t like this…” “Thank you that’s so sweet! Have a nice night!” Jimin didn’t think twice about that night and ended up tossing the toy on to his bed before going back to the movie, squishing himself between Taehyung and Jungkook.

However, weird stuff starts happening around the dorm. Jimin has come home to the door to his room open, has notice his toothbrush keeps going missing, that he seems to have less and less underwear after every wash, and even sometimes his stuff seems to be moved around. Hoseok thinks theres a ghost in the room but Jimin thinks it might be the other members messing around. Though it does get annoying when one of his favorite sweaters go missing.

It gets worst though when Jimin comes home to find a note under his pillow with ‘I love you so much’ written on it. Jimin thinks its Tae.Kook messing with him (cause Hobi told everyone his ghost theory), of course the two deny it and Jimin thinks they’re lying while the two boys think someone did it. When Jimin keeps coming home to missing stuff and more notes he starts getting agitated wanting the pranks to stop. Tae.Kook are not doing it but Jimin thinks they are. Jungkook actually starts getting worried cause he has asked every member and they all denied doing it. Something is going on and its getting scary.

Jungkook woke up one night feeling really thirsty so he got up to go to the kitchen. However when he walk out of his room he notice the door to Ji,Hopes room was open. What was weirder was the sound of scissors snipping something, curious Jungkook sleepily walk to the room to take a peak. Jungkook’s eyes widen when he saw a male dress in black with a pair of scissors in his hand while also closing a clear bag with a few locks of hair standing beside Jimin’s bed. Jungkook was in shock as the male pull out his phone to take a photo of Jimin.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing to Jimin Hyung!?” Jungkook snaps shock and anger filling his veins. This creep was the one behind everything, the missing stuff and the notes! The male jump while he turn wide eye to Jungkook, of course Jungkook’s shouting cause Ji.Hope to wake up. Hoseok started to scream  while Jimin shot up in bed with his pillow as a weapon. The male look overwhelmingly frighten as he turn to Jimin, starting to confess his undying love and how they’re meant to be together. 

“Get away from me!” Jimin yells smacking the male with the pillow before running towards the door where Jungkook is. Hoseok starts throwing whatever he can at the male as he also runs to the door. The dorm wakes up and rest of the BTS members rush out to see what’s happening. The male is screaming from Jimin to comeback and how they should run away together. Jungkook feels a overwhelming amount of anger and disgust for the male, making sure to hide Jimin behind him. 

“No way am I letting you lay another finger on my Jimin hyung!” Jungkook snaps as the wide eye male locks his eyes on to the maknae. He just starts screaming before rushing towards the door with the scissors in his hand ready to stab Jungkook. Hoseok quickly closes the door and he holds it close with Nam-Kook. The male is stabbing at the door, shrieking Jimin’s name while declaring Jungkook is going to be the first to die for standing in the way. Yoongi is on the phone with the police while Taehyung holds Jimin while Seokjin has run to grab the kitchen knifes as a weapon.

“Jimin is mine! MINE! We belong together!” The male screams as the police escorts him out of the dorm. Seokjin and Namjoon speak with the police while Yoongi comforts Hoseok. Taehyung holds Jimin on the couch who is torn between sobbing or throwing a tantrum. Jungkook comes down to comfort Jimin who clings to him. The manger books a hotel room for the boys to rest in and even cancels the next day of schedules. The way to the hotel Jimin and Jungkook cling to each other, not separating once. Jungkook holds Jimin that night, neither of them able to sleep, fearing when they open their eyes they’ll see the man with the scissors.

They learn the stuff toy the man gave Jimin had a camera in it and that a lot of items of Jimin’s was in the males apartment along with pictures/videos of Jimin (even some of him sleeping.) The company went to press charges against the man. Hoseok demanded that they switch dorms ASAP. Jimin only request was that in the new dorm he shared a room with Jungkook.

Nervous In Heels [REQUEST]

I don’t think I’m very good at writing aus but I hope this is ok. I’ve read so many exceptional CEO au stories that I feel this just pales in comparison. Still I gave it a shot. I hope you all like it :D

Jade xo

The chairs outside your boss’s office were extremely uncomfortable like they were designed to keep you unsettled and on the edge. To be sat on one of them was positively frightening. Already your palms were sweating, your heartbeat pounding hard against your chest while your fingers nervously played with the files in your hands. It was never for good reason when you were summoned to the office of Kim Jongdae.

A loud voice emanating from behind the office door made you jump out of your skin. “YOUR FUCK UP COST ME MORE MONEY THAN YOU MAKE IN A YEAR!” the voice roared, your hands shaking like a leaf in your lap. “GET OUT!” There was echoing crash and then moments later, the door swung open and a tall man sprinted out of the room with files overflowing from his arms.

The receptionist got up from her desk opposite you and headed into the office with a dipped head. What followed was perhaps the longest minute of your life. You ran through everything your boss could ask you about the project you were heading up, making sure you had the facts readily on the tip of your tongue. To your knowledge, everything was going well with the project which was why your summoning to his office was even more of a surprise.

“Mr Kim will see you now,” the receptionist said quietly, holding the door open for you.

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This is my humble opinion, you may agree or disagree, but, i mentioned on a post earlier how BTS is not going to change their name, as you can see the romanization of their korean name 방탄소년단, is bang-tan-sonyeondan, so they simply added a meaning to the abbreviation of their korean name, which is BTS, that now is ’Beyond the Scene’. Wait, they’re still BTS/Bangtan Sonyeondan/방탄소년단, they simply rebranded.
Alright, they released a video to show us their new logo, they changed every single SNS picture and header to this whole new concept. Changing is a positive thing considering how popular they are getting and this whole growth process both nationally (in korea) and internationally is an amazing thing, and a smart move from BigHit, their company. The new logo looks like this, reminds me of a door, kinda like a door opening for new paths in their lives.

Seems fair right? New paths, growing, changing, getting more recognition, experimenting. Why should you be proud of their “new” english name? Beyond the Scene? Does it have a meaning? Well, in my humble opinion it conveys an important message, if you look for the meaning of beyond in the dictionary (well we might get fake deep as of now here, so proceed with caution) you’ll get something like “Above; Superior to; Surpassing; Outside the understanding limits or reach of; More than; Over and Above” Well, so if ‘Beyond the Scene’ is now their english name, the word beyond can hold a variety of meanings, let’s break the word’s /beyond/ meanings now.
Meaning of them being “more than something”, something that can be, more than just an idol group, more than just kpop, more than just korean artists. I’m pretty sure that they are trying to show us now that the K-Pop label is not enough for them, they are changing, experimenting, kinda like a big step forward in all of their lives, both individually and as a group.

Above? above everyone else, they are getting more recognition, awards, daesangs, something they should be, and are, proud of!
Outside the understanding limits or reach of? Well, this is pretty self explanatory, they are constantly releasing new albums that have concepts that may or may not be connected, but regardless, concepts that don’t have an actual explanation as of now, hence why we are such a popular fandom for creating theories, which is cool because it can have different meanings for each person, although there’s an specific theme, it’s always open for interpretation.
So yeah, my thoughts on this is that it’s a positive thing for BTS, the english name now ‘Beyond the Scene’ can be meaningful, they are out there to show that they are more than this K-Pop label, more than just part of this K-Pop industry, they are artists looking for more recognition who are constantly releasing new music and surprising us with different concepts, they always put so much thought into every single detail of what they plan to release and are always surprising us, they work harder and harder as each day goes by, it’s not everyone in this idol industry that does that, they are more than that, more than idols, this is what they are trying to show and tell us. Whether you like it or not, it’s important to understand that this is a positive and major thing for them and that we should support them the same way they support us.

Cold Pizza (chapter 4)
  • Jaehyun fluff
  • word count: 1,163
  • chapter 1
  • chapter 2
  • chapter 3
  • a/n: here’s chapter 4 after such a loooong time! I hope you guys like it and I hope  this fic is not dead yet, Jaehyun stans pls wake up and read. also, don’t forget to send in any feedback. even if you reblog and add just a little comment lik e’chapter 3 was better’ would do, but please don’t hesitate to tell me how you feel about this fic or chapter or any chapter in general, thank you <33

“Just remember me as a random guy who delivered cold pizza to your house and wanted to stay because he feared rain and thunder.”

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RPDR: Snatch Game and Copyright Issues

So people have been asking why RPDR contestants cannot perform as fictional characters on the Snatch Game. RuPaul has clarified why the queens cannot.

The reason why Max couldn’t do Miranda Sings (like she did it on her audition tape)

is the same reason Acid Betty couldn’t do Pepper from American Horror Story.

Originally posted by ahslove15

Even Raven came dressed as the Evil Queen from Snow White for Season 2′s reunion special but was told by the production team she had to get a new outfit to wear. Why? Because all those characters are copyrighted and come cases are probably trademarked.

Copyright Protection provides the owner exclusive rights to use, copy and adapt the fictional characters, as well as other related rights, subject only to copyright defenses such as fair use or expiration. Trademark Law may protect the names, physical appearance, catchphrases, and certain other elements of fictional characters, provided that they are used on goods or services, identify and distinguish the source of the goods or services from those of others, and are either inherently distinctive or have acquired secondary meaning (i.e., meaning in the consuming public’s mind as a source identifier for the relevant goods or services).

Even when Raja played Tyra, they had to blur out the official Tyra Show logo shirt she was wearing…because the show would have had to pay for it. Pretty much anytime you see parts of their clothes or hats blurred or covered, it’s because it has a trademarked logo they do not want to pay to air.

For example, if you purchase an authorized Darth Vader costume or toy lightsaber, you know the source, directly or via license, is from either Lucasfilm or Disney. Trademark protection of a fictional character provides the owner with the exclusive right to use the character in connection with goods and services, as well as the right to prevent the unauthorized use of the character in connection with goods and services of infringing third parties.

So, if hypothetically, a queen wanted to perform as Madea on Snatch Game, Tyler Perry could see it, and either hate what the queen has done with his character or just want to deter other people from using the character, Perry could sue RuPaul, World of Wonder, and Viacom (the parent company of Logo TV). 

Also, there is no “be sure you’re in the clear” for using copyrighted characters unless you have gotten express written permission from the copyright holder first. One issue with copyright violation is that if somebody wants to argue it in front of a judge, they can do so. Even if you’ve done the most parodyish thing and stamped “this is a parody” all over it, the copyright holder can still sue. Weird Al Yankovic still asks for permission to use songs he wants to , even though he is the poster child for parody.

Parodies are not free from legal issues or prosecution. The estate of Margaret Mitchell sued author Alice Randall and her publishing company, Houghton Mifflin, on the grounds that Randall’s novel, The Wind Done Gone was too similar to Margaret Mithcell’s Gone with the Wind, thus infringing its copyright. The case attracted numerous comments from leading scholars, authors, and activists, regarding what Mitchell’s attitudes would have been and how much The Wind Done Gone copies from its predecessor. The cover of the book bears a seal identifying it as “The Unauthorized Parody.” It is parody in the broad legal sense: a work that comments on or criticizes a prior work.

And even when the queens do portray actors, they specifically have to say that they are portraying said actor. So when BenDeLaCreme portrayed “ Dame Maggie Smith” Ben was Dame Maggie, even if she was really impersonating the Dowager Countess character from Downton Abbey.

Drag Race would have to lawyer up, but doing what they want without asking permission first is still leaving them open to having to prove said parody in court. Even if their lawyer says that they’ve got a 100% chance of winning in court, you still have to go through the effort and expense of appearing in court to do so.

Choon, respect

Yall Choon was a small agency and they said it's a broke company, yet here they are giving all they have for their soon to be artist, Yongguk and Shihyun. They even listen to what fans suggesting and knows whats going on.

Remember when at produce 101 episode 1 Choon’s logo company looked like a kimbap restaurant and fans told Choon that, bless Choon for changing it to a cool new one not long after that.

When other company kept their trainees in dungeon after produce 101, here Choon giving Yongguk the schedule he deserved, even to Shihyun too (who didn’t even get much attention as Yongguk).

When some companies was a bit hard to agree with JBJ, Choon already gave a green light for Yongguk to promote as JBJ.

When other company stated their trainee debuting soon, here Choon already make the move for the album. Now even the mv teaser. (Choon move faster than my heartbeat when I see Daniel lol)

Of course Choon still need a lot more to learn too, but it’s a really good start.

Yongguk and Shihyun in a good hand. Choon’s future is in Yongguk and Shihyun ’s hand. Yongguk and Shihyun ’s future is in Choon’s hand. At least we know both side wont disappoint each other.

Choon, a broke company they said, did better than some other bigger company.